[pulseaudio-discuss] No audio output; same setup worked before [RESOLVED]

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Tue Feb 16 00:41:49 UTC 2021

On Mon, 15 Feb 2021, Sean Greenslade wrote:

> For the record, I would be very surprised if your version of pavucontrol
> had anything to do with these issues. In your other email, you show this
> output from your pacat record attempt:


I didn't think it did, but I saw nothing else that changed.

>> $ pacat -v -r --file-format=wav /tmp/sounds.wav
>> Opening a recording stream with sample specification 's16le 2ch 44100Hz' and channel map 'front-left,front-right'.
>> Connection established.
>> Stream successfully created.
>> Buffer metrics: maxlength=4194304, fragsize=352800
>> Using sample spec 's16le 2ch 44100Hz', channel map 'front-left,front-right'.
>> Connected to device alsa_output.pci-0000_0a_00.3.analog-stereo.monitor (index: 0, suspended: no).
> Notice the last line, where it reports the source it has attached to is
> the alsa output monitor source. This was recording the _output_ of your
> built-in sound card, hence why you heard nothing upon playback.

I didn't know how to interpret that line. Now I do.

> Pacat / parec will respect the fallback selection as the default recording
> source if you don't supply one explicitly, so that will most likely be
> what made the difference between your tests.

Ah! There is no sound.wav here in any partition or directory. I was using
vokoscreenNG to record sound while the webcam captured me speaking. When I
played the video with vlc there was no sound. But, ffprobe showed the output
file had both video and audio streams.

Have you a suggestion how I can ensure my videos also produce audio output
when played and I've specified a .mp4 output for the recording?

Thanks again,


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