[pulseaudio-discuss] RTP Latency - how to reduce.

tony.chabot at vartaxos.com tony.chabot at vartaxos.com
Sun Jul 7 18:47:38 UTC 2019

I have searched

Setup: Desktop machine (Centos 7, PulseAudio 10.0), and a Raspberry Pi 
2B (Raspbian (Debian) Buster PulseAudio 12.2) with DAC and speaker.

If I play a video point-to-point over TCP the synch is fine, but over 
RTP (with latency_msec=1 on RPi) there is signifcant audio latency - 
enough to be irritating.

If I add a second, identical RPi (although with Raspbian Stretch and 
PulseAudio 12.2), the RTP sound is synchronous on each machine (but not 
with the video).

This is on a small private wired LAN (Netgear GS724T V3), 1G to desktop, 
100M to RPI.

I have set tsched=0 in order to eradicate pops and sprogs.

What can I do to reduce RTP latency?

I eventually want to connect a guitar, and would need realtime 
loop-through, so no suggestions about increasing audio latency to obtain 
lip-synch, please.


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