[Bug 36189] Spice client full screen problem

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--- Comment #7 from gvenkat at attglobal.net 2011-05-17 17:12:13 PDT ---
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> I am not able to reproduce that, anything in ~/.spicec/spicec.log or
> ~/.spice-vdagent/log ? Maybe you could attach your compiled qxl driver and I
> can retest with it on my set up.

I did the following tests to look at spicec.log

Windows XP SP3 guests without vdagent available (since the problem occurs with
both vdagent and without, decided to simplify the test case)

Test 1:

Guest OS monitor resolution set to 1280x800 while host has 1920x1080.
Spicec started with -f switch on the host. Goes to blank screen. 

The spicec log is at


Toggling X screens with Ctrl+ALT+Fn keys shows the display.

Test 2:

Start spicec again without the -f flag. The display comes up properly in a

The log is identical to the one above without the enter-full-screen line at the
beginning and the last two lines are switched (the insecure keyboard channel
warning comes up before the DisplayChannel log entry).

Test 3:

Set Guest OS monitor resolution to 1920x1080 the same as the host and started
spicec with the -f flag

The full-screen display comes up correctly. Log is the same as test 1 with the
last two lines switched as in test 2

Test 4:
While spicec is up in Test 3 in full screen, change Windows display setting to
1280x800. Screen goes blank.

If I do the X screen toggle, I can get the display back with Windows display
setting waiting for confirmation of new resolution. If I just wait, the Guest
screen goes back to original resolution while spicec is still blank (since the
Windows display setting reverts back without confirmation). I can get the
display with the XScreen toggle.

In the spicec log there is a create_sw_canvas line for each time a resolution
change is made (the last line in the log pasted above) and nothing more.

I have attached the qxl driver I am using locally compiled here.

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