[pulseaudio-discuss] HSP and HFP profiles for hands-free telephony

Georg Chini georg at chini.tk
Fri Mar 22 06:49:21 UTC 2019

On 22.03.19 05:33, Mohammed Sha wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am attempting to implement hands-free telephony on my board, I 
> successfully connected my android phone to the board via bluetooth 
> module in phone and media audio sharing mode.

You should consider using ofono to connect your phone to the PC. It has 
all the
telephony functions you need and it works well together with PA. See here
for a short introduction:

> I was able to play media files via bluetooth by this. But when a call 
> connected the bluetooth speaker works properly, i.e. I can hear what 
> is said on the Mobile Phone, but audio is not transmitted from Board 
> to Mobile Phone is not heard ( I guess there is some error in getting 
> the data from mic or in transmitting data from bluetooth device). I 
> get the following log message keeps appearing many times as soon as a 
> call is initiated
> |"***Bluetooth: hci0 SCO packet for unknown connection handle 0*** 
> ***Bluetooth: hci0 sending frame failed (-27)*** ***Bluetooth: hci0 
> sending frame failed (-27)***"|

This looks like an error from the bluetooth stack, probably pulseaudio
cannot correct it. I experienced problems with some Bluetooth dongles,
have you tried another one?

> The microphone on the phone is also not functioning(after bluetooth 
> connection is established). Also in |*hciconfig -a*| it is found as 
> follows
> |hci0:Type:PrimaryBus:USB BD Address:00:0E:8E:76:00:55ACL 
> bytes:810924acl:982sco:18885events:670errors:0**TX 
> bytes:528349acl:530sco:10271commands:108errors:111**Features:0xff0xfe0x8f0xfe0xd80x3f0x5b0x87Packettype:DM1 
> Linkmode:SLAVE ACCEPT Name:mydevice 
> Class:0x2c041cServiceClasses:Rendering,Capturing,AudioDeviceClass:Audio/Video,PortableAudioHCI 
> Version:4.2(0x8)Revision:0x0LMP 
> Version:4.2(0x8)Subversion:0x25aManufacturer:Qualcomm|
> How can I solve this and implement proper hands-free telephony?
> The Bluetooth device is connected via USB interface, Below is the 
> device package configuration,
> pulseaudio --version
> pulseaudio 11.1
>  bluetoothctl --version
> bluetoothctl: 5.49
> ofonod --version
> 1.22
> The steps I followed to setup connection are as follows
> |$ hciconfig hci0 up $ pactl list sources short$ pactl list sinks 
> short$ bluetoothctl agent on scan on scan off pair 
> <address>connect<address> |
> -- 
> Thanks & Regards
> *Mohammed Sha Ebrahim*
> VVDN Technologies Pvt.Ltd

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