[pulseaudio-discuss] pacmd shows wrong sample spec for USB mic? (high-pitched, sped-up input)

Ryan Lue lists at ryanlue.com
Mon Feb 25 02:12:57 UTC 2019

I’ve got a USB webcam mic that’s not playing well with PulseAudio:
recordings are high-pitched and sped up (like an Alvin and the Chipmunks album).
If I manually set PulseAudio’s default sample rate to 16000Hz
(via `/etc/pulse/daemon.conf`), then it sounds _perfect,_
but then the sound out of my bluetooth headset (44100kHz) is severely degraded.

I really don’t know much about how PulseAudio works,
but it appears that pacmd is reporting the wrong sample spec on the mic,
and I imagine that’s why it’s not working right:

    $ pacmd list-sources
    3 source(s) available.
      * index: 0
            sample spec: s16le 1ch 48000Hz

At first, I was looking for a way to manually set different sample rates
on different sinks/sources, but after a lot of failed Googling,
I’m beginning to suspect it doesn’t work that way?
So, is it possible to override the sample spec for a given sink/source?

Or am I way off, and is there another solution to this problem?

Many thanks,

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