[SCIM] Viqr table

David david at plm11.pl
Sat Oct 9 17:19:53 PDT 2004

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Hi Samuel,

There are some problems with your table that slow down writing too much. 
I think this is some bug in SCIM or skim.

1) If the word ends in vowel without diacritic (eg: tôi ) you have to 
press space twice to have the character passed to application. (I think 
it is SCIM/skim bug, because m17n also has a bug in vietnamese VIQR that 
does not happen in medit -- in case of "tôi" for example, the "i" is 
passed to the document only after you press space. Medit works correctly )

2) In case of "d" - if you want to write only "d" or "D" (no bar accent, 
no vowel after the letter) you _have_ to press ENTER. Space will not be 
accepted even if you press it 10 times :-).

I get the same behaviour in both KDE editors and OpenOffice.

Best regards,

Samuel Thibault wrote:

>Here is a Viqr table, as well as a 2s-with-gimp-made icon.
>Samuel Thibault

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