[SCIM] scim-tables's new icon and logo

Kitae neeum at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 2 05:41:26 UTC 2004

Sorry for long delay replay, I hadn't read your mail until today.
Because of, yahoo mail system think your mail is spam,
so after checking spam box I found your mail)

On Thu, 2004-09-16 at 21:34 +0200, David wrote:
> I want to tell you, that I like your art. Looks good :-)


> But I have one question:
> Here: http://scim.freedesktop.org/Main/KitaeKim/scim-chinese.png you 
> used the phrase "中国语"
> Is it correct? I never saw such a phrase so far. It was either "中文", 
> or "汉语", or "国语"... Never the one you have used :-)

I am ever saw 中国语, 
but I am not sure, which character more correct. 中国语, 中文  or 汉语
Anybody have idea?

At last 国语 is also used in Korean, I think Japanese also use, that mean
is their own language or national language, so I think that can't be


> Best regards,
> David
> Kitae wrote:
> >I make new icon and logo for scim-tables.
> >You can see, that from
> >http://scim.freedesktop.org/Main/ScimIcons/skim_table_icon_x35.png
> >http://scim.freedesktop.org/Main/KitaeKim/scim-table.png
> >  
> >

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