[Bug 36189] Spice client full screen problem

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Sat May 14 16:10:59 PDT 2011


--- Comment #4 from gvenkat at attglobal.net 2011-05-14 16:10:59 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> > There is one positive check I want to do tomorrow - to eliminate Compiz as the
> > Window Manager being the problem - and report.
> There was a bug related to fullscreen mode in Compiz but should be fixed in
> versions you are using, but if you can eliminate Compiz and retest that will be
> nice. Thanks.

I can confirm that this problem is independent of Compiz.

It seems to be related to use of auto-conf (or rather not using it) for
full-screen. If spice client has --full-screen=auto-conf, then there is no
problem as long as vdagent is setup properly and starts correctly.

If either vdagent is not available OR vdagent is running fine and I start a
spice client without the auto-conf option (e.g., just using -f option) and the
guest resolution is different from the client screen resolution, I get a dark
screen. There is no signal coming to the monitor since the monitor will go off
to sleep if left like  that. Programs are running behind it and you can hear
any audio sounds. If I click Ctrl+Alt+FN (N may vary for different distros or
Xorg setup) to go to another X screen and come back, then the display appears
and things work well after that. If the guest resolution and the client screen
resolution are the same, then I have no problem with just the -f option.

It is like the "monitor didn't turn on" for the guest in the above scenario
where the resolutions are different. With auto-conf on, whatever happens in
that handshake, turns the monitor on (metaphorically speaking, of course not to
be taken literally). If the resolutions match then, "the monitor is turned on".

I can reproduce this consistently now.

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