X.Org Foundation - Release Wranglers Call - 3rd March - Minutes

Mike A. Harris release-wranglers@freedesktop.org
Wed Mar 3 20:18:02 PST 2004

On Wed, 3 Mar 2004, Howard Greenwell wrote:

Some corrections below for documentive purposes:

>Egbert reported that as we had agreed, by default, to take version from the 
>system for libraries: freetype, zlib and xpat. He asked if non-Linux 
>systems ship these libraries?
>      (Egbert has freetype working on the HEAD version).


>Action : John to put not in bugzilla, for Egbert to add to release notes.

Not quite sure what that means.

>Jim discussed with Mike Harris - XFree86 shipping very old MASA/DRI pieces. 
>Do we want to update? MASA/DRI will not support what is in XFree86.


>John says seems to be a lot of DRI support sources around. Egbert says 
>official one is now on freedesktop. John says kernel people thing different 
>- should be the bitkeeper implementation, and divergence. Jim suggested 
>Alan Cox is the right person to speak with.

Alan is wrong.  DRI is not Linux specific, so maintaining the DRM 
in the Linux kernel is Linux specific.  Not that I'm opposed to 
that mind you, but the DRI Project's own goals are not to be 
Linux specific, and so their repository is the official 
repository despite what Linux kernel hackers might like to 

If anyone is to be declaring an alternate CVS repository as "the 
official DRM", it would seem to me that the DRI project should be 
the people to decide that.

>Jim acknowledged we need to get to the bottom of what is the true position.
>Frank Lemonica - not available - currently ill.


>Mike suggested that he approach Alan Cox - tried to keep his interest up. 
>Says want to spend more time on X once he finishes his MBA.
>Jim also suggested Robert Love. John suggested Jeff Garzick - writing on X 
>Server from scratch. Dave Jones could be another.


>Stuart tried to bring things on track... Should declare the tests we will 
>run.We should run VSW5, Stuart has a large SUN suite.
>Jim proposed, we finish off list of issues. Tag as Pre-Release. Then start 
>to run VSW5.

I think it would also be a good idea to run some OpenGL tests and 
stress DRI/Mesa.  Forgot to mention that on the call.  I'm not 
sure what would be best for that, perhaps viewperf?

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