[pulseaudio-discuss] How to combine microphone audio and music from application to pipe to video conference

Mario Sottile - Marionetas Mey mariomey at gmail.com
Mon May 18 21:33:09 UTC 2020

Sorry for not reading every mail of this thread... but I want to share 
with you my experience with PulseAudio - Zoom. I tried a lot of things 
to make mic-music work. I have onboard soundcard and a Logitech USB 
headphones/mic. And, finally, I end using other method, completly different.

- For the first time, I tried to use mic and music from OBS and create 
"something" to make Zoom take the audio: Pulseaudio remap module. I 
output all the audio from OBS to my speakers and remap it to a source 

- Later, I discovered that audio output (monitor) from OBS was not 
stable... so, I create a system using pulseaudio sink modules, SoX and 
Play commands from console. Also, with SoX, I applied some filters in 
realtime (pitch, eq, highpass, echo and reverb).

- Then, I tried to hear only the music and Zoom in headphones and send 
my voice and the music to speakers (and turn them off "hardwarely"). For 
this, I created pulseaudio loopback modules and combine modules. It 
appear to work everything Ok... till I saw my CPU: on fire. I don't have 
a modern computer. This Pulseaudio consumtion and OBS consumption.... 
and Zoom consumption, the video was awfull. With luck: 5fps or less.

- I forgot to mention that the first try was with Jack. But, as I said, 
my computer was not good for OBS and Jack. So, I desisted.

- Finally, by trying to optimize OBS resolution, modules, SoX, Play and 
getting lot of headache... I tried Jack again. With stting OBS 
resolution at 704x396 instead of HD (less than half CPU process), I 
could use Jack with 128 frames: 8ms latency. So, I created a patch in 
PureData and connect what I want to what I want. I hear what I want and 
send what I want. Filters, fadeins, fadeouts, music, samples... 
everything I want.

Sorry that this is Pulseaudio maillist, but my advice is: use Jack.

If you still need pacmd/pactl commands to make it work as my first 
tries... ask for them. I can share them with you.

Good luck.

Marionetas Mey

Mario Sottile - Director
(011) 15.6283.1576
info at mariomey.com.ar

El 18/5/20 a las 16:59, Samir Parikh escribió:
> Sean Greenslade wrote on 5/17/20 10:04 PM:
>> On Sun, May 17, 2020 at 07:01:25AM -0400, Joe wrote:
>>> Someone should write a small book on this. I bet it would sell.
>> Hah, you know, typing up this response has made me consider doing a
>> proper write-up for my much more elaborate/crazy/overcomplicated setup
>> involving network audio, pulse, JACK, carla, and calf LV2 plugins to do
>> automatic livestream background music replacement with gate-triggered
>> music ducking.
>> https://dumbpic.link/manu/2020-05-17_unmufflegate_carla_flow.png
>> --Sean
> If it can clearly explain the basics of Linux audio networking, the 
> concepts of Pulse, JACK and how they differ, and how to do things like 
> in my original question, I'll be the first in line to put down 10-20 
> USD for a copy!
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