[pulseaudio-discuss] Pulseaudio latency

Georg Chini georg at chini.tk
Sun Jul 29 16:03:33 UTC 2018

On 29.07.2018 12:44, Harish Gaddameedi wrote:
> Hi Georg,
> I was working on simple Openwrt Platform, and Source device is Android 
> phone Bluetooth with Youtube app 24 hrs live streaming video and alsa 
> device is speaker, which is hardwired
> The 12 hrs testing which i did on pulseaudio-11.1 are without my 
> modification. The basic modification which i made in the previous 
> pulseaudio-8.0 is with the idle state of bluez_source card (i.e., card 
> is vanishing when the song is in the pause state) and did some changes 
> to buffers of pulseaudio to reduce the latency. But in pulseaudio-11.1 
> i didn't do all the changes as i didn't find any initial latency. but 
> periodic latency after 12hrs still exists. The issue is reproducible 
> with Gstreamer also.
> I haven't worked on microphone scenarios, I'm just working on music 
> player and speaker.
> Let me clear you some test scenarios for better understanding,
> Case 1: Android phone as source (bluez_source) and device with 
> internal speaker (alsa-sink as sink for pulseaudio) -------> delay 
> after 12hrs exists.
> Case 2: Device with Gstreamer as source and same device with internal 
> speaker (pulsesink with alsa card as sink for pulseaudio) ----------> 
> delay after 12 hrs exists.
> Case 3: Device with Gstreamer as source and External Bluetooth speaker 
> (pulsesink with bluez_sink card) -----------> No delay after 12 hrs.
What output does module-loopback give when you run with debugging?
Do you see the growing latency there? Does it show up with pactl list sinks
or pactl list sources? Any error messages in the PA log?

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