[pulseaudio-discuss] inserting filter module into PA-ofono-bluez system

dev at rivaretica.com dev at rivaretica.com
Thu Jul 5 07:09:17 UTC 2018

We have a relatively stable working setup behaving like a Bluetooth 
headset (PA 11.1 + ofono 1.21 + bluez).

When we try to insert a filter module (for example the original 
module-virtual-sink.c) by simply loading the module, after few seconds 
the module changes from "state: RUNNING" to "state: CORKED". Server log 
output at level 4 is not saying much. The effect on the audio stream 
during the few seconds of working varies from nothing (if using the 
original module-virtual-sink.c) to clicking noise (if copy from src to 
dst is omitted.)

Is there anything special with this setup that prevents sample virtual 
sink module from stable running ?

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