[pulseaudio-discuss] Bass management

Christian Weinz christian at madez.de
Fri Sep 22 17:12:57 UTC 2017


I use headphones, and have tactile transducers on my chair. This makes
the audio sound louder and feel more intense. This is good for my ears
and my neighbours.

This setup requires 2.1 output. I tried the GNOME-Settings to set the
output to 2.1. That option was not available. I also tried alsamixer,
paprefs and pavucontrol, to no avail. I played around with
hdajackretask, and finally, after overriding both the Pink Mic port to
Center/LFE and the Blue Line In to Back, I can select 2.1 audio in the
GNOME-Settings. This was difficult to setup.

Then, however, I had the full-range signal on both my headphones and on
the synthesized LFE channel. This means I hear voices in my chair. To
prevent that, I set the lfe-crossover frequency, but then I lose the
bass in my headphones. Both is bad.

Now I found the patch "Add option to disable highpass-filter on non-lfe 
channels." by Markus Ebner at


This patch, if it works at advertised, would solve my problem. But the
patch was rejected. I would comment there, but because the websites
certificate is invalid, I cannot create an account to comment, since
Google's reCAPTCHA refuses to work.

To summarize, for my setup I need the full-range stereo signal on my
headphones and a low-pass filtered LFE signal for the transducers. Is
there a way to do this with PulseAudio?

To add on this question, my Denon AVR X3100W has individual cut-off
frequencies for each channel, and the subwoofer has its own low-pass
frequency. How can I have this fine-grained control with PulseAudio?

Best regards,
Christian Weinz

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