[pulseaudio-discuss] Pavu/Alsa settings Audio - Default

Charles Harris charles7 at slingshot.co.nz
Wed Apr 1 00:45:25 UTC 2020


Linux Mint 17 on standard laptop.  Using PAVU/Alsa

Have used for several years with no hassles.

Just recently I had issues with the volume not being high enough, easily 
fixed by increase the playback from 37% to 100+ %   however once the 
youtube vid complete the playback reverts to 37 % !

Also when now using the microphone I am getting a screeching (feedback?) 
noise.  Have tried all sorts of configs but nothing sorting it.

My question:      How do I reset (terminal code) all the sound settings 
for Pavu/Alsa to original settings supplied in LM17 ?  or

is there a replacement sound program for Pavu/Alsa that will do the 
same.  Do not need anything fancy, not for music or games etc.  Just 
internet usage and FB.

Have been advised not to uninstall and reinstall  Pavu/Alsa !! Would 
that be correct?

Your comments would be appreciated.


Charles Harris

New Zealand

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