approval_X11R6.8.x requested: [Bug 1703] Lots of "FreeType: couldn't find encoding 'ascii-0'" warnings : [Attachment 1226] Patch for 2004-11-04-trunk

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Tue Nov 9 23:31:45 PST 2004

Roland Mainz <roland.mainz at> has asked  for approval_X11R6.8.x:
Bug 1703: Lots of "FreeType: couldn't find encoding 'ascii-0'" warnings

Attachment 1226: Patch for 2004-11-04-trunk

------- Additional Comments from Roland Mainz <roland.mainz at>
Requesting approval for X11R6.8.x, the patch is needed for
backwards-compatibility to ttmkfontdir and applications which expect that there
are fonts with	 the *-ascii-0 encoding around.

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