BUILD description in the docs

Egbert Eich eich at
Mon Mar 29 09:22:39 PST 2004

The BUILD notes contain this paragraph:

Alternatively, if you already have a pristine copy of the X11R6.7.0 6.6.0
source, you can download patches from that
will allow you to convert it to 6.7.0.  Information about which patch files
to download and how to apply them can be found in the "How to get X11R6.7.0"
section of the README for this release.

Do we want to provide diffs against 6.6.0? I'd like suggest to drop this.

Apart from this I saw CVS tags in the tree: xo-6.7_0, xo-6.7-branch.

I don't object to these names however please keep in mind that CVS tags
must not contain '.'. I'll fix it.


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