[SCIM] Simple hangul for scim-tables

David J.Oftedal david at start.no
Fri Oct 22 05:26:20 PDT 2004

> You are actually right. It is impossible to distinguish syllables
> without knowing following letters.
> So korean input method uses very difficult routine to input korean
> 2-beo-sik.
> I think table method cannot solve this problem.
> So I suggest 2 solutions on this problem.
> 1. user type <space> to divide syllables.
> To input '&#44032;&#45208;&#45796;', type 'ga na da'
> In this method, user have to divide syllables manually for him/herself.

> 2. user type upper letters to input trailing consonant.
> To input '&#50504;&#45397;', type 'aNnyeoNG'
> This method use upper letters too much  :( 
Ah, I actually had to make this decision when I created uim-romaja,
which is table-based. I wound up using capitalization instead of 
spaces, and it was very hard to have to reach for the shift key all 
the time. I think it's actually easier to type "gam sa hab ni da" 
than "GamSaHabNiDa". On the other hand, the Korean language makes 
use of spaces too, right? So the space bar would have  to have two 
functions instead of just one.

> I want some feedback from non native korean.
> I will expect your help  :) 

I don't have a Linux box set up right now, but I might be setting 
one up in the near future. At that time I would very much like to 
help out!


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