approval_X11R6.8.x requested: [Bug 1490] DDC code confused by EDID V1.3 : [Attachment 1122] Fix

Egbert Eich eich at
Tue Dec 14 03:14:51 PST 2004

Thomas Winischhofer writes:
 > Egbert,
 > using bits 6-0 is not my point (and I completely agree with your 
 > interpretation). My point is why r->input_dfp is set to DFP only of the 
 > revision is greater than 2.
 > I (still) can't find anything on this on page 15 of the document you 
 > mentioned.


r->input_dfp interprets bit 0 of byte 14.
It marks the digital display VESA DFP 
Maybe I should have given it a more telling
name - lazy me.
r->input_type distinguishes between digital 
and analog. It is contrlled by bit 7. We set 
this regardless of the EDID version.
Bit 0 is only valid if >= v1.3.


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