[pulseaudio-discuss] debugging audio over xrdp

David Vrona dave at vrona.com
Tue Nov 17 19:57:45 UTC 2020

Hi All,

I am trying to stream audio from a RPI4 over a LAN to a Macbook.
PulseAudio v12.2.

I've built and installed the two libraries from Neutrino Labs:


The compile and install proceeded smoothly.

Now, I'm wrestling with PulseAudio Volume Control.  I see audio levels on
the "Input Devices" tab associated with the USB sound card I have
installed.  This is as I would expect and the local application on the Pi
(ham radio related) is working fine.

I expected to see audio levels displayed on the "Output Devices" tab under
the "xrdp sink" device but there is zero signal there.  And indeed, I am
not receiving any audio in my rdp window on the Mac.

So, I guess I have two questions.

1) Should I be seeing audio levels displayed on the Output Devices tab?

2) Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to debug this setup?

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