Depending on external libraries

Keith Packard
Thu Mar 11 22:22:15 PST 2004

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Around 21 o'clock on Mar 11, Egbert Eich wrote:

> A way around this problem would be to install a new version of libfreetype
> alongside the other driver modules and make dlopen look there before 
> looking at the standard locations for shared libs.

In the near term, I suggest we not worry too much about it.  The server 
will not have font modules for long as FreeType is now the only font file
loader we need (XTT has been integrated into FreeType); the need to 
select between FreeType and XTT has been eliminated.

But, if we do need this kind of functionality, we could hack the code to 
set LD_LIBRARY_PATH or prepend directory names to libraries.


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