[SCIM] Re: How to input Traditional Chinese with Scim

Yukiko Bando ybando at k6.dion.ne.jp
Tue Oct 12 00:16:50 PDT 2004


> > 2)  I unpacked scim-1.0.1.tar.gz and then I did:
> >          # ./configure 
> You said you are use Mandrake linux. why don't use rpm?
> I don't know Mandrake, so I am not sure, where I had to go for
> Mandrake's rpm version, but I thin there is mandrake rpm package for
> scim.
> I think they have, and you can down load from
> http://scim.freedesktop.org/Software/ScimDownload

The rpms there are for Cooker (development version). ;)  Do you plan to 
upgrade to 10.1?  SCIM is included in it as the default IM for Chinese, 
Hangul, Japanese (with UIM) and Amharic, and LocaleDrake can configure IM 
settings in ~/.i18n for you. :)  Besides, updates support for Mandrake 9.1 
seems to have expired on the 25th September...    

> > 6)  In the home directory I did:
> >
> >         # localedef -f GBK -i zh_CN zh_CN.gbk
> >
> > 7)  I ran '$ locale -a' to check if 'zh_CN.gbk' had been created.
> You use UTF-8 locale, I think 6, and 7) aren't need for using scim with
> UTF-8.

SCIM should work with it_IT.UTF-8 since you added it 
to /usr/local/etc/scim/global.  As Kitae said, Smart Pinyin is for simplified 
Chinese, but you can get traditional Chinese characters using '中' or '繁'.   
However, if LC_CTYPE is set to zh_CN (or zh_CN.GB2312), they don't appear in 
the candidate window in Qt applications.  For example, 學(xue).   

Maybe it's not what you were asking, bug I don't know how to use various 
Chinese input methods in scim-tables either...  Sorry I can't be of more 
help. :( 


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