[Spice-commits] Changes to 'refs/tags/0.5.3'

Alexander Larsson alexl at kemper.freedesktop.org
Tue Jul 20 09:56:39 PDT 2010

Tag '0.5.3' created by Alexander Larsson <alexl at redhat.com> at 2010-07-20 17:55 -0700

Released 0.5.3

Changes since the dawn of time:
Alexander Larsson (21):
      Fix build failure due to already defined SIZE_MAX
      Don' ever generate path clip regions
      Don't claim to support vector fonts or beziers
      Initial format work
      Handle surfaces being in their "normal" format in spice, not 32bit
      Support source alpha flag for surfaces
      Always send 32bpp as rgba if any alpha byte is non-zero
      Revert disabling of alpha blend from surfaces
      Always make surfaces xRGB, since ARGB breaks things
      Bump date in .inf file
      Ensure image->descriptor.flags is zero for surface images
      Support HIGH_BITS_SET flag to avoid sending rgba unnecessarily
      Fix bad memory free of cursor
      Update to use the new QXL type instead of the Spice ones
      Remove unused code from driver
      Remove unused vector font code
      Initialize id and widht/height of ImageDescriptor for surface images
      Update to the new QXL types (not SpiceXyz)
      Use the new PCI id/rev macros
      Update PCI data to stable v0.6 id/rev
      Update date in inf file

Izik Eidus (16):
      spice: qxl add memslot support
      spice: qxl driver: add modified murmur hash 2a
      win qxl driver: add surface 0 support
      spice: qxl win driver: change debug level check
      qxl win: make the qxl driver build with latest namespace changes
      spice: split heavily clipped images into small images (speed win7)
      qxl: add counter for stream_test
      do guest driver to host memcpys using sse.
      qxl driver: add off screen supprot
      qxl: fix small race when entering and exiting to vga mode
      qxl driver: move into the unstable pci id
      spice qxl: for now remove alphablend operations on off screens
      qxl: change debug level of qxlcopybits
      qxl driver win32: fix 16bpp support
      spice: qxl win32 driver: fix wrong MIN check at BitBltFromDev
      qxl: win32: fail in case windows will try to create surface with

Yaniv Kamay (2):
      fresh start
      change version to 1.3

Yonit Halperin (4):
      DrvSetPointerShape: handle surface which is not bitmap
      Fix global resources cleanup
      Fix memory leak: deleting primary surface device bitmap when it is disabled.
      Fix corrupted ram data (e.g., release_ring), and unsynchronized worker, after driver is disabled and re-enabled.

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