[pulseaudio-discuss] Toslink capture looback latency problem

Georg Chini georg at chini.tk
Mon Jan 29 12:39:30 UTC 2018

On 29.01.2018 12:52, Nico wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to capture the audio stream of my TV with my PCI-E Toslink sound
> card and play it back on my usb XLR soundcard. The reason why I do that
> is to use my own music boxes rather than the TV speakers. With toslink +
> XLR I do not have problems with ground loops etc.
> I am using the pulseaudio loopback module with its default
> configuration. The problem is, that the delay between picture and sound
> is about one second off, and the longer I wait, the more delay it gets
> (30 seconds and more). It is no usable like this.
> I tried to play with the latencies of source, sink and the tv delay
> itself without sucess. I also tried streaming with pacat directly as
> described here:
> https://thelinuxexperiment.com/fix-pulseaudio-loopback-delay/
> I also tried to change different parameters of the loopback module or
> the sources/sinks, but that did not help. I never changed any global
> pulseaudio config to avoid larger configuration issues. The CPU usage of
> pulseaudio is at 3% with the loopback module
> Can anyone help me to get rid of this lag?
Hi Nico,

which version of PA are you using? Can you provide logs?


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