[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH v8] pipe-source: implement autosuspend option

Raman Shuishniou rommer at ibuffed.com
Wed Feb 21 18:41:19 UTC 2018

21.02.2018 20:07, Georg Chini пишет:
> Maybe you misunderstood me. What I mean, is that the pipe can be
> opened for writing as long as we are suspended. So it open when
> we see that the source is suspended or when we auto suspend. Close
> it as soon as the source gets unsuspended. This will avoid POLLHUP
> during suspend completely. While auto suspended, we additionally have
> to listen for POLLIN.
> This way we can only get POLLHUP (or POLLIN with no data) when the
> source is running.

I think I understand. We need to keep our writer opened while transition
from autosuspended to opened state and just set events = 0.

But what I don't understand - why you so hate the freeing and allocating
rtpoll_item during this transition?

I'll try ro rewrite the patch (again) while we waiting for Tanu to apply
his patches.


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