[pulseaudio-discuss] New equalizer module (module-eqpro-sink), some questions

Andrea A Andrea69x at hotmail.it
Sun Nov 4 15:55:02 UTC 2018

I'm writing a new equalizer module for PA,
I've almost done but I need some information from developer about how to proceed.

First of all, I see that current equalizer module manages "autoloaded" have I to manage it? What it does exactly? Old equalizer check "autoloaded" state in a callback "may_move_to", what is it? Have I to implement this callback and manage "autoloaded" like the current equalizer module?

After the "autoloaded" management I can send the equalizer as a patch, however I've some questions about how to add my equalizer GUI to the PA branch. Should the GUI remains an external program or the GUI will be inserted to the mainline sources? In the second scenario how the GUI should be inserted? Which is the correct directory in the sources tree and what about the GUI makefile and the GUI installation directory?

The equalizer needs the messages patches from George Chini
Have I to write this information as a patch comment or other?

I would like to add some configuration files to my module, for example to load and store equalizer preset, is there a PA specific file format (and directory to store file) to do this?

Execuse me for the wall of questions and thanks in advance.


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