Changing features after the feature freeze / was: Re: Minutes from 16 Aug 2004 release wranglers call

Roland Mainz roland.mainz at
Fri Aug 20 18:02:10 PDT 2004

Kevin E Martin wrote:
> re 1060- info: mike raised issues on wrangler's list. xprint went in and
> changed interface to xaw and added code to clients without condition.
> interface change wasn't noticed, and so now builds break without that
> info. so will remove code from xaw and let roland make separate lib for
> after code freeze. want kristian to summarize patch changes: first,
> xevie changes were small. a few clients changed. two approaches
> reverting changes to older versions; otherwise compile without xprint.
> changes to lib imake files. build xaw without. bunch of xpxxx clients.
> so build now only if xprint there. all details in the change log of
> 1060.

I am raising another question - beyond the so called "bad timing":
The Xorg tree is under "feature freeze" - which means: "It is NOT
ALLOWED to add, remove to change features". Is this interpretation
correct ? If "yes" - where is the WRITTEN RULE which allowes anyone
simply to remove features ? URL, please...



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