[pulseaudio-discuss] pulseaudio: how to set the “configured latency” of a module-tunnel-sink-new

John Smith drefleladi at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 16:10:51 UTC 2018

Dear Pulse Folks,

I have a setup at home with a local pulseaudio (the movie player)
connecting through module-tunnel-sink-new to a remote pulseaudio server
(the speaker). I'd like to lower the latency of this tunnel (in order to
combine multiple sinks but that's besides the point).

Indeed, this latency seems configurable since when i list the sinks i can
see that it is set by default at 200000 usec:  Latency: 182906 usec,
configured 200000 usec

However, I have looked through the options of module-tunnel-sink-new but I
can't seem to find where to configure it (remember, this is a tunnel, not
an actual card).

Thanks & Best
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