[pulseaudio-discuss] access to the pa server from an alternate user using sudo

bru red itt788 at yandex.com
Wed Apr 1 14:07:30 UTC 2020

i'm running slackware64-14.2 with default configuration. It uses
pulseaudio as the sound system. I'm unable to get sound from programs
run by another user with sudo.

I created long ago a new group called "newgroup" to which I added the
user that runs pulseaudio mainuser and created a new user newuser
belonging to newgroup.

i set "auth-group=mewgroup" to module-native-protocol-unix in
~mainuser/.config/pulse/default.pa and i can see that it is properly
loaded through pacmd. But still when running audio programs like
mplayer as newuser with sudo i can't get sound. Same problem with
graphical programs.

the socket created is as follows:

drwx------ 2 mainuser users   4096 avril  1 18:36:59 /tmp/pulse-t5rfGHe56b5G
├── [srwxrwxrwx mainuser    users    Apr  1 18:36]  cli
├── [srwxrwxrwx mainuser    users    Apr  1 18:35]  native
└── [-rw------- mainuser    users    Apr  1 18:35]  pid

when i run an audio outputting program as newuser with sudo i see a new
folder /tmp/pulse-xxxXXxxXXXxx created and nothing inside.

in /etc/group:

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