[pulseaudio-discuss] Connect to non system-wide pulse server inside root privilege program (Asynchronous API)

Andrey ap.general at yandex.ru
Tue Nov 5 10:20:18 UTC 2019

Hi all!

Pf: Issue with pa_context_connect() call inside root privilege program.

I have Xubuntu 19.10. On default pulseaudio server (ver 13.0) started on 
user logon with "--demonize=no" parameter. I need reroute digital sound 
from /dev/dsp  to pulse. For this i install osspd  package (current ver 
1.3.2-11). I have successfully used this package previously on Ubuntu 
16.04/18.04-3 with no any tuning. Osspd daemon get source trough CUSE 
and required root privileges. I.e. osspd call pulse as root. I copy 
user's cookie file to /root/.config/pulse/cookie. But osspd can't 
connect to pulse server again. My distribution belongs to group 2 and i 
no put users to the "audio" group (but i test opposed: nothing happens :) ).

I debug osspd's slave processes (ossp-padsp) and detect what function 
pa_context_connect() return code 'connection refused'. I tried to run 
ossp-padsp as user - it connected to server successful. Then i call 
pa_context_connect() with name of server 
"unix:/run/user/1000/pulse/native" (instead NULL).... the connection is 
established! And as ordinary user and as root! It works for me now.

BUT... I assume that somewhere something with settings of access rights 
to the pulse server I missed... What and where? How correctly should I 
connect to the non system-wide pulse server as root?

Is this behavior of the connection process a normal(documented?) or bug? 
Can i (is it right) use this feature to select the specific user's pulse 
server to connect?


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