[SCIM] sKim installation problem (kpackage-yast-shell)

LiuCougar liucougar at gmail.com
Sun Oct 3 13:55:58 UTC 2004

On Sun, 03 Oct 2004 10:20:46 +0200, sunwukung <sunwukung at tvcablenet.be> wrote:
> > > > Then you are just one step away from the final success ;)
> > > >
> > > I hope.
> > The reason why skim can not find its plugin is that the wrong rpm is
> > installed, I think.
> Then if the rpm is wrong the developper must know it. We will see.
Yes, I think so.
Sorry for misleading you for several days

> > > > replace the scim command with skim (in the file which invokes the scim)
> > > Wow, I am sorry but could you please give me an idea of the name of this
> > > file ? I am a newbie and I may try to search but I want to know a little
> > > a bit where.
> > I am not very sure about that. I guess it should be in a file named
> > xim under your X11 dir.
> I just have one under /etc/X11 but I already go there to see if it must
> not be the first to be modify because there are there the XMODIFIERS
> line and when I asked you before you strictly answer me I must just go
> under a ~/.xim. Then I never modify it. I respect what you tell me
> before. But doesn't matter.
> Have a look at the end of this e-mail to see the content of my xim file
> and take note that the tmplang is a fr and then it never go to the if
> condition containing the XMODIFIERS command.
Yes, you are right. By default, only CJK users need a input method
(Every distro assumes that ;)

> >
> > > P.S. ; I read your name liucougar. Are you a chinese people or an
> > > european one or something else ?
> > :) I do not think anyone other than CJK would develop such kind of
> > app, don't you think so?
> Indeed but it was just because my wife is also a LIU one...hihi...
> That's why I asked you this.
As far as I know (AFAIK), Liu is a surname for Chinese people: I
didn't see any other people have such a name.

Good luck,
"People's characters are strengthened through struggle against
difficulties; they are weakened by comfort."
- Old Chinese adage

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