[pulseaudio-discuss] Integration with snd-aloop

dev47apps dev47apps at gmail.com
Tue May 19 20:13:53 UTC 2020


I've developed an app that uses the ALSA Loopback driver to create a
"virtual microphone" on the system.
The source of the data is mobile devices, with data streamed over the network.

Everything works, but it's been a little confusing trying to integrate
the virtual mic into pavucontrol.
So far the consensus is to use module-alsa-source with
device=hw:Loopback,X,Y, which causes a "Built-in Audio" to show up in
the sound mixer.
Usability of this seems to vary between distros, I'm using Lubuntu 19
and so far its refused to work.

* Does the order of operations matter? i.e. loading the Alsa source
module only after the app has opened the input end of the Loopback
* Does the sampling rate matter, does it need to be specified
explicitly when loading the module?
* Are there other more appropriate modules we can use?

You can read more here

The main goal is to have it "just work", you open the app and whatever
other software you want and get a working microphone.
Any info or pointers welcome.


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