[pulseaudio-discuss] get Pulseaudio to work on headless Linux server w/o root access?

Ben Sferrazza bsferrazza at avnera.com
Tue Apr 3 16:59:13 UTC 2018


I am forced to use an older Linux distribution at my electrical engineering
firm due to some legacy EDA software. These headless Linux rack servers use
kernel 2.6.18, and I do not have root access. Fortunately I've been able to
build a completely bootstrapped toolchain and environment with the latest
glibc (2.19) supported by the kernel, and the very latest binutils, gcc,
and dozens and dozens of libraries and binaries, even having built an Xorg
server and Xfce4 desktop environment. All works well.

But I'd like to get support for sound on these headless servers that lack
physical sound cards. I don't believe snd-dummy has been built into the
kernel, and without root access I'm curious if I have any chance of getting
Pulseaudio to work and what steps I'd need to take to get it to run
properly. I've built dbus and Pulseaudio into my environment, but am at
loss on how to get it to work given the limitations I've mentioned. Thanks
for any suggestions!

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