[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH v9 0/8] Bluetooth A2DP codecs

Georg Chini georg at chini.tk
Wed May 1 09:44:07 UTC 2019

On 30.04.19 14:23, Luiz Augusto von Dentz wrote:
> Ive also got this crash:
> E: [lt-pulseaudio] core-util.c: The per-process limit on the number of
> open file descriptors has been reached.
> E: [lt-pulseaudio] module-loopback.c: pa_asyncmsgq_new() failed.
> I: [lt-pulseaudio] source-output.c: Freeing output 129 "(null)"
> I: [lt-pulseaudio] sink-input.c: Freeing input 124 "(null)"
> E: [lt-pulseaudio] module.c: Failed to load module "module-loopback"
> (argument: "source="bluez_source.B4_CD_27_F0_8D_0A.headset_audio_gateway"
> source_dont_move="true" sink_input_properties="media.role=phone""):
> initialization failed.
> D: [lt-pulseaudio] module-suspend-on-idle.c: Source
> bluez_source.B4_CD_27_F0_8D_0A.headset_audio_gateway becomes idle,
> timeout in 5 seconds.
> D: [lt-pulseaudio] backend-native.c: RFCOMM >> AT+VGS=15
> D: [lt-pulseaudio] card.c: bluez_card.B4_CD_27_F0_8D_0A:
> active_profile: off -> headset_audio_gateway
> D: [lt-pulseaudio] core-subscribe.c: Dropped redundant event due to
> change event.
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
This is also not related to module-loopback. The crash happens
after the failure to load the module and the failure is caused by
the number of open file descriptors being exceeded.
So I think the crash is a consequence of the first error and it
needs to be figured out why there are so many open file descriptors.

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