[pulseaudio-discuss] [PulseAudio]pulseaudio problem on embedded device (IMX6)

limh at sunray.cn limh at sunray.cn
Wed Apr 15 01:19:54 UTC 2020

    I want to play some music on the device(IMX6), So I use QSound of Qt 5.6.2 to make a test project.
    First, I got the debug :  pa_context_connect() failed. So I use "pulseaudio -vvvv --system" to check it (cus this is an embedded device). It circulate in :

        D: [pulseaudio] module-udev-detect.c: /dev/snd/controlC0 is accessible: yes
        D: [pulseaudio] module-udev-detect.c: Resuming all sinks and sources of card alsa_card.platform-sound.

    I have no idea about that whether it works or not. So I quit and "pulseaudio -D --system", it works.

    However, there is no voice after that by using mplayer/paplay/Qt-QSound. More importantly, the output of paplay is:
        Opening a playback stream with sample specification 's16le 1ch 8000Hz' and channel map 'mono'.
        Connection failure: Access denied

    What should I do?

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