[pulseaudio-discuss] bluetooth headset connection and disconnection status

Tanu Kaskinen tanuk at iki.fi
Fri May 4 14:00:28 UTC 2018

On Fri, 2018-05-04 at 21:13 +0900, Shinnosuke Suzuki wrote:
> Hi,
> > You're saying that the audio stops, but that there's no drop-out. Those
> > two things mean the same thing to me, so it's unclear to me what the
> > nature of your problem is then. By "drop-out" I mean a situation where
> > there's a bit of silence inserted to playback, or a bit of audio is
> > missing from a recording stream.
> I'm sorry for I don't make it clear enough.
> I heard the bit of silence from speaker of the bluetooth headset periodically.
> So there's a bit of silence inserted to playback stream using pacat.
> Since the pactl thread is occupied in some milli seconds,
> pacat is not running during that time.
> So I think pacat put some silence packet inserted to the playback stream in it.

pacat doesn't insert silence, the mixing procedure in the pulseaudio
server does that if the stream doesn't have any data available when the
sink needs it. What latency parameters do you give to parec and pacat?
If you increase the latency, does that get rid of the problem?



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