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>>* 2) *pulse effects*: has a ton of features including systemwide EQ,
*>>* but on my system adds noise/distortion even without any effects
*>>* enabled (just used as a passthrough).
>I use these sometimes to enhance sound from laptop dynamics. The only
>issue - it makes audio systme slightly less stable. For best result you
>need to normalize filter so, that no bands are bigger than +0db - or you
>may have distortion occasionaly. Before EQ i have compressor (sound,
>corrected by EQ is anyway going to be somewhat still), after EQ -
>output limiter (another measure against distortion).

>Probably, could be more optimal, yet pulseeffects is python app... :/

Yesterday I released PulseEffects 4 and it is a total rewrite from
Python to C++. So you may be happy with this :-)

But honestly I wouldn't expect major performance improvements as all
the hard work was never done in pure Python.

All the plugins used in PulseEffects were written in C or C++ by their
authors. My main reasons for the port to C++ were:

1) In C++ I can use the native Pulseaudio and GStreamer api while
being able to use high level languages features. The  Pulseaudio
wrapper in PulseEffects 3.x and before was written by myself and it
did not have a great quality. GStreamer wrapper for Python is good but
did not have bindings for everything I wanted to use. Things like
gsettings_binding_with_mappings for example...

2) At least for me it is easier to debug multithreading bugs and
segmentation faults in C++ than in Python

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> On Mon, Jun 4, 2018 at 11:50 AM, Jan Claeys <lists at janc.be> wrote:
>> On Mon, 2018-06-04 at 03:03 -0400, Joe wrote:
>> > If I set the equalizer and do almost anything with media besides just
>> > listening, the equalizer becomes disengaged - sometimes just by
>> > amarok starting to play the next track. Also, the way it handles
>> > saved presets is not very good.
>> FWIW: yesterday another KDE user also complained on the #quodlibet IRC
>> channel about having similar issues (he also used the PA equalizer).
>> I wonder if this is something KDE-specific, or if it has something to
>> do with the equalizer?
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> the next Pulseaudio release. Until this happens you can use one of the
> workarounds at PulseEffects FAQ https://github.com/wwmm/pu
> lseeffects/wiki/FAQ. Feel free to open an issue there in case none of the
> points mentioned at FAQ can help you.
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