Can I integrate some Looking-Glass specific code into the upcomingXorg release?

Roland Mainz roland.mainz at
Tue Jul 27 19:16:35 PDT 2004

Deron Johnson wrote:
> For Project Looking Glass, I have made two types of changes to the Xorg
> tree:
> 1. Fixes and enhancements to the Composite extension
> -and-
> 2. Changes which are only specific to Project Looking Glass.
> For the first category, I am working with Stuart Kreitman to integrate
> these into the head as part of his Damage/XFixes/Composite/Xevie work.
> For the second category, all of my changes are in PLG-specific #ifdefs,
> such as #ifdef LG or #ifdef LGEVENTS.

One small request: Please avoid new symbols (Imakefile-, CPP, code-,
etc.-symbols) which are shorter than four letters to avoid collisions
with other projects. |LGEVENTS| is OK but |LG| may sooner or later cause



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