[pulseaudio-discuss] Error using with Echo Cancellation Module with VoIP

Tomaž Šolc tomaz.solc at klevio.com
Tue Jun 12 07:16:21 UTC 2018

Hi Paul,

On 11. 06. 2018 16:43, Dferop Aero wrote:
> I have always the same error when i use the Echo Cancellation
> Module.

I'm seeing these kinds of errors constantly with module-echo-cancel
(also running on ARM):

module-echo-cancel.c: Doing resync
module-echo-cancel.c: Playback too far ahead (22312), drop source 2
module-echo-cancel.c: Doing resync
module-echo-cancel.c: Playback after capture (-1309936), drop sink

I don't know what their cause is, but for me they don't seem to be
causing any noticeable audio quality problems.

I do find the current state of echo cancellation in Pulseaudio unusable,
but that seems to be due to the echo cancellation algorithm not working
properly for my use case. It might be the same for you.

I've made an updated libwebrtc-audio-processing and a patched
module-echo-cancel that works significantly better for me. I've sent it
out to this list three months ago without much response.

You might want to try it if it helps with your problems. You can get the
code here (both should build with "dpkg-buildpackage" on debian-like



Best regards

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