[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH] pipe-sink: new option "use_existing_fifo"

Georg Chini georg at chini.tk
Wed Jan 10 19:13:43 UTC 2018

On 10.01.2018 19:06, Samo Poga─Źnik wrote:
> Dne 10.01.2018 (sre) ob 08:36 +0100 je Georg Chini napisal(a):
>> On 09.01.2018 22:24, Samo Poga─Źnik wrote:
>>> Allow usage of an already existing fifo (named pipe) upon module
>>> load. Also, the fifo is not going to be removed upon module unload,
>>> if "use_existing_fifo" option has been enabled.
>> I wonder if we really need a new option for this. Can't you just
>> check
>> if the file exists and use it if it is present? You could set a
>> do_not_unlink
>> flag if it exists to avoid removing an already existing file on exit.
> I'd be glad to make this change without additional option. My concern
> was that there might be some existing use case, where an exclusive fifo
> creation would have been required by the sink in some benificial way
> (like starting with an empty fifo, however this is not guarantied
> anyway).
I think it's OK without option.

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