[Spice-commits] Changes to 'refs/tags/submit.1'

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at kemper.freedesktop.org
Tue Jun 15 05:15:00 PDT 2010

Tag 'submit.1' created by Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel at redhat.com> at 2010-06-15 13:14 -0700

submitted to qemu-devel 2010-06-15

Changes since the dawn of time:
(no author) (1):
      Standard project directories initialized by cvs2svn.

=?UTF-8?q?Reimar=20D=C3=B6ffinger?= (2):
      Set revision in eeprom correctly for 82557 versions.
      eepro100: support 16 bit read from SCBCmd (== 2)

Adam Lackorzynski (9):
      multiboot: Fix cmdline of modules
      multiboot: Limit number of multiboot modules
      multiboot: Fix module loading and setting of mmap.
      multiboot: Support arbitrary number of modules.
      multiboot: Separate multiboot loading into separate file
      target-arm: Fix missing 'return' in SRS handling.
      target-arm: make RFE usable with any register
      Debugcon: Fix debugging printf
      target-i386: Fix variable in (disabled) debugging code

Adam Litke (7):
      QMP: Emit asynchronous events on all QMP monitors
      New API for asynchronous monitor commands
      virtio: Add memory statistics reporting to the balloon driver
      Fix hanging user monitor when using balloon command
      Fix hanging user monitor when using balloon command
      balloon: Do not save VM state wrt asynchronous virtio operations
      balloon: Fix overflow when reporting actual memory size

Adrian Bridgett (1):
      add host_device format description to qemu-img manpage

Akkarit Sangpetch (1):
      qmu-img: fix qemu-img convert to generate a valid image when the source referenced a backing file

Alex Williamson (12):
      Fix hw/acpi.c build w/ DEBUG enabled
      virtio-net: Add version_id 7 placeholder for vnet header support
      virtio-net: Use a byte to store RX mode flags
      virtio-net: reorganize receive_filter()
      virtio-net: Fix MAC filter overflow handling
      virtio-net: MAC filter optimization
      virtio-net: Add new RX filter controls
      virtio-net: Increase filter and control limits
      Fix boot once option
      pci: cleanly backout of pci_qdev_init()
      ram_blocks: Convert to a QLIST
      acpi_piix4: save gpe and pci hotplug slot status

Alexander Graf (75):
      AIO deletion race fix
      Add HTTP protocol using curl v6
      User Networking: Enable removal of redirections
      User networking: Show active connections
      Change bochs bios init order
      Expose fw_cfg v2
      Multiboot support v5
      Multiboot build system v4
      Add documentation for Multiboot
      Replace signrom with shell script v3
      Enable PPC KVM for non-embedded
      Set PVR in sregs
      Fix warning in kvm-all.c
      Use correct input constant
      Fake dirty loggin when it's not there
      PPC: Round VGA BIOS size to page boundary
      Give the kernel more room
      Use 64bit pointer for dirty log
      Use Little Endian for Dirty Log
      Fix checksum writing in signboot.sh
      Unbreak tap compilation on OS X
      Introduce rom_copy
      Convert multiboot to fw_cfg backed data storage
      Move common option rom code to header file
      Convert linux bootrom to external rom and fw_cfg
      Add linuxboot to BLOBS
      target-ppc: Get MMU state on register sync
      targe-ppc: Sync CPU state for KVM
      Make -kernel for linux work with bochsbios
      S/390 CPU fake emulation
      S/390 host/target build system support
      S/390 fake TCG implementation
      Add KVM support for S390x
      Allocate physical memory in low virtual address space
      Add support for S390x system emulation
      Add S390x virtio machine bus
      Add S390x virtio machine description
      S390 GDB stub
      Set default console to virtio on S390x
      Add S390 maintainer information
      target-s390: Fail on unknown instructions
      S390: Loop through virtio console devices
      add default virtcon initialization
      S390: Don't tell guest we're updating config space
      S390: Bail out without KVM
      target-ppc: fix ppc32 kvm build
      target-ppc: Initialize OpenPIC properly
      target-ppc: Use interrupts for escc
      PPC64: Fix timebase
      PPC: Make DCR uint32_t
      PPC: Uninorth config space accessor
      PPC: Use Mac99_U3 type on ppc64
      PPC: Include dump of lspci -nn on real G5
      PPC: Make interrupts work
      PPC: tell the guest about the time base frequency
      PPC: Use macio IDE controller for Newworld
      PPC: Get rid of segfaults in DBDMA emulation
      PPC: Add USB per default on U3
      PPC: Fix large pages
      PPC: Add timer when running KVM
      target-s390: Don't compile in virtio-pci
      Don't check for bus master for old guests
      S390: Add stub for cpu_get_phys_page_debug
      S390: Tell user why VM creation failed
      Make cpu_get_real_ticks use mfspr
      Make virtio-pci building conditional again
      Always notify consumers of char devices if they're open
      Implement virtio reset
      PPC/KVM: make iothread work
      target-s390: add firmware code
      target-s390: enable SIGP Initial Reset
      Add cache=unsafe parameter to -drive
      Make cache=unsafe the default for -snapshot
      Fix leul_to_cpu on big endian hosts
      Fix multiboot compilation

Alexandre Bique (1):
      Makefile: fixed rule TAGS

Alon Levy (1):
      virtio-serial-bus: fix ports_map allocation on init

Amit Shah (64):
      e1000: Do not reinit pci config space to 0
      pci: add define for communication class devices
      Remove dead code
      char: Emit 'CLOSED' events on char device close
      pci ids: remove redundant defines
      virtio-console: rename dvq to ovq
      Remove typedef for bool from eepro100.c
      qdev: show name of device that fails init
      virtio-pci: return error if virtio_console_init fails
      char: check for initial_reset_issued unnecessary
      char: rename CHR_EVENT_RESET to CHR_EVENT_OPENED
      char: emit the OPENED event only when a new char connection is opened
      qdev: Check if unplug handler exists before calling it
      char: don't limit data sent to backends to 1k per buffer
      char: Remove special init_reset handling
      char: rename qemu_chr_reset to qemu_chr_generic_open
      vl.c: Remove dead assignment
      virtio: net: remove dead assignment
      x86: translate.c: remove dead assignment
      hw/vga.c: remove dead assignment
      qcow2-refcount: remove dead assignment
      json-parser: remove dead increment
      virtio: Remove duplicate macro definition for max. virtqueues, bump up the max
      virtio-console: qdev conversion, new virtio-serial-bus
      virtio-serial-bus: Maintain guest and host port open/close state
      virtio-serial-bus: Add a port 'name' property for port discovery in guests
      virtio-serial-bus: Add ability to hot-unplug ports
      virtio-serial: Add a 'virtserialport' device for generic serial port support
      Move virtio-serial to Makefile.objs
      virtio-serial: Use MSI vectors for port virtqueues
      virtio-console: Rename virtio-serial.c back to virtio-console.c
      virtio-console: Automatically use virtio-serial-bus for the older -virtioconsole invocation
      virtio-serial-bus: Fix bus initialisation and allow for bus identification
      kvm: reduce code duplication in config_iothread
      vnc: Migrate to using QTAILQ instead of custom implementation
      pc: Bump up pc version to 0.13 and add a 0.12 compat version
      pc: Add backward compatibility options for virtio-serial
      virtio-serial: pci: Allow MSI to be disabled
      Fix 'make install' from non-srcdir build
      s390-virtio: Fix compile error for virtio-block init
      ppc440_bamboo: Add 0.12 and 0.13 machine types for backward compat
      ppc440_bamboo: Disable new virtio-serial features for 0.12 machine type
      qdev: Add a DEV_NVECTORS_UNSPECIFIED enum for unspecified nr of MSI vectors
      virtio-pci: Use DEV_NVECTORS_UNSPECIFIED instead of -1 for virtio-serial
      virtio-serial: save/load: Ensure target has enough ports
      virtio-serial: save/load: Ensure nr_ports on src and dest are same.
      virtio-serial: save/load: Ensure we have hot-plugged ports instantiated
      virtio-serial: save/load: Send target host connection status if different
      virtio-serial: Use control messages to notify guest of new ports
      virtio-serial: whitespace: match surrounding code
      virtio-serial: Remove redundant check for 0-sized write request
      virtio-serial: Update copyright year to 2010
      virtio-serial: Propagate errors in initialising ports / devices in guest
      virtio-serial: Send out guest data to ports only if port is opened
      iov: Introduce a new file for helpers around iovs, add iov_from_buf()
      iov: Add iov_to_buf and iov_size helpers
      virtio-serial: Handle scatter-gather buffers for control messages
      virtio-serial: Handle scatter/gather input from the guest
      virtio-serial: Apps should consume all data that guest sends out / Fix virtio api abuse
      virtio-serial: Discard data that guest sends us when ports aren't connected
      virtio-serial: Implement flow control for individual ports
      virtio-serial: Fix check for 'assert'; prevent NULL derefs
      iov: Move from hw/ to topdir
      net: Fix hotplug with pci_add

Amos Kong (2):
      json-parser: Output the content of invalid keyword
      Virtio-net: Replace the hardcode 6 with defined ETN_ALEN

Andi Kleen (1):
      Allow setting qemu process name v2

Andre Przywara (35):
      allow CPUID vendor override
      allow hypervisor CPUID bit to be overriden
      introduce -cpu host target
      CPUID Fn8000_0001.EAX is family/model/stepping, not features
      fix KVMs GET_SUPPORTED_CPUID feature usage
      remove CPUID host hacks
      preserve the hypervisor bit while KVM trims the CPUID bits
      omit 3DNOW! CPUID bits from qemu64 CPU model
      extend -smp parsing to include cores= and threads= options
      push CPUID level to 4 to allow Intel multicore decoding
      set CPUID bits to present cores and threads topology
      allow overriding of CPUID level on command line
      introduce kvm64 CPU
      add documentation for multi-core features
      fix typo in configure --help
      target-i386: add lock mov cr0 = cr8
      target-i386: add SSE4a instruction support
      target-i386: add RDTSCP support
      target-i386: implement lzcnt emulation
      cpuid: Fix multicore setup on Intel
      target-i386: Update CPUID feature set for TCG
      osdep: Fix runtime failure on older Linux kernels
      configure: fix --sysconfdir specification
      install: honor DESTDIR on sysconfdir population
      x86/cpuid: move CPUID functions into separate file
      x86/cpuid: replace magic number with named constant
      x86/cpuid: fix missing feature set bits
      x86/cpuid: moved host_cpuid function and remove prototype
      x86/cpuid: add missing CPUID feature flag names
      x86/cpuid: add "host" to the list of supported CPU models
      x86/cpuid: remove unnecessary kvm_trim function
      x86/cpuid: add TCG feature bit trimming
      x86/cpuid: Always expose 32 and 64-bit CPUs
      x86/cpuid: fix CPUID levels
      resent: x86/cpuid: Add kvm32 CPU model

Andrea Arcangeli (1):
      fix qemu_aio_flush

Andreas Faerber (2):
      Suppress optionrom build on Solaris x86
      TCG: Mac OS X support for ppc64 target

Andreas Färber (15):
      tap: Compilation fix for Solaris
      Silence softfloat warnings on OpenSolaris
      ppc64: Change default machine to mac99
      Cocoa: ppc64 host support
      Cocoa: Silence warning for cocoa_keycode_to_qemu
      Cocoa: Silence warning on Big Endian host
      Cocoa: Silence type warning
      Cocoa: Fix compilation on Mac OS X v10.4 and earlier
      Cocoa: Mark the View as opaque
      Cocoa: Redraw the View asynchronously
      Cocoa: Don't unconditionally show the window
      Cocoa: Shutdown when window is closed
      Cocoa: Suppress window resize animation
      Cocoa: Use optimized drawing for the window
      Drop --whole-archive and static libraries

Andrzej Zaborowski (11):
      Fix a similar configure typo from microblaze.
      Extract musicpal.c I2C bitbanging code and make it gpio aware
      Extract the Marvell 88w8618 audio device from musicpal.c
      Make musicpal.c use the I2C device and the Marvell 88w8618 audio device
      Merge with balrog at git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/qemu.git
      Remove the unnecessary and only global in musicpal.c
      Revert my commit c00a9de060124a988bd9847c095e5836488c6f01
      hw/sd: Support SDHC size cards
      Add a missing break
      bt-sdp: Fix an excessive ; and assignment of the wrong variable
      tmp105: update the register in post_load where it needs updating.

Anthony Liguori (191):
      Fix serial option with -drive
      Make sure not to fall through on error in loadvm
      Enable power button even generation.
      Introduce kvm_check_extension to check if KVM extensions are supported
      Remove noisy printf when KVM masks CPU features
      Add a --disable-docs to configure to allow doc build to be disabled
      Constructor support
      Convert block infrastructure to use new module init functionality
      Move block drivers into their own directory
      Fix build on Solaris and WIN32
      Fix warning on WIN32
      Fix module initialization when more than 1 class is in use
      Eliminate --disable-gfx-check and make VNC default when SDL not available
      Convert machine registration to use module init functions
      Refactor how display drivers are selected
      Introduce is_default field for QEMUMachine
      Revert "Fix arm-softmmu breakage"
      Partially revert e20a8dff4c0da3827764924139d3bb73962f5d5a
      Fix segv when passing an unknown protocol
      bios: Use the correct mask to size the PCI option ROM BAR
      Move keymaps into pc-bios
      Install keymaps from new location
      Merge branch 'net-queue'
      Fix build breakage when using VDE introduced by 4f1c942
      Enable -Werror by default for git builds on Linux hosts
      Fix warning in qemu-nbd.c
      Merge commit 'block/master' into staging
      Incorporate changes from v2 of Gleb's RTC reset patch
      Make sure to use SDL_CFLAGS everywhere we include SDL headers
      Disable _FORTIFY_SOURCE to fix Ubuntu build with -Werror
      Instead of writing a zero page, madvise it away
      Fix build on Mac OS X
      Make sure to zero out memory before calling madvise to increase robustness
      Merge commit 'linux-user/linux-user-for-upstream' into tmp-staging
      Fix build for ESD audio
      Revert "support colon in filenames"
      Make sure to only vm_start() a failed migration if we were running to begin
      Disable kqemu by default at run time
      Make sure to mark MCE defines as ULL
      Indent ac97 and es1370 according to audio formatting
      Regenerate BIOS and add patches for -boot option
      slirp: Fix default netmask to
      bios: Fix multiple calls into smbios_load_ex
      Fix non-ACPI Timer Interrupt Routing - v3
      Fix multiboot.bin build on mingw32
      Don't copy multiboot.bin into pc-bios after built
      Update version for 0.11.0-rc0
      Update version for 0.11 development
      Initialize cpuid variables
      Only allow -cpu host when KVM is enabled
      Fix typo WIN32 -> _WIN32
      Revert "Fake dirty loggin when it's not there"
      Define ENOTSUP anywhere it isn't defined
      Add emacs header to Makefile.target
      Fix virtio-blk
      Fix migration for ide devices
      Unbreak large mem support by removing kqemu
      Only build osdep once
      Make the e1000 the default network adapter for the pc target.
      Relax pthreads check to avoid win32
      Merge commit 'linux-user/linux-user-for-upstream' into staging
      Bring pcbios, seabios, and vgabios into the tree as git submodules.  Right now,
      Revert "don't call cpu_sychronize_state from reset handlers"
      Make get_ticks_per_sec() a static inline
      Revert "Get rid of _t suffix"
      Revert "Fix exit on 'pci_add' Monitor command"
      Merge commit 'linux-user/linux-user-for-upstream' into staging
      Work around dhclient brokenness
      Fix signature of new_vlan_client
      really fix net.h
      Revert "char: emit the OPENED event only when a new char connection is opened"
      Update SeaBIOS to latest upstream
      Switch pc bios from pc-bios to seabios
      Switch from etherboot to gPXE
      Remove e1000 rom loading hack
      Fall back to network boot as the last possible boot option
      Revert "Fall back to network boot as the last possible boot option"
      Update gpxe roms to have BANNER_TIMEOUT=0
      Unbreak Linux build
      Fix the build when srcdir == objdir
      Properly escape QDECREF macro arguments
      Add operations to qlist to allow it to be used as a stack
      Allow strings to grow in size
      Add a QFloat datatype
      Add unit test for QFloat
      Add a QBool type
      Add a lexer for JSON
      Add a JSON message boundary identifier
      Add a JSON parser
      Add a QObject JSON wrapper
      Add a unit test for JSON support
      Provide marshalling mechanism for json
      Add test suite for json marshalling
      Update SeaBIOS to latest
      Update SeaBIOS
      Merge commit 'mst/for_anthony' into mst
      Merge commit 'mst/pci' into staging
      Do not abort on qemu_malloc(0) in production builds
      Revert "pci: interrupt disable bit support"
      vnc: hextile: do not generate ForegroundSpecified and SubrectsColoured tiles
      Make sure to enable dirty tracking of VBE vram mapping
      Make sure to enable dirty log tracking for VMware VGA
      Fix VMware VGA depth computation
      VMware VGA: Only enable dirty log tracking when fifo is disabled
      Revert "kvm: x86: Save/restore exception_index"
      Support PCI based option rom loading
      Update SeaBIOS to include PCI based option rom loading
      e1000: Don't muck with PCI commmand register
      Revert "monitor: Convert do_migrate_set_speed() to QObject"
      Update to SeaBIOS 0.5.0
      Update version and changelog to sync with stable branch
      Merge remote branch 'mst/for_anthony' into staging
      vnc: Fix artifacts in hextile decoding
      Update to SeaBIOS 0.5.1
      make: qemu-img depends on config-host.h
      Revert "block: prevent multiwrite_merge from creating too large iovecs"
      Support --sysconfdir in configure to specify path to configuration files
      Move out option lookup into a separate function
      Load global config files by default
      json: escape u0000 .. u001F when outputting json
      Fix regression in option parsing
      seabios: use correct submodule hash
      Merge remote branch 'qemu-kvm/uq/master' into staging-tmp
      Merge remote branch 'linux-user/linux-user-for-upstream' into staging-tmp
      Merge remote branch 'mst/for_anthony' into staging
      Merge remote branch 'qemu-kvm/uq/master' into staging
      pc-bios: update to latest Seabios
      Merge remote branch 'qemu-kvm/uq/master' into pulls
      Update to latest SeaBIOS
      sdl: improve grab exiting instructions
      Merge remote branch 'mst/pci' into staging
      Merge remote branch 'markus/qerror' into staging
      Revert "usb-linux: remove unreachable default in switch statement"
      Add support for generic notifier lists
      Rewrite mouse handlers to use QTAILQ and to have an activation function
      Add kbd_mouse_has_absolute()
      Add notifier for mouse mode changes
      Expose whether a mouse is an absolute device via QMP and the human monitor.
      input: make vnc use mouse mode notifiers
      sdl: use mouse mode notifier
      Add exit notifiers
      Convert atexit users to exit_notifier
      tap: invoke downscript when we exit abnormally
      qmp: don't make -qmp disable the default monitor
      Introduce a default qmp session
      Revert "Add exit notifiers"
      Revert "Convert atexit users to exit_notifier"
      Revert "tap: invoke downscript when we exit abnormally"
      Revert "qmp: don't make -qmp disable the default monitor"
      Revert "Introduce a default qmp session"
      Fix -enable-kvm
      virtio-pci: compile per-target
      Fix build on mingw32
      Merge remote branch 'mst/for_anthony' into staging
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into staging
      Merge remote branch 'qmp/for-anthony' into staging
      Merge remote branch 'qemu-kvm/uq/master' into HEAD
      Merge remote branch 'kwolf/for-anthony' into HEAD
      virtio-9p: Add a virtio 9p device to qemu
      virtio-9p: pdu processing support.
      virtio-9p: Add string manipulation support.
      virtio-9p: Add minimal set of FileOperations
      virtio-9p: Add fid and qid management support.
      virtio-9p: Add stat and mode related helper functions.
      virtio-9p: Add sg helper functions
      virtio-9p: Add P9_TVERSION support
      virtio-9p: Add P9_TATTACH support.
      virtio-9p: Add P9_TSTAT support
      virtio-9p: Add P9_TWALK support
      virtio-9p: Add P9_TOPEN support.
      virtio-9p: Add P9_TREAD support
      virtio-9p: Add P9_TCLUNK support
      virtio-9p: Add P9_TWRITE support
      virtio-9p: Add P9_TCREATE support
      virtio-9p: Add P9_TWSTAT support
      virtio-9p: Add P9_TREMOVE support.
      virtio-9p: Add P9_TFLUSH support
      vnc: make sure to send pointer type change event on SetEncodings
      Update SeaBIOS
      Merge remote branch 'qemu-kvm/uq/master' into staging
      Merge remote branch 'mst/for_anthony' into staging
      Merge remote branch 'kwolf/for-anthony' into staging
      Merge remote branch 'qmp/for-anthony' into staging
      Merge remote branch 'kwolf/for-anthony' into staging
      Merge remote branch 'mst/for_anthony' into HEAD
      migration: respect exit status with exec:
      Merge remote branch 'kwolf/for-anthony' into staging
      Merge remote branch 'mst/for_anthony' into staging
      Merge remote branch 'qmp/for-anthony' into staging
      Merge remote branch 'kwolf/for-anthony' into staging

Arnaud Lacombe (1):
      Fix format strings

Arnaud Patard (6):
      Fix struct termios host - target translation
      Return EOPNOTSUPP instead of ENOSYS for *xattr* syscalls
      linux-user: increment MAX_ARG_PAGES
      linux-user: check some parameters for some socket syscalls.
      linux-user: remove hardcoded value of _NSIG in signal.c
      cpu-all.h: fix cpu_get_real_ticks on mips host

Arnaud Patard (Rtp) (2):
      RFC: fix fcntl support in linux-user - new try
      hw/usb-msd: fix some usb requests

Artyom Tarasenko (17):
      esp (sparc32) Extra scsi data.
      esp: handle "select without attention"
      scsi disk block descriptor v2
      Sparc: fix carry flag handling (Solaris bootblk fix)
      scsi-disk: Inquiry with allocation length of CDB < 36 (v4)
      Sparc32: implement AFX for SS-5
      fdc/sparc32: don't hang on detection under OBP
      sparc32 do_unassigned_access overhaul v2
      sparc32 do not clear interrupts when masking
      sparc32 fix np dereference in do_unassigned_access
      sparc32 don't mark page dirty when failing
      sparc32 fix spurious dma interrupts v2
      create empty_slot device
      sparc32 use empty_slot for missing RAM v1
      sparc32 protect read-only bits in DMA CSR registers
      Pad iommu with an empty slot (necessary for SunOS 4.1.4)
      sparc32 SuperSPARC MMU Breakpoint Action register (SS-20 OBP fix)

Aurelien Jarno (190):
      block-vvfat: fix a warning
      qemu-options.hx: fix description of cache=none suboption
      target-mips: fix comments about SUB/DSUB
      target-mips: proper sign extension for 'SUBU rd, zero, rt'
      target-mips: remove useless code in gen_st_cond()
      tcg: Fix tcg_gen_rotr_i64
      Update OpenBIOS images to r577
      Open chr device for all serial ports
      Revert "Open chr device for all serial ports"
      curses: save 250MB of memory
      hw/serial: don't create a char device if none is specified
      mips malta: ensure that the serial ports are associated with a device
      escc: fix IRQ routing, broken by 6c319c82223a1766c5d64a20051e5c6ab7b53951
      target-ppc: optimize slw/srw/sld/srd
      exec-all.h: increase MAX_OP_PER_INSTR to 96 from 64
      exec-all.h: increase OPC_BUF_SIZE
      target-mips: remove MAX_OP_PER_INSTR workaround
      target-i386: use subfi instead of sub with a non-freed constant
      target-i386: kill a tmp register
      tcg/x86_64: generated dec/inc instead of sub/add when possible
      tcg/i386: optimize and $0xff(ff), reg
      tcg/i386: generates dec/inc instead of sub/add when possible
      target-mips: log instructions start in TCG code
      target-ppc: log instructions start in TCG code
      TCG: fix DEF2 macro
      Fix build with profiler enabled
      Revert part of 6692b043198d58a12317009edb98654c6839f043
      target-mips: make sure constants are in the second argument
      tcg: add ext{8,16,32}u_i{32,64} TCG ops
      tcg/x86_64: add support for ext{8,16,32}u_i{32,64} TCG ops
      tcg/i386: add support for ext{8,16}u_i32 TCG ops
      tcg: remove dead code
      tcg: allocate s->op_dead_iargs dynamically
      Revert "eepro100: Remove unused device status entries"
      target-i386: move recently added vmstate fields at the end of the structure
      tcg: improve output log
      target-arm: remove T0 and T1
      target-arm: fix bugs introduced by 3174f8e91fecf8756e861d1febb049f3c619a2c7
      target-arm: fix bugs introduced by 1b2b1e547bd912b7d3c4863d0a0f75f6f38330ed
      target-arm: use clz32() instead of a for loop
      target-arm: fix sdiv helper
      target-ppc: move often used CPU fields at the top of the structure
      target-arm: use native tcg-ops for ror/bic/vorn
      mips: fix CPU reset
      mips-malta: fix reset
      target-mips: fix indentation
      mips malta: fix indentation
      mips_r4k: fix reset
      audio: link with -lpulse in addition to -lpulse-simple
      qemu-io: build on all platforms
      target-mips: rename CP0_LLAddr into lladdr
      target-mips: make CP0_LLAddr register CPU dependent
      target-mips: fix physical address type in MMU functions
      tcg/ppc64,x86_64: fix constraints of op_qemu_st64
      tcg: fix tcg_regset_{set,reset}_reg with more than 32 registers
      Revert "vga: do not resize the screen on hw_invalidate"
      Add support for GNU/kFreeBSD
      Fix commit a167ba50851cdac2fa36633587e98c5956cd6b18
      target-mips: factorize load/store code in op_helper.c
      target-mips: split code raising MMU exception in a separate function
      target-mips: add a function to do virtual -> physical translations
      target-mips: use physical address in lladdr
      tcg: initial mips support
      tcg: increase TCG_MAX_OP_SIZE to 192
      hw/openpic.c: replace tabs by spaces
      roms: allow roms to be loaded at address 0
      linux-user: use TARGET_ABI_FMT_lx to print abi_ulong types
      cpu-all.h: fix cpu_get_real_ticks() #ifdef
      Update OpenBIOS PPC image to revision 647
      PPC64: Fix alternate timebase
      linux-user: fix build with gcc-4.1
      target-arm: fix strexd
      loader: more ignores for rom intended to be loaded by the bios
      MAC DBDMA: store register values in native endianness
      loader: don't call realloc(non_null, 0) when no symbols are present
      target-i386: Fix "call im" on x86_64 when executing 32-bit code
      mips/malta: fix typo
      target-ppc: change DCR helpers to target_long arguments
      target-mips: don't call cpu_loop_exit() from helper.c
      Update MAINTAINERS
      configure: fix compilation on hosts without -fstack-protector-all
      configure: remove debugging code introduced in aa527b65d8187b97d73f889b6cae7b6ac6f82d32
      tcg: add setcondi pseudo-op
      tcg: move setcond* ops to non-optional section
      SH4/R2D: fix poweroff
      target-sh4: minor optimisations
      tcg/mips: implement setcond
      tcg/mips: implement setcond2
      sh7750: handle MMUCR TI bit
      target-sh4: MMU: fix mem_idx computation
      target-sh4: MMU: simplify call to tlb_set_page()
      target-sh4: MMU: fix ITLB priviledge check
      target-sh4: MMU: optimize UTLB accesses
      target-sh4: MMU: reduce the size of a TLB entry
      target-sh4: MMU: remove dead code
      target-sh4: MMU: fix store queue addresses
      target-sh4: MMU: separate execute and read/write permissions
      tcg/mips: fix crash in tcg_out_qemu_ld()
      target-mips: remove useless sign extension
      Fix qemu -net user,hostfwd= example
      powerpc: fix compilation with CONFIG_FDT undefined
      target-ppc: stop translation after a trap instruction
      Revert "target-ppc: stop translation after a trap instruction"
      target-ppc: don't print invalid opcode messages on the console
      tcg/arm: fix div2/divu2
      tcg/arm: implement setcond
      tcg/arm: implement setcond2
      tcg/arm: accept immediate arguments for brcond/setcond
      tcg/arm: merge the two sets of #define for optional ops
      target-mips: use setcond when possible
      target-mips: use newer logical ops
      target-i386: fix lddqu SSE instruction
      hw/serial.c: fix indentation
      hw/serial.c: fix THRE interrupt clearing
      ppc: don't define bamboo-0.13 as the default machine
      target-i386: fix SIB decoding with index = 4
      target-ppc: fix evslw instruction
      target-ppc: fix evsrwu and evsrws
      target-ppc: fix evsrwu and evsrws (second try)
      target-mips: update address space definitions
      tcg/arm: correctly save/restore registers in prologue/epilogue
      tcg: update README with const and pure helpers
      tcg/arm: implement andc op
      x86/cpuid: Enable all features of real CPU
      x86/cpuid: fix indentation
      tcg: add div/rem 32-bit helpers
      tcg/arm: use helpers for divu/remu
      tcg: declare internal helpers as const and pure
      mips: add header to mips_int.c and mips_timer.c
      load_elf: replace the address addend by a translation function
      tcg: protect div2 in tcg/tcg-opc.h
      tcg/arm: fix load/store definitions for 32-bit targets
      tcg/arm: don't save/restore r7 in prologue/epilogue
      pci_host: fix breakage
      qemu-options.hx: fix a typo
      tcg-mips: implement nor
      tcg/mips: implement the not_i32 op the same way as gcc
      tcg-mips: add guest base support
      exec: remove dead code
      tcg/mips: fix branch offset during retranslation
      linux-user/ia64: workaround ia64 strangenesses
      linux-user: fix page_unprotect when host page size > target page size
      ia64 disas support
      tcg: align static_code_gen_buffer to CODE_GEN_ALIGN
      tcg: initial ia64 support
      tcg/TODO: remove setcond
      Update PowerPC OpenBIOS image to r721
      hw/r2d: add a USB keyboard
      tcg/mips: fix 64-bit linux-user on big endian MIPS
      tcg/mips: use seb/seh instructions on MIPS32R2
      tcg/ia64: fix tlb addend read
      linux-user: switch default ppc64 CPU to 970fx from 970
      tcg/README: improve description of bswap*
      Revert "Avoid page_set_flags() assert in qemu-user host page protection code"
      hw/r2d: add flash memory
      hw/r2d: add initrd support
      r2d: always enable IDE and flash
      sh_pci: fix memory and I/O access
      tcg/arm: remove SAVE_LR code
      tcg/arm: explicitely list clobbered/reserved regs
      tcg/arm: remove store signed functions
      tcg/arm: replace integer values by registers enum
      tcg/arm: align 64-bit arguments in function calls
      tcg/arm: add variables to define the allowed instructions set
      tcg/arm: sxtb and sxth are available starting with ARMv6
      tcg/arm: use the blx instruction when possible
      tcg/arm: add rotation ops
      tcg/arm: add ext16u op
      tcg/arm: add bswap ops
      tcg/arm: remove conditional argument for qemu_ld/st
      tcg/arm: use ext* ops in qemu_ld
      tcg/arm: bswap arguments in qemu_ld/st if needed
      tcg/arm: remove useless register tests in qemu_ld/st
      tcg/arm: fix argument alignment in qemu_st64
      tcg/arm: optimize register allocation order
      tcg/arm: don't try to load constants using pc
      tcg/arm: fix condition in zero/sign extension functions
      linux-user: fix 32-bit host breakage
      Remove i386 from .gitignore
      tcg-i386: declare tcg_out_tlb_load() inline
      tcg-i386: fix a typo
      tcg: get rid of copy_size in TCGOpDef
      tcg: get rid of DEF2 in tcg-opc.h
      target-mips: move FP FMT comments closer to the definitions
      configure: remove some bashisms
      configure: display sysconfdir in summary
      tcg-i386: remove use of _Bool that slipped code review
      tcg-i386: fix andi r, r, 0xff
      tcg: fix DEF macro after commit c61aaf7a388c4ad95d8b546fdb9267dc01183317
      tcg-s390: correctly detect s390 with a 64-bit kernel

Avi Kivity (23):
      [RESEND] Fix vga segfaults or screen corruption with large memory guests
      kvm: Add support for querying supported cpu features
      Make x86 cpuid feature names available in file scope
      Fix x86 feature modifications for features that set multiple bits
      kvm: Trim cpu features not supported by kvm
      vga: Replace VGA_COMMON with a structure
      raw-posix: open flags use BDRV_ namespace, not posix namespace
      raw-posix: Remove O_RDWR when attempting to open a file read-only
      Remove io_index argument from cpu_register_io_memory()
      Rearrange io_mem_init()
      Rename pci_register_io_region() to pci_register_bar()
      block: Clean up after deleting BHs
      Do not disable autostart for live migration
      Route PC irqs to ISA bus instead of i8259 directly
      Route IOAPIC interrupts via ISA bus
      kvm: Simplify cpu_synchronize_state()
      Don't load options roms intended to be loaded by the bios in qemu
      linuxboot: fix gdt address calculation
      Fix qemu_eventfd compile when !CONFIG_EVENTFD
      Allocate memory below 4GB as one chunk
      CODING_STYLE: Reserve qemu_ prefix for library wrappers
      block: fix aio_flush segfaults for read-only protocols (e.g. curl)
      Fix overflow in i440fx_init()

Baojun Wang (2):
      ppc tcg: fix wrong bit/mask of wrteei
      target-ppc: enable PPC_MFTB for 44x

Benoit Canet (1):
      Musicpal qdev conversion: gpio (except I2C part), keyboard and lcd

Bernhard Kauer (2):
      RTC polling mode broken
      Replace \0s with spaces before sending strings to curses.

Bernhard M. Wiedemann (1):
      hw: better i440 emulation

Beth Kon (3):
      Reset HPET config register on hpet_reset
      HPET fixes for reg writes
      Add/Fix command-line checks for smbios options v2

Bill Paul (1):
      e1000.c doesn't properly emulate EERD and ICS registers

Bjørn Mork (2):
      alsa: add host suspend/resume support
      sdl: improve error message on fatal error

Blue Swirl (476):
      Fix warning
      Fix compilation when x86_64 is defined
      Fix Win32 warning
      Merge branch 'master' of blueswir1 at git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/qemu
      Fix a warning in sparc64-linux-user build
      Recognize V9 stores and CAS accesses as writes
      Synch to VGA
      Silence missing pkg-config error messages
      Fix PPC reset
      Fix Sparc64 sign extension problems
      Optimize operations with immediate parameters
      Clarify: dmmuregs[1] is not a typo
      Improve instruction name comments for easier searching
      Optimize cmp x, 0 case
      Fix disassembler memory accesses
      Use dynamical computation for condition codes
      Convert add
      Convert addx
      Convert logical operations and umul/smul
      Convert sub
      Convert subx
      Convert tagged ops
      Convert udiv/sdiv
      Convert mulscc
      Update docs on dynamic condition code calculation
      Replace gcc variadic macro extension with C99 version
      Replace gcc variadic macro extension with C99 version (missed one)
      Let the venomous poison spread to more identifiers
      Compile fdc, escc and SCSI controllers only once
      Compile most Xen files only once
      Fix arm-softmmu breakage
      Use hxtool to generate monitor documentation and C structures
      Fix generation of CONFIG_KVM
      Register reset functions for e1000 and rtl8139
      Update irqs on reset and device load
      Remove unused and misnamed field and variable
      Fix warning
      microblaze-dis.c does not need to be executable
      Fix Sparse warning
      Clean up generated qemu-img-cmds.h
      Fix Sparse warning
      Use snprintf to avoid OpenBSD warning
      Fix mingw32 build warnings
      Fix signedness problems
      Avoid gcc 4.4 warning about uninitialized field
      Avoid a gcc 3 format warning
      Fix a warning: uint_fast8_t is not 8 bits on OpenBSD/Sparc64
      Avoid collision with system NGROUPS definition
      Really enable -Werror
      Clean up GEN_HANDLER
      Clean up GEN_HANDLER2
      Concentrate most table entries to top
      Concentrate rest of table entries to top
      Replace ELF section hack with normal table
      Fix opening of read only raw images
      Allow user to specify CPU model
      Revert "Update irqs on reset and device load"
      Don't set IRQs on device reset and loadvm/savevm
      Call piix4_reset() on system reset.
      Don't set IRQs on device reset and loadvm/savevm
      Fix missing strnlen problems
      Fix sdl_zoom compile problems on OpenBSD
      Fix breakage by obsolete _P() for good
      Suppress a GCC warning
      Use pstrcpy and pstrcat to avoid OpenBSD linker warning
      Rename target_cpu to target_arch2
      Work around Solaris gas problem
      Fix Sparse warning
      Update OpenBIOS images to r505
      Fix the PCI header type of APB
      Fix APB by reverting 16eaedf2668e9b347a59d73346fcc4c764c58348 partially
      Revert "Fix the PCI header type of APB"
      Sparc32: convert eccmemctl to qdev
      Sparc64: convert ebus to qdev
      Sparc32: use the OpenFirmware name for ecc
      Sparc32: convert tcx to qdev
      Sparc32/Sparc64/PPC: convert m48txx to qdev
      Sparc32: convert idreg to qdev
      Sparc32: convert slavio_misc to qdev
      Sparc32/PPC: convert escc to qdev
      Sparc32: convert slavio timers to qdev
      Convert fdc to qdev
      Sparc32: convert sparc32_dma to qdev
      Sparc32: fix SDL zooming with TCX
      Sparc32: convert cs4231 to qdev
      Sparc32: convert iommu to qdev
      Sparc32: convert boot prom to qdev
      Sparc32: convert memory to qdev
      Sparc32: refactor CPU init
      Sparc32: convert slavio interrupt controller to qdev
      Update to a hopefully more future proof FSF address
      Fix OpenBSD build
      Fix sparc-softmmu breakage by ee6847d19be16c789b8bd4e553b7cd6701ba1245
      Sparc32: fix fdc io_base
      Sparc32: fix escc devices broken by ee6847d19be16c789b8bd4e553b7cd6701ba1245
      Sparc32: use hex for version numbers
      Suppress a Sparse warning
      Clean up fdc qdev conversion
      Fix build with DEBUG_PCI in pci_host.h enabled
      Fix most warnings (errors with -Werror) when debugging is enabled
      Sparc64: convert APB to qdev
      Sparc32: Fix lance
      Sparc64: convert boot prom to qdev
      Sparc64: convert memory to qdev
      Sparc64: refactor CPU init
      Sparc64: refactor kernel init
      qdev: add 64 bit type
      Sparc32/64: use 64 bit type for memory size
      Sparc32: convert SBI to qdev
      Sparc32: convert Sun4c interrupt controller to qdev
      Fix out of tree build broken by 791e08c753a9f9be3c3880b4ea83b6dfa4b6ccad
      Fix SDL zooming with pl110 (cf. d3ffcafe25b5966b351ea6100160c2156688f22f)
      esp: fix interrupt register read
      PPC: convert Grackle to qdev
      PPC: convert Uni-north to qdev: also fixes Mac99 machine crash
      Fix Sparse warnings: "Using plain integer as NULL pointer"
      More NULL pointer fixes
      Add missing "static"
      Fix Sparse warning about "expression using sizeof on a function"
      Fix Sparse warning about missing prototype
      Sparc64: configure screen size from QEMU command line options
      ppc_newworld: configure screen size from QEMU command line options
      Sparc32: Refactor slavio timer
      Sparc32: move device instantiation to sun4m.c
      Sparc32: move intbit_to_level table back to slavio_intctl.c
      Sparc32: remove IRQ numbers from hwdef
      Sparc32: remove VRAM and NVRAM sizes from hwdef
      Sparc32: move sparc32_dma init to sun4m.c
      Sparc32: use qemu_irq for system_powerdown
      Use qemu_irq for system_powerdown
      Unbreak Sparc32 and PPC
      Unbreak Sparc64
      user: compile path.c only once
      user: compile ioport-user.c only for x86
      linux-user: compile envlist.c only once
      bsd-user: Add generic env variable handling
      Use pstrcpy to avoid OpenBSD linker warnings
      PPC: clean up ppc405
      Fix desynchronization of condition code state when a memory access traps
      Simplify 5ba6531956b9b6486560cbd13604c2238a3542dd
      user: compile host-utils.c only once
      Replace always_inline with inline
      Replace local ADDRX/PADDRX macros with TARGET_FMT_lx/plx
      Replace REGX with PRIx64
      Fix breakage of alpha, mips64, ppc64 and x86_64 targets on non-amd64 host
      Sparc32/64: Fix user emulator breakage
      Sparc32/64: fix jmpl followed by branch
      sparc32 remove an unnecessary cpu irq set
      ESP: Implement select without ATN, fix comments
      ESP: implement Transfer Pad
      Rearrange to suppress gcc 3.3.5 warning about unused variable
      Sparc32: fix monitor commands 'info pic' and 'info irq'
      Fix device name completion for 'eject'
      Make CPURead/WriteFunc structure 'const'
      Sparc32: improve interrupt handling
      Remove kqemu.c accidentally added by d60efc6b0d3d4e90cbbb86e21451e55263c29416
      Fix merge of 59f2a78793b6d17634f39646d604e84af51e0919
      Fix Sparc64 breakage: add dummy ISA irqs
      Suppress kraxelisms
      Update OpenBIOS images to r569
      Sparc32: port interrupt controller to VMState design
      Sparc32: port TCX to VMState design
      Sparc32: port DMA controller to VMState design
      Sparc32: port IOMMU to VMState design
      Sparc32: port ECC memory controller to VMState design
      Sparc32: port Slavio misc devices to VMState design
      Fix gcc 3 warning about uninitialized variable
      Fix gcc 3 warning: comparison is always true due to limited range of data type
      Fix breakage due to __thread
      Add VMState support for ptimers
      Sparc32: timer field is never NULL
      Sparc32: port timers to VMState design
      Sparc32: port sun4c interrupt controller to VMState design
      Shuffle lines to avoid gcc 3 warning about redundant redeclaration
      Include sys-queue.h early to override system queue definitions on BSD
      Fix Sparse warnings: add "static"
      Fix indentation
      Make ioport default tables const
      Sparc64: remove unused variables
      Sparc64: use ISA bus for i8042
      USB: use opaque parameter passing for monitor handle
      Unbreak BSD: use qemu_fdatasync instead of fdatasync
      Include sys-queue.h early to override system queue definitions on BSD
      Try to fix BSD breakage by 806b60248218bd5f74a8b070f5a99a864e8e51c6
      Fix sys-queue.h conflict for good
      Fix a Sparse warning about redefinition of offsetof()
      Add 'static'
      Fix OpenSolaris build breaking typos
      Add #defines needed by OpenSolaris, fix breakage by the #defines
      Fix signedness warnings on OpenSolaris
      Work around OpenSolaris sys/regset.h namespace pollution
      x86: add 'const'
      x86: move a declaration to header
      Sparc64: make system bus parent of PCI bus
      Fix Sparc/Linux host breakage by df70204db53e3611af986f434e74a882bce190ca
      Fix sparc.ld
      Revert "Fix Sparc/Linux host breakage by df70204db53e3611af986f434e74a882bce190ca"
      Add an ISA bus version of m48t59
      Fix breakage by f80237d45032fbc429aba3b597175fb544a11378 for ISA-less targets
      ESP: convert to VMState
      PPC: make system bus parent of PCI bus
      Probe for fdatasync()
      Fix mingw32 compile
      Compile wdt_i6300esb only once
      Compile qemu-config only once
      Compile loader only once
      Compile msix only once
      ioports: remove unused env parameter and compile only once
      Compile ne2000 only once
      Compile TCG runtime library only once
      Compile host-utils only once
      Fix user targets broken by 96e132e24ee5a693069e83b6a981693588b088c1
      Fix Sparse warnings about using plain integer as NULL pointer
      Add 'static' to please Sparse
      Export tables properly to avoid a Sparse warning
      Fix Sparse warning about obsolete struct initializer
      Fix Sparse warning about invalid access past the end of 'mode'
      Fix device tree compile broken by ca20cf32ab3d945155141ef737f5d08ebb373e1d
      Revert "This files are compiled in libqemu.a now"
      Fix user emulator breakage
      Don't compile roms if not building system targets
      Compile some user files only once for all targets
      BSD user: implement GUEST_BASE
      BSD user: suppress a warning
      Win32: avoid a warning
      Fix warning about undefined madvise() on OpenSolaris
      Use GNU ld to link roms on OpenSolaris
      user: fix libuser build messages
      Add some chipset doc links
      Only IDE needs limits for CHS configuration
      x86: add 'static' to please Sparse
      Suppress warnings about 'warn_unused_result' attribute directive
      bsd-user: fix breakage by 78cfb07fe0dc556cae662a0fab5fe1bd33daabdb
      sparc64: remove unused variables
      sparc32: convert eccmemctl to reset + vmsd
      sparc32: convert slavio_misc to reset + vmsd
      sparc32: add chipset docs for eccmemctl
      escc: convert to VMState, vmsd and reset
      escc: add chipset docs
      sparc32: convert cs4231 to VMState, vmsd and reset
      esp: convert to reset + vmsd
      fdc: convert to reset + vmsd
      sparc32: convert slavio_timer to reset + vmsd
      m48t59: convert to vmstate reset
      sparc32: convert DMA controller to reset + vmsd, fix reset on init
      sparc32: convert IOMMU to reset + vmsd
      sparc32: convert interrupt controller to reset + vmsd
      sparc32: convert Sun4c interrupt controller to reset + vmsd
      sparc32: convert sbi to VMState, vmsd and vmstate reset
      sparc32: tcx: remove unused include directive
      sparc32 (mostly): remove unneeded calls to device reset
      PPC: remove unneeded calls to device reset
      Sparc64/x86: remove unneeded calls to device reset
      PPC: rename cpu_ppc_reset to cpu_reset for consistency
      user: move CPU reset call to main.c for x86/PPC/Sparc
      IDE: Fix reset handling
      (x86/Sparc/PPC)-user: fix cpu_copy
      Fix PPC crash
      mips: fix cpu_reset memory leak
      PCI: make duplicate devfn allocation fatal
      PPC64: Partial fix to Linux crash: revert to old devfn
      PPC64: map Uni-North AGP bus aka fix Linux boot
      Prevent configuring for a user emulator on a different type of OS
      Fix mingw32 build
      Fix typo
      Fix OpenBSD build of qemu-io
      Sparc64: fix compilation with DEBUG_MMU
      monitor: rename EVENT_* to QEVENT_* to avoid conflict on mingw32
      win32: fix variable use before initialization
      monitor: use qemu_gettimeofday(), not gettimeofday()
      scsi: fix incorrect ?: use
      Add "static" to please Sparse
      monitor: fix use of plain integer as NULL pointer, spotted by Sparse
      Sparc64: handle MMU global bit and nucleus context
      Update OpenBIOS images to r640
      qemu-io: add 'const'
      user: fix compilation without -fpie
      Compile qemu-nbd also on OpenBSD and Solaris
      qemu-io: suppress a warning with gcc 4.0.2
      qemu-nbd: fix OpenBSD linker warning
      scsi: fix Sparse warning: Initializer entry defined twice
      Fix Sparse warning: dubious: !x & y
      Fix Sparse error: dubious one-bit signed bitfield
      PCI: make pci_mem_base private
      PCI: partially revert 2e01c8cf4b076b05013c87723e3fc710b50a0a7a
      block/bochs: improve format checking
      sparc: make command line available also via firmware configuration device
      PCI: Fix bus address conversion
      Sparc64: move APB PCI memory base to correct location
      Update Sparc64 OpenBIOS image to r649.
      Sparc64: fix compile with DEBUG_IRQ enabled
      Sparc64: split DPRINTF into CPUIRQ and EBUS versions
      Sparc32: clear exception_index with -1 value
      Makefile: remove obsolete libuser.a rule
      Sparc64: use firmware configuration device for command line storage
      Sparc64: increase APB register range
      PCI: Fix a typo
      Sparc64: enable real access to PCI configuration space
      Sparc64: Fix PCI config accessor order
      monitor: fix dead assignment spotted by clang
      Sparc32: remove unused variable, spotted by clang
      Sparc32: remove unused env/envs variables, spotted by clang
      Sparc: comment out unused variable, spotted by clang
      Sparc32: remove a variable used only for debugging to avoid a clang warning
      Sparc32: remove dead increment, spotted by clang
      pcnet: remove dead nested assignment, spotted by clang
      Update Sparc OpenBIOS images to r665
      ESP: improve IRQ debugging
      Sparc32: improve DMA controller IRQ debugging
      Sparc: improve CPU register dump
      Sparc32: Update OpenBIOS image to r666
      Sparc64: fix PCI probe problems
      Sparc32: fix free-run timer
      Sparc64: fix initrd
      PCI: fix bridge configuration
      Fix BSD build
      Sparc64: byte swap IO port access
      sparc64: implement basic IOMMU/interrupt handling
      bsd/darwin-user: mmap_frag() users only check for -1 error
      Refactor DEC 21154 PCI bridge
      PCI: fix multiple bridge problems
      PCI: show also host bridge data in "info pci" output
      m48t59: don't use reserved _t suffix
      escc: don't use reserved _t suffix
      fdc: don't use reserved _t suffix
      fdc: don't use reserved _ prefix
      fw_cfg: don't use reserved _ prefix
      esp: use CamelCaseFunc for function types
      dec: actually implement PCI bridging
      Merge branch 'for_anthony' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/mst/qemu
      Fix incorrect exception_index use
      Remove conditional rom loading support
      sparc64: use PCI accessors for APB/PBM
      dec: use PCI accessors
      Revert "Sparc32: improve DMA controller IRQ debugging"
      Fix warning on OpenBSD
      Fix warning on mingw32
      Don't compile rwhandler.c for user targets
      Allow const QemuOptDesc
      Fix arm-softmmu compile
      Update OpenBIOS images to r683
      Fix mingw32 build
      Fix i386-bsd-user build
      Fix OpenBSD linker warning
      slirp: remove dead assignments, spotted by clang
      slirp: remove dead increments, spotted by clang
      slirp: remove dead initialization, spotted by clang
      slirp: remove dead nested assignment, spotted by clang
      softfloat: remove dead assignments, spotted by clang
      i386-dis: remove dead assignments, spotted by clang
      Update to a hopefully more future proof FSF address
      Fix more wrong usermode virtual address types
      Fix Sparc host build breakage
      Fix a typo in error message
      Fix build with -DNDEBUG in CFLAGS
      Fix manpage errors
      Replace assert(0) with abort() or cpu_abort()
      Fix OpenBSD linker warning
      Fix build
      Fix mingw32 build
      Fix a typo which broke Xen build
      Compile disassemblers only once
      Fix a typo
      Revert 'Fix build'
      Move x86 specific PC declarations to a separate file
      Compile vga-pci only once
      Compile parallel only once
      Compile i8254 only once
      Compile pcspk only once
      Compile vga-isa only once
      Compile usb-uhci only once
      Compile most IDE devices only once
      Compile fdc only once
      Compile async only once
      Compile qemu-error only once
      Compile most PCI network cards only once
      Compile isa_mmio only once
      Compile ne2000_isa only once
      Compile serial only once
      Compile usb-ohci only once
      Compile pci only once
      Compile pcie_host only once
      Compile pci_host only once
      Fix Sparc64 build
      Compile sound devices only once
      Compile virtio-pci only once
      Compile ide/core only once
      Fix build
      Compile some MIPS devices only once
      Compile vmware_vga only once
      pflash_cfi02: fix incorrect TARGET_FMT_lx/d use
      Refactor numa mode setting
      Fix BSD and win32 builds
      Fix driftfix option
      Adjust debug handling
      Allow various header files to be included from non-CPU code
      Move cpu_exec_init_all() declaration to qemu-common.h
      Move KVM and Xen global flags to vl.c
      Refactor a few architecture dependent pieces in vl.c
      Refactor CPUState handling out of vl.c
      Refactor target specific handling, compile vl.c only once
      Compile acpi only once
      Compile pflash_cfi02 only once
      Compile pflash_cfi01 only once
      Compile ide/macio only once
      Compile openpic only once
      Compile qemu-timer only once
      Compile prep_pci only once
      Compile most PPC devices only once
      Fix i386-bsd-user build
      Add missing #include needed for madvise() on OpenBSD
      sparc32: improve timer implementation
      sparc32: rename iommu.c to sun4m_iommu.c to make room for other IOMMUs
      sparc32: add IOMMU chipset doc links
      Sparc: fix exceptions in delay slot
      Fix build when configured with --enable-io-thread
      Sparc: fix PC/NPC during FPU traps
      Fix harmless if statements with empty body, spotted by clang
      Fix harmless if statements with empty body, spotted by clang
      kvm: avoid collision with dprintf macro in stdio.h, spotted by clang
      PPC: avoid function pointer type mismatch, spotted by clang
      i386-dis: Fix unused return value, spotted by clang
      slirp: fix unused return value, spotted by clang
      Compile vl.c once
      Compile event_notifier only once
      bt-l2cap: fix if statement with empty body, spotted by clang
      Fix harmless if statement with empty body, spotted by clang
      m68k-dis: fix unused return value, spotted by clang
      m68k: fix if statement with empty body, spotted by clang
      Fix OpenBSD build
      Fix dead initialization, spotted by clang analyzer
      bt: remove dead assignments, spotted by clang analyzer
      usb: remove dead assignments, spotted by clang analyzer
      Remove dead assignments in various common files, spotted by clang analyzer
      x86: remove dead assignments, spotted by clang analyzer
      arm: remove dead assignments, spotted by clang analyzer
      cris: remove dead assignments, spotted by clang analyzer
      m68k: remove dead assignments, spotted by clang analyzer
      microblaze: remove dead assignments, spotted by clang analyzer
      alpha: remove dead assignments, spotted by clang analyzer
      alpha: add missing 'break', spotted by clang analyzer
      ppc: remove dead assignments, spotted by clang analyzer
      ppc: add missing 'break', spotted by clang analyzer
      sh4: remove dead assignments, spotted by clang analyzer
      Fix missing '|' in '|=', spotted by clang analyzer
      Fix cpu list("-cpu ?") breakage, spotted by TeLeMan
      sparc64: fix build with older gccs
      sparc: lazy C flag calculation
      sparc: Fix lazy flag calculation on interrupts, refactor
      Update OpenBIOS images to r771
      apb: don't use any static state
      pckbd: don't use any static state
      Compile virtio-9p-debug and virtio-9p-local once
      vga: make some tables 'const'
      ide: make a table 'const'
      e1000: make some tables 'const'
      cpus: add one 'const'
      Trim unnecessary includes
      Update to a hopefully more future proof FSF address
      sparc: move DT and QT defines to op_helper.c
      Compile acpi_piix4, apm and pm_smbus only once
      Compile pckbd only once
      pckbd: improve debugging
      Compile dma only once
      Fix %lld or %llx printf format use
      sparc64: fix user emulator build
      i8259: improve debugging
      apic: improve debugging
      pc: improve debugging
      mc146818rtc: improve debugging
      ioapic: improve debugging
      migration-exec: fix OpenBSD build warning
      esp: lower IRQ on soft reset
      Compile OS specific files only once for all targets

Brian Jackson (1):
      Increase VNC_MAX_WIDTH

Brian Wheeler (1):
      SMART ATA Functionality

Bruce Rogers (3):
      make help output be a little more self-consistent
      Remove un-needed code
      use qemu_free() instead of free()

Chris Kilgour (1):
      pcnet APROMWE bit location (retry)

Chris Lalancette (3):
      Allow monitor interaction when using migrate -exec
      Fix detached migration with exec.
      Migration via unix sockets.

Chris Webb (1):
      Fix SIGFPE for vnc display of width/height = 1

Chris Wright (1):
      Pci nic: pci_register_device can fail

Christian Krause (1):
      usb-linux: increase buffer for USB control requests

Christoph Egger (7):
      configure: detect xen with --extra-cflags / --extra-ldflags
      fix build warnings
      isxdigit -> qemu_isxdigit
      bsd-users: fix strace
      signrom.sh: portability fix
      tolower -> qemu_tolower
      configure: let it find xen headers and libs

Christoph Hellwig (64):
      virtio-blk: add SGI_IO passthru support
      fix virtio_blk_inhdr comment
      fix asynchronous ioctls
      fix raw_pread_aligned return value
      raw-posix: fix hdev_create
      qcow: add qcow_aio_setup helper
      fully split aio_pool from BlockDriver
      vvfat: one more missing BlockDriver C99 initializer conversion
      raw-posix: always store open flags
      raw-posix: add a raw_open_common helper
      raw-posix: split hdev drivers
      block: add bdrv_probe_device method
      raw-posix: cleanup ioctl methods
      qemu-io: add aio read/write/flush commands
      qemu-io: small cleanups for the aio code
      qemu-io: better input validation for vector-based commands
      qemu-io: add flag to mark files growable
      replace bdrv_{get, put}_buffer with bdrv_{load, save}_vmstate
      qemu-io: use BDRV_O_FILE to implement the growable open option
      qemu-io: reject invalid pattern
      make pthreads mandatory
      raw-posix: refactor AIO support
      raw-posix: add Linux native AIO support
      virtio-blk: handle NULL returns from bdrv_aio_{read, write}
      block: add enable_write_cache flag
      block: use fdatasync instead of fsync if possible
      block: add aio_flush operation
      ide: use bdrv_aio_flush
      virtio-blk: add volatile writecache feature
      dmg: fix ->open failure
      block: flush backing_hd in the right place
      virtio-blk: remove dead variable in virtio_blk_handle_scsi
      block: fix cache flushing in bdrv_commit
      block: prevent multiwrite_merge from creating too large iovecs
      block: clean up bdrv_open2 structure a bit
      block: kill BDRV_O_CREAT
      qcow2: rename two QCowAIOCB members
      block: avoid creating too large iovecs in multiwrite_merge
      block: saner flags filtering in bdrv_open2
      block: add topology qdev properties
      virtio-blk: add topology support
      scsi: add topology support
      ide: add topology support
      scsi: update comment on the standards revision
      block: add logical_block_size property
      qemu-io: fix aio help texts
      raw-posix: don't assign bs->read_only
      block: get rid of the BDRV_O_FILE flag
      block: split raw_getlength
      cleanup block driver option handling in vl.c
      block: separate raw images from the file protocol
      cloop: use pread
      cloop: use qemu block API
      bochs: use pread
      bochs: use qemu block API
      parallels: use pread
      parallels: use qemu block API
      dmg: fix reading of uncompressed chunks
      dmg: use pread
      dmg: use qemu block API
      virtio-blk: fix barrier support
      block: fix sector comparism in multiwrite_req_compare
      virtio-blk: stop tracking old_bs
      virtio-blk: simplify multiwrite calling conventions

Cole Robinson (2):
      raw-posix: Detect CDROM via ioctl on linux
      raw-posix: Detect legacy floppy via ioctl on linux

Consul (2):
      Remove redundant #define
      Fix dsound typos

Corentin Chary (18):
      vnc: Fix compile error on x86_64 with -D_VNC_DEBUG=1
      vnc: split encoding in specific files
      vnc: set the right prefered encoding
      Revert "vnc: set the right prefered encoding"
      vnc: explain why set_encodings loop is reversed
      vnc: really call zlib if we want zlib
      vnc: only use a single zlib stream
      vnc: adjust compression zstream level
      vnc: don't clear zlib stream on set_encoding
      vnc: add buffer_free()
      vnc: remove a memory leak in zlib
      vnc: return the number of rectangles
      vnc: add basic tight support
      vnc: add support for tight fill encoding
      vnc: tight: add palette encoding
      vnc: tight: don't forget last pixel in tight_encode_indexed_rect
      vnc: tight: don't forget the third color
      vnc: add missing target for vnc-encodings-*.o

Daniel Gutson (1):
      Fix to 'gdb detach' stub

Daniel Jacobowitz (1):
      Fix Linux task preemption on Versatile board

Daniel P. Berrange (5):
      Avoid permanently disabled QEMU monitor when UNIX migration fails
      Fix backcompat for hotplug of SCSI controllers
      Remove magic numbers for VNC message IDs from code
      Fix docs for block stats monitor command
      Clarify error message when a PCI slot is already in use (v2)

Dave Airlie (3):
      vmware_vga: add rom file so that it boots.
      vmware: setup PCI BAR 2 for FIFO as per vmware spec
      vmware: increase cursor buffer size.

David Ahern (2):
      add close callback for tty-based char device
      Changes to usb-linux to conform to coding style

David Benjamin (1):
      eepro100: Allocate a larger buffer for regname()

David L Stevens (2):
      vhost: fix features ack
      vhost: fix features ack

David S. Ahern (2):
      audio streaming from usb devices
      segfault due to buffer overrun in usb-serial

David Woodhouse (1):
      Fix 32-bit overflow in parallels image support

Dinesh Subhraveti (1):
      Initialize PS2 keyboard / mouse state on reset

Dirk Ullrich (1):
      configure: Add --enable-docs and --disable-docs to --help

Dmitry Ilyevsky (1):
      target-ppc: generic PowerPC TBL

Dominic Evans (1):
      Set SDL icon_title when using `-name XXX` for proper gnome-panel window list integration

Dor Laor (1):
      Call qemu_bh_delete at bdrv_aio_bh_cb.

Dustin Kirkland (3):
      qemu-kvm: fix segfault when running kvm without /dev/kvm, falling back to non-accelerated mode
      offer right-ctrl as a grab option
      whitelist host virtio networking features

Ed Swierk (4):
      slirp: Remove UDP protocol emulation (talk, cuseeme)
      slirp: Use monotonic clock if available (v2)
      slirp: Remove our_addr code
      slirp: Read host DNS config on demand

Edgar E. Iglesias (105):
      CRIS: cris_mmu_result_t -> cris_mmu_result
      ETRAX: Simplify interrupt signaling.
      ETRAX: Simplify the interrupt controller model.
      ETRAX: Drop the _t for the internal PIC type.
      ETRAX: Use NULL for subwidth serport reg accesses.
      ETRAX: Drop _t for the serial type.
      ETRAX: Simplify serport control logic.
      CRIS: Fix bmi.
      ETRAX: Correct setting of ethernet station address.
      ETRAX: Correct passing of kernel command line.
      ETRAX: Simplify PIC interface.
      ETRAX-SER: qdevify.
      ETRAX-SER: Untabify.
      ETRAX-TIMER: Untabify.
      ETRAX-TIMER: qdevify.
      ETRAX-PIC: Untabify.
      etrax: Remove unused eth irq line.
      etrax: Don't keep the passed irq pointer.
      cris: First shot at qdev for CRIS interrupts.
      microblaze: Add translation routines.
      microblaze: Add syscall, signal and termbits defs for linux-user.
      microblaze: linux-user support.
      microblaze: Add disassembler.
      microblaze: Add MMU emulation.
      microblaze: Add CPU interrupt wrapper logic.
      xilinx: Add interrupt controller.
      xilinx: Add OPB timer.
      xilinx: Add uartlite emulation.
      xilinx: Add ethlite emulation.
      microblaze: Add petalogix s3a1800dsp MMU linux ref-design.
      microblaze: Add GDB stub support.
      microblaze: Hook into the build-system.
      microblaze: Correct typo.
      microblaze: Make writes to MMU_ZPR flush the TLB.
      doc: Briefly mention CRIS and MicroBlaze.
      microblaze: Conditionalize FDT features.
      Update maintainer list.
      microblaze: Fix loading of petalogix s3adsp1800 dtb.
      CRIS: Remove duplicated flag defines.
      ETRAX: Correct PIC creation for the bare FS board.
      ETRAX: DMA fixes for 64bit hosts.
      CRIS: Prettify sizes for the internal disasm.
      etrax: Don't pass CPUState to peripherals.
      xilinx-eth: Remove debug print.
      cris: Remove unused internal flag.
      microblaze: Support the latest mmu-kernel stat64 ABI.
      microblaze: Correct MMU debug log.
      microblaze: Clear exception in dslot ESR bit if not in dslot.
      microblaze: Add infrastructure for supporting hw exceptions.
      microblaze: Catch illegal insns and privilege violations.
      microblaze: Correct mfs into r0.
      microblaze: Trap on divizions by zero.
      microblaze: Trap on unaligned data accesses.
      microblaze: MMU shows more respect to synthesis config.
      microblaze: Trap on bus accesses to unmapped areas.
      microblaze: Compute masks for alignment checks at translation time.
      microblaze: Correct FPU decoding masks.
      microblaze: Trap on illegal load/store sizes.
      microblaze: HW Exception fixes.
      microblaze: Correct prio between MMU and unaligned exceptions.
      microblaze: Trap if QEMU finds an unknown insns.
      pflash_cfi01: Correct debug build, no functional changes.
      Include microblaze binaries in tarbin.
      CRIS: Update PR_EDA on TLB faults.
      CRIS: Segmented addressing only for kernel mode.
      microblaze: Unbreak reset.
      microblaze: Restore env when raising unmapped bus access.
      microblaze: Move the kcmdline out of the way.
      microblaze: Update disasm to latest GPLv2 version.
      microblaze: Boot and reset fixes.
      microblaze: Add missing cpu_reset.
      microblaze: Make boot_info static.
      microblaze: Handle wdc flush and clear.
      microblaze: Update debug logs.
      ppc-40x: Get TLB attributes from TLBLO.
      ppc-40x: Correct check for Endian swapping TLB entries.
      ppc-40x: Correct decoding of zone protection bits.
      ppc-40x: Correct ESR for zone protection faults.
      nand: Correct random data reads.
      microblaze: The petalogix s3adsp board uses intel flashes
      pflash: Remove dead code, no functional changes.
      pflash: Reduce writebuf len for 8-bit flashes.
      pflash: Dont open memarea for full IO if already done.
      pflash: Buffer block writes
      softmmu: Dont clobber retaddr in slow_ldx().
      cris: Prettify register dumps.
      cris: Prepare for CRISv10.
      crisv10: Always clear the V and C flags on btst.
      cris: Add v10 style interrupts.
      cris: Use tcg_gen_movi_tl.
      cris: Add support for CRISv10 translation.
      crisv10: Prettify.
      microblaze: Dont segfault when singlestepping first insn.
      microblaze: Improve brk emulation.
      cris: Mask interrupts on dslots for CRISv10.
      cris: Add CRISv10 gdbstub support.
      qemu-error: Avoid build warning.
      microblaze: Add linux-user core dumping support.
      microblaze: Update elf machine nums.
      axisdev88: Fix passing of kernel cmdline.
      microblaze: Handle new elf mach nr for sysemu.
      petlogix-3adsp: Tweak displacement of cmdline and fdt blob.
      microblaze: Make MSR_UM and MSR_VM part of the tb flags
      cris: Break out image loading to hw/cris-boot.c.
      etrax-ser: Support the uart rx fifo.

Eduard - Gabriel Munteanu (1):
      pc: fix segfault introduced by 3d53f5c36ff6

Eduardo Habkost (6):
      Add -no-virtio-balloon command-line option
      linux-user/syscall.c: define _ATFILE_SOURCE
      Fix vga_screen_dump_blank() PPM generation
      net: remove NICInfo.bootable field
      net: remove broken net_set_boot_mask() boot device validation
      boot: remove unused boot_devices_bitmap variable

Evgeniy Dushistov (1):
      Do not ignore error, if open file failed (-serial /dev/tty)

Filip Navara (26):
      Add O_BINARY to open call in net_dump_init.
      Remove unused gen_bx_T0 function.
      Fix QCOW2 debugging code to compile again
      tap-win32: Use correct headers.
      Remove useless Win32 include files and unused function in net.c.
      Remove setvbuf(<handle>, NULL, _IOLBF, 0) calls for Win32
      Remove special Win32 code in vl.c that's no longer needed.
      Enable USE_DIRECT_JUMP on Win32.
      target-arm: use tcg_global_mem_new_i32 to allocate registers
      target-arm: get rid of temporary variable cache
      target-arm: remove useless line that sets register that is never used again
      target-arm: remove unused gen_movl_T2_reg function
      target-arm: fix SRS/RFE instructions
      target-arm: get rid of gen_set_psr_T0 and replace it by gen_set_psr/gen_set_psr_im
      target-arm: convert gen_lookup_tb not to use cpu_T
      target-arm: convert NEON VZIP/VUZP/VTRN helper functions to pure TCG
      target-arm: fix TANDC and TORC instructions
      target-arm: replace thumb usage of cpu_T registers by proper register allocations
      target-arm: convert rest of disas_arm_insn / disas_thumb2_insn not to use cpu_T
      target-arm: convert disas_neon_data_insn and helpers not to use cpu_T
      target-arm: convert disas_neon_ls_insn not to use cpu_T
      target-arm: convert disas_dsp_insn not use cpu_T
      target-arm: convert disas_iwmmxt_insn not to use cpu_T
      target-arm: convert VFP not to use cpu_T
      target-arm: remove cpu_T for ARM once and for all
      Shrink tb_jmp_offset to two entries, the other two are never used.

François Revol (3):
      gitignore qemu-options.texi
      Fixed wacom emulation
      block/vdi: allow disk sizes not multiple of block size

Frediano Ziglio (1):
      rewrote timer implementation for rtl8139.

G 3 (1):
      Substitute O_DSYNC with O_SYNC or O_FSYNC when needed.

Gautham R Shenoy (2):
      virtio-9p: Create a commandline option -fsdev
      virtio-9p: Create a syntactic shortcut for the file-system pass-thru

Gerd Hoffmann (377):
      vnc: windup keypad keys for qemu console emulation
      vnc: fix segfault
      vnc: fix server surface pixel format.
      vnc: no need to set force_update for incremental update requests.
      vnc: kill leftover debug statement.
      qdev: kill DeviceState->name
      qdev: add monitor command to dump the tree.
      xen: net backend doesn't need linux headers.
      xen nic: use qemu_malloc
      xen nic: use XC_PAGE_SIZE instead of PAGE_SIZE.
      qdev: c99 initilaizers for bus_type_names
      qdev: move name+size into DeviceInfo (v2)
      xen_disk: move sanity check to the correct place
      xen: adapt to qemu_machine changes
      include inttypes.h in xen.h
      xen nic: check tx queue after connect.
      vnc: rework VncState release workflow.
      virtio blk: fix warning.
      vnc: improve numpad support for qemu console.
      alsa: fix warning
      qdev: update pci device registration.
      qdev: replace bus_type enum with bus_info struct.
      qdev: remove DeviceType
      qdev/pci: misc fixes.
      qdev: convert es1370.
      qdev: convert ac97.
      qdev: rework device properties.
      cleanup: drop unused struct elements from VirtIOPCIProxy.
      qdev: factor out driver search to qdev_find_info()
      qdev/compat: compat property infrastructure.
      qdev: add no_user, alias and desc
      qdev/compat: add pc-0.10 machine type.
      qdev: add user-specified identifier to devices.
      qdev/compat: virtio-blk-pci 0.10 compatibility.
      qdev: add id= support for pci nics.
      qdev/compat: virtio-console-pci 0.10 compatibility.
      qdev: print device id in "info pci".
      qdev/compat: virtio-net-pci 0.10 compatibility.
      qdev: es1370+ac97 description
      qdev/prop: add pci devfn property
      qdev/pci: use qdev_prop_pci_devfn
      qdev: create default bus names.
      qdev: bus walker + qdev_device_add()
      qdev: add -device command line option.
      qdev/pci: hook up i440fx.
      kill drives_table
      add support for drive ids.
      kill drives_opt
      move parser functions from vl.c to qemu-option.c
      qemu-option: factor out parse_option_bool
      qemu-option: factor out parse_option_size
      QemuOpts: framework for storing and parsing options.
      switch -drive to QemuOpts.
      vnc: fix copyrect screen corruption
      qdev: factor out qdev_print_devinfo.
      qdev/core: add monitor command to list all drivers
      qdev: convert all vga devices.
      qemu-option: fix parse_option_number().
      QemuOpts: add some functions
      QemuOpts: qemu_opts_parse: fix id= parsing
      QemuOpts: make the drive id actually show up in "info block".
      QemuOpts: create qemu-config.h
      QemuOpts: add -set option
      QemuOpts: switch over -device.
      constify drive_get_by_id arg
      add -drive if=none
      qdev/prop: add drive property.
      qdev-ify virtio-blk.
      qdev/isa: add isa bus support to qdev.
      qdev/isa: add qdev support to i8042 (aka ps/2 kbd+mouse).
      qdev/isa: make the piix isa bridge register an isa bus.
      qdev/isa: make pc use qdev for i8042 setup.
      qdev/isa: convert fdc.
      qdev/prop: macros for creating typechecked properties.
      qdev/prop: add CharDriverState property.
      qdev/prop: convert pci.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert arm_sysctl.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert armv7m.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert eccmemctl.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert escc.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert etraxfs_pic.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert i2c.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert integratorcp.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert iommu.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert m48t59.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert pcnet.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert slavio_intctl.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert slavio_timer.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert smbus_eeprom.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert sparc32_dma.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert sun4m.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert sun4u.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert syborg_fb.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert syborg_interrupt.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert syborg_keyboard.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert syborg_pointer.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert syborg_serial.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert syborg_timer.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert tcx.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert vga.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert virtio-pci.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert xilinx_ethlite.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert xilinx_intc.c to helper macros.
      qdev/prop: convert xilinx_timer.c to helper macros.
      fix qdev_print_devinfo()
      rename "info qdrv" to "info qdm"
      qdev/prop: convert isa-bus to helper macros.
      virtio-blk: add msi support.
      isa bus irq changes and fixes.
      Move isa_connect_irq calls into isa_create_simple
      qdev: add return value to init() callbacks.
      add qemu_error() + friends
      virtio-pci error logging
      qdev error logging
      ide: add IDEBus struct, cleanups
      ide: split away ide-internal.h
      ide: split away ide-isa.c
      ide: split away ide-pci.c
      ide: split away ide-macio.c
      ide: split away ide-mmio.c
      ide: split away ide-microdrive.c
      ide: add save/restore support for isa
      ide: add save/restore support for mmio
      ide: move code to hw/ide/
      switch balloon initialization to -device.
      ide: pass down DriveInfo instead of BlockDriverState
      ide: move cmd+irq from IDEState to IDEBus.
      allow passing null machine pointer to drive_init().
      qdev: add error message to qdev_device_add().
      qdev/usb: add usb bus support to qdev, convert drivers.
      qdev/usb: make qemu aware of usb busses.
      qdev/usb: add some convinience aliases.
      qdev/usb: convert uhci.
      qdev/usb: convert ohci.
      qdev/scsi: add scsi bus support to qdev, convert drivers.
      qdev/scsi+usb: convert usb-storage to qdev.
      qdev: integrate reset
      qdev: convert rtl8139 to reset
      qdev: integrate vmstate
      qdev: convert tcx to reset + vmsd
      isapc: Fix irq routing
      isapc: pick a more sane default cpu for such old hardware.
      qdev: add property type for 32bit signed integers.
      qdev: drop iobase properties from isa bus
      qdev: simplify isa irq assignments
      qdev: tag isabus-bridge as no-user
      qdev: add isa_create() function
      qdev/isa: convert soundblaster
      qdev/isa: convert cs4231a sound card
      qdev/isa: convert gravis ultrasound
      qdev/isa: convert ne2000
      qdev/isa: finish pckbd conversion
      qdev/isa: convert real time clock
      QemuOpts: split option parser into two functions.
      qemu-option.h include protectors
      switch chardev to QemuOpts: infrastructure, null device
      convert file+pipe chardevs to QemuOpts.
      sockets: add unix_connect_opts
      sockets: add unix_listen_opts
      sockets: add unix_*_opts for windows.
      sockets: add inet_connect_opts
      sockets: add inet_listen_opts
      convert unix+tcp chardevs to QemuOpts.
      convert pty chardev to QemuOpts.
      convert stdio chardev to QemuOpts.
      convert msmouse chardev to QemuOpts.
      convert braille chardev to QemuOpts.
      convert windows console chardev to QemuOpts.
      convert tty + parport chardevs to QemuOpts.
      convert vc chardev to QemuOpts.
      convert mux chardev to QemuOpts.
      convert udp chardev to QemuOpts.
      Allow -serial chardev:<name>
      qdev: add parser for chardev properties
      monitor: fix muxing
      move mux focus field from CharDriverState to MuxDriver
      unbreak ppc/prep
      qdev/pci: add pci_create_noinit()
      support media=cdrom for if=none
      split away drive init from ide_init2()
      ide/qdev: add ide bus.
      ide/pci: fix indention
      ide/pci: convert to qdev.
      ide/isa: convert to qdev.
      unbreak usb pass-through on linux.
      allow qdev busses allocations be inplace
      switch scsi bus to inplace allocation.
      switch usb bus to inplace allocation.
      switch ide bus to inplace allocation.
      support inplace allocation for pci bus, split irq init.
      convert pci bridge to qdev
      piix_pci: kill PIIX3IrqState
      update pcbios submodule to current master
      update pc-bios/bios.bin
      parallel: convert isa to qdev
      qdev: device free fixups.
      Add exit callback to DeviceInfo.
      Implement scsi device destruction
      pci: use qdev for device destruction.
      pci: move unregister from PCIDevice to PCIDeviceInfo
      usb: hook unplug into qdev, cleanups + fixes.
      switch qemu-config to qemu_error
      qdev hotplug: infrastructure and monitor commands.
      usb: hotplug windup
      scsi: hotplug windup
      pci: hotplug windup
      pci: windup acpi-based hotplug
      drive cleanup fixes.
      refactor drive_hot_add
      allow if=none for drive_add
      store a pointer to QemuOpts in DeviceState, release it when zapping a device.
      floppy: add drive properties.
      floppy: move dma setup + drive connect to fdctrl_init_common()
      qdev: don't crash on unset drive properties.
      serial: convert isa to qdev
      Reorganize option rom (+linux kernel) loading.
      qdev: move comment
      rom loader: fix sparc -kernel boot.
      rom loader: also try filename as-is.
      qdev: add string property.
      net: add macaddr type.
      qdev: mac addr property fixups
      qdev: add netdev property
      qdev: add vlan property
      qdev/net: common nic property bits
      ne2k_isa: use qdev properties for configuration.
      qdev: add qdev_prop_exists()
      prepare pci nic init path for qdev property configuration.
      ne2k_pci: use qdev properties for configuration.
      e1000: use qdev properties for configuration.
      pcnet: use qdev properties for configuration.
      pcnet: split away lance.c (sparc32 code).
      rtl8139: use qdev properties for configuration.
      virtio: use qdev properties for configuration.
      eepro100: use qdev properties for configuration.
      smc91c111: use qdev properties for configuration.
      xilinx_ethlite: use qdev properties for configuration.
      stellaris_enet: use qdev properties for configuration.
      musicpal: use qdev properties for configuration.
      zap DeviceState->nd
      kill dead nic unplug code.
      pc.c: only load e1000 rom.
      isa: configure serial+parallel by index.
      hotplug: fix "pci_add storage if=scsi"
      hotplug: more fixes for scsi disk hotplug.
      rom loader: use qemu_strdup.
      rom loader: make vga+rom loading configurable.
      vga roms: move loading from pc.c to vga drivers.
      use rom loader for pc bios.
      usb core: use qdev for -usbdevice
      usb-hid: use qdev for -usbdevice
      usb-serial and braille: use qdev for -usbdevice
      usb: make attach optional.
      usb-storage: use qdev for -usbdevice
      usb-host: use qdev for -usbdevice + rework.
      usb: print attached status in info qtree
      scsi: move scsi.h -> esp.h
      scsi: move scsi-disk.h -> scsi.h
      QemuOpts: add find_list()
      QemuOpts: dump config.
      QemuOpts: parse config from file.
      QemuOpts: command line switches for the config file.
      vnc: improve capslock handling.
      Fix qdev property type definition for isa serial/parallel devices
      scsi: add/fix header protection.
      scsi: create common SCSIRequest structure.
      scsi: move request lists to QTAILQ.
      scsi: move SCSIRequest management to common code.
      scsi: move scsi command buffer from SCSIGenericReq to SCSIRequest.
      scsi: move blocksize from SCSIGenericState to SCSIDevice
      scsi: add scsi-defs.h
      scsi: move type from SCSIGenericState to SCSIDevice
      scsi: add request parsing helpers to common code.
      scsi: use command defines in scsi-disk.c
      scsi: add xfer mode
      scsi: move sense to SCSIDevice, create SCSISense struct.
      scsi: move dinfo to SCSIDevice
      scsi: move status to SCSIRequest.
      scsi: add scsi_req_print()
      scsi-disk: restruct emulation: core + TEST_UNIT_READY.
      scsi-disk: restruct emulation: REQUEST_SENSE
      scsi-disk: restruct emulation: INQUIRY
      scsi-disk: restruct emulation: RESERVE+RELEASE
      scsi-disk: restruct emulation: MODE_SENSE
      scsi-disk: restruct emulation: START_STOP
      scsi-disk: restruct emulation: ALLOW_MEDIUM_REMOVAL
      scsi-disk: restruct emulation: READ_CAPACITY
      scsi-disk: restruct emulation: SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE
      scsi-disk: restruct emulation: READ_TOC
      scsi-disk: restruct emulation: GET_CONFIGURATION
      scsi-disk: restruct emulation: SERVICE_ACTION_IN
      scsi-disk: restruct emulation: REPORT_LUNS
      scsi-disk: restruct emulation: VERIFY
      scsi: add read/write 16 commands.
      qdev: make compat stuff more generic
      qdev: add command line option to set global defaults for properties.
      qdev: also match bus name for global properties
      chardev: make chardevs specified in config file work.
      Revert "monitor: Command-line flag to enable control mode"
      Revert "Set default console to virtio on S390x"
      chardev: move greeting into vc backend.
      vc: colorize chardev title line with blue background.
      default devices: core code & serial lines.
      default devices: parallel port.
      default devices: qemu monitor.
      zap serial_monitor_mux
      default devices: vga adapter.
      default devices: add global cmd line option.
      default devices: network
      default devices: drives
      un-static qemu_chr_parse_compat()
      rework -monitor handling, switch to QemuOpts
      add new -mon switch
      add -qmp convinience switch
      default devices: virtio consoles.
      Set default console to virtio on S390x
      pci: don't abort() when trying to hotplug with acpi off.
      pci: don't hw_error() when no slot is available.
      scsi: fix drive hotplug.
      QemuOpts: allow larger option values.
      vnc: fix capslock tracking logic.
      defaults: split default_drive
      defaults: update device_list[]
      Check rom_load_all() return value.
      usb-net: use qdev for -usbdevice
      usb-host: check mon before using it.
      fix vga names in default_list
      qdev: improve property error reporting.
      pci romfiles: add property, add default to PCIDeviceInfo
      fw_cfg: make calls typesafe
      fw_cfg: add API for file transfer.
      roms: use new fw_cfg file xfer support.
      roms: remove option rom packing logic
      lsi: use QTAILQ for lsi_queue
      lsi: have lsi_request for the whole life time of the request.
      lsi: move current_dev into lsi_request
      lsi: move dma_len+dma_buf into lsi_request
      lsi: pass lsi_request to lsi_reselect
      pc: add machine type for 0.12
      roms: minor fixes and cleanups.
      fw_cfg: rom loader tweaks.
      roms: rework rom loading via fw
      pci: allow loading roms via fw_cfg.
      pc: add rombar to compat properties for pc-0.10 and pc-0.11
      ide: device version property
      scsi: device version property
      pc: add driver version compat properties
      move x509 file name defines to qemu-x509.h
      kbd leds: infrastructure
      kbd leds: ps/2 kbd
      kbd leds: usb kbd
      kbd keds: vnc
      fdc: fix drive property handling.
      vnc: add no-lock-key-sync option
      scsi-disk: fix buffer overflow
      update bochs vbe interface
      lsi: fix segfault in lsi_command_complete
      cursor: add cursor functions.
      use new cursor struct + functions for vmware vga and sdl.
      vnc: rich cursor support.
      drive: allow rerror, werror and readonly for if=none
      check for active_console before using it
      Add support for depth 15 to qemu_default_pixelformat()
      vnc: factor out vnc_desktop_resize()
      vnc: send desktopresize event as reply to set encodings
      vnc: keep track of client desktop size
      vnc: don't send invalid screen updates.
      vnc: move size-changed check into the vnc_desktop_resize function.
      Add exit notifiers.
      add pflib: PixelFormat conversion library.
      configure: add logging
      add spice into the configure file
      spice: core bits
      spice: add keyboard
      spice: add mouse
      spice: simple display
      spice: add tablet support

Glauber Costa (26):
      suport device driver initialization model
      register reset handler for option_roms
      reset state for load_linux
      keep initrd in below 4g area.
      augment info migrate with page status
      introduce set_rate_limit function for QEMUFile
      allow changing the speed of a running migration
      provide cpu_index to env mapping
      add non-arbitrary migration stop condition
      set migration max downtime
      Make nic option rom loading less painful.
      flush pending aio requests
      fix segfault in setting migration speed
      introduce on_vcpu
      notify io_thread at the end of rx handling
      provide tests for pit in kernel and irqchip in kernel
      fix broken migration
      do not issue ioctl from within the io thread
      don't call cpu_sychronize_state from reset handlers
      fix use after free
      do proper cpu_self check
      Correctly free nd structure
      temporary fix for on_vcpu
      unlock iothread mutex before running kvm ioctl
      v3: don't call reset functions on cpu initialization
      v2: properly save kvm system time msr registers

Gleb Natapov (24):
      Fix cluster freeing in qcow2
      Minimal ethernet frame length is 64 bytes.
      Don't send all gratuitous packets at once.
      Apic creation should not depend on pci
      Don't use cpu_index as apic_id.
      Add rtc reset function.
      Register usb-uhci reset function.
      Call piix3_reset() on system reset.
      Add pci_bus_reset() function.
      Handle init/sipi in a main cpu exec loop. (v2)
      Don't register cpu reset handler for cpu with APIC.
      make windows notice media change
      kvm_arch_get_registers() shouldn't be called directly
      set correct CS seg limit and flags on sipi
      net: use qemu_send_packet_raw() in qemu_announce_self()
      fix rtc-td-hack on host without high-res timers
      Intel CPUs starting from pentium have apic
      remove pending exception on vcpu reset.
      Add KVM paravirt cpuid leaf
      reduce number of reinjects on ACK
      fix 'i' format handling in memory dump
      Do not stop VM if emulation failed in userspace.
      kvm: fix 80000001.EDX supported bit filtering
      pass info about hpets to seabios.]

H. Peter Anvin (1):
      debugcon: support for debugging consoles (e.g. Bochs port 0xe9)

Herve Poussineau (2):
      win32/sdl: Fix toggle full screen
      win32: pair qemu_memalign() with qemu_vfree()

Hervé Poussineau (1):
      [WIN32] Enable -k option on Windows too

Hollis Blanchard (3):
      remove gcc 3.x requirement from documentation
      kvm: Move KVM mp_state accessors to i386-specific code
      kvm ppc: Remove unused label

Huang Ying (2):
      QEMU: MCE: Add MCE simulation to qemu/tcg
      MCE: Fix bug of IA32_MCG_STATUS after system reset

Igor Kovalenko (14):
      sparc64 support TSB related MMU registers
      sparc64 fix TLB match code
      sparc64 fix context value for ITLB fault
      sparc64: mmu bypass mode correction
      sparc64: unify mmu tag matching code
      sparc64: really initialize irq
      sparc64: fix helper_st_asi little endian case typo
      sparc64: trap handling corrections
      tlb flush cleanup
      sparc64 name mmu registers and general cleanup
      sparc64 really implement itlb/dtlb automatic replacement writes
      sparc64 flush pending conditional evaluations before exposing cpu state
      Sparc64: replace tsptr with helper routine
      def-helper.h allow helpers returning pointers

Igor V. Kovalenko (42):
      sparc64 follow pci_nic_init change
      add sparc64-softmmu to default configure targets list
      sparc64: fix done instruction pc
      workaround for cmd646 bmdma register access while no dma is active
      sparc64: switch to MMU global registers in more MMU related traps
      pass env to raise_exception if called outside of op_helper code
      sparc64: clear exception_index with -1 value
      sparc64: change_pstate should have 32bit argument
      sparc64: trace pstate and global register set changes
      sparc64: add PIL to cpu state dump
      sparc64: use helper_wrpil to check pending irq on write
      sparc64: check for pending irq when pil, pstate or softint is changed
      sparc64: add macros to deal with softint and timer interrupt
      sparc64: move cpu_interrupts_enabled to cpu.h
      sparc64: interrupt trap handling
      rtl8139: fix clang reporting unused assignment of VLAN tagging data
      sparc64: correct write extra bits to cwp
      sparc64: reimplement tick timers v4
      cmd646: pass pci_dev as it needs it
      cmd646: fix abort due to changed opaque pointer for ioport read
      sparc64: more ultrasparc asi extensions for disassembler
      sparc64: implement global translation table entries v1
      sparc64: handle asi referencing nucleus and secondary MMU contexts
      sparc64: fix mmu demap operand typo
      sparc64: fix TT_WOTHER value
      sparc64: generate data access exception on RW violation
      sparc64: fix pstate privilege bits
      sparc64: fix dump_mmu to look for global bit in tte value instead of tag
      sparc64: fix mmu context at trap levels above zero
      sparc64: flush translations on mmu context change
      sparc64: rename sun4u cpu to Ultrasparc IIi
      sparc64: clean up pci bridge map
      sparc64: fix 128-bit atomic load from nucleus context v1
      sparc64: fix tag access register on mmu traps
      sparc64: fix missing address masking v1
      sparc64: fix 32bit load sign extension
      sparc64: fix ldxfsr insn
      sparc64: use symbolic name for MMU index v1
      sparc64: improve ldf and stf insns
      sparc64: fix udiv and sdiv insns
      sparc64: fix umul and smul insns

Isaku Yamahata (111):
      use PCI_HEADER_TYPE.
      minor fix of pci_register_bus()
      exec.c: remove unnecessary #if NB_MMU_MODES
      acpi.c: make qemu_system_device_hot_add piix independent.
      dot gitignore: add qemu-monitor.texi
      vmware_vga: clean up
      cpu_unregister_map_client: fix memory leak.
      split out ioport related stuffs from vl.c into ioport.c.
      use constant IOPORTS_MASK instead of 0xffff.
      ioport: consolidate duplicated logic in register_ioport_{read, write}().
      consolidate user cpu_{in, out}[bwl] into ioport-user.c
      pci.c: remove unnecessary #ifdef DEBUG_PCI.
      ioport: remove some #ifdef DEBUG_UNUSED_IOPORT.
      ioport: use uint{32, 16, 8}_t for ioport value and pio_addr_t for ioport address.
      pci: fix PCI_DPRINTF() wrt variadic macro.
      pci: introduce constant PCI_NUM_PINS for the number of interrupt pins, 4.
      pci: use PCI_SLOT() and PCI_FUNC().
      pci: define a constant to represent a unmapped bar and use it.
      pci: helper functions to access PCIDevice::config
      pci: use helper functions to access pci config space.
      pci/bridge: clean up of pci_bridge_initfn()
      pci: clean up pci_init_wmask()
      pci: s/PCI_ADDRESS_SPACE_/PCI_BASE_ADDRESS_SPACE_/ to match pci_regs.h
      pci: clean up of pci_default_read_config.
      pci: make pci_bar() aware of header type 1.
      pci_host.h: move functions in pci_host.h into .c file.
      pci_host: consolidate pci config address access.
      pci: introduce pcibus_t to represent pci bus address/size instead of uint32_t
      pci: introduce FMT_PCIBUS for printf format for pcibus_t.
      pci: typedef pcibus_t as uint64_t instead of uint32_t.
      pci: 64bit bar support.
      pci: remove bus_num member from struct PCIBus.
      pci: make pci configuration transaction more accurate.
      pci: factor out the conversion logic from io port address into pci device.
      pci: move pci host stuff from pci.c to pci_host.c
      pci_host: change the signature of pci_data_{read, write}.
      vmstate: introduce VMSTATE_BUFFER_UNSAFE_INFO.
      pci: pcie host and mmcfg support.
      pci: add helper functions to check ranges overlap.
      pci: use range helper functions.
      pci: teach pci_default_config_write() ROM bar for normal/bridge device .
      pci: initialize pci config headers depending it pci header type.
      pci: cosmetic on pci_upadte_mappings()
      pci: factor out pci_for_each_device().
      pci: implement pci bridge filtering.
      pci/monitor: print out bridge's filtering values and so on.
      pci: fix pci_info_device().
      pci: move pci_data_{read, write}() declaration from pci.h to pci_host.h
      pci: remove pci_addr_to_config() by open code
      pci: rename (pci_/pcie_mmcfg_)addr_to_dev
      pci: shorten pci_host_{conf, data}_register_xxx function a bit.
      pci: remove pci_sub_bus() by open coding.
      pci: s/pci_find_host_bus/pci_find_root_bus/g
      pci_host: remove unnecessary & 0xff.
      pci: kill unnecessary included in pci.c
      pci: clean up of pci_init_wmask().
      pci: remove some unnecessary comment in pci.h
      pci: move typedef, PCIHostState, PCIExpressHost to qemu-common.h.
      pci: remove unused constants
      pci: clean up of pci_update_mappings()
      pci: remove magic number, 256 in pci.c
      pci: fix pci_config_get_io_base().
      pci: pci bridge related clean up.
      pci: remove PCIBus::config_reg.
      pci: import Linux pci_regs.h
      pci: use pci_regs.h
      gt64xxx: remove gt64120_{read, write}_config().
      acpi: use range helper function.
      msix: use range helper function.
      piix_pci: define symbolic value for PAM0, PAM6 and SMRAM.
      piix_pci: use range helper function
      piix_pci: add link to i440fx data sheet.
      pci: fix pci_find_bus()
      pci: fix info pci with host bridge.
      pci: fix pci_find_bus().
      acpi: split out piix4 smbus routines from acpi.c into pm_smbus.c
      acpi: split out apm register emulation from acpi.c
      acpi: add acpi constants from linux header files and use them.
      acpi: split acpi.c into the common part and the piix4 part.
      pc: initialize ioapic before use.
      pc, i440fx: Make smm enable/disable function i440fx independent.
      pc: make an unnecessary global variable, pit, local.
      pc: remove a global variable, floppy_controller.
      pc: remove global variable rtc_state by using qemu_irq.
      pc: introduce a function to allocate cpu irq.
      pc: make pc_init1() not refer ferr_irq directly.
      pc: split out cpu initialization from pc_init1() into pc_cpus_init().
      pc: split out memory allocation from pc_init1() into pc_memory_init()
      pc: split out vga initialization from pc_init1() into pc_vga_init().
      pc: split out basic device init from pc_init1() into pc_basic_device_init()
      pc: split out pci device init from pc_init1() into pc_pci_device_init()
      pc: split out piix specific part from pc.c into pc_piix.c
      pc: move rtc declarations from pc.h into a dedicated header file.
      rtc: make rtc_xxx accept/return ISADevice instead of RTCState.
      acpi_piix4: qdevfy.
      pci hotplug: add argument to pci hot plug callback.
      pci hotadd, acpi_piix4: remove global variables
      pm_smbus: remove #ifdef DEBUG.
      acpi_piix4: remove #ifdef DEBUG.
      apm: remove #ifdef DEBUG.
      mc146818rtc: remove #ifdef DEBUG_CMOS.
      pci: clean up of pci_set_default_subsystem_id().
      pci: add const to pci_is_express(), pci_config_size().
      pci.h: remove unused constants.
      msix: remove duplicated defines.
      pci-hotplug: make them aware of pci domain.
      main: allocate gui_timer only once.
      vga-isa-mm: remove one #ifdef CONFIG_BOCHS_VBE.
      multiboot: compilation fix with DEBUG_MULTIBOOT enabled.
      qbus: fix memory leak in qbus_free()

Izik Eidus (2):
      ksm support
      adding helper pci functions

Jan Kiszka (228):
      build system: Silence failing configure tests
      Fix qemu_event_init
      kvm: Relax aligment check of kvm_set_phys_mem
      net: Avoid gcc'ism in net_host_device_add
      kvm: Avoid COW if KVM MMU is asynchronous
      net: Fix -net socket parameter checks
      kvm: Conditionally apply workaround for KVM slot handling bug
      kvm: Introduce kvm_set_migration_log
      kvm: Fix dirty log temporary buffer size
      kvm: Rework dirty bitmap synchronization
      kvm: Add missing bits to support live migration
      kvm: Fix framebuffer dirty log sync
      Introduce reset notifier order
      kvm: Rework VCPU reset
      kvm: x86: Save/restore KVM-specific CPU states
      slirp: Reassign same address to same DHCP client
      net: Fix dump time stamps
      x86: Add support for resume flag
      kvm: Mark full address range dirty on live migration start
      kvm: Improve upgrade notes when facing unsupported kernels
      net: Don't deliver to disabled interfaces in qemu_sendv_packet
      net: Fix and improved ordered packet delivery
      slirp: Avoid zombie processes after fork_exec
      net: Real fix for check_params users
      net: Improve parameter error reporting
      slirp: Reorder initialization
      Fix xilinx_ethlite breakage by 4f1c942b7f
      mux-term: Localize timestamps
      mux-term: Fix timestamp association
      kvm: Restrict configure check to Linux
      kvm: Fix IRQ injection into full queue
      slirp: Drop redundant lines from udp_input
      slirp: Refactor tcp_ctl
      Revert "User networking: Show active connections"
      Introduce get_next_param_value
      slirp: Move smb, redir, tftp and bootp parameters and -net channel
      slirp: Rework internal configuration
      slirp: Rework external configuration interface
      slirp: Fix port comparision in slirp_remove_hostfwd
      slirp: Rework monitor commands for host forwarding
      slirp: Bind support for host forwarding rules
      slirp: Prepare for persistent socket state flags
      slirp: Explicitely mark host-forwarding sockets
      slirp: Do not allow to remove non-hostfwd sockets
      slirp: Mark sockets of incoming TCP connections
      slirp: Add info usernet for dumping connection states
      slirp: Drop dead code
      slirp: Drop statistic code
      slirp: Cleanup and basic reanimation of debug code
      slirp: Drop unused icmp_var.h
      slirp: tftp: Cleanup tftp_prefix check
      slirp: tftp: Clean up tftp_send_error
      slirp: tftp: Refactor tftp_handle_rrq
      slirp: tftp: Rework filename handling
      slirp: Factor out one-time initialization
      slirp: Make IP packet ID consistent
      slirp: Clean up updtime
      slirp: Kill slirp_is_inited
      slirp: Drop redundant checks from slirp_output
      slirp: Clean up timeout handling around slirp_select_fill/poll
      slirp: Drop link_up checks from if_output and slirp_socket_can_recv
      slirp: Factor out internal state structure
      slirp: Use internal state in interface
      slirp: Allocate/free stack instance dynamically
      slirp: Enable multiple instances
      slirp: Save/restore bootp client states
      slirp: Use shell to erase smb directory
      slirp: Improve error handling in slirp_smb
      slirp: Enable multi-instance support for the smb service
      net: Provide VLAN client lookup helper
      slirp: Make hostfwd_add/remove multi-instance-aware
      slirp: Basic VLAN client info_str
      Prefer ncurses over curses
      monitor: Drop pci_addr prefix from hotplug commands
      kvm: Rework VCPU synchronization
      monitor: Make pci_add device options truely optional
      Revert "Introduce reset notifier order"
      monitor: Add completion for help command
      monitor: Refactor acl commnds
      x86: Factor out pc_new_cpu
      KVM: x86: Refactor persistent CPU state
      sdl: Fix memory leakage
      slirp: tftp: Relax filename format check
      Use ctz64 in favor of ffsll
      monitor: Fix typo in documentation
      configure: Append extra cflags and ldflags
      kvm: Work around borken MSR_GET_INDEX_LIST
      Rework -boot option
      Move boot_set callback backend
      Rework reset handler management
      Add qemu_unregister_reset
      Add boot-once support
      Add boot menu control via command line switch
      Update boot option documentation
      gdbstub: Add vCont support
      gdbstub: x86: Refactor register access
      gdbstub: x86: Support for setting segment registers
      monitor: Add port write command
      Link bios files when building out of tree
      slirp: Fix guestfwd for incoming data
      net: Fix send queue ordering
      Support for multiple -monitor devices
      Fix xen build after sys-queue renaming
      i386: Drop redundant kvm_enabled test
      audio: Fix typo that broke QEMU_AUDIO_ADC_TRY_POLL
      musicpal: Catch null TX qeueues
      musicpal: Rework GPIO input events
      musicpal: Clean up typecasts
      musicpal: Coding style fixes
      musicpal: True reset support for GPIO
      musicpal: True reset support for audio device
      musicpal: Make PIT emulation more robust
      musicpal: Add VMState support
      Rename QEMU_TIMER_* to QEMU_CLOCK_*
      win32: Drop dead dyntick timer code
      Introduce QEMU_CLOCK_HOST
      Refactor RTC command line switches
      Enable host-clock-based RTC
      gdbstub: x86: Switch 64/32 bit registers dynamically
      kvm: Fix guest single-stepping
      Register rtc options for -set
      pcnet: Drop unused recv_pos field
      pcnet: Restart poll timer on pcnet_start
      pcnet: Extend hardware reset
      kvm: Add arch reset handler
      kvm: x86: Refactor use of interrupt_bitmap
      Cleanup configure checks for dup3 and fallocate
      vmstate: Avoid seeking
      vmstate: Fix info field of VMSTATE_MACADDR
      migration: Fix use of file after release
      migration: Catch multiple start commands
      block migration: Fix coding style and whitespaces
      block migration: Rework constants API
      block migration: Cleanup dirty tracking code
      block migration: Avoid large stack buffer
      block migration: Avoid indirection of block_mig_state
      block migration: Drop dead code
      block migration: Switch device and block lists to QSIMPLEQ
      block migration: Initialize remaining BlkMigState fields
      block migration: Clean up use of total_sectors
      block migration: Consolidate mig_read_device_bulk into mig_save_device_bulk
      block migration: Consolidate block transmission
      block migration: Add error handling/propagation
      ram migration: Stop loading on error
      live migration: Allow cleanup after cancellation or error
      block migration: Report overall migration progress
      live migration: Propagate output monitor to callback handler
      block migration: Fix outgoing progress output
      block migration: Report progress also via info migration
      block migration: Add support for restore progress reporting
      block migration: Increase dirty chunk size to 1M
      block migration: Skip zero-sized disks
      live migration: Serialize vmstate saving in stage 2
      qemu-opts: Release id on deletion
      ram migration: Properly reset statistics
      kvm: x86: Fix merge artifact of f8d926e9 about mp_state
      kvm: x86: Add support for VCPU event states
      kvm: x86: Fix initial kvm_has_msr_star
      kvm: x86: Save/restore exception_index
      kvm: x86: Use separate exception_injected CPUState field
      target-i386: Fix evaluation of DR7 register
      monitor: Accept input only byte-wise
      kvm: Use kvm-kmod headers if available
      kvm: Detect availability of kvm_para.h
      Musicpal: Fix wm8750 I2C address
      Musicpal: Fix descriptor walk in eth_send
      cirrus: Properly re-register cirrus_linear_io_addr on vram unmap
      KVM: Request setting of nmi_pending and sipi_vector
      KVM: x86: Fix up misreported CPU features
      KVM: Make vmport KVM-compatible
      KVM: Move and rename regs_modified
      kvm: Fix eflags corruption in kvm mode
      qemu-char.c: drop debug printfs from qemu_chr_parse_compat
      KVM: Rework of guest debug state writing
      KVM: Rework VCPU state writeback API
      KVM: x86: Restrict writeback of VCPU state
      x86: Extend validity of bsp_to_cpu
      Don't set default monitor when there is a mux'ed one
      Fix corner case in chardev udp: parameter
      Avoid crash on '-usbdevice <device>' without parameters
      KVM: x86: Add debug register saving and restoring
      monitor: Cleanup ID assignment for compat switch
      monitor: Reorder intialization to drop initial mux focus
      chardev: Document mux option
      block: Release allocated options after bdrv_open
      lsi: Purge request queue on soft reset
      lsi: Properly initialize controller state on reset
      Fix tiny leak in qemu_opts_parse
      Add KVM CFLAGS to vhost build
      SCSI: Add disk reset handler
      scsi-disk: Clear aiocb on read completion
      lsi: Purge message queue on reset
      lsi: Adjust some register reset values
      lsi: Handle removal of selected devices
      kvm: synchronize state from cpu context
      kvm: validate context for kvm cpu get/put operations
      vmstate: Drop unused post_save handler
      vmstate: Add support for alias ID
      serial: Register vmstate via qdev
      fdc: Register vmstate via qdev
      mc146818rtc: Register vmstate via qdev
      Clean libhw subdirs as well
      Put dependency files in proper subdir
      Fix TEXI section mark imbalance in qemu-img-cmd.hx
      hxtool: Add syntax error detection
      lsi: Fix value overflow in request tag processing
      sdl: Do not disable screensaver by default
      musicpal: Drop redundant reset call
      Add dependency of JSON unit tests on config-host.h
      monitor: Reorder info documentation
      QMP: Introduce commands documentation
      hxtool: Fix line number reporting on SQMP/EQMP errors
      configure: Fix evaluation of config-host.mak in create_config
      hpet: Catch out-of-bounds timer access
      hpet: Coding style cleanups and some refactorings
      hpet: Silence warning on write to running main counter
      hpet: Move static timer field initialization
      hpet: Convert to qdev
      hpet: Start/stop timer when HPET_TN_ENABLE is modified
      hpet/rtc: Rework RTC IRQ replacement by HPET
      hpet: Drop static state
      hpet: Add support for level-triggered interrupts
      hpet: Make number of timers configurable
      hpet: Add MSI support
      monitor/QMP: Drop info hpet / query-hpet
      hpet: Init capability register only once

Jan-Simon Möller (1):
      Re: linux-user/syscall.c - don't add GUEST_BASE to NULL pointer

Jason Wessel (4):
      usb-serial: implement break event.
      serial: fix lost character after sysrq
      USB serial device support
      target-i386: fix crash on x86 32bit linux host with hw breakpoint exceptions

Jay Foad (3):
      tcg: fix assertion with --enable-debug
      target-sparc: fix --enable-debug build
      tcg: fix build on 32-bit hppa, ppc and sparc hosts

Jean-Christophe DUBOIS (12):
      fix PATH_MAX conditional compilation
      fix vl.c compilation if CONFIG_KVM is not defined
      mv strdup to qemu_strdup in vl.c
      mv from strdup to qemu_strdup in qemu-option.c
      Fix qemu_free use in acpi.c
      Fix qemu_free use in baum.c
      Fix qemu_free use in nand.c
      Fix qemu_free use in bt-l2cap.c
      Fix qemu_free use in nseries.c
      Fix qemu_free use in scsi-generic.c
      Fix free use in xen_backend.c
      Fix qemu_malloc/qemu_free use in rtl8139.c

Jean-Christophe Dubois (3):
      Fix NULL alarm_timer pointer at exit
      initialize struct sigevent before timer_create
      fix qemu_alloc/qemu_free for audio subsystem

Jens Osterkamp (1):
      qemu-sockets: avoid strlen of NULL pointer

Jes Sorensen (32):
      Introduce -smp , maxcpus= flag to specify maximum number of CPUS.
      QEMU BOCHS bios patches to use maxcpus value.
      QEMU set irq0override in fw_cfg
      Add isa_reserve_irq().
      QEMU e820 reservation patch
      kvm: Kill CR3_CACHE feature references
      vhost_net.c: v2 Fix build failure introduced by 0bfcd599e3f5c5679cc7d0165a0a1822e2f60de2
      block.h: Make BDRV_SECTOR_SIZE 64 bit safe
      Cleanup: bdrv_open() no need to shift total_size just to shift back.
      Cleanup: Be consistent and use BDRV_SECTOR_SIZE instead of 512
      Cleanup: raw-posix.c: Be more consistent using BDRV_SECTOR_SIZE instead of 512
      Cleanup: virtio-blk.c: Be more consistent using BDRV_SECTOR_SIZE instead
      vl.c: Remove double include of netinet/in.h for Solaris
      Create qemu-os-win32.h and move WIN32 specific declarations there
      Introduce os-win32.c and move polling functions from vl.c
      vl.c: Move host_main_loop_wait() to OS specific files.
      Introduce os-posix.c and create os_setup_signal_handling()
      Move win32 early signal handling setup to os_setup_signal_handling()
      Rename os_setup_signal_handling() to os_setup_early_signal_handling()
      Move main signal handler setup to os specificfiles.
      Move find_datadir to OS specific files.
      Rename qemu-options.h to qemu-options.def
      Introduce OS specific cmdline argument handling and move SMB arg to os-posix.c
      Move runas handling from vl.c to OS specific files.
      Move chroot handling to OS specific files.
      Move daemonize handling to OS specific files
      Make os_change_process_uid and os_change_root os-posix.c local
      Move line-buffering setup to OS specific files.
      Move set_proc_name() to OS specific files.
      Remove unused DEBUG defines from hw/msix.c
      Change #define DEBUG to #define E1000_DEBUG in hw/e1000.c
      un-register kbd driver in case of USB kbd unplug.

Jim Meyering (1):
      don't dereference NULL after failed strdup

Jim Paris (1):
      usb-linux.c: fix buffer overflow

Jiri Denemark (1):
      Fix CPU topology initialization

Johan Bengtsson (1):
      target-arm: Fix handling of AL condition in IT instruction

Juan Quintela (564):
      Rename OBJS to obj-y
      Rename LIBOBJS to libobj-y
      Rename OBJS to obj-y
      Rename BLOCK_OBJS to block-obj-y
      Rename AUDIO_OBJS to audio-obj-y
      Rename SLIRP_OBJS to slirp-obj-y
      Rename XEN_OBJS to xen-obj-y
      Rename USER_OBJS to user-obj-y
      Rename OBJS to obj-y
      move CONFIG_* values from yes to y
      Substitute ifdef CONFIG_FOO by obj-
      Substitute ifdef CONFIG_FOO by obj-
      Rename SOUND_HW to sound-obj-y
      Substitute ifdef CONFIG_FOO by sound-obj-
      make tags useful for block drivers and hardaware devices
      fix XEN Build
      fix sparc not solaris build
      Remove duplicated definition
      use block-nested-y for files inside block/
      use nwfpe-obj-y for consistence
      Remove unused Makefile variable
      already defined several lines before in block-obj-y
      configure already knows what TARGET_BASE_ARCH we need, no need to put the logic in Makefile.target
      TARGET_ARCH2 is already known at configure time.
      change ifdefs by obj-$(TARGET_BASE_ARCH)
      configure xen in a single place
      configure kvm in a single place
      configure kqemu in a single place
      BASE_LDFLAGS is not used anywhere else
      TARGET_ARCH == TARGET_BASE_ARCH in m68k and arm
      Refactor a single rule to generate all qemu-* executables
      qemu binary don't exist anymore. I guess not much people is compiling on alpha
      We can wrap OS_CFLAGS/OS_LDFLAGS in CFLAGS/LDFLAGS at configure time
      We can wrap ARCH_CFLAGS/ARCH_LDFLAGS in CFLAGS/LDFLAGS at configure time
      generate ARCH name instead of coding it
      Refactor common code using a list
      Refactor targe_bigendian selection in another list
      print only once TARGET_ARCH
      Only setup TARGET_ARCH when it is different of
      generate TARGET_ARCH for config.h
      generate TARGET_<arch name> for config.h
      simplify TARGET_BASE_ARCH generation
      simplify TARGET_ARCH2 generation
      simplify TARGET_ABI_DIR generation
      rename s/config_mak/config_host_mak/ and s/config_h/config_host_h/
      Refactor config_softfloat selection in another list
      Generate $target_dir/config.h from $target_dir/config.mak
      Userspace guest address offsetting
      use struct initializer for audio.c
      Remove SP_CFLAGS and SP_LDFLAGS
      target_arch2 is redefined unconditionally later
      remove CONFIG_ from VNC_TLS_{LIBS, FLAGS}
      use same algorithm for testing and
      remove CONFIG_ from VNC_SASL_{LIBS, FLAGS}
      remove CONFIG_ from BLUEZ_{LIBS,FLAGS}
      make fmod also use FMOD_{LIBS,CFLAGS}
      make oss use OSS_LIBS
      move printing of config-host.mak variables to end of generation
      more specific config.mak can overwrote more general config.mak
      Add -static in configure if needed
      Rename HAVE_FDT to CONFIG_FDT and define it also in Makefile
      Refactor code to remove one #ifdef CONFIG_FDT
      fix indententation
      O_LARGEFILE is already set in qemu-common.h
      rename HOST_BSD to CONFIG_BSD
      define MAP_ANONYMOUS if it is not defined in qemu-common.h
      Use CONFIG_POSIX to simplify Makefile
      the else part of this test is obsolete We are testing for sdl = yes inside the else part of the test if sdl = yes
      sdl_config value was always sdl-config
      Calculate sdl_libs and sdl_flags and use them everywhere
      instead of setup sdl_x11 just add -lX11 to sdl_libs
      target_softmmu is undefined at that point
      remove sdl_static. Just do the right thing if static is yes
      indent with 2 spaces sdl tests
      Define and use xen libs in a single place
      simplify curses library selection
      simplify brlapi selection
      simplify vde libs selection
      simplify fdt libs selection
      test if xen is enabled only once
      define ENOTSUP the same that the other errors
      rename USE_NPTL to CONFIG_USE_NPTL
      Generate config-host.h from config-host.mak
      move cc-option definition to rules.mak
      Use quiet-command for building optionrom
      use cc-option for optionrom
      multiboot.bin is a generated file
      Don't build option roms on Mac OS X
      our build system don't support mips little endian linux-user or bsd-user
      generate LDFLAGS for *-linux-user and *-bsd-user in a single place in configure
      set SEARCH_PATH for the linker script from output of ld --verbose -v
      strip binary is not used anywhere
      oss variable don't exist anymore
      Use CFLAGS from enviroment, ARCH_CFLAGS hasn't been defined yet
      move cpu command line setting to the beggining
      move check_linker_flags sooner than starting of printing variables
      remove not needed rt variable
      move checks for bswap32/bswap_32 sooner than starting of printing variables
      move general CFLAGS/LDFLAGS definitions after last $cc run
      We want to add options at the beggining, not at the end of variables
      move EXTRA_CFLAGS/LDFLAGS to the very beginning
      create compile_object/compile_prog functions
      remove unused temporal files
      __sparc_*__ is defined through -D__sparc_*__
      move mingw32 code after selection of OS
      This variables can't be set here
      refactor kqemu selection for both mingw32
      move sparc_cpu arg parsing to the begining
      refactor sparc_cpu code to be in a single place
      refactor $cpu selection in various places
      reindent Operating System selection configure
      We use -lz for all binaries
      We want to pass LIB through configuration files now
      PTHREADLIBS was used for all binaries
      CLOCKLIBS was used for all binaries
      Move to configure CONFIG_SOLARIS libraries needed always
      Move to configure CONFIG_WIN32 libraries needed always
      We set -Werror through configure now
      split QEMU_CFLAGS very long line
      move common QEMU_CFLAGS to configure
      Refactor HELPER_CFLAGS
      move SDL_LIBS Win32 hack to configure
      Add libs_softmmu variable
      Add SDL_LIBS to libs_softmmu
      gcc generates the right dependency for this file
      move coreaudio libraries to coreaudio selection
      Move sound library selection to sound selection
      files are only compiled when CONFIG_ADLIB is defined
      Test if we need -lutil in ,/configure
      Fold CURSES_LIBS into libsoftmmu_libs
      Fold VNC_TLS_LIBS into libs_softmmu
      Fold VNC_SASL_LIBS into libs_softmmu
      Fold XEN_LIBS into libs_softmmu
      Fold BLUEZ_LIBS into libs_softmmu
      Fold FDT_LIBS into libs_softmmu
      Fold BRLAPI_LIBS into libs_softmmu
      remove duplicated TARGET_GPROF code
      Introduce CONFIG_NOSOFTFLOAT and simplify Makefile.target
      permit to add things to LDFLAGS for target
      refactor linker_script common part and change quoting
      permit to add things to CFLAGS per target
      fix typo, there should be bsd_user there
      Move alpha CFLAGS target to configure
      Move ia64 QEMU_CFLAGS target to configure
      this bit was already generated in configure
      Fold TARGET_GPROF handling in configure
      Generate more conmmon CFLAGS
      Added CONFIG_NEED_MMU for microblaze and cris
      Move dis-* selection to configure
      Use only one KVM_CFLAGS
      Use one less HELPER_CFLAGS
      Make slirp include dir globlal in cflags
      FMOD_CFLAGS is not set when CONFIG_FMOD is undef
      AUDIO_PT is not needed
      Generate CONFIG_AUDIO_PT_INT in configure
      CONFIG_POSIX makes more sense that not CONFIG_WIN32
      remove last 3 uses of :=, everywhere else uses += or =
      Consolidate audio flags in configure
      We also need TARGET_<arechname> in Makefiles
      use TARGET_<arch name> for selection
      Disable aio in mingw32
      Add libs_tools support
      VDE libs are used both by tools and softmmu
      CURL libs are used both by tools and softmmu
      Add cocoa libs at Darwin selection time
      convert gprof flags to style of rest of Makefile
      Move libsunpath to use the same style than everything else
      Use proper struct initializers and remove INIT_FIELD() macro
      Use C99 initializers for audio_option
      use C99 initializers for audio_pcm_ops
      use C99 initializers for all audio/*
      Remove unneded ac97 indirection accessing its state
      es1370: Remove unused indirection of PCIES1370State and ES1370State
      Make vnc configure options less verbose.
      Use the same structure for list of libs in curses and pthread
      Add feature configure help
      Add error message for feature not found
      Add brlapi to new feature convencion
      Add vde to new feature convencion
      Add vnc_tls to new feature convencion
      Add vnc_sasl to new feature convencion
      Add curses to new feature convencion
      Add curl to new feature convencion
      Add nptl to new feature convencion
      Add bluez to new feature convencion
      Add build_docs to new feature convention
      Rename build_docs to docs
      Add sdl to new feature convention
      Add fdt to new feature convention
      Add xen to new feature convention
      Add kvm to new feature convention
      Add sparse to new feature convention
      move useful type definitons to osdep.h
      split do_loadvm() into do_loadvm() and load_vmstate()
      move do_loadvm() to monitor.c
      make load_vmstate() return errors
      Use return value from load_state() call back
      Add vmstate_load() and vmstate_save() functions
      New VMstate save/load infrastructure
      Add VMState support for pointers
      Add VMState support for arrays
      Port apic to new VMState design
      Add VMState support for structs
      Add VMState support for arrays of structs
      Port i8254 to new VMState design
      Add VMState support for int32_t check value
      Add VMState support for variable sized arrays
      Port PCI Bus to VMState design
      Add VMState support for static sized buffers (uint_8)
      Port PS2 devices to VMState design
      Add VMState support for int32_t check value
      Add version_id to PCIDevice.
      Port PCIDevice state to VMState
      Add VMState support to run a function after load
      Port ACPI to VMState
      multiboot.raw is a generated file
      eepro100: convert casts to DO_UPCAST()
      eepro100: cast a void * makes no sense
      eepro100: Remove unused indirection of PCIDevice
      rtl8139: Remove unneeded double indirection of PCIRTL8139State
      rtl8139: remove pointless cast from void *
      lsi53c895a: remove pointless cast from void *
      lsi53c895a: use DO_UPCAST to cast from PCIDevice
      lsi53c895a: rename PCIDevice field from pci_dev to dev (consistence)
      lsi53c895a: LSIState is a DeviceHost
      Introduce vga_common_reset() to be able to typcheck vga_reset()
      vga: Rename vga_state -> vga
      Everything outside of vga.c should use VGACommonState
      usb-ohci: Change casts to DO_UPCAST() for OHCIPCIState
      ne2000: remove casts from void *
      ne2000: pci_dev has this very value with the right type
      ne2000: Change casts to DO_UPCAST() for PCINE2000State
      We need PCINE2000State for save/load functions
      Add pci_ne2000_{save/load} functions, then remove pci_dev NE2000State field
      cirrus_vga: remove pointless cast from void *
      cirrus_vga: Change casts to DO_UPCAST() for PCICirrusVGAState
      Add pci_cirrus_vga_{save/load} functions, then remove vga.pci_dev use
      pcnet: Change casts to DO_UPCAST() for PCIPCNetState
      pcnet: remove useless casts This are casts to the very type of the function
      pcnet: Add pci_pcnet_{save/load} functions, then remove PCNetState pci_dev field
      e1000 cleanup
      piix4 don't use pci_irq_levels at all
      Split piix4 support from piix_pci.c
      low_set_irq is not used anywhere
      Use PCII440FXState instead of generic PCIDevice
      Move smm_enabled and isa_memory_mappings to PCII440FXState
      We want the argument pass to set_irq to be opaque
      Create PIIX3State instead of using PCIDevice for PIIX3
      Introduce PIIX3IrqState for piix3 irq's state
      Fold piix3_init() intto i440fx_init
      We can add piix3_dev now to PIIX3IrqState
      Save irq_state into PCII440FXState
      pci_irq_levels[] belong to PIIX3State
      Update SaveVM versions
      VMState: Fix sub-structs versioning
      i440fx: use new vmstate infrastructure
      piix3: use new vmstate infrastructure
      Delay sighandler_setup()
      vga: remove useless cast from void *
      cirrus_vga: prefix vga_ioport_{read, write} with cirrus
      vga: export vga_ioport_{read,write}
      vga: split vga_{load, save} into pci and common parts
      vga: split pci bits into vga-pci.c
      vga: split isa bits inco vga-isa.c
      vga: export vga_mem_{read,write}
      vga: split vga-isa-mm.o
      vga and cirrus_vga: create vga_ioport_invalid() and use it everywhere
      cirrus_vga: Add a VGACommonState local var to cirrus_vga_ioport_{read, write}
      vga: change tabs to spaces
      cirrus_vga: make cirrus_read_hidden_dac() return its result
      vga and cirrus_vga: substitute switch for equivalent assigntment
      vga: Rename last VGAState occurrences to VGACommonState
      cirrus_vga: rename cirrus_hook_read_sr() cirrus_vga_read_sr()
      cirrus_vga: rename cirrus_hook_write_sr() cirrus_vga_write_sr()
      cirrus_vga: rename cirrus_hook_read_palette() cirrus_vga_read_palette()
      cirrus_vga: rename cirrus_hook_write_palette() cirrus_vga_write_palette()
      cirrus_vga: rename cirrus_hook_read_gr() cirrus_vga_read_gr()
      cirrus_vga: rename cirrus_hook_write_gr() cirrus_vga_write_gr()
      cirrus_vga: rename cirrus_hook_read_cr() cirrus_vga_read_cr()
      cirrus_vga: rename cirrus_hook_write_cr() cirrus_vga_write_cr()
      cirrus_vga: CIRRUS_HOOK_* is not used anymore
      savevm: Convert savevm handlers list to TAILQ
      Add LIST_FOREACH_SAFE() definition
      savevm: Convert loadvm handlers list to LIST
      Remove CFLAGS parameter in cc-option
      otionrom: Use local CFLAGS no global one
      optionrom: make clean should remove raw and .d
      fix VNC SASL detection
      Fix VMSTATE_PCI_DEVICE version
      ram: remove support for loading v1
      ram: Remove SaveVM Version 2 support
      Remove SaveVM v2 support
      timers: remove useless check
      Unexport ticks_per_sec variable. Create get_ticks_per_sec() function
      timers: Createt TimersState and put all timers state there
      timers: move them to VMState
      vmstate: add sensible arguments to vmstate_unregister()
      vmstate: rename run_after_load() -> post_load()
      vmstate: Add pre_load() hook
      vmstate: Add pre/post_save() hooks
      vmstate: port cpu_comon
      vmstate: port fw_cfg device
      vmstate: port i8259 device
      vmstate: add support for uint8_t equal
      vmstate: port fdc device
      vmstate: add support for arrays of uint16_t
      vmstate: port dma device
      vmstate: port vmmouse device
      vmstate: port pckbd device
      vmstate: add uint64 array support
      vmstate: port ioapic device
      hpet: it is imposible that qemu_timer field is NULL at this point
      vmstate: port hpet device
      vmstate: port serial device
      vmstate: port cirrus_vga device
      This files are compiled in libqemu.a now
      clean: remove ide/*.o files on clean
      Use proper typedef syntax
      static and inline should came before the type of the functions
      Bring two last users of K&R definitions to ANSI c89
      gcc wants 1st static and then const
      __thread should be before real type
      Remove PARAMS() macro
      Don't redefine NULL, please
      qemu-option: rename bool -> boolean
      libuser is a generated directory
      cirrus_vga: also assign gr0/1 when writting shadow_gr0/1
      vga: move back dirty_log functions to vga.c
      vmstate: remove const for put operations
      vmstate: add version_id argument to post_load
      vmstate: remove const from pre_save() functions
      vmstate: remove ps2_kbd_load_old()
      vmstate: Add support for sending partial arrays
      qdev: Add support for uint8_t
      i2c: addresses are load/save as uint8_t values, change types to reflect this
      vmstate: port i2c_bus device
      vmstate: port i2c_slave device
      vmstate: add uint8 array
      vmstate: create VMSTATE_I2C_SLAVE
      vmstate: port wm8750 device
      vmstate: port max7310 device
      vmstate: create VMSTATE_STRUCT_POINTER
      vmstate: port pxa2xx_i2c device
      vmstate: port ssd0303 device
      vmstate: create VMSTATE_INT16_ARRAY
      tmp105: change len and alorm to uint8_t
      vmstate: port tmp105 device
      twl92230: change pwrbtn_state to uint8_t
      vmstate: port twl92230 device
      vmstate: add support for arrays of pointers
      lm832x: make fields to have the same types that they are saved/loaded
      vmstate: port lm832x device
      vmstate: remove i2c_slave_load/save
      x86: hflags is not modified at all, just save it directly
      x86: make a20_mask int32_t
      x86: fpuc is uint16_t not unsigned int
      x86: fpus is uint16_t not unsigned int
      x86: add fptag_vmstate to the state
      x86: add pending_irq_vmstate to the state
      x86: add fpregs_format_vmstate
      x86: mce_banks always have the same size
      x86: send mce_banks as an array
      x86: mcg_cap is never 0
      x86: split FPReg union
      x86: split MTRRVar union
      Add *TL functions to vmstate
      x86: port segments to vmstate
      x86: factor out cpu_pre_save()
      x86: factor out cpu_pre/post_load()
      x86: factor out cpu_get/put_xmm_reg()
      x86: factor out cpu_get/put_mttr_var()
      x86: factor out cpu_get/put_fpreg()
      vmstate: Add suppot for field_exist() test
      x86: port cpu to vmstate
      slirp: It needs to use QEMU_CFLAGS not CFLAGS
      Add -Wold-style-* flags
      bdf: Remove last users of FALSE/TRUE
      x86: fix miss merge
      AIOLIBS is not used anywhere
      optionrom: remove use of implicit RM variable
      add build-all to .PHONY rules
      optionrom: create .PHONY variable
      Don't use implicit rules for Makefile
      configure and Makefile are not generated in qemu
      Don't include config-host.mak from inside config.mak
      Move generation of config-host.h to Makefile from configure
      Remove useless check for config-host.mak
      Rename config.{h, mak} config-target.{h, mak}
      Move generation of config-target.h to Makefile from configure
      Add new config-devices.mak for each target
      Generate config-devices.h
      Generate gdbstub-xml.c only when needed
      Only compile usb_ohci when one target uses it
      Only compile isa_mmio when one target uses it
      Only compile qdev_addr when one target uses it
      Only compile nand when one target uses it
      Only compile ecc when one target uses it
      Only compile esp when one target uses it
      Only compile escc when one target uses it
      Only compile m48t59 when one target uses it
      Only compile ptimer when one target uses it
      Only compile sd when one target uses it
      Only compile max7310 when one target uses it
      Only compile wm8750 when one target uses it
      Only compile twl92230 when one target uses it
      Only compile tsc2005 when one target uses it
      Only compile lm832x when one target uses it
      Only compile tmp105 when one target uses it
      Only compile stellaris_input when one target uses it
      Only compile sd0303 when one target uses it
      Only compile sd0323 when one target uses it
      Only compile ads7846 when one target uses it
      Only compile max111x when one target uses it
      Only compile ssi-sd when one target uses it
      Only compile ssi when one target uses it
      ide: change cast to DO_UPCAST
      ide: Remove cast in pci_register_bar
      ide: Remove duplicated definitions
      ide: remove uselsess casts from void *
      ide: create ide/pci.h for common ide pci definitions
      ide: export needed ide-pci functions for split
      ide: split cmd646 and piix from pci.c
      ide: PCIIDEState type field is not needed anymore
      ide: 'secondary' field is only used by cmd646
      ide: cmd646 we can get the pci device with container_of
      ide: cmd646 ->unit has just the value that we want
      ide: BMDMAState don't need a pci_dev field anymore
      slirp: fix !CONFIG_SLIRP compilation
      TARGET_I386 is always defined if TARGET_X86_64 is defined
      usb-uhci: Add num_ports_vmstate to UHCIState
      usb-uhci: port to vmstate
      mc145818rtc: fix saving of rtc-td hack properly upgrading the version number
      mc146818rtc: port rtc to vmstate
      mc146818rtc: fix indentation
      mc146818rtc: remove rtc_mm_init()
      ide: port idebus to vmstate
      ide: change identify_data type to uint8_t
      vmstate: add VMSTATE_BUFFER_TEST
      ide: port ide_drive to vmstate
      ide: microdrive cycle field is set as uint8_t
      ide: port microdrive to vmstate
      ide: include bus in MMIOState
      ide: port ide mmio to vmstate
      ide: port isa ide to vmstate
      ide: port pmac ide to vmstate
      ide: port pci ide to vmstate
      ide: pre VMState functions are not needed anymore
      wdt_i6300esb: port to vmstate
      wdt_i6300esb: remove useless casts from void *
      wdt_i6300esb: move PCI_DEVICE_IDE_INTEL_ESB_9 to pci_ids.h
      ib700: Introduce IB700State
      ib700: move timer to IB700State
      ib700: port to vmstate
      vmstate: Add support for partial buffers transmission
      serial: use post_load version_id field and remove pre_load function
      vnmstate: fix name for uint8_equal
      vmstate: add VMSTATE_UINT16_EQUAL[_V]
      vmstate: Rename VMS_VARRAY to VMS_VARRAY_INT32
      vmstate: fix indentation
      vmstate: factor vmstate_offset_value
      vmstate: factor vmstate_offset_pointer
      vmstate: factor vmstate_offset_array
      vmstate: factor vmstate_offset_buffer
      vmstate: factor VMSTATE_*BUFFER* definitions
      vmstate: Unfold VMSTATE_INT32_VARRAY() only use and remove it
      vmstate: add VMS_VARRAY_UINT16_UNSAFE (varrays with uint16 indexes)
      vmstate: Add version arg to VMSTATE_SINGLE_TEST()
      vmstate: Add VMSTATE_BUFFER_UNUSED
      vmstate: Add VMSTATE_MACADDR for the new type
      vmstate: Introduce the concept of sub-arrays
      rtl8139: port TallyCounters to vmstate
      rtl8139: port to vmstate
      eeprom93xx: port to vmstate
      eepro100: port to vmstate
      pcnet: port to vmstate
      ne2000: port to vmstate
      e1000: unfold mac_reg_tosave array
      e1000: unfold mac_regarraystosave array
      e1000: port to vmstate
      vga: create is_vbe_vmstate field
      vga: port vga_common_save/load to vmstate
      vga: port vga-isa-mm to vmstate
      vga: port vga-isa to vmstate
      vga: port vmware std vga to vmstate
      vga: port vga-pci to vmstate
      vga: remove unused vga_common_save/load
      vmware_vga: Pass pci_vmsga_state_t arg no VGACommonState
      vmware_vga: Remove uselss casts from void *
      vmware_vga: qemu_malloc() returns void *
      vmware_vga: remove !EMBED_STDVGA code
      vmware_vga: scratch is really an array of uint32_t
      vmware_vga: the support to change dinamically depth is not there
      vmware_vga: port to vmstate
      vmstate: Add VMSTATE_BUFFER_UNSAFE
      lsi_scsi: port to vmstate
      fix parallel build
      fix type in CFLAGS name
      Fix incoming migration
      fdc: fix vmstate variable passed
      qemu_system_reset: we need to call it before loadvm/migration
      pci: fix the conversion of config field from array to pointer
      fw_cfg: change cur_offset to 32 bits
      audio: fix compilation of DEBUG_PLIVE
      audio: port to vmstate
      sb16: port to vmstate
      es1370: port to vmstate
      c4231a: port to vmstate
      gus: port to vmstate
      ac97: sizeof needs %zd
      ac97: recalculate active after loadvm
      ac97: up savevm version and remove active from state
      ac97: port to vmstate
      vmstate: fix missing ARRAY_OF_POINTERS support on save state
      vmstate: Add support for VBUFFERS
      vmstate: Introduce VMSTATE_STRUCT_TEST
      vmstate: Introduce VMSTATE_STRUCT_POINTER_TEST
      vmstate: Introduce UINT16_TEST support
      vmstate: remove usused VMSTATE_STRUCT_ARRAY_SIZE_UINT8
      vmstate: Add support for multiplying size for a constant
      pci: vmstate_register() already assign consecutive numbers starting at 0
      qdev: enable vmstate_unregister() support
      savevm: Port to qdev.vmsd all devices that have qdev
      Revert "fdc: fix vmstate variable passed"
      fdc: fix migration from 0.11
      linuxboot.bin is a generated file
      force to test result for qemu_write_full()
      check pipe() return value
      Check availavility of -fstack-protector-all
      mmap_frag() users only check for -1 error
      Fix generation of config-host.h
      cow: return errno instead of -1
      slirp: check system() success
      qcow2: return errno instead of -1
      qcow: return errno instead of -1
      vmdk: return errno instead of -1
      vmdk: make vmdk_snapshot_create return -errno
      vmdk: fix double free
      vmdk: share cleanup code
      block: print errno on error
      documentation: qemu_write_full don't work with non-blocking fd's
      migration: Clear fd also in error cases
      migration: unix migration should obey autostart are the other ones
      Convert io handlers to QLIST
      remove useless cast
      rename IOCanRWHandler to IOCanReadHandler
      bt: remove bt_host_read_poll()
      Handle deleted IOHandlers in a single buffer

Juergen Lock (20):
      qemu serial: lost tx irqs (affecting FreeBSD's new uart(4) driver)
      bsd-user: FreeBSD update
      multiboot.S patch for old as(1) (was: Re: [Qemu-devel] Some OpenBSD/amd64 build fixes)
      Fix tap breakage on BSD hosts (no IFF_VNET_HDR)
      tap-bsd: handle ifname on FreeBSD hosts
      Avoid segfault on net_tap_init() failure
      Allow build of linuxboot.S with old assemblers
      Fix a make -j race
      Workaround for broken OSS_GETVERSION on FreeBSD, part two
      Add FreeBSD/ppc host ppc_init_cacheline_sizes() implementation.
      Add FreeBSD/ppc host ucontext definitions.
      Use ppc host calling convention definitions to set TCG_TARGET_CALL_{ALIGN_ARGS,STACK_OFFSET}.
      FreeBSD ppc_init_cacheline_sizes(): add missing #includes
      Fix bsd-user broken by commit b5ec5ce0e39d6e7ea707d5604a5f6d567dfd2f48
      Add a missing #include for FreeBSD hosts
      Use sysctl instead of /proc to find executable path on FreeBSD
      Fix some compilation warnings on FreeBSD hosts
      Fix bsd-user qemu_vmalloc() host page protection code
      Get bsd-user host page protection code working on FreeBSD hosts
      Avoid page_set_flags() assert in qemu-user host page protection code

Juha Riihimäki (17):
      fix ARMv7 data processing instructions
      fix ARMv7 data processing instructions
      target-arm: cleanup internal resource leaks
      target-arm: fix incorrect temporary variable freeing
      target-arm: fix neon vshrn/vrshrn ops
      target-arm: add support for neon vld1.64/vst1.64 instructions
      target-arm: allow modifying vfp fpexc en bit only
      target-arm: fix neon vsri, vshl and vsli ops
      target-arm: fix neon shift helper functions
      fix I2C slave addressing
      Fix win32 log file location
      fix pidfile option to work in WIN32
      fix networking on win32 host
      handle SD CMD5 without error messages
      target-arm: neon vshll instruction fix
      target-arm: fix neon vmon/vmvn with modified immediate
      slirp: fix structure initialization in tcp_listen()

Juha.Riihimaki at nokia.com (1):
      target-arm: optimize thumb 32-bit multiply

Jun Koi (1):
      Cleanup dead code

Justin M. Forbes (1):
      Improve error reporting on file access

Justin T. Gibbs (1):
      Fix lost serial TX interrupts. Report receive overruns.

Kay Ackermann (1):
      e1000 fix: read access to some registers is missing.

Kazu Hirata (1):
      target-m68k: fix a typo in 'P' packet processing

Kevin O'Connor (1):
      USB HID does not support Set_Idle

Kevin Wolf (164):
      qemu-io: Optionally verify only part of read data
      Improve block range checks
      Create qemu-option.h
      Convert all block drivers to new bdrv_create
      Convert qemu-img create to new bdrv_create
      Convert qemu-img convert to new bdrv_create
      qcow2: Allow different cluster sizes
      Fix output of uninitialized strings
      e1000: Ignore reset command
      qcow/qcow2: Drop synchronous qcow_write()
      qcow2: Refactor update_refcount
      qcow2: Update multiple refcounts at once
      Drop bdrv_create2
      qemu-img: Print available options with -o ?
      Document changes in qemu-img interface
      qcow2: Change default cluster size to 64k
      qcow2: Split out refcount handling
      qcow2: Split out guest cluster functions
      qcow2: Split out snapshot functions
      qcow2: Rename global functions
      l2_allocate: Write complete sectors
      alloc_cluster_link_l2: Write complete sectors
      update_refcount: Write complete sectors
      block-raw: Allow pread beyond the end of growable images
      qcow2: Cache refcount blocks during snapshot creation
      qcow2: Make cache=writethrough default
      qemu-io: fix memory leak
      qcow1: Fix qcow_aio_writev
      qcow2: Fix L1 table memory allocation
      qemu-io: Implement bdrv_load_vmstate/bdrv_save_vmstate
      vmdk: Fix backing file handling
      qemu-io: Rework alloc command
      qcow2: Metadata preallocation
      qcow2: Fix metadata preallocation
      qcow2: Order concurrent AIO requests on the same unallocated cluster
      Add bdrv_aio_multiwrite
      virtio-blk: Use bdrv_aio_multiwrite
      target-i386: Fix exceptions for fxsave/fxrstor
      qcow2: Increase maximum cluster size to 2 MB
      eepro100: Don't allow guests to fail assertions
      block/raw: Add create_options for host_device
      Documentation: Highlight placeholders in suboptions
      Documentation: Add missing tags to placeholders
      Documentation: Move msmouse description to an appropriate place
      qcow2: Bring synchronous read/write back to life
      qcow2: Fix grow_refcount_table error handling
      raw/linux-aio: Also initialize POSIX AIO
      posix-aio-compat: Split out posix_aio_process_queue
      Add qemu_aio_process_queue()
      Split out bottom halves
      Introduce contexts for asynchronous callbacks
      block: Use new AsyncContext for bdrv_read/write emulation
      posix-aio-compat: Honour AsyncContext
      linux-aio: Honour AsyncContext
      Revert "qcow2: Bring synchronous read/write back to life"
      Remove aio_ctx from paio_* interface
      qemu-img: Allow creating zero sized images
      Documentation: Move image format descriptions to own section
      Documentation: Don't mention old qemu-img options
      Documentation: Add options to image format descriptions
      savevm: Delete existing snapshots in all images
      virtio-blk: Pass read errors to the guest
      Rename DriveInfo.onerror to on_write_error
      Introduce rerror option for drives
      ide: Implement rerror option
      virtio-blk: Implement rerror option
      qcow2: Store exact backing format length
      qcow2: Fix some more qemu_malloc fallout
      qemu-img: There is more than one host device driver
      Don't leak file descriptors
      Rename DriveInfo.onerror to on_write_error
      qemu-img: Fix memory leak
      posix-aio-compat: Fix error check
      multiboot: Use signed type for negative error numbers
      qemu-io: Fix memory leak
      Revert "Rename DriveInfo.onerror to on_write_error" (fix mismerge)
      Fix loading of ELF multiboot kernels
      Multiboot support: Fix rom_copy
      block: Introduce BDRV_O_NO_BACKING
      block: Add bdrv_change_backing_file
      qemu-img rebase
      osdep.c: Fix accept4 fallback
      qcow/qcow2: implement bdrv_aio_flush
      qcow2: Fix error handling in qcow2_grow_l1_table
      qcow2: Fix error handling in qcow_save_vmstate
      qcow2: Return 0/-errno in get_cluster_table
      qcow2: Return 0/-errno in qcow2_alloc_cluster_offset
      block: Return original error codes in bdrv_pread/write
      qcow2: Fix error handling in grow_refcount_table
      qcow2: Improve error handling in update_refcount
      qcow2: Allow updating no refcounts
      qcow2: Don't ignore update_refcount return value
      qcow2: Don't ignore qcow2_alloc_clusters return value
      block/raw-posix: Abort on pread beyond end of non-growable file
      virtio_blk: Factor virtio_blk_handle_request out
      virtio-blk: Fix restart after read error
      virtio-blk: Fix error cases which ignored rerror/werror
      qcow2: Fix signedness bugs
      qdev: Free opts on failed do_device_add
      qcow2: Fix access after end of array
      qemu-img: Fix segfault during rebase
      qemu-img: Fix error message
      qcow2: Factor next_refcount_table_size out
      qcow2: Rewrite alloc_refcount_block/grow_refcount_table
      qcow2: More checks for qemu-img check
      qcow2: Fix image creation regression
      json-parser: Fix segfault on malformed input
      Build usb-ohci for PCs
      qemu-img rebase: Add -f option
      qemu-img rebase: Document -f option
      raw-posix: Better error return values for hdev_create
      block: Fix multiwrite error handling
      block: Fix error code in multiwrite for immediate failures
      block: Fix multiwrite memory leak in error case
      qcow2: Don't ignore immediate read/write failures
      qcow2: Remove request from in-flight list after error
      virtio-blk: Fix use after free in error case
      qemu-config: qemu_read_config_file() reads the normal config file
      qemu-config: Make qemu_config_parse more generic
      blkdebug: Basic request passthrough
      blkdebug: Inject errors
      Make qemu-config available for tools
      blkdebug: Add events and rules
      qcow2: Trigger blkdebug events
      qcow2: Fix creation of large images
      Replace calls of old bdrv_open
      qcow2: Return 0/-errno in write_l2_entries
      qcow2: Fix error return code in qcow2_alloc_cluster_link_l2
      qcow2: Return 0/-errno in write_l1_entry
      qcow2: Return 0/-errno in l2_allocate
      block.h: bdrv_create2 doesn't exist any more
      block: Split bdrv_open
      block: Avoid forward declaration of bdrv_open_common
      block: Open the underlying image file in generic code
      block: bdrv_has_zero_init
      vmdk: Fix COW
      vmdk: Clean up backing file handling
      vmdk: Convert to bdrv_open
      qcow2: Remove abort on free_clusters failure
      block: Add wr_highest_sector blockstat
      qemu-img rebase: Fix output image corruption
      Revert "Fix OpenBSD build"
      qcow2: Remove static forward declaration
      ide: Fix ide_dma_cancel
      block: Avoid unchecked casts for AIOCBs
      block: Fix protocol detection for Windows devices
      block: Fix bdrv_commit
      block: Remove special case for vvfat
      vvfat: More build fixes with DEBUG
      Fix error handling in qemu_read_config_file
      qcow2: Clear L2 table cache after write error
      qcow2: Fix error handling in l2_allocate
      block: Fix multiwrite with overlapping requests
      qemu-io: Add multiwrite command
      qcow2: Allow qcow2_get_cluster_offset to return errors
      qcow2: Change l2_load to return 0/-errno
      qcow2: Return right error code in write_refcount_block_entries
      qcow2: Fix corruption after refblock allocation
      qcow2: Fix corruption after error in update_refcount
      qemu-io: Fix error messages
      Fix error message in drive_init
      block: Assume raw for drives without media
      qemu-option: Fix uninitialized value in append_option_parameter

Kirill A. Shutemov (25):
      linux-user: Rewrite mmap_find_vma() to work fine on 64-bit hosts with 32-bit targets
      Fix warning on x86_64
      Do not link usermode targets with libhw*.a
      Fix text relocations in linux-user targets
      Add configure option to compile user targets as PIE
      user_only: compile everything with -fpie
      path.c fix warning with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
      hw/pc.c: fix warnings with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
      slirp/misc.c: fix warning with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
      savevm.c: fix warning with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
      block/bochs.c: fix warning with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
      block.c: fix warning with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
      Introduce qemu_write_full()
      posix-aio-compat.c: fix warning with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
      block/cow.c: fix warnings with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
      block/qcow.c: fix warnings with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
      block/vmdk.o: fix warnings with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
      block/vvfat.c: fix warnings with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
      block/qcow2.c: fix warnings with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
      net/slirp.c: fix warning with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
      usb-linux.c: fix warning with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
      vl.c: fix warning with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
      monitor.c: fix warnings with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
      linux-user/mmap.c: fix warnings with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
      Enable _FORTIFY_SOURCE=2

Kusanagi Kouichi (2):
      Add chardev option to disable signal.
      char: Remove redundant qemu_chr_generic_open() call.

Lars Munch (6):
      Fix recent pxa270 serial breakage
      target-arm: resource leak fixes for iwmmxt disassemble
      smc91c111: mask register offset
      smc91c111: allow access to reserved register
      arm: prevent coprocessor IO reset
      arm: fix arm kernel boot for non zero start addr

Laszlo Ast (7):
      lsi53c895a: Whitespace and typo fixes
      lsi53c895a: Add support for LSI53C700 Family Compatibility bit
      lsi53c895a: Fix message code of DISCONNECT
      lsi53c895a: Fix SDID in SELECT ID command
      lsi53c895a: Use alternative address when already reselected
      lsi53c895a: Implement IRQ on reselection
      SCSI: Fix Standard INQUIRY data

Laurent Desnogues (11):
      ELF codedump build failures
      this patch improves the ARM back-end in the following way:
      this patch fixes a typo where armv4l was incorrectly spelled arm4l,
      Fix symfind.
      ARM back-end: Add TCG not
      ARM back-end: Handle all possible immediates for ALU ops
      ARM back-end: Fix encode_imm
      ARM host: fix generated blocks linking
      ARM back-end: Use sxt[bh] instructions for ext{8, 6}s
      x86: use globals for CPU registers
      target-i386: fix ARPL

Laurent Vivier (6):
      Add m68k_cpu_list()
      linux-user: remove duplicate tswap32() from do_getsockopt()
      ppc_oldworld: configure screen size from qemu command line options
      m68k,linux-user: add setup_frame
      m68k, linux-user: add setup_rt_frame
      m68k, linux-user: enable sigaltstack()

Lionel Landwerlin (2):
      linux-user: Added IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP/IP_DROP_MEMBERSHIP flags to setsockopt
      linux-user: Added IP_(UN)BLOCK_SOURCE/IP_(ADD|DROP)_SOURCE_MEMBERSHIP flags to setsockopt

Liran Schour (4):
      Remove unused code
      Tranfer dirty blocks during iterative phase
      Count dirty blocks and expose an API to get dirty count
      Try not to exceed max downtime on stage3

Liu Yu (3):
      target-ppc: add synchronize register for booke init
      powerpc/booke: move fdt loading to rom infrastructure
      powerpc/e500: adjust fdt and ramdisk loading addr

Loïc Minier (7):
      Check for sdl-config before calling it
      Add and use has() and path_of() funcs
      Solaris: test for presence of commands with has()
      linux-user: adapt uname machine to emulated CPU
      linux-user: adapt uname machine to emulated CPU
      Fix missing symbols in .rel/.rela.plt sections
      Add -static earlier to LDFLAGS for compile_prog()

Luiz Capitulino (220):
      monitor: Remove uneeded goto
      monitor: Remove uneeded 'return' statement
      monitor: Remove unused variable
      monitor: Introduce get_command_name()
      Fix "defined but not used" warning
      readline: Remove unneeded qemu_mallocz() check
      Fix broken build
      net: Fix do_set_link() return type
      Fix do_commit() behavior
      Introduce QObject
      Introduce QInt
      Introduce QString
      Introduce QDict
      Add wrappers to functions used by the Monitor
      monitor: New format for handlers argument types
      monitor: Setup a QDict with arguments to handlers
      monitor: Export QDict header
      monitor: Port handler_0 to use QDict
      monitor: Port handler_1 to use QDict
      monitor: Port handler_2 to use QDict
      monitor: Port handler_3 to use QDict
      monitor: Port handler_4 to use QDict
      monitor: Port handler_5 to use QDict
      monitor: Port handler_6 to use QDict
      monitor: Port handler_7 to use QDict
      monitor: Drop handler_8 and handler_9
      monitor: Port handler_10 to use QDict
      monitor: Split monitor_handle_command()
      monitor: Drop unused macros
      monitor: Drop str_allocated[]
      monitor: Drop args[] handling code
      monitor: fail when 'i' type is greater than 32-bit
      monitor: Update supported types documentation
      Add check support
      Introduce QInt unit-tests
      Introduce QString unit-tests
      Introduce QDict test data file
      Introduce QDict unit-tests
      configure: fix Linux AIO detection
      monitor: Fix do_commit() argument type
      monitor: Fix do_wav_capture() argument type
      Fix exit on 'pci_add' Monitor command
      QObject: Accept NULL
      Introduce QList
      Introduce QList unit-tests
      monitor: Convert mon_cmd_t initializations to C99 style
      monitor: union for info handlers
      monitor: union for command handlers
      monitor: Add user_print() to mon_cmd_t
      monitor: Handle new and old style handlers
      monitor: do_info(): handle new and old info handlers
      monitor: Convert do_quit() do QObject
      monitor: Convert do_stop() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_system_reset() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_system_powerdown() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_cont() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_balloon() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_info_version() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_info_balloon() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_info_cpus() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_memory_save() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_physical_memory_save() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_migrate() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_migrate_set_speed() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_migrate_cancel() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_pci_device_hot_remove() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_eject() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_getfd() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_closefd() to QObject
      QDict: Introduce qdict_iter()
      QJSON: Introduce qobject_from_jsonv()
      QString: Introduce qstring_append_chr()
      QString: Introduce qstring_append_int()
      QString: Introduce qstring_from_substr()
      utests: Add qstring_append_chr() unit-test
      utests: Add qstring_from_substr() unit-test
      Introduce QError
      monitor: QError support
      qdev: Use QError for 'device not found' error
      monitor: do_info_balloon(): Use QError
      monitor: Introduce MONITOR_USE_CONTROL flag
      monitor: Command-line flag to enable control mode
      monitor: Introduce monitor_call_handler()
      monitor: Introduce monitor_find_command()
      monitor: Rename monitor_handle_command()
      monitor: Introduce 'info commands'
      QError: Add errors needed by QMP
      QMP: Initial support
      QMP: Output support
      QMP: do_info() checks
      QMP: Input support
      QMP: Allow 'query-' commands
      QMP: Asynchronous events infrastructure
      QMP: Introduce basic asynchronous events
      QMP: Disable monitor print functions
      QMP: Introduce README file
      QMP: Introduce specification
      QMP: Introduce qmp-events.txt
      QMP: Introduce qmp-shell
      QMP: Introduce vm-info
      QError: Add class for invalid passwords
      monitor: Introduce 'block_passwd' command
      QError: new class for device encrypted errors
      monitor: do_cont(): Don't ask for passwords
      Introduce qemu-objects.h header file
      Makefile: move QObject objs to their own entry
      QDict: Introduce qdict_get_qbool()
      QDict: Introduce qdict_get_qlist()
      monitor: Fix do_info_balloon() output
      monitor: Fix do_info_commands() output
      monitor: do_info_cpus(): Use QBool
      monitor: do_info_version(): Use QDict
      monitor: Convert do_info_status() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_info_kvm() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_info_name() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_info_hpet() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_info_uuid() to QObject
      monitor: Convert do_info_mice() to QObject
      migration: Convert do_info_migrate() to QObject
      block: Convert bdrv_info() to QObject
      block: Convert bdrv_info_stats() to QObject
      char: Convert qemu_chr_info() to QObject
      PCI: Convert pci_device_hot_add() to QObject
      VNC: Convert do_info_vnc() to QObject
      QDict: Fix size update
      monitor: Use 'device' in eject
      monitor: do_balloon(): Check for errors
      monitor: Avoid readline functions in QMP
      monitor: Catch printing to non-existent monitor
      QMP: Only handle converted commands
      QMP: Return an empty dict by default
      QMP: Assure that returned data is a QDict
      QMP: Update README file
      QMP: Update spec file
      monitor: Introduce 'M' argument type
      monitor: do_balloon(): Use 'M' argument type
      QMP: Drop wrong assert()
      QMP: Don't free async event's 'data'
      VNC: Use 'enabled' key instead of 'status'
      VNC: Make 'auth' key mandatory
      VNC: Rename client's 'username' key
      VNC: Add 'family' key
      VNC: Cache client info at connection time
      QMP: Introduce VNC_CONNECTED event
      QMP: Introduce VNC_DISCONNECTED event
      QMP: Introduce VNC_INITIALIZED event
      net: Make inet_strfamily() public
      net: inet_strfamily(): Better unknown family report
      vnc: Use inet_strfamily()
      QMP: Fix asynchronous events delivery
      QList: Introduce QLIST_FOREACH_ENTRY()
      QDict: Introduce qdict_get_qdict()
      PCI: Convert pci_info() to QObject
      PCI: do_pci_info(): PCI bridge devices support
      Monitor: Fix command execution regression
      QMP: BLOCK_IO_ERROR event handling
      block: BLOCK_IO_ERROR QMP event
      ide: Generate BLOCK_IO_ERROR QMP event
      scsi: Generate BLOCK_IO_ERROR QMP event
      virtio-blk: Generate BLOCK_IO_ERROR QMP event
      QMP: Add QEMU's version to the greeting message
      QMP: Introduce the qmp_capabilities command
      QMP: Enforce capability negotiation rules
      QMP: spec: Capability negotiation updates
      qjson: Improve debugging
      Monitor: remove unneeded checks
      QError: Don't abort on multiple faults
      QMP: Don't leak on connection close
      Monitor: Introduce cmd_new_ret()
      Monitor: Convert simple handlers to cmd_new_ret()
      Monitor: Convert do_cont() to cmd_new_ret()
      Monitor: Convert do_eject() to cmd_new_ret()
      Monitor: Convert do_cpu_set() to cmd_new_ret()
      Monitor: Convert do_block_set_passwd() to cmd_new_ret()
      Monitor: Convert do_getfd() to cmd_new_ret()
      Monitor: Convert do_closefd() to cmd_new_ret()
      Monitor: Convert pci_device_hot_add() to cmd_new_ret()
      Monitor: Convert pci_device_hot_remove() to cmd_new_ret()
      Monitor: Convert do_migrate() to cmd_new_ret()
      Monitor: Convert do_memory_save() to cmd_new_ret()
      Monitor: Convert do_physical_memory_save() to cmd_new_ret()
      Monitor: Convert do_info() to cmd_new_ret()
      Monitor: Convert do_change() to cmd_new_ret()
      Monitor: Rename cmd_new_ret()
      Monitor: Debugging support
      Monitor: Drop the print disabling mechanism
      Monitor: Audit handler return
      Monitor: Debug stray prints the right way
      Monitor: Report more than one error in handlers
      block: Emit BLOCK_IO_ERROR before vm_stop() call
      QMP: Move STOP event into do_vm_stop()
      QMP: Move RESET event into qemu_system_reset()
      QMP: Drop DEBUG event
      QMP: Revamp the qmp-events.txt file
      QMP: Introduce RTC_CHANGE event
      QMP: Introduce WATCHDOG event
      QMP: Really move the RESET event to qemu_system_reset()
      QMP: Improve RTC_CHANGE event description
      Monitor: Convert do_screen_dump() to QObject
      QError: Improve QERR_QMP_BAD_INPUT_OBJECT desc
      QMP: Check "arguments" member's type
      Monitor: Return before exiting with 'quit'
      QMP: Introduce RESUME event
      Revert "Monitor: Return before exiting with 'quit'"
      sysemu: Export 'no_shutdown'
      Monitor: Return before exiting with 'quit'
      Fix qtypes' licenses
      Monitor: Drop QMP documentation from code
      block: Fix serial number assignment
      json-lexer: Initialize 'x' and 'y'
      json-lexer: Handle missing escapes
      qjson: Handle "\f"
      check-qjson: Add more escape tests
      json-lexer: Drop 'buf'
      json-streamer: Don't use qdict_put_obj()

M. Mohan Kumar (1):
      Check for invalid initrd file

MORITA Kazutaka (3):
      add support for protocol driver create_options
      close all the block drivers before the qemu process exits
      block: call the snapshot handlers of the protocol drivers

Magnus Damm (3):
      tcg/i386: remove duplicate sar opcode
      sh4 disasm fixes
      fix make clean targets

Marcelo Tosatti (29):
      fix -daemonize with kvm
      ide save/restore current transfer fields
      fix savevm command without id or tag
      Fix incoming migration with iothread
      iothread: fix vcpu stop with smp tcg
      fix inet_parse typo
      ide save/restore pio/atapi cmd transfer fields and io buffer
      block SIGCHLD in vcpu thread(s)
      kvm specific wait_io_event
      kvm: consume internal signal with sigtimedwait
      kvm: remove pre-entry exit_request check with iothread enabled
      kvm-all.c: define smp_wmb and use it for coalesced mmio
      Add option to use file backed guest memory
      vhost.c: include <linux/vhost.h> last
      vhost.c: include <linux/vhost.h> last
      target-i386: print EFER in cpu_dump_state
      kvm: handle internal error
      kvm_init_vcpu requires global lock held
      vga: fix typo in length passed to kvm_log_stop
      introduce leul_to_cpu
      kvm: port qemu-kvm's bitmap scanning
      Fix -mem-path with hugetlbfs
      kvm: set cpu_single_env around KVM_RUN ioctl
      make SIG_IPI to tcg vcpu thread reliable
      standardize on qemu_cpu_kick for signalling cpu thread(s)
      port qemu-kvm's on_vcpu code
      add cpu_is_stopped helper
      move stop/stopped CPU_COMMON fields after area zeroed by reset
      kvm: enable smp > 1

Mark McLoughlin (167):
      ppc: include cache-utils.o in BLOCK_OBJS
      kvm: work around supported cpuid ioctl() brokenness
      kvm: add error message for when SMP is requested
      Revert "Fix output of uninitialized strings"
      net: fix error reporting for some net parameter checks
      net: factor tap_read_packet() out of tap_send()
      net: move the tap buffer into TAPState
      net: vlan clients with no fd_can_read() can always receive
      net: only read from tapfd when we can send
      net: add fd_readv() handler to qemu_new_vlan_client() args
      net: re-name vc->fd_read() to vc->receive()
      net: pass VLANClientState* as first arg to receive handlers
      net: add return value to packet receive handler
      net: return status from qemu_deliver_packet()
      net: split out packet queueing and flushing into separate functions
      net: add qemu_send_packet_async()
      net: make use of async packet sending API in tap client
      virtio-net: implement rx packet queueing
      Prevent CD-ROM media eject while device is locked
      virtio: make vring_desc_*() take phys addrs
      virtio: add support for indirect ring entries
      virtio-net: enable mergeable receive buffers
      net: add qemu_purge_queued_packets()
      net: purge queued packets in tap_cleanup()
      net: add tap_read_poll() helper
      net: handle EAGAIN from tapfd write()
      net: return TAPState from net_tap_init()
      net: add '-net tap,sndbuf=nbytes'
      net: add packet length to NetPacketSent callback
      virtio-net: implement async packet sending
      net: set a default value for sndbuf=
      Don't abort if TUNSETSNDBUF fails where no sndbuf= arg is supplied
      Don't leak VLANClientState on PCI hot remove
      Unregister savevm callback in eeprom93xx_free()
      Prefer sysfs for USB host devices
      Change default PCI class of virtio-blk to PCI_CLASS_STORAGE_SCSI
      Change default PCI class of virtio-console to PCI_CLASS_SERIAL_OTHER
      Add a pc-0-10 machine type for compatibility with 0.10.x
      Make tcp_chr_read() use recvmsg()
      Add SCM_RIGHTS support to unix socket character devices
      Add getfd and closefd monitor commands
      Add monitor_get_fd() command for fetching named fds
      Add support for fd=name to tap and socket networking
      Add machine type aliases
      Add a pc-0.11 machine type and make the pc type an alias
      Remove the pc-0-10 machine type
      Remove the virtio-{blk, console}-pci-0-10 device types
      Fix coding style issue
      Use qemu_strdup() for NICInfo string fields
      Don't assign a static string to NICInfo::model
      Make NICInfo string fields non-const
      Move memset() from net_client_uninit() to net_client_init()
      Use qemu_strdup() for VLANClientState string fields
      Remove bogus error message from qemu_opts_set()
      Remove double error message in qemu_option_set()
      Remove double error message for -device option parsing
      Make qemu_opts_parse() handle empty strings
      Add qemu_opts_validate() for post parsing validation
      Never overwrite a QemuOpt
      Add qemu_net_opts
      Port -net none and -net nic to QemuOpts
      Port -net user to QemuOpts
      Port -net tap to QemuOpts
      Port -net socket to QemuOpts
      Port -net vde to QemuOpts
      Port -net dump to QemuOpts
      Clean up legacy code in net_client_init()
      Port host_net_add monitor command to QemuOpts
      Port usb net to QemuOpts
      Port PCI NIC hotplug to QemuOpts
      Final net cleanup after conversion to QemuOpts
      hotplug: safely iterate bus's sibling list while removing a device
      net: pass monitor handle to client init functions
      net: remove unused qemu_handler_true()
      net: handle id= parameter for -net
      net: remove id field from NICInfo
      net: use qtailq for vlan and client lists
      net: allow clients not associated with a vlan
      net: add QemuOptsList arg to net_client_parse()
      net: add -netdev option
      net: handle -netdevice options
      net: maintain a list of vlan-less clients
      net: add -net nic,netdev= option
      net: allow NICs to be connected to netdevs
      net: refactor packet queueing code
      net: add queue for peer-to-peer packet forwarding
      net: fix multiple NICs causing net opts process to stop
      net: remove unused includes of if_tun.h and if_tap.h
      net: import linux tap ioctl definitions
      net: make tap_receive() re-use tap_receive_iov() code
      net: enable IFF_VNET_HDR on tap fds if available
      net: refactor tap initialization
      net: add a vnet_hdr=on|off parameter
      net: add a client type code
      net: add tap_has_vnet_hdr() and tap_using_vnet_hdr() APIs
      net: add flags parameter to packet queue interface
      net: add an API for 'raw' packets
      net: add receive_raw parameter to qemu_new_vlan_client()
      net: implement tap support for receive_raw()
      virtio-net: add vnet_hdr support
      net: add tap_set_offload()
      virtio-net: enable tap offload if guest supports it
      virtio-net: add tap_has_ufo flag to saved state
      net: move net-queue.[ch] under net/
      net: move net-checksum.c under net/
      net: move tap-win32.c under net/
      net: move more stuff into net/tap-win32.c, add net/tap.h
      net: move tap-linux.h under net/
      net: split all the tap code out into net/tap.c
      net: split BSD tap_open() out into net/tap-bsd.c
      net: move solaris code to net/tap-solaris.c
      net: move AIX code into net/tap-aix.c
      build: add CONFIG_LINUX
      net: move linux code into net/tap-linux.c
      net: move tap_set_sndbuf() to tap-linux.c
      net: move tap_probe_vnet_hdr() to tap-linux.c
      net: move tap_set_offload() code into tap-linux.c
      net: move UFO support detection to tap-linux.c
      virtio-net: fix macaddr config regression
      tap: disable draining queue in one go
      net: disable receiving if client returns zero
      net/queue: queue packets even if sender doesn't supply a callback
      virtio-net: split the has_buffers() logic from can_receive()
      tap: drain queue in tap_send()
      slirp: fix use-after-free
      net: move slirp code from net.c to net/slirp.c
      net: move vde code from net.c to net/vde.c
      net: move socket backend code from net.c to net/socket.c
      net: move dump backend code from net.c to net/dump.c
      net: clean up includes in net.c
      net: remove NICInfo::vc
      net: remove NICInfo::private
      net: introduce NetClientInfo
      net: introduce qemu_new_net_client()
      qdev: move DO_UPCAST() into osdep.h
      net: convert tap to NetClientInfo
      net: convert tap-win32 to NetClientInfo
      net: convert slirp to NetClientInfo
      net: convert vde to NetClientInfo
      net: convert socket to NetClientInfo
      net: convert dump to NetClientInfo
      net: introduce NICState and qemu_new_nic()
      net: convert virtio to NICState
      net: convert e1000 to NICState
      net: convert rtl8139 to NICState
      net: convert ne2000 to NICState
      net: convert pcnet to NICState
      net: convert eepro100 to NICState
      net: convert dp8393x to NICState
      net: convert etrax to NICState
      net: convert LAN9118 to NICState
      net: convert mcf_fec to NICState
      net: convert mipsnet to NICState
      net: convert musicpal to NICState
      net: convert smc91c111 to NICState
      net: convert stellaris to NICState
      net: convert usb-net to NICState
      net: convert xilinx_ethlite to NICState
      net: move parse_macaddr() to net/util.[ch]
      net: convert xen to NICState
      net: remove qemu_new_vlan_client()
      net: remove VLANClientState members now in NetClientInfo
      net: add qemu_foreach_nic()
      net: fix qemu_announce_self()
      net: print correct error for '-netdev ""'
      net: initialize vnet_hdr in net_init_tap()
      net: fix vnet_hdr handling in solaris tap code

Markus Armbruster (188):
      qdev: Fix regression in "pci_add ... storage if=virtio, ..."
      Fix do_pci_register_device() to reject devfn already in use
      Support addr=... in option argument of -net nic
      Make first argument of monitor command pci_add work
      Support addr=... in option argument of -drive if=virtio
      Replace -no-virtio-balloon by -balloon
      Fix VM state change handlers running out of order
      Move watchdog, watchdog_action, give them internal linkage
      Clean up upcast from PCIDevice to I6300State
      qdev: convert watchdogs
      qdev: Fix i6300 upcast
      Fix pci_vga_init() not to ignore bus argument
      Fix pci_add storage not to exit on bad first argument
      Make it obvious that pci_nic_init() can't fail
      Fix pci_add nic not to exit on bad model
      pci_create() is now unused, remove it
      Rename pci_create_noinit() to pci_create()
      Make net_client_init() consume slirp_configs even on error
      Don't exit() in config_error()
      Drop config_error(), use qemu_error() instead
      Unbreak USB autoconnect filters
      Make qdev_init() destroy the device on failure
      Check return value of qdev_init()
      New qdev_init_nofail()
      Make isa_create() terminate program on failure
      Warn if value of qdev_init() isn't checked
      Clean up test for qdev_init() failure
      qdev: Tag isa-fdc, PIIX3 IDE and PIIX4 IDE as no-user
      Configurable block format whitelist
      Fix recently introduced bugs in -usbdevice host
      monitor: Fix double-prompt after "change vnc passwd BLA"
      QError: Put error definitions in alphabetical order
      monitor: convert do_eject() to QError
      monitor: convert do_change() to QObject, QError
      QError: New QERR_FD_NOT_FOUND
      monitor: convert do_closefd() to QError
      monitor: convert do_getfd() to QError
      QMP: add human-readable description to error response
      qdev: Rename USBDevice member devname to product_desc
      qdev: Separate USB product description from qdev name
      qdev: Replace device names containing whitespace
      Fix recently added QERR_ definitions
      qdev: Improve uni-north device names
      docs: New qdev-device-use.txt
      monitor: Don't check for mon_get_cpu() failure
      monitor: convert do_memory_save() to QError
      monitor: convert do_physical_memory_save() to QError
      monitor: convert do_cpu_set() to QObject, QError
      monitor: Document argument type 'M'
      QDict: New qdict_get_double()
      monitor: New argument type 'b'
      monitor: Use argument type 'b' for migrate_set_speed
      monitor: convert do_migrate_set_speed() to QObject
      monitor: New argument type 'T'
      monitor: Use argument type 'T' for migrate_set_downtime
      monitor: convert do_migrate_set_downtime() to QObject
      Revert "QError: New QERR_INVALID_CPU_INDEX"
      qemu-option: Make qemu_opts_foreach() accumulate return values
      qdev: Fix exit code for -device ?
      Revert "qdev: Add help for property value"
      Revert "qdev: Add help for device properties"
      qdev: Add help for device properties
      qdev: update help on -device
      qdev: Add rudimentary help for property value
      net: Remove unused net_client_uninit()
      net: net_check_clients() runs too early to see -device, fix
      net: Fix bogus "Warning: vlan 0 with no nics" with -device
      net: net_check_clients() checks only VLAN clients, fix
      net: info network shows only VLAN clients, fix
      net: Monitor command set_link finds only VLAN clients, fix
      Simplify qemu_realloc()
      qdev: Improve diagnostics for bad property values
      qdev: Catch attempt to attach more than one device to a netdev
      scsi: Make device scsi-disk reject /dev/sg*
      usb: Remove disabled monitor_printf() in usb_read_file()
      savevm: Fix -loadvm to report errors to stderr, not the monitor
      pc: Fix error reporting for -boot once
      pc: Factor common code out of pc_boot_set() and cmos_init()
      tools: Remove unused cur_mon from qemu-tool.c
      monitor: Separate "default monitor" and "current monitor" cleanly
      block: Simplify usb_msd_initfn() test for "can read bdrv key"
      monitor: Factor monitor_set_error() out of qemu_error_internal()
      error: Move qemu_error() & friends from monitor.c to own file
      error: Simplify error sink setup
      error: Move qemu_error & friends into their own header
      error: New error_printf() and error_vprintf()
      error: Don't abuse qemu_error() for non-error in qdev_device_help()
      error: Don't abuse qemu_error() for non-error in qbus_find()
      error: Don't abuse qemu_error() for non-error in scsi_hot_add()
      error: Replace qemu_error() by error_report()
      error: Rename qemu_error_new() to qerror_report()
      error: Infrastructure to track locations for error reporting
      error: Include the program name in error messages to stderr
      error: Track locations in configuration files
      QemuOpts: Fix qemu_config_parse() to catch file read errors
      error: Track locations on command line
      qdev: Fix -device and device_add to handle unsuitable bus gracefully
      qdev: Factor qdev_create_from_info() out of qdev_create()
      qdev: Hide "no_user" devices from users
      qdev: Hide "ptr" properties from users
      monitor: New monitor_cur_is_qmp()
      error: Let converted handlers print in human monitor
      error: Polish human-readable error descriptions
      qdev: convert setting device properties to QError
      qdev: Relax parsing of bus option
      error: New QERR_BUS_NOT_FOUND
      error: New QERR_DEVICE_NO_BUS
      qdev: Convert qbus_find() to QError
      error: New error_printf_unless_qmp()
      error: New QERR_BAD_BUS_FOR_DEVICE
      error: New QERR_BUS_NO_HOTPLUG
      error: New QERR_NO_BUS_FOR_DEVICE
      Revert "qdev: Use QError for 'device not found' error"
      error: Convert do_device_add() to QError
      qemu-option: Functions to convert to/from QDict
      qemu-option: Move the implied first name into QemuOptsList
      qemu-option: Rename find_list() to qemu_find_opts() & external linkage
      monitor: New argument type 'O'
      monitor: Use argument type 'O' for device_add
      monitor: convert do_device_add() to QObject
      error: Trim includes after "Move qemu_error & friends..."
      error: Trim includes in qerror.c
      error: Trim includes after "Infrastructure to track locations..."
      error: Make use of error_set_progname() optional
      error: Link qemu-img, qemu-nbd, qemu-io with qemu-error.o
      error: Move qerror_report() from qemu-error.[ch] to qerror.[ch]
      qdev: Convert qdev_unplug() to QError
      monitor: convert do_device_del() to QObject, QError
      error: Put error definitions back in alphabetical order
      error: New QERR_DUPLICATE_ID
      error: Convert qemu_opts_create() to QError
      error: Convert qemu_opts_set() to QError
      error: Drop extra messages after qemu_opts_set() and qemu_opts_parse()
      error: Convert qemu_opts_validate() to QError
      error: Convert net_client_init() to QError
      error: New QERR_DEVICE_IN_USE
      monitor: New commands netdev_add, netdev_del
      monitor: Rename argument type 'b' to 'f'
      monitor: New argument type 'b'
      monitor: Use argument type 'b' for set_link
      monitor: Convert do_set_link() to QObject, QError
      doc: Fix host forwarding monitor command documentation
      doc: Fix acl monitor command documentation
      doc: Heading for monitor command cpu got lost, restore it
      doc: Clean up monitor command function index
      QMP: Add "Downstream extension of QMP" to spec
      Revert "PCI: Convert pci_device_hot_add() to QObject"
      Revert "monitor: Convert do_pci_device_hot_remove() to QObject"
      Fix -device help and documentation
      blockdev: Belatedly remove MAX_DRIVES
      blockdev: Belatedly remove driveopts
      usb: Remove unused usb_device_add() parameter is_hotplug
      ide: Remove useless IDEDeviceInfo members unit, drive
      ide: Remove redundant IDEState member conf
      ide: Split ide_init1() off ide_init2()
      ide: Change ide_init_drive() to require valid dinfo argument
      ide: Split non-qdev code off ide_init2()
      qdev: New qdev_prop_set_string()
      qdev: Don't leak string property value on hot unplug
      ide: Turn drive serial into a qdev property ide-drive.serial
      ide: Fix info qtree for ide-drive.ver
      scsi: Turn drive serial into a qdev property scsi-disk.serial
      scsi: Fix info qtree for scsi-disk.ver
      blockdev: Hide QEMUMachine from drive_init()
      qdev: Move declaration of qdev_init_bdrv() into qdev.h
      blockdev: Collect block device code in new blockdev.c
      Make netdev_del delete the netdev even when it's in use
      qdev: Revert the hack to let -net nic and pci_add set qdev ID
      qemu-option: Reject anti-social IDs

Martin Mohring (2):
      linux-user: include linux/fs.h
      linux-user: support private futexes

Matthew Booth (1):
      Documentation: Add documentation for -chardev

Max Filippov (1):
      linux-user: fix ppc target_stat64 st_blocks layout

Max Reitz (1):
      usb: class specific interface requests

Michael Buesch (1):
      usb-ohci: Fix endianness issue

Michael Casadevall (1):
      linux-user: Add the syscall id for pselect6 on ARM

Michael S. Tsirkin (132):
      qemu/pci: make default_write_config use mask table
      qemu/pci: helper routines for pci access
      qemu/pci: add routines to manage PCI capabilities
      qemu/pci: check constant registers on load
      qemu/pci: MSI-X support functions
      qemu/apic: minimal MSI/MSI-X implementation for PC
      qemu/virtio: virtio support for many interrupt vectors
      qemu/virtio: MSI-X support in virtio PCI
      qemu/virtio: virtio save/load bindings
      qemu/pci: add pci_get/set_byte
      qemu/net: request 3 vectors in virtio-net
      qemu/net: flag to control the number of vectors a nic has
      fix segfault in msix_save
      qemu: remove control vector save
      qemu/msi: clean used vectors state on load
      qemu/msi: missing braces
      qemu/virtio: mark msi vectors used on load
      qemu: msix nit: clear msix_entries_nr on error
      qemu: move virtio-pci.o to near pci.o
      qemu: make virtio-blk PCI compliant by default
      qemu: init all queues to NO_VECTOR value
      vvfat: fix coding style nit
      elfload: fix coding style nit
      gdbstub: fix coding style nit
      escc: fix coding style nit
      omap_dma: fix unbalanced { in commented out code
      twl92230: fix old style increment/decrement usage
      linux-user: fix old style decrement usage
      target-mips: unmatched brackets in if 0
      linux-user: fix coding style nit
      net: fix coding style nit
      slirp: fix unmatched bracket in if 0
      escc: fix another coding style nit
      tests: missing ; in if 0
      linux-user: fix up oversealous nitpicking
      hw/omap_dma: add matching {} in if 0
      qemu/qdev: type safety in reset handler
      qemu/virtio: fix reset with device removal
      qemu/pci: refactor code/symbolic constants
      qemu/pci: reset device registers on bus reset
      fix comment on cpu_register_physical_memory_offset
      qemu: clean up target page usage in msix
      qemu/virtio-pci: remove unnecessary check
      qemu/pci: clarify pci config load routine
      qemu/pci: make pci not depend on msix
      qemu: allow pulseaudio to be the default
      qemu/virtio: make wmb compiler barrier + comments
      qemu/msix: fix table access issues
      pci: pci.h cleanup: move out stuff not in pci.c
      pci: simplify (pci_/pcie_mmcfg_)data_read()
      pci: split up up pci_update mappings
      pci: convert goto into scope in bridge_filter
      msix: add helper to unuse all msix entries
      virtio: do not reset msix state on soft reset
      msix: fix mask bit state after reset
      msix: fix reset value for enable bit
      msix: clear pending bit of an unused vector
      configure: use correct cflags in compiler checks
      pci: move apb specific stuff to apb_pci.c
      qemu: make cirrus init value pci spec compliant
      qemu: cleanup unused macros in cirrus
      msix: macro rename for function mask support
      msix: function mask support
      pci: prepare irq code for interrupt state
      pci: interrupt status bit implementation
      pci: interrupt disable bit support
      qemu: delete rule target on error
      virtio: verify features on load
      s390: fix build on 32 bit host
      s390: typo fix
      Revert "Revert "pci: interrupt disable bit support""
      e1000: switch to symbolic names for pci registers
      ne2000: switch to symbolic names for pci registers
      rtl: switch to symbolic names for pci registers
      pcnet: switch to symbolic names for pci registers
      pci: add more status bits
      eepro100: symbolic names for pci registers
      piix: symbolic constants
      cmd646: symbolic names for pci registers
      vmware_vga: symbolic names for pci registers
      lsi: symbolic names for pci registers
      pci: add another devsel macro
      es1370: symbolic names for pci registers
      wdt_i6300esb: symbolic names for pci registers
      ac97: symbolic names for pci registers
      usb-uhci: symbolic names for pci registers
      usb-ohci: symbolic names for pci registers
      pci: remove unused macro
      list MST as pci layer maintainer
      e1000: add link to data sheet
      net: add API to disable/enable polling
      qdev: add bit property type
      virtio: rename features -> guest_features
      virtio: add features as qdev properties
      virtio-pci: thinko fix
      qdev: fix thinko leading to guest crashes
      virtio-net: mac property is mandatory
      qemu: memory notifiers
      kvm: move kvm_set_phys_mem around
      kvm: move kvm to use memory notifiers
      pci: move pcibus_t to qemu-common
      bwap: add qemu_bswap helper
      rwhandler: simplified way to register for mem/io
      pci_host: rewrite using rwhandler
      versatile_pci: convert to symbolic names
      versatile_pci: cleanup
      virtio-serial: don't set MULTIPORT for 1 port dev
      apb_pci: minor cleanup
      apc_pci: simplify using rwhandler
      eepro100: address pci todo's, use pci_set_xx
      pcnet: make subsystem vendor id match hardware
      tap: add interface to get device fd
      kvm: add API to set ioeventfd
      notifier: event notifier implementation
      virtio: notifier support + APIs for queue fields
      virtio: add set_status callback
      virtio: move typedef to qemu-common
      virtio-pci: fill in notifier support
      vhost: vhost net support
      tap: add vhost/vhostfd options
      tap: add API to retrieve vhost net header
      virtio-net: vhost net support
      pci: add API to add capability at a known offset
      eepro100: convert to new capability API
      vhost-net: disable mergeable buffers
      vhost-net: disable mergeable buffers
      qemu: address todo comment in exec.c
      pci: irq_state vmstate breakage
      virtio: invoke set_features on load
      virtio-net: return with value in void function
      virtio-net: stop vhost backend on vmstop
      virtio-net: truncating packet

Michael Tokarev (2):
      Add missing newline at the end of options list
      be more specific in -mem-path error messages

Michael Walle (1):
      pflash_cfi01: add device ID read command

Michal Simek (1):
      microblaze: Print content of EAR register

Mika Westerberg (3):
      linux-user: implemented ELF coredump support for ARM target
      linux-user: added x86 and x86_64 support for ELF coredump
      linux-user: strace now handles guest strings correctly [v2]

Mike Frysinger (1):
      fix linux-user microblaze ELF_ARCH definition

Milan Plzik (1):
      Qemu's internal TFTP server breaks lock-step-iness of TFTP

Naphtali Sprei (18):
      fix for bad macaddr of e1000 in Windows 2003 server with original MS driver
      hw/eepro100.c: Use extended TBD only where applicable
      Fix for commit 3f9cb1c14dc368f41447db5f78d6248c4f100ad4
      Added readonly flag to -drive command
      Pass the drive's readonly attribute to the guest OS
      Added imlpementation for qemu_error for non-qemu executables
      Make CDROM a read-only drive
      Clean-up a little bit the RW related bits of BDRV_O_FLAGS. BDRV_O_RDONLY gone (and so is BDRV_O_ACCESS). Default value for bdrv_flags (0/zero) is READ-ONLY. Need to explicitly request READ-WRITE.
      Added drives' readonly option
      Disable fall-back to read-only when cannot open drive's file for read-write
      No need anymoe for bdrv_set_read_only
      Ask for read-write permissions when opening files
      Read-only device changed to opens it's file for read-only.
      block: more read-only changes, related to backing files
      read-only: minor cleanup
      read-only: Another minor cleanup
      read-only: allow read-only CDROM with any interface
      block: read-only: open cdrom as read-only when using monitor's change command

Nathan Froyd (54):
      target-ppc: expose cpu capability flags
      linux-user: ppc signal handling
      support ELF_HWCAP for PPPC
      fix gdbstub support for multiple threads in usermode, v3
      linux-user: initialize mmap_mutex properly
      target-ppc: permit linux-user to read PVR
      target-mips: fix MADD and MSUB/MSUBU instructions
      target-ppc: fix evmergelo and evmergelohi
      gdb-xml: fix hacks in powerpc register numbering
      target-ppc: fix cpu_clone_regs
      target-ppc: add cpu_set_tls
      target-ppc: retain l{w,d}arx loaded value
      target-ppc: add exceptions for conditional stores
      linux-user: handle POWERPC_EXCP_STCX
      enable NPTL for ppc-linux-user targets in configure
      linux-user: make FUTEX_* calls honor timeout parameter
      check for PR_SET_NAME being defined
      cleanup cpu-exec.c, part 0/N: consolidate handle_cpu_signal
      eliminate errors about unused results in block/vpc.c
      linux-user: fix mq_* compilation problems
      target-mips: fix conditional moves off fp condition codes
      target-mips: fix single-stepping
      target-mips: add new HFLAGs for JALX and 16/32-bit delay slots
      target-mips: change interrupt bits to be mips16-aware
      target-mips: move ROTR and ROTRV inside gen_shift_{imm, }
      target-mips: make gen_compute_branch 16/32-bit-aware
      target-mips: add gen_base_offset_addr
      target-mips: split out delay slot handling
      target-mips: add enums for MIPS16 opcodes
      target-mips: add mips16 instruction decoding
      gdbstub: add MIPS16 support
      target-mips: add copyright notice for mips16 work
      target-mips: set Config1.CA for MIPS16-aware CPUs
      target-mips: fix user-mode emulation startup
      linux-user: fix ELF_USE_CORE_DUMP/USE_ELF_CORE_DUMP confusion
      linux-user: commonify definitions of target typedefs
      linux-user: fix ARM core dumps on opposite-endian hosts
      linux-user: add core dump support for PPC
      linux-user: add core dump support for MIPS
      linux-user: add core dump support for M68K
      linux-user: add core dump support for SH
      target-mips: fix CpU exception for coprocessor 0
      target-mips: fix ROTR and DROTR by zero
      target-ppc: fix SPE evcmp* instructions
      target-ppc: fix SPE evsplat* instructions
      fix whitespace bogon in some versions of make
      target-mips: break out [ls][wd]c1 and rdhwr insn generation
      target-mips: define constants for magic numbers
      target-mips: refactor c{, abs}.cond.fmt insns
      target-mips: mips16 cleanups
      target-mips: microMIPS ASE support
      target-mips: add microMIPS exception handler support
      linux-user: honor low bit of entry PC for MIPS
      hw: honor low bit in mipssim machine

Nicholas A. Bellinger (1):
      block: Add missing bdrv_delete() for SG_IO BlockDriver in find_image_format()

Nicholas Bellinger (2):
      block: Make find_image_format() return 'raw' BlockDriver for SG_IO devices
      block: Add SG_IO device check in refresh_total_sectors()

Nitin A Kamble (1):
      QEMU KVM: i386: Fix the cpu reset state

Nolan (4):
      Allow adjustment of http block device's readahead size, via a new
      Handle BH's queued by AIO completions in qemu_aio_flush()
      Add save/restore support to the LSI logic SCSI device model.
      Send a RARP packet after migration.

Paolo Bonzini (90):
      honor -S on incoming migration
      fix migration to obey -S
      unify popen/fopen qemu wrappers
      add file descriptor migration
      Makefile: make qemu-io dependent on config-host.h
      Fix thinko in linuxboot.S
      Use vpath directive
      finish VPATH -> vpath translation
      use cross-prefix for pkgconfig
      fixes to the static compilation case for sdl
      use pkg-config for sdl whenever available
      use pkg-config for libcurl whenever available
      move kbd/mouse handling to input.c
      remove dead code from target-i386/exec.h
      kill regs_to_env and env_to_regs
      fix wrong indentation
      clean up env->current_tb
      add assertions about env->current_tb
      change while to if
      remove assertions
      avoid unreachable statement after break
      fix undefined shifts by >32
      exec.c: dead assignments
      remove two dead assignments in target-i386/translate.c
      vnc.c: remove dead code
      usb-linux.c: remove write-only variable
      qemu-img: avoid preprocessor directives in a printf call
      cope with printf macro definition in readline.c
      do not interpolate % from vl.c to qemu-options.h
      vl.c: avoid preprocessor directives in a printf call
      add qemu_get_clock_ns
      do not loop on an incomplete io_thread_fd read
      loop write in qemu_event_increment upon EINTR
      fix placement of config-host.h inclusion
      use eventfd for iothread
      remove dead m68k definitions
      get rid of hostregs_helper.h
      use lazy initialization for display_state
      remove knowledge of defaultallocator_free_displaysurface from sdl.c
      move default allocator to console.c
      declare saved_env_reg as volatile
      use absolute URLs for .gitmodules
      avoid dubiously clever code in win32_start_timer
      fix error in win32_rearm_timer
      only one flag is needed for alarm_timer
      more alarm timer cleanup
      do not use qemu_event_increment outside qemu_notify_event
      tweak qemu_notify_event
      remove qemu_rearm_alarm_timer from main loop
      extract timer handling out of main_loop_wait
      change qemu_run_timers interface
      introduce and use qemu_clock_enable
      centralize handling of -icount
      add qemu_icount_round
      add qemu_alarm_pending
      new function qemu_icount_delta
      move vmstate registration of vmstate_timers earlier
      place together more #ifdef CONFIG_IOTHREAD blocks
      disentangle tcg and deadline calculation
      split out qemu-timer.c
      remove remaining occurrences AREG[1-9] and TCG_AREG[1-9]
      fix race between timer firing vs. alarm_timer->pending = 0
      fix 100% cpu utilization when cpu is stopped
      remove TARGET_* defines from translate-all.c
      move socket_init to qemu-sockets.c
      move two variable declarations out of vl.c
      move targphys.h and hw/poison.h inclusion to cpu-common.h
      move around definitions in kvm.h that do not require CPUState
      move balloon handling to balloon.c
      provide a stub version of kvm-all.c if !CONFIG_KVM
      stash away SCM_RIGHTS fd until a getfd command arrives
      target-i386: fix decoding of negative 4-byte displacements
      configure: bail out early on invalid -cpu option
      configure: avoid using expr
      configure: dyngen is long time gone
      configure: delete duplicate create_config case stanza
      configure: introduce sysconfsuffix
      configure: introduce confdir and confsuffix
      configure: unify handling of xyzdir variables
      configure: move all directory entries in config-host.mak close
      configure: expand ${prefix} in create_config
      configure: introduce more --xyzdir options
      configure: ignore unknown --xyzdir options
      configure: move directory defaults earlier
      move computation of tools and roms outside of config-host.mak generation
      add some tests for invalid JSON
      implement optional lookahead in json lexer
      remove unnecessary lookaheads
      make qemu_thread_create block all signals

Pascal Terjan (1):
      Handle vga= in -append

Paul Bolle (5):
      linux-user: fix "#if 0"'d printf()
      bsd-user: fix "#if 0"'d printf()
      linux-user: don't zero a buffer twice
      usb-linux: return USB_RET_STALL on -EPIPE
      usb-linux: remove unreachable default in switch statement

Paul Brook (159):
      Remove vga LFB accessor hacks.
      Remove cpu_get_io_memory_{read,write}.
      Remove redundant cirrus vga ram functions.
      Handle NULL bdrv.
      Suppress type mismatch warnings in VDE code.
      Fix compiler warnings in nwfpe code.
      Fix PL110 framebuffer byteswapping in 32bpp mode.
      Suppress make directory messages.
      Replace cpu_abort with hw_error
      Use target_phys_addr_t, not target_ulong.
      Remove superfluous #includes.
      Fixe ARM NEON vrshl.
      Workaround compiler warnings at -O1
      Follow coding conventions
      Make AUD_init failure fatal
      Push AUD_init down to devices
      Follow coding conventions.
      Remove vga_ram_size
      Fix kqemu build failure.
      Include assert.h from qemu-common.h
      Add tool_osdep.c
      Remove redundant pcnet.o
      Remove duplicate block objects.
      Basic qdev infrastructure.
      qdev child bus support
      PCI qdev support
      qdev scsi bus infrastructure
      PL110 qdev conversion
      PL011 qdev conversion
      PL050 qdev conversion
      LSI SCSI qdev conversion
      PCI network qdev conversion
      Virtio-net qdev conversion
      Stellaris ethernet qdev conversion
      PL031 qdev conversion
      PL181 qdev conversion
      Integrator/CP core qdev conversion
      ARM timers qdev conversion
      smc91c111 qdev conversion
      ESP SCSI qdev conversion
      PL190 qdev conversion
      Versatile/PB core qdev conversion
      ARM RealView sytem controller qdev conversion
      PL080 qdev conversion
      Virtio-blk qdev conversion
      Virtio-balloon qdev conversion
      Virtio-console conversion
      ARM PCI host qdev conversion
      ARM GIC qdev conversion
      MusicPal qdev conversion
      I2C qdev support
      SSD0303 qdev conversion
      MAX7310 I2C qdev conversion
      LM832x qdev conversion
      PXA2xx I2C slave qdev conversion
      TMP105 qdev conversion
      WM8750 qdev coversion
      TWL92230 qdev conversion
      TOSC DAC i2c qdev voncersion
      SMBus qdev conversion
      Remove bogus omap i2c slave code
      I2C cleanup
      Stellaris I2C qdev conversion
      SSP bus framework
      Stellaris SSI qdev conversion
      PXA SSI qdev conversion
      Syborg (Symbian Virtual Platform) board
      Consistently use uint64_t for int properties
      Separate virtio PCI code
      Syborg virtio bindings.
      Remove obsolete BIOS_SIZE from sysemu.h
      Avoid implicit truncation compiler warnings
      Only define __llseek if it is going to be used
      Disable >4G ram support on 32-bit targets
      Hardware convenience library
      Avoid errors when curl-config does not exist
      Fix lance segfaults
      Add common BusState
      Remove unused variable
      Add dummy command to submakefiles
      Remove qdev irq sink handling
      Remove temporary config-host.h
      Use relative path for bios
      Implement multiple samplers on stellaris ADC
      Stellaris qdev conversion
      Add --enable-debug
      Remove ARM NVIC initialization hack
      Fix elf loader range checking
      Record device property types
      Fix typo
      Use correct type for SPARC cpu_cc_op
      Fix stellaris ethernet
      Remove bogus -Werror
      Fix MIPS sys_clone
      MIPS usermode TLS register
      MIPS atomic instructions
      Enable MIPS NPTL
      MIPS signal handling fix
      Fix PCI IRQ breakage
      Fix MIPS SC
      ARM host fixes
      Userspace guest address offsetting
      Save/restore ARMv6 MMU state
      Option rom makefile fixes
      Fix ARM system emulation
      Reject late rom loading
      Fix ARM MCore secondary cpu boot
      Realview/EB procid hacks
      ARM MPCore tweaks
      LAN9118 emulation
      ARM PB-A8 support
      Built network devices once
      ARM FP16 support
      ARM Cortex-A9 cpu support
      ARM PBX-A9 board support
      Makefile dependencies for device configs
      BCD cleanup
      DS1338 RTC
      GPIO I2C rework
      ARM RealView I2C
      ARM atomic ops rewrite
      Add missing break.
      Fix ARM userspace strex implementation.
      LAN9118 improvements
      ARM PBX-A9 memory map tweaks
      Fix strace or FUTEX_PRIVATE_FLAG
      PL181 write fix
      ARM CP15 tls fix
      ARM defconfig fix
      Fix -usbdevice crash
      Fix userspace breakpoint invalidation
      Remove l1_phys_map from userspace emulation
      Remove bogus cpu_physical_memory_rw
      Move ioport.h out of cpu-all.h
      Disassembler symbol lookup fix
      Move subpage definitions
      Avoid tlb_set_page in userspace emulation
      Add tb_page_addr_t
      Remove TLB from userspace
      Disable phsyical memory handling in userspace emulation.
      Remove cpu_get_phys_page_debug from userspace emulation
      Target specific usermode cleanup
      Remove userspace target_phys_addr_t
      Fix usermode virtual address type
      Fix pagetable code
      Large page TLB flush
      Revert "Compile usb-ohci only once"
      UHCI spurious interrut fix
      Split TLB addend and target_phys_addr_t
      ARMv7-M reset fixes
      Fix arm-linux-user
      OHCI qdev conversion
      Avoid libaio for usermode
      Remove PAGE_RESERVED
      Better default guest_base
      Pre-allocate guest address space
      NEON vldN optimization
      Move stdbool.h
      OHCI address decoding fix

Paul Hartke (1):
      microblaze: Correct branch to registers.

Peter Hjalmarsson (1):
      Add *CFLAGS to LINK in rules.mak

Pierre Riteau (7):
      Fix compilation warnings when DEBUG_BUFFERED_FILE is defined
      Fix and improve qint_from_int64_test
      net: fix TAP networking on host kernels without IFF_VNET_HDR support
      net: check for TUNSETOFFLOAD support before trying to enable offload features
      Import a simple queue implementation from NetBSD
      Fix description of size parameter in qemu-img's help text
      migration: Fix calculation of bytes_transferred

Rabin Vincent (6):
      target-arm: fix thumb CPS
      target-arm: implement Thumb-2 exception return
      target-arm: support thumb exception handlers
      target-arm: disable PAGE_EXEC for XN pages
      arm_timer: reload timer when enabled
      arm_timer: fix oneshot mode

Ram Pai (1):
      support colon in filenames

Reimar Döffinger (4):
      Use corect depth from DisplaySurface in vmware_vga.c
      sdl.c: support 32 bpp cursors
      fix stack buffer overflows in eepro100.c tx
      Make string arrays used to convert numbers to strings when DEBUG_EEPRO100 is enabled const.

Riccardo Magliocchetti (5):
      Fix __VA__ARGS__ typo in cris mmu.c
      vvfat: Fix compilation with DEBUG defined
      Fix typo in balloon help
      Fix hw/gt64xxx.c compilation with DEBUG defined
      linux-user: Fix compilation with DEBUG defined

Richard Henderson (174):
      target-alpha: Drop bogus UNIQ initial value on Linux.
      target-alpha: Add binfmt entry.
      target-alpha: Remove bogus DO_TB_FLUSH code from translator.
      target-alpha: Honor the -cpu command line argument.
      target-alpha: Enable softfloat.
      target-alpha: Fixes for alpha-linux syscalls.
      target-alpha: Implement missing MVI instructions.
      target-alpha: Fix -d in_asm
      target-alpha: Expand zap/zapnot with immediate inline.
      target-alpha: Rewrite gen_ext_[hl] in terms of zapnot.
      target-alpha: Fix fbcond branch offset.
      target-alpha: Implement RD/WRUNIQUE in the translator
      target-alpha: Expand ins*l inline.
      target-alpha: Expand msk*l inline.
      target-alpha: Expand msk*h inline.
      target-alpha: Expand ins*h inline.
      target-alpha: Fix FMOV.
      target-alpha: Fix double log_cpu_state.
      target-alpha: Add placeholders for missing userspace PALcalls.
      target-alpha: Implement fp branch/cmov inline.
      target-alpha: Fix generic ctz64.
      target-alpha: Fix cvtlq.
      target-alpha: Fix float32_to_s vs zero exponent.
      linux-user: Add aliases for some Alpha syscalls
      target-alpha: Emit tcg debug_insn_start.
      tcg-sparc: Fix imm13 check in movi.
      tcg-sparc: Improve tcg_out_movi for sparc64.
      tcg-sparc: Use TCG_TARGET_REG_BITS in conditional compilation.
      tcg-sparc: Implement brcond2.
      target-alpha: Initialize fpcr
      tcg: Add tcg_unsigned_cond.
      tcg-sparc: Add tcg_out_arithc.
      tcg-sparc: Implement add2, sub2, mulu2.
      tcg-sparc: Do not remove %o[012] from 'r' constraint.
      tcg-sparc: Implement division properly.
      tcg-sparc: Implement ext32[su]_i64
      tcg/x86_64: Special-case all 32-bit AND operands.
      tcg/x86_64: Avoid unnecessary REX.B prefixes.
      tcg: document double-word support opcodes.
      tcg: generic support for conditional set
      tcg: add tcg_invert_cond
      tcg-x86_64: implement setcond
      tcg-i386: Implement small forward branches.
      tcg-i386: Implement setcond.
      tcg: Add tcg_swap_cond.
      tcg-sparc: Implement setcond, setcond2.
      tcg-sparc: Implement neg.
      tcg-sparc: Implement not.
      tcg: Optional target implementation of ANDC.
      tcg: Optional target implementation of ORC.
      tcg-sparc: Implement ANDC.
      tcg-sparc: Implement ORC.
      tcg: Add comments for all optional instructions not implemented.
      target-alpha: Fix gdb access to fpcr and unique.
      target-alpha: Split up FPCR value into separate fields.
      target-alpha: Reduce internal processor registers for user-mode.
      target-alpha: Clean up arithmetic traps.
      target-alpha: Mark helper_excp as NORETURN.
      target-alpha: Implement IEEE FP qualifiers.
      alpha-linux-user: Implement signals.
      Move TARGET_PHYS_ADDR_SPACE_BITS to target-*/cpu.h.
      Use TARGET_VIRT_ADDR_SPACE_BITS in h2g_valid.
      linux-user: Use h2g_valid in qemu_vmalloc.
      linux-user: Fix mmap_find_vma returning invalid addresses.
      Implement multi-level page tables.
      Fix last page errors in page_check_range and page_set_flags.
      tcg-hppa: Fix const errors in hppa-dis.c
      tcg-hppa: Fix 64-bit argument ordering
      tcg: Name the opcode enumeration.
      tcg: Use TCGCond where appropriate.
      tcg: Change TCGType to an enumeration.
      tcg: Use not_i32 to implement not_i64.
      tcg: Allow target-specific implementation of EQV.
      tcg: Allow target-specific implementation of NAND.
      tcg: Allow target-specific implementation of NOR.
      tcg: Disambiguate qemu_ld32u with 32-bit and 64-bit outputs.
      linux-user: Use RLIMIT_STACK for default stack size.
      tcg-hppa: Compute is_write in cpu_signal_handler.
      tcg-hppa: Finish the port.
      tcg-hppa: Fix in/out register overlap in add2/sub2.
      tcg-hppa: Don't try to calls to non-constant addresses.
      target-alpha: Add flags markups to helpers.h.
      target-alpha: Implement cvtql inline.
      target-alpha: Use setcond for int comparisons.
      target-alpha: Use non-inverted arguments to gen_{f}cmov.
      target-sparc: Fix TARGET_{PHYS,VIRT}_ADDR_SPACE_BITS.
      target-sparc: Free instruction temporaries.
      Fix --enable-profiler compilation.
      target-sparc: Fix address masking in ldqf and stqf.
      linux-user: Remove ELFLOAD32.
      Remove IO_MEM_SUBWIDTH.
      linux-user: Fix Sparc64 syscall returns.
      target-sparc: Fix -singlestep.
      linux-user: Fix sparc32plus stat64 syscalls.
      tcg-hppa: Constrain immediate inputs to and_i32, or_i32, andc_i32.
      tcg-hppa: Fix GUEST_BASE initialization in prologue.
      tcg-hppa: Fix softmmu loads and stores.
      tcg-hppa: Schedule the address masking after the TLB load.
      tcg-hppa: Fix branch offset during retranslation.
      tcg-hppa: Remove automatically implemented opcodes.
      target-alpha: Implement cpys{, n, e} inline.
      target-alpha: Implement rs/rc properly.
      target-alpha: Implement cvtlq inline.
      target-alpha: Emit goto_tb opcodes.
      target-alpha: Update commentary for opcode 0x1A.
      target-alpha: Enable NPTL.
      target-alpha: Indicate NORETURN status when raising exception.
      target-alpha: Fix load-locked/store-conditional.
      target-alpha: Implement RPCC.
      Implement cpu_get_real_ticks for Alpha.
      target-i386: Remove duplicate CPU log.
      target-mips: Remove duplicate CPU log.
      target-ppc: Remove duplicate cpu log.
      target-sh4: Remove duplicate CPU log.
      Enable -d cpu logging by default.
      Fix zero-length write(2).
      Fill in unassigned mem read/write callbacks.
      tcg-i386: Allocate call-saved registers first.
      tcg-i386: Tidy initialization of tcg_target_call_clobber_regs.
      target-sparc: Fix compilation with --enable-debug.
      target-sparc: Simplify ICC generation.
      tcg-i386: Tidy bswap operations.
      tcg-i386: Tidy shift operations.
      tcg-i386: Tidy move operations.
      tcg-i386: Eliminate extra move from qemu_ld64.
      tcg-i386: Tidy jumps.
      target-sparc: Inline some generation of carry for ADDX/SUBX.
      tcg-i386: Tidy ext8u and ext16u operations.
      tcg-i386: Tidy ext8s and ext16s operations.
      tcg-i386: Tidy immediate arithmetic operations.
      tcg-i386: Tidy non-immediate arithmetic operations.
      tcg-i386: Tidy movi.
      tcg-i386: Tidy push/pop.
      tcg-i386: Tidy calls.
      tcg-i386: Tidy ret.
      tcg-i386: Tidy setcc.
      tcg-i386: Tidy unary arithmetic.
      tcg-i386: Tidy multiply.
      tcg-i386: Tidy xchg.
      tcg-i386: Tidy lea.
      tcg-i386: Use lea for three-operand add.
      tcg-i386: Nuke trailing whitespace.
      alpha-linux-user: Fix brk error return.
      alpha-linux-user: Fix siginfo.si_addr for SIGSEGV and SIGBUS.
      alpha-linux-user: Add correct sigaction constants.
      alpha-linux-user: Fix pipe return mechanism.
      alpha-linux-user: Fix getxpid.
      alpha-linux-user: Fix sigsuspend parameters.
      alpha-linux-user: Fix sigprocmask.
      tcg: Initialize the prologue after GUEST_BASE is fixed.
      tcg-hppa: Load GUEST_BASE as an immediate.
      tcg-ia64: Fix some register usage issues.
      tcg-ia64: Load GUEST_BASE into a register.
      tcg: Use INDEX_op_qemu_ld32 for 32-bit results.
      Use calloc in qemu_mallocz.
      linux-user: Use qemu-malloc.c.
      alpha-linux-user: Fill in SI_CODE for SIGSEGV.
      tcg-i386: Tidy data16 prefixes.
      tcg-i386: Split out TLB Hit path from qemu_ld/st.
      tcg-i386: Swap order of TLB hit and miss paths.
      tcg-i386: Split out tlb load function.
      tcg-i386: Remove some ifdefs in qemu_ld/st.
      Fix --enable-user-pie compilation.
      tcg: Add TYPE parameter to tcg_out_mov.
      tcg: Make some tcg-target.c routines static.
      tcg-i386: Merge 64-bit generation.
      s390: Update disassembler to the last GPLv2 from binutils.
      s390: Disassemble some general-instruction-extension insns.
      tcg-s390: Icache flush is a no-op.
      tcg-s390: Allocate the code_gen_buffer near the main program.
      s390x: Avoid _llseek.
      s390x: Don't use a linker script for user-only.
      tcg-s390: Compute is_write in cpu_signal_handler.
      tcg-s390: Adjust compilation flags.

Richard W.M. Jones (2):
      Hardware watchdog
      Remove initrd warning message

Riku Voipio (26):
      export mmap_find_vma for shmat
      Implement shm* syscalls and fix 64/32bit errors
      linux-user: fix utimensat
      add futex wake op
      linux-user: update syscall list
      linux-user: implement pipe2 [v3]
      linux-user: strace now handles guest stringscorrectly [v2]
      configure: remove bogus linux-user check
      linux-user: add eventfd support
      linux-user: Update ARM hwcaps
      Give a error when running out of iomem areas.
      Make USB hid devices self-powered
      usb-musb: convert fifo to 8bit and add more registers
      linux-user: enable tb unlinking when compiled with NPTL
      linux-user: Fix mmap_lock ordering
      linux-user: cleanup force_sig() calls
      fix locking error with current_tb
      linux-user: remove signal handler before calling abort()
      target-arm: refactor cp15.c13 register access
      fix locking error with current_tb
      linux-user: remove signal handler before calling abort()
      target-arm: refactor cp15.c13 register access
      target-arm: neon - fix VRADDHN/VRSUBHN vs VADDHN/VSUBHN
      linux-user: add inotify_init1 syscall support
      fix function signature of qemu_chr_open_pty on !linux
      linux-user: do not warn for missing pselect6

Rob Landley (1):
      linux-user/ppc: use the Linux register layout

Robert Reif (1):
      fix net.c compile warning

Roland Dreier (1):
      vmware_vga: Check cursor dimensions passed from guest to avoid buffer overflow

Roy Tam (2):
      MIPS jazz: create isa bus
      json: fix PRId64 on Win32

Ryan Harper (2):
      Fix compile error when LSI_DEBUG is defined
      Add qerror message if the 'change' target filename can't be opened

Ryota Ozaki (5):
      qemu-nbd: Fix wrong description in qemu-nbd.texi
      qemu-nbd: Fix return value handling of bdrv_open
      qemu-nbd: Fix invalid usage of the first argument of errx
      qemu-io: Fix return value handling of bdrv_open
      qemu-nbd: Improve error reporting

Samuel Thibault (4):
      Fix curses return key when using -k
      (curses) Use more descriptive values
      Fix curses interaction with keymaps
      baum: add destroy hook

Scott Tsai (2):
      USB: Improve usbdevice error messages
      doc: Update mingw cross compile instructions

Sebastian Herbszt (7):
      Add detection of pthread library name
      lsi53c895a: Implement Scratch Byte Register
      lsi53c895a: Implement read and write access to DMA Next Address
      lsi53c895a: Implement write access to DMA Byte Counter
      qemu-thread: use pthread_equal
      pci-hotplug: initialize dinfo to NULL in pci_device_hot_add
      configure: change "found" to "find"

Serge Ziryukin (1):
      audio/sdlaudio: remove unused variable

Shahar Havivi (4):
      Restore terminal attributes for tty based monitor
      Wrong error message in block_passwd command
      Restore terminal monitor attributes - addition

Sheng Yang (3):
      kvm: Flush coalesced MMIO buffer periodly
      qemu-img: Fix qemu-img can't create qcow image based on read-only image
      kvm: allow qemu to set EPT identity mapping address

Shin-ichiro KAWASAKI (2):
      sh: sm501: Add hardware cursor feature
      sh: sm501: add 2D engine support

Sridhar Samudrala (1):
      Enable UFO on virtio-net and tap devices

Stefan Berger (1):
      Fix the RARP protocol ID

Stefan Hajnoczi (18):
      block: Do not export bdrv_first
      block: Convert bdrv_first to QTAILQ
      block: Convert first_drv to QLIST
      qemu-img: Eliminate bdrv_new_open() code duplication
      qemu-img: Fix BRDV_O_FLAGS typo
      linux-aio: Fix typo in read() EINTR check
      qcow2: Use QLIST_FOREACH_SAFE macro
      block: Free iovec arrays allocated by multiwrite_merge()
      block: Set backing_hd to NULL after deleting it
      qcow2: Avoid shadowing variable in alloc_clusters_noref()
      raw-posix: Use pread/pwrite instead of lseek+read/write
      block: Cache total_sectors to reduce bdrv_getlength calls
      qemu-img: Add 'resize' command to grow/shrink disk images
      qcow2: Implement bdrv_truncate() for growing images
      block: Remove semicolon in BDRV_SECTOR_MASK macro
      virtio-blk: Avoid zeroing every request structure
      posix-aio-compat: Expand tabs that have crept in
      doc: Update monitor info subcommands

Stefan Weil (149):
      ETRAX: Removed unused struct entry and fixed Windows build.
      VNC: Fix memory allocation (wrong structure size).
      Fix spelling in comment.
      doc: Update information on supported network adapters.
      Win32: Don't remove const attribute in type casts.
      Fix SDL include path.
      Add static to local machine declaration.
      Fix prototype of function zfree.
      Fix help message for new configure option --enable-debug.
      Win32: Fix compilation with SDL.
      Win: Install keymaps for Windows, too (needed for VNC).
      Win32: Reduce section alignment for Windows.
      Fix dump output in qemu-io.
      qemu-io: Fix spelling in help message.
      Fix hxtool.
      raw-posix: Handle errors in raw_create
      Win32: Fix default prefix
      Add new block driver for the VDI format (only aio supported)
      Add missing linefeed in error message
      block/vdi.c: Fix several bugs
      Don't compile aio code if CONFIG_LINUX_AIO is undefined
      Fix compiler warnings
      mips malta: Fix fdc regression and use qdev for i8042 setup
      Fix spelling in comment.
      qemu-io: Improve portability (win32 now supported).
      eepro100: Clean code which sets the PCI device id
      Fix conditional compilation (MIPS host)
      tcg: fix size of local variables in tcg_gen_bswap64_i64
      Fix indentation
      Fix spelling in comment
      Suppress some variants of English in comments
      Fix spelling in comment
      eepro100: Enhanced logging and comments
      eepro100: Remove unused code
      eepro100: Replace sprintf by snprintf
      eepro100: Fix format strings in debug messages
      mips: Fix spelling in comment
      Check availability of uuid header / library
      eepro100: Remove unused device status entries
      eepro100: Add more i825xx devices
      vnc: Set invalid buffer pointers to NULL
      Win32: Fix vnc support.
      Fix bswap in comment
      eepro100: Remove unused device status entries
      eepro100: Restructure code
      Makefile: Change make to be quiet again when doing nothing
      serial: Support additional serial speed values
      serial: Add missing bit
      qcow2: Allow qcow2 disk images with size zero
      eepro100: Improve support for different devices
      serial: Add interface to set reference oscillator frequency
      Makefile: Prettify logging
      eepro100: Fix boot ROM support
      eepro100: Add missing .exit initialisation
      Makefile: Fix definition of pxe-*.bin blobs
      pci: Fix function pci_default_write_config
      configure: Fix spelling in comment and rework the comment
      Makefile: Fix spelling
      Makefile: Remove unneeded prerequisites
      vga-pci: Fix access to linear framebuffer
      e1000: Fix warning from code review
      Fix build for mingw32 on windows ($@ in macro)
      Fix build for mingw32 on windows ($$ expansion)
      Remove rule for config-devices.h
      eepro100: Improve debug messages
      target-mips: 4Kc, 4KEc cores do not support MIPS16
      s390: Fix buggy assignment
      target-alpha: Fix compiler warning for gcc-4.3 (and older)
      target-mips: No MIPS16 support for 4Kc, 4KEc cores
      Makefile: Update unmodified config-devices.mak automatically
      pc-bios: Update README (SeaBIOS)
      eepro100: Fix initial value for PCI_STATUS
      eepro100: Update ROM file support
      pci: Add missing 'const' in argument to pci_get_xxx
      Makefile: Fix message for missing configure
      eepro100: Restructure code (new function tx_command)
      eepro100: Fix multicast support
      Documentation: Add missing documentation for qdev related command line options
      qdev: Add help for device properties
      qdev: Add help for property value
      Documentation: Improve command line help for -device option
      Documentation: Add missing texi description for command line options
      Tell users about out-of-memory errors
      arm host: fix compiler warning
      Documentation: Add build support for documentation in pdf format
      Documentation: Add direntry for info format
      Documentation: Use UTF-8 encoding and fix one wrong encoding
      Documentation: Add some basic documentation on make targets
      Documentation: Fix item list
      Documentation: Enhance documentation (index, keywords)
      Documentation: Add monitor commands to function index
      Documentation: Add command line options to function index
      tcg: Add consistency checks for op definitions
      mingw32: Enable C99/POSIX format strings
      target-sparc: fix --enable-debug build for 64 bit host
      arm host: Fix linker warning (m68k targets)
      eepro100: Fix compiler errors from debug messages
      eepro100: Add missing SCB register names
      eepro100: Fix PXE boot
      eepro100: Support gpxe boot for all eepro100 devices
      eepro100: Add TODO list
      eepro100: Update copyright notice
      eepro100: Add device descriptions
      eepro100: Use symbolic names and BIT macros in binary operations
      eepro100: Remove old unused code
      eepro100: Use symbolic names for bits in EEPROM id
      eepro100: Replace variable name to fix a compiler warning
      eepro100: Support RNR interrupt
      eepro100: Fix CU Start command
      eepro100: Prettify code (no functional changes)
      eepro100: Use tx.status
      eepro100: New function for reading command block
      eepro100: Add diagnose command
      eepro100: Remove C++ comments
      eepro100: Keep includes sorted
      Makefile: Fix names of GPXE ROM files
      Documentation: Modify rule for html output (better looking output format)
      configure: Fix wrong stderr redirection
      configure: Fix code which creates config.mak files
      tcg/arm: Replace qemu_ld32u (left over from previous commit)
      Fix compilation with missing inotify_init1
      win32: Fix compiler errors from u_int64_t
      eepro100: Don't allow writing SCBStatus
      eepro100: Simplify status handling
      eepro100: Simplified device instantiation
      eepro100: Add new device variant i82801
      eepro100: Set configuration bit for standard TCB
      eepro100: Set power management capability using pci_reserve_capability
      eepro100: fix mapping of flash memory
      eepro100: fix PCI interrupt pin configuration regression
      target-i386: Fix compiler warning
      target-mips: Fix one more format specifier for cpu_fprintf
      target-mips: Fix format specifiers for fpu_fprintf
      Use correct cflags for kvm-kmod when cross compiling
      tcp/mips: Change TCG_AREG0 (fp -> s0)
      arm: Fix compiler warning (fprintf format string)
      m68k: Fix compiler warning (fprintf format string)
      sh4: Fix compiler warning (fprintf format string)
      sparc: Fix compiler warning (fprintf format string)
      Add missing 'static' attribute
      darwin-user: Add missing static attribute
      tcg: Add missing 'static' attribute
      mips-dis: Add missing static attributes
      target-sparc: Fix wrong printf argument
      block/vdi: Allow disk images of size 0
      block/vpc: Fix conversion from size to disk geometry
      block/vdi: Fix image opening and creation for odd disk sizes
      Fix cross compilation
      target-mips: Fix compilation

Stefano Stabellini (9):
      sdl zooming
      a single vnc timer to refresh the screen
      single vnc server surface
      variable timer intervals
      fix sdl window resize
      vga: do not resize the screen on hw_invalidate
      make vga screen_dump use DisplayState properly
      vnc_refresh: return if vd->timer is NULL
      vnc_refresh: calling vnc_update_client might free vs

Stuart Brady (5):
      Fix typos in comments in exec.c
      Use hxtool for qemu-img command list
      Remove dead i386 assembly code from softmmu_header.h
      Clean up definition of MAX_OPC_PARAM
      Fix tarbin Makefile rule

TeLeMan (6):
      configure: fix the static compilation for sdl
      qemu-img: use the heap instead of the huge stack array for win32
      target-i386: fix commit c22549204a6edc431e8e4358e61bd56386ff6957
      usb-bus: fix no params
      fix chardev_init for win32
      vmstate: fix breakage by 7e72abc382b700a72549e8147bdea413534eeedc

Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo (2):
      ide: Use some already defined page macros instead of constants
      ide: implement stub for audio control/volume read

Thomas Horsten (1):
      Handle TFTP ERROR from client

Thomas Monjalon (10):
      restore CFLAGS check for conflict and fix recursive CFLAGS issue
      target-ppc: better support of e300 CPU core
      target-ppc: add declarations of microcontrollers based on e300
      target-ppc: simpler definitions for microcontrollers based on e300
      e1000: fix build on Ubuntu with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
      microblaze: fix custom fprintf
      fix old typos in help header
      target-ppc: remove dead code
      target-ppc: fix RFI by clearing some bits of MSR
      target-ppc: remove useless line

Tom Lendacky (1):
      virtio-net: fix network stall under load

Torsten Duwe (1):
      Fix segfault of qemu-system-arm with PXA target

Tristan Gingold (2):
      Fix powerpc 604 reset vector
      target-ppc: fix typo in _cpu_ppc_load_decr

Ulrich Hecht (11):
      pipe argument should not be signed
      64-bit clean socketcall syscall
      wrap path for access syscall
      getrlimit conversion mix-up
      linux-user: fcntl fixes for LTP
      linux-user: enable getdents for > 32-bit systems
      linux-user: fadvise64 implementation
      linux-user: zero fstat buffer to initialize nsec fields
      implementations of dup3 and fallocate that are good enough to fool LTP
      linux-user: getpriority errno fix
      linux-user: KD/VT/FB ioctls

Uri Lublin (4):
      migrate.c: migrate_fd_put_buffer: Do not busyloop: stop writing if EWOULDBLOCK
      exec-migration: handle EINTR in popen_get_buffer()
      migrate_fd_close: delete associated io-handler before closing the fd
      Makefile: make qemu-img dependant on config-host.h

Vagrant Cascadian (2):
      audio/alsa: Spelling typo (paramters)
      spelling typo (compatibilty) in hw/fw_cfg.c

Vijay Kumar (1):
      Check block driver read error in pflash_cfi0x

Vince Weaver (2):
      target-alpha: fix extlh instruction
      alpha: fix stat64 issue

Xiantao Zhang (1):
      Build fix for !CONFIG_GDBSTUB case

Yan Vugenfirer (1):
      VirtIO: Fix QEMU crash during Windows PNP tests

Yoshiaki Tamura (4):
      Introduce wrapper functions to access phys_ram_dirty.
      Replace direct phys_ram_dirty access with wrapper functions.
      migration: use qemu_free() instead of free().
      migration-tcp: call migrate_fd_error() instead of close() and free().

Zachary Amsden (4):
      Don't segfault when changing VNC password on an SDL display.
      When using stdio monitor and VNC display, one can set or clear a VNC password; this should set or turn off VNC authentication as well.
      Clean up VGA type selection; far too many variables being used to track one state leads to confusion if new variables are added.
      Add a configure switch to enable / disable all user targets. I felt compelled to do it for symmetry, mostly it is useful to disable user targets when you don't want to build them.

aliguori (672):
      Fix -daemonize option
      Fix SDL problems with BGR displays (Avi Kivity)
      Fix task register type after reset (Avi Kivity)
      Save 3MB ioport table memory (Samuel Thibault)
      Enable VDE by default if library is present.
      Add e1000 etherboot ROM from http://www.rom-o-matic.net
      Attempt to detect unconnected ptys (Gerd Hoffman)
      vmware backdoor interface fix (Chris Lalancette)
      Add IP checksumming functions to qemu (Gerd Hoffmann)
      e1000: use common checksumming code
      Update sys-queue.h (Gerd Hoffmann)
      Move audio/sys-queue.h => sys-queue.h
      Ask password when encrypted disk image is used (Laurent Vivier)
      qemu-img: set encrypted disk image password (Laurent Vivier)
      Revert 4977.  Laurent asked for this not to be applied but I mistakenly applied
      Set focus to monitor to ask password if line is	multiplexed (Laurent Vivier)
      Fix compilation of nbd on Solaris (Andreas Faerber)
      only check RCTL_EN in e1000_can_receive()
      Fix gnutls autodetection when using a cross-compiler.
      Upgrade emulated UART to 16550A (Stefano Stabellini)
      IDE SEEK_STAT flag
      serial: Always update iir, even when ier is empty (Samuel Thibault)
      qcow2: Extract code from get_cluster_offset() (Laurent Vivier)
      Divide get_cluster_offset() (Laurent Vivier)
      Extract compressing part from alloc_cluster_offset() (Laurent Vivier)
      qcow2: Aggregate same type clusters (Laurent Vivier)
      qcow2: Make sure to return an error when L2 table loading fails
      qcow2: Try to aggregate free clusters and freed clusters (Laurent Vivier)
      Cancel IDE outstanding IO on device reset (Gleb Natapov)
      Report unmapped addresses in memory_dump (Jan Kiszka)
      APIC: Do not start zero-period timers (Jan Kiszka)
      i386: Catch all non-present ptes in cpu_get_phys_page_debug (Jan Kiszka)
      Revert r4979 since it breaks the monitor
      Remove unnecessary #includes from block-nbd.c
      Silence vmport unless DEBUG is enabled.
      Fix windows build
      husb: support for USB host device auto disconnect (Max Krasnyansky)
      husb: support for USB host device auto connect (Max Krasnyansky)
      usb: generic packet handler cleanup and documentation (Max Krasnyansky)
      uhci: rewrite UHCI emulator, fully async operation with multiple outstanding transactions (Max Krasnyansky)
      husb: rewrite Linux host USB layer, fully async operation (Max Krasnyansky)
      husb: remove disconnect detection timer (Max Krasnyansky)
      husb: Fixup printfs and stuff based on the review comments (Max Krasnyansky)
      uhci: fixes for save/load-vm (Max Krasnyansky)
      Handle terminating signals (Gerd Hoffmann)
      add DisplayState->idle (Samuel Thibault)
      add container_of() macro to osdep.h (Gerd Hoffmann)
      move GUI_REFRESH_INTERVAL define from vl.c to console.h (Gerd Hoffmann)
      Ignore IDE command if issued while IDE is busy (Gleb Natapov)
      VNC: Support for ExtendedKeyEvent client message
      Do not try to use -net user as a default when slirp disabled (Jeremy Fitzhardinge)
      Fix up pxe boot (Glauber Costa)
      Add gitignore file
      qemu-nbd: remove useless parameter from nbd_negotiate() (Laurent Vivier)
      Use signalfd() to work around signal/select race
      Add missing files from previous commit.
      Fix the build on non-Linux systems
      Make sure to read siginfo from signalfd
      Only build compatfd when using AIO and make sure to always init AIO
      uhci: Change default transaction lifetime to 32 frames (Max Krasnyansky)
      Let snapshot work with protocols
      husb: Make control transactions asynchronous (Max Krasnyansky)
      usb: Support for removing device by host addr, improved auto filter syntax (Max Krasnyansky)
      Use common objects for qemu-img and qemu-nbd
      Make page_find() return 0 for too-large addresses (Eduardo Habkost)
      Right now, kvm keeps the memory allocation split, so we can
      vnc dynamic resolution (Stefano Stabellini)
      WMVi extension support (Stefano Stabellini)
      Make sure to define fd_open when not on Linux
      block-raw is not a protocol
      Do not allow AIO to be inited multiple times
      Don't use sprintf() or strcpy()
      scsi-generic: correct usage of memset() (Laurent Vivier)
      scsi-generic: correct 6-bytes commands transfer length (Laurent Vivier)
      LSI SCSI: raise UDC on infinite loop (Marcelo Tosatti)
      Refactor AIO to allow multiple AIO implementations
      fixing keymap for Windows keys (Stefano Stabellini)
      Fix formatting of documentation (Stefan Weil)
      Relax posix-aio restrictions on newer glibcs
      scsi-generic: decode correctly SCSI tape commands (Laurent Vivier)
      Add missing dependencies for qemu-doc.* (Stefan Weil)
      64 bit truncation in code_gen_buffer_size calculation (Jes Sorensen)
      fix bug in block-qcow2.c:alloc_cluster_offset() (Shahar Frank)
      Fix build on FreeBSD
      Implement an fd pool to get real AIO with posix-aio
      Fix build on non-Linux unices
      Really fix the BSD build this time
      Allocate code gen buffer properly on FreeBSD
      Fix whitespace damage in compatfd
      Make compatfd fallback more robust
      Fix save/restore regression introduced by r5318
      Refactor QEMUFile for live migration
      Allow the monitor to be suspended during non-blocking op
      Add bdrv_flush_all()
      Add dirty tracking for live migration
      Introduce v3 of savevm protocol
      Switch the memory savevm handler to be "live"
      Add sparse checker support to the build system (Gerd Hoffman)
      Add USB sys file-system support (v8) (TJ)
      machine struct - use C99 initializers (Jes Sorensen)
      machine struct - specify max_cpus at the per machine level (Jes Sorensen)
      add help text for --enable-sparse (Gerd Hoffman)
      Fix IO performance regression in sparc
      Fix IDE DIAGNOSE for packet devices (Vincent Sanders)
      Make sure to initialize fd_sets in aio.c
      Fix some issues with QEMUFile
      Introduce a buffered file wrapper for QEMUFile
      Introduce UI for live migration
      Introduce ethernet announcement function.
      Introduce TCP live migration protocol
      Expand cache= option and use write-through caching by default
      Define O_DSYNC as O_SYNC if necessary.
      Fix previous commit (spotted by Robert Riebisch).
      Fix broken USB support for Linux host (Bjorn Danielsson)
      Keep usb host scanning from leaking file descriptors
      protect exec-all.h frm multiple inclusion (Glauber Costa)
      Fix windows build after migration changes
      Live migration for Win32 (Hervé Poussineau)
      Fix possibly SEGV in tcp migration error case.
      Fix whitespace in migration code.
      fix off-by-one generating vmdk backing files (Avi Kivity)
      Fix restore of older snapshots for target-i386 on big endian hosts
      Make bottom halves more robust
      Make DMA bottom-half driven (v2)
      fix bdrv_aio_read API breakage in qcow2 (Andrea Arcangeli)
      Implement "info chardev" command. (Gerd Hoffmann)
      Clarify qemu_bh_schedule_idle() usage
      Main loop fixes/cleanup
      Increase default IO timeout from 10ms to 5s
      Move some declarations around in the QEMU CharDriver code
      Move CharDriverState code out of vl.c
      Move network redirection code out of vl.c and into net.c
      Remove extraneous inline keyword.
      Remove dumb_refresh
      Add additional CPU flag definitions
      Split CPUID from op_helper
      Add KVM support to QEMU
      Add --kerneldir configure argument
      Add missing files to KVM commit.
      Allow KVM to be used on either 32-bit or 64-bit x86
      Fix alarm_timer race with select - v3 (Jan Kiszka)
      Improve error reporting in init_timer_alarm
      Use qemu_set_fd_handler2() to determine when alarm timer fires.
      Run timers from host alarm timer callback
      Fix windows build after init_host_timer changes.
      Make sure to resume the monitor only after flushing out outstanding
      Use an option rom instead of boot sector for -kernel
      KVM: simplify kvm_cpu_exec hook
      Reintroduce migrate-to-exec: support (Charles Duffy)
      sockets: helper functions for qemu (Gerd Hoffman)
      sockets: switch vnc to new code, support vnc port auto-allocation (Gerd Hoffman)
      sockets: switch over tcp/telnet/unix serial line to new helper functions (Gerd Hoffman)
      windows cdrom cache flush (Stefano Stabellini)
      Move the things that aren't target specific to libqemu_common.a.
      Split savevm code into savevm.c
      Define OS-dependent qemu_getpagesize() (Hollis Blanchard)
      Allocate guest memory on host page boundaries (Hollis Blanchard)
      Fix -linux-user build by reverting r5701
      fix some variable initizalization issues (Stefano Stabellini)
      Fix brown-paper-bag bugs from live-migration patch (Charles Duffy)
      copyright & license for qemu_sockets.c (Gerd Hoffman)
      Define kvm_ioctl in the same way as ioctl
      block: make raw aio signaling non-blocking (Gerd Hoffman)
      Fix CPUID ext2 features masking (Avi Kivity)
      x86: fix warning without CONFIG_KVM (Mark McLoughlin)
      Make KVM slot management more robust
      Convert CPU_PC_FROM_TB to static inline (Jan Kiszka)
      Refactor translation block CPU state handling (Jan Kiszka)
      gdbstub: Return appropriate watch message to gdb (Jan Kiszka)
      Refactor and enhance break/watchpoint API (Jan Kiszka)
      Set mem_io_vaddr on io_read (Jan Kiszka)
      Respect length of watchpoints (Jan Kiszka)
      Restore pc on watchpoint hits (Jan Kiszka)
      Remove premature memop TB terminations (Jan Kiszka)
      gdbstub: manage CPUs as threads (Jan Kiszka)
      Introduce BP_WATCHPOINT_HIT flag (Jan Kiszka)
      Add debug exception hook (Jan Kiszka)
      Introduce BP_CPU as a breakpoint type (Jan Kiszka)
      x86: Debug register emulation (Jan Kiszka)
      x86: Dump debug registers (Jan Kiszka)
      Fix Windows build
      Add 40-bit DMA support to LSI scsi emulation (Ryan Harper)
      Fix media detection on emulated CDROM (Gary Grebus)
      kvm: de-register mem region for MMIO (Glauber Costa)
      Make KVMSlot a real structure
      Fix typo when using TARGET_FMT_plx and LSI_DEBUG (Ryan Harper)
      uImage: don't leak file data or file descriptor (Hollis Blanchard)
      uImage: implement gzip support (Hollis Blanchard)
      uImage: return base load address (Hollis Blanchard)
      uImage: rename load_uboot() to	load_uimage() (Hollis Blanchard)
      uImage: only try to load 'kernel' images (Hollis Blanchard)
      e1000 VLAN offload emulation (Alex Williamson)
      Introduce accessors for DisplayState (Stefano Stabellini)
      better type checking for vga (Glauber Costa)
      move vga_io_address to VGA State (Glauber Costa)
      kvm: Introduce kvm logging interface (Glauber Costa)
      vga optimization (Glauber Costa)
      i386: remove unused function prototypes (Laurent Desnogues)
      Revert r5636 to fix icount on hosts w/o high-res clocks
      Abstract out geometry detection code from IDE for reuse
      Add TAILQ_FOREACH_SAFE (Jan Kiszka)
      Use sys-queue.h for break/watchpoint managment (Jan Kiszka)
      Fix register name typo in dumping debug registers (Jan Kiszka)
      Exclude unix: from vnc call to unix_listen() (Ryan Harper)
      Remove tabs from qcow_aio_read_cb(). (Gleb Natapov)
      Introduce new helper function	qcow_shedule_bh() (Gleb Natapov)
      Write table offset and size in one syscall (Gleb Natapov)
      Cleanup {alloc|get}_cluster_offset() (Gleb Natapov)
      Change order of metadata update to prevent loosing guest data because of unexpected exit (Gleb Natapov)
      Introduce fls() helper
      Virtio core support
      Add virtio-blk support
      Remove TARGET_PAGE_SIZE from virtio interface (Hollis Blanchard)
      Define fls() in terms of clz32().
      Add ballooning infrastructure.
      Add virtio-balloon support
      Add missing file from previous commit.
      Fix windows build after virtio changes
      Use writeback caching by default with qcow2
      do boundary check based on absolute value (Glauber  Costa)
      Make struct iovec universally available
      Disable KVM support if the kernel modules have broken memory slot handling
      KVM: Coalesced MMIO support
      Fix off-by-one bug limiting VNC passwords to 7 chars (Chris Webb)
      Accept password as an argument to 'change vnc password' monitor command (Chris Webb)
      LSI53C895A: Rename dmbs register to dbms (Ryan Harper)
      Add 64-bit Block Move support (Direct & Table Indirect) (Ryan Harper)
      Fix crash in kvm.c (Stefan Weil)
      Fix handling of disk-only snapshots (Kevin Wolf)
      pci: add default pci subsystem id for all devices (Gerd Hoffman)
      pci: virtio: use pci id defines (Gerd Hoffman)
      Replace posix-aio with custom thread pool
      Make sure to link librt if we need to.
      Correctly initialize msr list in KVM
      Initialize msr list size properly in KVM
      kvm: sync vcpu state during initialization (Hollis Blanchard)
      virtio-net support
      Add support for tap vectored send
      Use saner types for virtio-net
      This should have been added in Gerd's previous commit.
      Update to the latest Bochs BIOS
      Use kernel.org git mirror instead of repo.or.cz.  The kernel.org git
      Update VGA BIOS
      Handle suspend in qemu (Gleb Natapov)
      Add HPET emulation to qemu (Beth Kon)
      Fix the build for non-x86/ppc targets
      Make sure ACPI structures are byte-aligned
      Add BIOS build instructions (Andre Przywara)
      Add patch to allow Bochs patch queue to be built from another directory.
      Remove obsolete VGABIOS patch.
      Update to latest Bochs BIOS
      Properly handle the case of SetPixelEncodings with a length of zero.
      Parse --cc and --cross-prefix earlier and use CC to determine cpu and host
      fix usb-hid SET_IDLE behaviour (Stefano Stabellini)
      Fix compressed qcow2 (Gleb Natapov)
      qcow2: Fix cluster allocation (Kevin Wolf)
      add "serial" parameter to -drive flag (Gleb Natapov)
      snapshot subcommand for qemu-img (Kevin Wolf)
      Add a model string to VLANClientState (Mark McLoughlin)
      Assign a name to each VLAN client (Mark McLoughlin)
      Add qemu_format_nic_info_str() (Mark McLoughlin)
      add missing MAC address to info_str for some NICs (Mark McLoughlin)
      Add a -net name=foo parameter (Mark McLoughlin)
      virtio-net migration fix (Mark McLoughlin)
      Fix build breakage introduced by r6219
      Add model field to nic info (Mark McLoughlin)
      Redirect slirp traffic to/from qemu character device (Gleb Natapov)
      Add slirp_restrict option (Gleb Natapov)
      Add "restrict" and "ip" option to "user" net option (Gleb Natapov)
      Add support for vmchannel socket migration (Gleb Natapov)
      qcow1: Fix compressed images (Kevin Wolf)
      qcow2: free old snapshots array upon creation of a new one (Uri Lublin)
      qemu-nbd: fix options: -b (--bind) expects an argument (IFACE) (Uri Lublin)
      Add 'set_link' monitor command (Mark McLoughlin)
      Allow devices be notified of link status change (Mark McLoughlin)
      Implement e1000 link status (Mark McLoughlin)
      Implement virtio_net link status (Mark McLoughlin)
      IDE: Return zero when reading error register with slave selected (Justin Chevrier)
      Enable ac97 by default
      fix configuring kvm probe when using --kerneldir (Christian Ehrhardt)
      Fix race in POSIX AIO emulation (Jan Kiszka)
      RTL8139: Latch C+ mode state instead of inferring it from C+ Command register (Avi Kivity)
      Add qemu_check_nic_model() and qemu_check_nic_model_list() (Mark McLoughlin)
      Fix tap downscript argument (Mark McLoughlin)
      Check NIC model in some NIC init functions (Mark McLoughlin)
      Make pci_nic_init() use qemu_setup_nic_model() (Mark McLoughlin)
      Update bochs bios
      Make virtio_net_init() return void (Mark McLoughlin)
      add virtio-console support (Christian Ehrhardt)
      Add missing files from last commit.
      add virtio-console cmdline option (Christian Ehrhardt)
      add virtio-console initializer for x86 (Christian Ehrhardt)
      add virtio-console initializer for powerpc (Christian Ehrhardt)
      Add -rtc-td-hack option to fix time drift with RTC on Windows (Gleb Natapov)
      Adopt cpu_copy to new breakpoint API (Jan Kaszka)
      add a -vga none cli option (Stefano Stabellini)
      bdrv_write should not stop on partial write (Gleb Natapov)
      Return -errno on write failure (Gleb Natapov)
      Handle SDL grabs failing (Mark McLoughlin)
      Fix kvm configure test for PPC
      powerpc/kvm: Fix a uninitialized bug (Liu Yu)
      powerpc/kvm: fix a openpic bug (Liu Yu)
      powerpc/kvm: enable POWERPC_MMU_BOOKE_FSL when kvm is enabled (Liu Yu)
      Fix Windows build (Hervé Poussineau)
      qemu-img: Fix type of getopt return value (Kevin Wolf)
      Clean up debugging code #ifdefs (Eduardo Habkost)
      Define macros that will become the new logging API (Eduardo Habkost)
      report issues causing the kvm probe to fail (Christian Ehrhardt)
      remove bgr (Stefano Stabellini)
      DisplayState interface change (Stefano Stabellini)
      exploiting the new interface in vnc.c (Stefano Stabellini)
      Convert references to logfile/loglevel to use qemu_log*() macros
      global s/fflush(logfile)/qemu_log_flush()/ (Eduardo Habkost)
      global s/loglevel & X/qemu_loglevel_mask(X)/ (Eduardo Habkost)
      Fix uninitialized variable warning
      graphical_console_init change (Stefano Stabellini)
      fix screendump (Stefano Stabellini)
      Fix compilation of blizzard.c
      Fix character devices after DisplayState refactoring
      Remove assumption about a single graphic console.
      Squash warnings in console.c
      Make sure monitor appears as a vc
      Remove dumb_display (Stefan Stabellini)
      Always return latest pmsts instead of the old one (Xiantao Zhang)
      Drop OP_CFLAGS (Avi Kivity)
      Consolidate compiler invocations (Avi Kivity)
      Introduce rules.mak (Avi Kivity)
      Consolidate linker rules (Avi Kivity)
      Make make output quieter (Avi Kivity)
      Consolidate library creation (Avi Kivity)
      cirrus: unmap vram on reset (Jan Kiszka)
      cirrus: stop dirty logging during remaps (Jan Kiszka)
      cirrus: avoid resetting vga dirty logging unnecessarily (Avi Kivity)
      cirrus: cleanup reset handler (Jan Kiszka)
      cirrus: unify unmapping of vram (Jan Kiszka)
      Adds null check for DisplayStatus (Stefano Stabellini)
      Stop VM on ENOSPC error. (Gleb Natapov)
      fix curses interface (Stefano Stabellini)
      re-fix screendump (Stefano Stabellini)
      Add BIOS fixes from KVM tree
      Fix build with --disable-sdl
      Add target memory mapping API (Avi Kivity)
      Add map client retry notification (Avi Kivity)
      I/O vector helpers (Avi Kivity)
      Vectored block device API (Avi Kivity)
      Convert IDE to directly access guest memory (Avi Kivity)
      monitor-mux: fix timestamp prefixes (Jan Kiszka)
      install man-pages as non-executables (Andre Przywara)
      Extend gitignore (Jan Kiszka)
      Rework vm_state_change notifiers (Jan Kiszka)
      Fix warning in ide.c
      block-qcow2: keep highest allocated byte (Uri Lublin)
      block-qcow2: export highest_allocated through BlockDriverInfo and get_info() (Uri Lublin)
      info blockstats: show highest_allocated if exists (Uri Lublin)
      qcow2 format: keep 'num_free_bytes', and show it upon 'info blockstats' (Uri Lublin)
      qemu-img: info: show highest_alloc and num_free_bytes if exist (Uri Lublin)
      Stop VM on error in scsi-disk (Gleb Natapov)
      Stop VM on error in virtio-blk. (Gleb Natapov)
      linux-user: add qemu_realloc() implementation to unbreak the build (Gerd Hoffman)
      Use macros for virtio-net PCI vendor/device IDs (Mark McLoughlin)
      Add macro for virtio-console PCI device ID (Mark McLoughlin)
      Use the default subsystem vendor ID for virtio  devices (Mark McLoughlin)
      vnc fixes and improvements (Stefano Stabellini)
      Define PCI vendor and device IDs in pci.h (Stuart Brady)
      Enabled building of x86_64 code on Mac OS X (Alexander Graf)
      Handle link status in qemu_sendv_packet() (Mark McLoughlin)
      Add reset irq state for ps2 reboot callback (Dor Laor)
      Move definition of rgb_to_pixel_dup_table (Nathan Froyd)
      build system: Further improve quiet mode (Jan Kiszka)
      qemu iovec: keep track of total size, allow partial copies (Gerd Hoffman)
      MTRR support on x86 (Carl-Daniel Hailfinger)
      Remove the advertising clause from the slirp license
      Log reset events (Jan Kiszka)
      x86: Issue reset on triple faults (Jan Kiszka)
      block-vpc: Split up struct vpc_subheader (Kevin Wolf)
      block-vpc: Adapt header structures to official documentation (Kevin Wolf)
      block-vpc: Fix disk size (Kevin Wolf)
      block-vpc: Use the qemu block layer (Kevin Wolf)
      block-vpc: Write support (Kevin Wolf)
      block-vpc: Create images (Kevin Wolf)
      Check if the i8254 timer is active before deactivating it (Alexander Graf)
      kvm-x86: Remove eflags conversion into emulator format (Jan Kiszka)
      block-vpc: Fix support for images > 4 GB (Kevin Wolf)
      fix signed/unsigned overflows in SCSI disk (Rik van Riel)
      support >2TB SCSI disks (Rik van Riel)
      SCSI divide capacity by s->cluster_size (Rik van Riel)
      fix raw_aio_read\write error handling (Stefano Stabellini)
      Don't notify virtio devices before S_DRIVER_OK (Mark McLoughlin)
      MTRR support on x86, part 2 (Carl-Daniel Hailfinger)
      Use new logging API in reset handling (Jan Kiszka)
      Fix a typo in ext2_feature_name (Carl-Daniel Hailfinger)
      check SCSI read/write requests against max LBA (Rik van Riel)
      Split VNC defines to vnc.h (Alexander Graf)
      Use VNC protocol defines (Alexander Graf)
      Fix invalid #if in vnc.c when debugging is enabled (Alexander Graf)
      Add some tight awareness to vnc.c (Alexander Graf)
      Move buffer functions up (Alexander Graf)
      Move the framebuffer update package out (Alexander Graf)
      Add zlib encoding support (Alexander Graf)
      Implement FFXSR (Alexander Graf)
      Add phenom CPU descriptor (Alexander Graf)
      Remove accidental addition of local patch.
      Add a scatter-gather list type and accessors (Avi Kivity)
      Add qemu_iovec_reset() (Avi Kivity)
      Introduce block dma helpers (Avi Kivity)
      Convert IDE to use new dma helpers (Avi Kivity)
      Terminate emulation on memory allocation failure (Avi Kivity)
      block: remove error handling from qemu_malloc() callers (Avi Kivity)
      audio: remove error handling from qemu_malloc() callers (Avi Kivity)
      hw: remove error handling from qemu_malloc() callers (Avi Kivity)
      targets: remove error handling from qemu_malloc() callers (Avi Kivity)
      toplevel: remove error handling from qemu_malloc() callers (Avi Kivity)
      qemu:virtio-net: Save status and add some save infrastructure (Alex Williamson)
      qemu:virtio-net: Allow setting the MAC address via set_config (Alex Williamson)
      qemu:virtio-net: Define ETH_ALEN for use when manipulating MAC addresses (Alex Williamson)
      qemu:virtio-net: Add a virtqueue for control commands from the guest (Alex Williamson)
      qemu:virtio-net: Add promiscuous and all-multicast mode bits (Alex Williamson)
      qemu:virtio-net: Enable filtering based on MAC, promisc, broadcast and allmulti (Alex Williamson)
      qemu:virtio-net: Add additional MACs via a filter table (Alex Williamson)
      qemu:virtio-net: Add VLAN filtering (Alex Williamson)
      Revert changes to fmopl.c
      Replace exit() in oom_check with abort()
      KVM: CPUID takes ecx as input value for some functions (Amit Shah)
      KVM: Fetch sub-leaf cpuid values for functions 4, 0xb, 0xd. (Amit Shah)
      KVM: Get all cpuid values from function 2 (Amit Shah)
      Update PC BIOS to latest bits from Bochs
      Add BIOS patches necessary for hotplug (Marcelo Tosatti)
      Add a description for the set_link monitor command.
      qemu: add pci helper functions (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: return PCIDevice on net device init and record devfn (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: dynamic drive/drive_opt index allocation (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: dynamic nic info index allocation (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: drive removal support (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: record devfn on block driver instance (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: move drives_opt for external use (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: net/drive add/remove tweaks (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: add net_client_uninit / qemu_find_vlan_client (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: add cpu_unregister_io_memory and make io mem table index dynamic (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: add qemu_free_irqs (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: add pci_unregister_device (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: warn if PCI region is not power of two (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: LSI SCSI and e1000 unregister callbacks (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: zero ioport_opaque on isa_unassign_ioport (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: initialize hot add system / acpi gpe (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: pci hotplug GPE support (Marcelo Tosatti)
      Parse full PCI device addresses (Markus Armbruster)
      qemu: PCI device, disk and host network hot-add / hot-remove (Marcelo Tosatti)
      Fix qemu_realloc() (Kevin Wolf)
      monitor: Don't change VNC server when disabled (Jan Kiszka)
      KVM: cpuid function 2: store all values (Amit Shah)
      Support multiple VNC clients (Brian Kress)
      Fix hardware accelerated video to video copy on Cirrus VGA (Brian Kress)
      specify vmchannel as a net option (Gleb Natapov)
      Fix GPE registers read/write handling. (Gleb Natapov)
      Generate PCI hotplug interrupt only if corespondent EN bit is set. (Gleb Natapov)
      virtio: Remove malloc failure checks (Jan Kiszka)
      fix raw_aio_remove (Stefano Stabellini)
      fix pci net hot-remove (Marcelo Tosatti)
      Missing cirrus_invalidate_region() in cirrus_do_copy() (Brian Kress)
      net socket verify packet size (Dustin Kirkland)
      Do not enable a default virtio console
      x86: use qemu_log_mask on triple faults (Chris Wright)
      Allow additions of ACPI tables from command line (Gleb Natapov)
      Unify default parallel console size (Jan Kiszka)
      chroot and change user support (Nolan)
      Remove some warnings and fix windows build.
      Change default werror semantics from "report" to "enospc"
      Fix CVE-2008-0928 - insufficient block device address range checking (Anthony Liguori)
      Fix SDL on evdev hosts (Anthony Liguori)
      Update cocoa.m to match new DisplayState code (Samuel Benson)
      Add version information for 0.10.0 release.
      lsi: add ISTAT1 register read (Ryan Harper)
      Fix cpuid KVM crash on i386 (Lubomir Rintel)
      char: Fix initial reset (Jan Kiszka)
      char-mux: Use separate input buffers (Jan Kiszka)
      block: Polish error handling of brdv_open2 (Jan Kiszka)
      block: Improve bdrv_iterate (Jan Kiszka)
      block: Introduce bdrv_get_encrypted_filename (Jan Kiszka)
      monitor: Use reasonable default virtual console size (Jan Kiszka)
      monitor: Report encrypted disks in snapshot mode (Jan Kiszka)
      monitor: Rework early disk password inquiry (Jan Kiszka)
      monitor: Simplify password input mode (Jan Kiszka)
      monitor: Break out readline_show_prompt (Jan Kiszka)
      monitor: Rework modal password input (Jan Kiszka)
      monitor: Rework API (Jan Kiszka)
      monitor: Rework terminal management (Jan Kiszka)
      monitor: Drop banner hiding (Jan Kiszka)
      monitor: Introduce ReadLineState (Jan Kiszka)
      monitor: Decouple terminals (Jan Kiszka)
      monitor: Improve mux'ed console experience (Jan Kiszka)
      monitor: Introduce MONITOR_USE_READLINE flag (Jan Kiszka)
      monitor: Pass-through for gdbstub (Jan Kiszka)
      Fix bug in TLS authentication ("Daniel P. Berrange")
      Enhance 'info vnc' monitor output ("Daniel P. Berrange")
      Refactor keymap code to avoid duplication ("Daniel P. Berrange")
      Move VNC structs into header file ("Daniel P. Berrange")
      Move TLS auth into separate file ("Daniel P. Berrange")
      Add SASL authentication support ("Daniel P. Berrange")
      Include auth credentials in 'info vnc' ("Daniel P. Berrange")
      Support ACLs for controlling VNC access ("Daniel P. Berrange")
      Remove tabs introduced from VNC ACL series
      Add missing file from previous commit
      Add more missing files
      Remove unnecessary prefix on SDL_syswm.h.  This fixes the build for certain
      Fix windows build and clean up use of <windows.h>
      Revert r6408
      Revert r6407
      Revert r6406
      Revert r6405
      Revert r6404
      Add specialized block driver scsi generic API (Avi Kivity)
      Add internal scsi generic block API (Avi Kivity)
      Drop internal bdrv_pread()/bdrv_pwrite() APIs (Avi Kivity)
      Guest debugging support for KVM (Jan Kiszka)
      monitor: sync from kvm state before generating output (Jan Kiszka)
      From 67e94ae77f8de4d5d822917f1723cefa7ebfb64d Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
      Fix regression introduced by r6824
      DisplayAllocator interface (Stefano Stabellini)
      remove is_graphic_console from vga.c (Stefano Stabellini)
      Add and use remaining #defines for PCI device IDs (Stuart Brady)
      monitor: Provide empty command as final history entry (Jan Kiszka)
      Replace asprintf() with snprintf() in vnc.c ("Daniel P. Berrange")
      make qemu_announce_self handle non contiguous net tables (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu:virtio-net: Check return size on the correct sg list (Alex Williamson)
      Update changelog
      Add missing file
      stop dirty logging while updating cirrus bank memory (Glauber Costa)
      temporarily disable logging around pci config writes (Avi Kivity)
      vnc: cleanup surface handling, fix screen corruption bug. (Gerd Hoffmann)
      vnc: fix printf warnings showing up with VNC_DEBUG enabled. (Gerd Hoffmann)
      vnc: throttle screen updates. (Gerd Hoffmann)
      x86: Add NULL check to lsl (Jan Kiszka)
      e1000: Fix RX descriptor low threshold interrupt logic (Alex Williamson)
      virtio: Allow guest to defer VIRTIO_F_NOTIFY_ON_EMPTY (Alex Williamson)
      Refactor aio callback allocation to use an aiocb pool (Avi Kivity)
      Convert vectored aio emulation to use a dedicated pool (Avi Kivity)
      Implement cancellation method for dma async I/O (Avi Kivity)
      Use vectored aiocb storage to store vector translation state (Avi Kivity)
      Move block dma helpers aiocb to store dma state (Avi Kivity)
      host_device_remove: remove incorrect check for device name (Eduardo Habkost)
      Fix vectored aio bounce handling immediate errors (Avi Kivity)
      Fix DMA API when handling an immediate error from block layer (Avi Kivity)
      new scsi-generic abstraction, use SG_IO (Christoph Hellwig)
      get roms more room. (Glauber Costa)
      gdbstub: Drop redundant memset after qemu_mallocz (Jan Kiszka)
      musicpal: Fix regression caused by 6839 (Jan Kiszka)
      Remove nodisk_ok machine feature (Jan Kiszka)
      Fix monitor command (screendump) (Stefan Weil)
      Clean some PCI defines (Stefan Weil)
      add qemu_iovec_init_external (Christoph Hellwig)
      virtio-blk: use generic vectored I/O APIs (Christoph Hellwig)
      Use the DMA api to map virtio elements.
      ROM write access for debugging (Jan Kiszka)
      kvm: Drop kvm_patch_opcode_byte (Jan Kiszka)
      Introducing qcow2 extensions (Uri Lublin)
      block: support known backing format for image create and open (Uri Lublin)
      block-qcow2: keep backing file format in a qcow2 extension (Uri Lublin)
      qemu-img: adding a "-F base_fmt" option to "qemu-img create -b" (Uri Lublin)
      char: Fix closing of various char devices (Jan Kiszka)
      gdbstub: Allow re-instantiation (Jan Kiszka)
      remove dead code in bdrv_check_request (Christoph Hellwig)
      check for bs->drv in bdrv_flush (Christoph Hellwig)
      fix format string warnings in block-qcow2.c (Christoph Hellwig)
      Remove dead AIO code for win32
      Fix oops on 2.6.25 guest (Rusty Russell)
      Document QEMU coding style (v2) (Avi Kivity)
      Fix (at least one cause of) qcow2 corruption. (Nolan Leake)
      Add host_device support to qemu-img. (Nolan Leake)
      build system: silent generation of doc files and qemu-options.h (Jan Kiszka)
      build system: clean qemu-options.texi and gdbstub-xml.c (Jan Kiszka)
      pci_add storage: fix error handling for 'if' parameter (Eduardo Habkost)
      qcow2: fix image creation for large, > ~2TB, images (Chris Wright)
      Make binary stripping conditional (Riku Voipio)
      Fix display breakage when resizing the screen (v2) (Avi Kivity)
      qemu-io - an I/O path exerciser (Christoph Hellwig)
      Make `-icount' help fit 80 chars screen width (Robert Riebisch)
      gdbstub: Rework configuration via command line and monitor (Jan Kiszka)
      Fix the build for --disable-aio
      Fix savevm after BDRV_FILE size enforcement
      Add files not included in previous commit.
      Disable qemu-io on Win32
      propagate error on failed completion (Glauber Costa)
      create qemu_file_set_error (Glauber Costa)
      stop dirty tracking just at the end of migration (Glauber Costa)
      Remove WIN32 guard around -k
      Fix find_device_type() to correctly identify floppy disk devices; (Luca Tettamanti)
      Update Changelog to reflect 0.10.2 release
      more BlockDriver C99 initializers (Christoph Hellwig)
      remove bdrv_aio_read/bdrv_aio_write (Christoph Hellwig)
      push down vector linearization to posix-aio-compat.c (Christoph Hellwig)
      native preadv/pwritev support (Christoph Hellwig)
      Revert r6989
      Fix crash on resolution change -> screen dump -> vga redraw (Avi Kivity)
      Update the version information to 0.10.50 to signify development branch
      Make PCI config status register read-only
      kvm: Sync CPU state on reset (Jan Kiszka)
      kvm: Apply SMM-already-initialized workaround on reset (Jan Kiszka)
      kvm: Cleanup unmap condition in kvm_set_phys_mem (Jan Kiszka)
      kvm: Add sanity checks to slot management (Jan Kiszka)
      kvm: improve handling of overlapping slots (Jan Kiszka)
      vga: Fix inconsistent tracking of map_addr (Jan Kiszka)
      vga: Cleanup dirty logging (Jan Kiszka)
      Remove stray GSO code from virtio_net (Mark McLoughlin)
      struct iovec is now universally available (Mark McLoughlin)
      Fix error handling in net_client_init() (Mark McLoughlin)
      Don't fail PCI hotplug if no NIC model is supplied (Mark McLoughlin)
      Remove some useless malloc() checking (Mark McLoughlin)
      Remove NICInfo from e1000 and mipsnet state (Mark McLoughlin)
      Add unregister_savevm() (Mark McLoughlin)
      Use NICInfo::model for eepro100 savevm ID string (Mark McLoughlin)
      Introduce VLANClientState::cleanup() (Mark McLoughlin)
      Free VLANClientState using qemu_free() (Mark McLoughlin)
      qemu: Add prototype and make qemu_uuid_parse() non-static (Alex Williamson)
      qemu: Add support for SMBIOS command line otions (Alex Williamson)
      qcow2 corruption: Fix alloc_cluster_link_l2 (Kevin Wolf)
      kvm: Fix cpuid initialization (Jan Kiszka)
      hpet: Fix emulation of HPET_TN_SETVAL (Jan Kiszka)
      Fix non-ACPI Timer Interrupt Routing (Beth Kon)
      buildsytem: consistently use install (Christoph Egger)
      a couple of qemu-io fixes (Christoph Hellwig)
      x86: Enhanced dump of segment registers (Jan Kiszka)
      monitor: Update command help (Jan Kiszka)
      qemu-io: Fix handling of bdrv_is_allocated() return value (Kevin Wolf)
      qemu-io: Verify read data by patterns (Kevin Wolf)
      net: Check device passed to host_net_remove (Jan Kiszka)
      net: Fix -net socket,listen (Jan Kiszka)
      net: Add parameter checks for VLAN clients (Jan Kiszka)
      slirp: Handle DHCP requests for specific IP (Jan Kiszka)
      Allow empty params for check_params (Jan Kiszka)
      net: Add support for capturing VLANs (Jan Kiszka)
      monitor: Improve host_net_add (Jan Kiszka)
      monitor: Allow host_net_add/remove for all targets (Jan Kiszka)
      net: Untangle nested qemu_send_packet (Jan Kiszka)
      slirp: Enhance host-guest redirection setup (Jan Kiszka)
      net: Prevent multiple slirp instances (Jan Kiszka)
      added -numa cmdline parameter parser (Andre Przywara)
      add info numa command to monitor (Andre Przywara)
      sending NUMA topology to BIOS (Andre Przywara)
      qcow2: Fix warnings in check_refcount() (Kevin Wolf)
      Introduce bdrv_check (Kevin Wolf)
      Introduce qemu-img check subcommand (Kevin Wolf)
      qcow2: Refcount checking code cleanup (Kevin Wolf)
      qcow2: Add plausibility check for L1/L2 entries (Kevin Wolf)
      update .gitignore: add qemu-io (Gerd Hoffmann)
      xen: groundwork for xen support (Gerd Hoffmann)
      xen: backend driver core (Gerd Hoffmann)
      xen: add console backend driver. (Gerd Hoffmann)
      xen: add framebuffer backend driver (Gerd Hoffmann)
      xen: add block device backend driver. (Gerd Hoffmann)
      xen: add net backend driver. (Gerd Hoffmann)
      xen: blk & nic configuration via cmd line. (Gerd Hoffmann)
      xen: pv domain builder. (Gerd Hoffmann)
      simplify vga selection (Gerd Hoffmann)
      xen: add -vga xenfb option, configure xenfb (Gerd Hoffmann)
      implement qemu_blockalign (Stefano Stabellini)
      put valid data into exit_int_info if needed (Gleb Natapov)
      Change RTC time drift IRQ re-injection (Gleb Natapov)
      monitor: Fix warning in do_info_numa (Jan Kiszka)
      Fix i386-linux-user build (Laurent Desnogues)
      qemu: create helper for event notification (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: mutex/thread/cond wrappers and configure tweaks (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: per-arch cpu_has_work (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: introduce qemu_init_main_loop (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: factor out event notification / rearm alarm timer on main_loop_wait (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: refactor main_loop (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: introduce qemu_init_vcpu (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: introduce qemu_cpu_kick (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: introduce lock/unlock_iothread (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: use debug_requested global instead of cpu_exec return (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: refactor tcg cpu execution loop (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: handle stop request in main loop (Marcelo Tosatti)
      qemu: introduce iothread (Marcelo Tosatti)

aurel32 (907):
      Be consistent in -clock parameter. Display also the list of available
      Change the e1000 mmio addr space according to spec.
      Honor TMPDIR environment variable
      mtfsf: fix FPSCR_VX and FPSCR_FEX computation
      GT64XXX: fix endianness issues:
      Let the USB tablet reach the far bottom and right pixels
      Fix CVE-2008-0928 - insufficient block device address range checking
      SH4, fix several instructions
      Revert fix for CVE-2008-0928. Will be fixed in a different way later.
      TCG README fixes (Stuart Brady)
      Convert from DOS to UNIX format, no code change.
      rtl8139: fix endianness on big endian targets
      e1000: fix endianness issues
      Use float32/64 instead of float/double
      Math functions helper for CONFIG_SOFTFLOAT=yes
      SDL mouse events smoothness
      Slowdown SDL while minimized
      ds1225y nvram: Fix some bugs
      CFI: Fix AMD erase support
      Documentation for the -curses option
      Documentation update for the monitor change command
      restore rw support for vvfat
      SCI fixes
      Add KBD_CMD_SCANCODE command.
      Clean fdc.h
      Typo in curses_keys.h.
      Tell BIOS about the number of CPUs
      update from latest Bochs BIOS
      Add missing initial values for PIIX3 function 0 (PIRQRC)
      Fix ne2000_can_receive() function
      Use spinlock_t for interrupt_lock, lock support for HPPA (Stuart Brady)
      Fix mipsnet device ID, noticed by Vijay Kumar.
      x86-64: recompute DF after eflags has been modified when emulating SYSCALL
      e1000: fix unaligned access
      e1000: fix eerd registers
      e1000: add phy specific status register
      ignore reads to the EOI register
      Fix flock64 structure on a few target (noticed by Gary Thomas)
      add pread64 and pwrite64 system calls
      g364 framebuffer device
      Revert "Fix ne2000_can_receive() function".
      IDE: Improve DMA transfers by increasing the buffer size
      Remove .cvsignore.
      Add *.a and *.exe to svn:ignore
      Remove remaining .cvsignore files
      Fix single stepping wrt pending interrupts
      vmwarevga: fix PCI IO region registration
      Typo fix
      MIPS Magnum R4000 machine
      Fix vmmouse with -smp
      Implement ARM floating point exception emulation
      Update Changelog
      Always enable precise emulation when softfloat is used
      Enable softfloat by default on PowerPC
      Set svn:mime-type on hw/mips_jazz.c and hw/rc4030.c
      Revert revisions r4168 and r4169. That's work in progress, not ready for trunk yet.
      Documentation for MIPS Magnum R4000 machine.
      Braille device support
      Set mime-type of *.texi files to text/plain" from application/x-texinfo.
      Simplify PICA 61 emulation
      Update Changelog
      unlink the bs from bdrv-list upon bdrv_delete(bs)
      3DNow! instruction set emulation
      Remove hardcoded values in x86 CPU definitions
      Implement break for the pl011, based on a patch from Jason Wessel.
      Fix typo in x86 CPU definitions introduced in r4181
      Check for 3DNow! CPUID at translation time
      Move target-arm/nwfpe into linux-user/arm/nwfpe
      Fix few spelling issues in comments
      Fix compiler warnings
      Remove unused phys_ram_base definition from target-i386/helper.c.
      Optimize MIPS timer read/write functions
      Remove osdep.c/qemu-img code duplication
      Stop before shutdown
      Add help for -no-shutdown and -no-quit options
      configure cleanup
      physical memory dump to file
      configure cleanup [v2]
      Use correct memory types in do_physical_memory_save()
      HPPA (PA-RISC) host support
      x86: Introduce CPU_INTERRUPT_NMI
      x86: Raise inter-processor NMI and SMI
      x86: Rework local IRQ delivery for APICs
      SDL: Fix dead keys
      Fix keyboard emulation for ARM versatile board:
      more configure cleanups
      fix dyngen on HPPA hosts
      Use "mount -o remount" instead of "umount" and "mount /dev/shm",
      x86: remove load_kernel()
      bios: add support to memory above the pci hole
      Use correct types to enable > 2G support, based on a patch from
      x86/x86-64 MMU PAE fixes
      Revert "Use correct types to enable > 2G support" (r4238), it is
      Ignore .git and .svn in Makefile, noticed by Stefan Weil.
      Fix PHYS_ADDR_MASK: upper bits of a PTE are reserved so they are 52 bits
      Use correct types to enable > 2G support, based on a patch from
      Fix a regression introduced by my previous commit, ram_size is now
      bios: disable processor SSDT generation. Fixes high idle load on
      Add a monitor command to raise NMI
      Fix a typo in cpu_physical_memory_rw()
      qemu ppc uic: Order IRQ bit number as described in the UIC documentation.
      Factorize code in translate.c
      BIOS: Reenable processor SSDT generation. Don't advertise ACPI C2 or C3
      Fix a typo introduced in revision 4272
      add format= to drive options (CVE-2008-2004)
      Fix wrong type in printf(), introduced in revision 4265
      Describe the format= option in the --help output. List the accepted
      configure: silence test for brlapi
      Add ${ARCH_CFLAGS} when testing for libbrlapi
      Set default console size
      remove target ifdefs from vl.c
      Fix spurious VGA updates
      PPC UIC: Remove interrupt polarity code
      Remember the state of level-triggered interrupts
      Allow bootdevice change from the monitor
      Correctly save and restore env->a20_mask now that it is a 64-bit
      8250: throttle TX-completion IRQs
      8250: Customized base baudrate
      Qemu 32-bit i386, gcc >= 3.4 spill error fix
      Put Pseudo-TTY in rawmode for char devices
      CVE-2007-1320 - Cirrus LGD-54XX "bitblt" heap overflow
      qemu: generate signals on tap I/O
      Disable debug code for production.
      Don't stop translation for mtc0 compare
      hw/pc.c: fix warning
      PPC: fix isel opcode decoding
      Revert commit r4342 and r4343, wasn't intended to be committed
      Really revert commit r4343
      Really really revert commit r4343
      ide: Enable byte&word access to DMA address register
      PPC: fix definition of msr_spe
      PPC: fix efstst* instructions
      cirrusfb: proper "Attribute Controller Toggle Readback" register behaviour
      Move #include "softfloat.h" to cpu-all.h
      SH4 MMU improvements
      SH4 serial controler improvements
      Fix broken PPC user space single stepping
      Fix argument description for -loadvm option
      Fix parallel build (broken by commit r4407)
      Add image format option in monitor for removable media
      PPC: fix mtfsfi
      Make save function optional
      usb-serial: add support for modem lines
      Use C99 initializers
      VMDK: Remove debug message
      Fix g364fb video emulation
      i386: fix isapc machine
      ACPI suspend type field is 3 bits long
      bios: update from bochs release 2.3.7
      De-assert ISA PIC IRQs properly
      De-assert PIC IRQs properly at APIC level
      Add image format option for USB mass-storage devices
      PC: suggest a workaround to boot a kernel without hard-disk
      *FreeBSD: pulseaudio is a possible audio driver
      Parallel Port Direction Fix
      array overflow in hw/stellaris.c and hw/omap_dss.c
      [sh4] sleep instruction
      [sh4] delay slot bug fix
      [sh4] memory mapped TLB entries
      [sh4] MMU bug fix
      [sh4] code translation bug fix
      uhci: Fixed length handling for SETUP and OUT tokens
      add comment for DisplayState->idle
      uhci: improved TD matching, working ISOC transfers
      qemu-char.h: Fix IOCTL values
      sh4: fix tas.b @Rn instruction
      MIPS: don't free TCG temporary variable twice
      PPC: Init TCG variables
      PPC: Switch a few instructions to TCG
      Revert commits 5082 and 5083
      PPC: Init TCG variables
      PPC: add support for TCG helpers
      SH4: Init TCG variables
      SH4: add support for TCG helpers
      SH4: remove unused ops
      SH4: Convert immediate loads to TCG
      SH4: Convert dyngen registers moves to TCG
      SH4: Convert register moves to TCG
      SH4: use uint32_t/i32 based types/ops
      SH4: use TCG variables for gregs
      SH4: convert logic and arithmetic ops to TCG
      SH4: fix xtrct Rm,Rn (broken in r5103)
      SH4: Fix bugs introduce in r5099
      SH4: convert a few control or system register functions to TCG
      SH4: convert simple compare instructions to TCG
      SH4: convert branch/jump instructions to TCG
      SH4: convert a few helpers to TCG
      SH4: convert some more arithmetics ops to TCG
      SH4: Convert memory loads/stores to TCG
      SH4: convert control/status register load/store to TCG
      SH4: Convert shift functions to TCG
      SH4: Convert remaining non-fp ops to TCG
      SH4: TCG optimisations
      SH4: Remove most uses of cpu_T[0] and cpu_T[1]
      SH4: convert floating-point ops to TCG
      SH4: final conversion to TCG
      SH4: Remove dyngen leftovers
      suppress a couple of spurious warnings in scsi-generic.c
      Reset I32_APIC_BASE on system RESET
      Fix typo in console.c comment
      x86: Fix powerdown for non-ACPI case
      Fix call_pal() prototype for alpha system emulation
      SH4: fix a regression introduced in r5122
      sh4: CPU versioning.
      sh4: Add R2D-PLUS FPGA support.
      pcnet: add loopback mode emulation
      [ppc] Convert gen_set_{T0,T1} to TCG
      [ppc] Convert op_move_{T1,T2}_T0 to TCG
      hw/pcnet.c: windows compile fix
      SH4: R2D-PLUS FPGA: simply unassigned memory triggering
      [ppc] Convert op_reset_T0, op_set_{T0, T1} to TCG
      [ppc] Convert op_moven_T2_T0 to TCG
      hw/pcnet: use qemu_socket.h
      convert of few alpha insn to TCG
      alpha: directly access ir registers
      alpha: convert a few more instructions to TCG
      ppc: Convert GPR moves to TCG
      ppc: cleanup register types
      ppc: Convert Altivec register moves to TCG
      ppc: Convert FPR moves to TCG
      ppc: fix fpr TCG registers creation
      ppc: Convert CRF moves to TCG
      ppc: remove unused code
      ppc: Convert nip moves to TCG
      alpha: add target-alpha/helper.h (missing from commit r5150)
      ppc: replace op_set_FT0 with tcg_gen_movi_i64
      TCG fixes for target-mips
      TCG fixes for target-cris
      TCG: enable debug
      ppc: Convert op_add, op_addi to TCG
      ppc: Convert op_subf to TCG
      Revert "TCG: enable debug"
      fix alpha cmovxx instruction
      Some little fixes on QEMU
      alpha: only print debug information to the log file
      alpha: fix lit sign
      alpha: fix helper.h
      target-mips: fix warning
      MIPS: remove empty cpu_mips_irqctrl_init()
      MIPS: Fix tlbwi/tlbwr
      alpha: add tests
      ppc: Convert ctr, lr moves to TCG
      ppc: Convert op_andi to TCG
      SH4: sleep instruction bug fix
      SH4: Serial controller improvement
      sh4: doesn't set the cpu_model_str
      qemu sh4 nptl support
      SH4: Privilege check for instructions
      target-alpha: convert arith2 instructions to TCG
      target-alpha: convert some arith3 instructions to TCG
      target-alpha: fix TCG register names
      target-alpha: small optimizations
      usb-serial: Fix data corruption with usb serial emulation
      alpha: fix linux syscall convention
      alpha: improve testsuite
      alpha: convert cmov and bcond to TCG
      target-alpha: convert byte manipulation instructions to TCG
      target-alpha: switch a few helpers to TCG
      alpha: fix a missing literal sign issue
      target-alpha: convert cmp* instructions to TCG
      target-alpha: instruction decoding simplification
      target-alpha: fix one more literal sign issue
      target-alpha: convert remaining arith3 functions to TCG
      target-alpha: switch most load/store ops to TCG
      target-alpha: factorize load/store code
      target-alpha: convert FP ops to TCG
      target-alpha: misc fixes
      TARGET_MAP_xx macros: clean and alpha specific values
      target-alpha: convert locked load/store to TCG
      target-alpha: convert palcode ops to TCG
      target-alpha: update STATUS
      target-ppc: fix mullw/mullwo
      target-ppc: fix computation of XER.{CA, OV} in addme, subfme
      fix default size handling in monitor
      hw/apic.c: use bsr and bsf on x86_64
      qemu-doc: document use of raw values with sendkey
      monitor: add sendkey support for comma, dot and slash
      qemu: improve scsi dma speed by increasing the dma buffer size
      Add fadvise64 stubs
      Add mincore syscall
      Add inotify syscall family
      Fix cscope filelist by removing leading ./
      Reset CPU on INIT IPI
      ppc: fix crash in ppc system single step support
      Get rid of sys/poll.h
      Optimize some host-utils function with gcc builtins
      hw/apic.c: use __builtin funtions instead of assembly code
      Only use __builtin_* with GCC >= 3.4
      Define macro QEMU_GNUC_PREREQ and use it
      COPYING: update from FSF
      hw/apic.c: use functions from host-utils.h
      SH4: Fix swap.b
      SH4: fix single-stepping
      SH4: Implement MOVUA.L
      linux-user: Add readahead syscall
      linux-user: fix getdents* syscalls
      FreeBSD also has clock_gettime
      open() can also return EPERM for O_RDWR on a readonly device
      linux-user: fix and cleanup IPCOP_msg* ipc calls handling
      linux-user: implement msg* syscalls
      target-i386: Add Core Duo Definition
      gdbstub: remove unused local variable
      PPC: convert effective address computation to TCG
      PPC: convert SPE effective address computation to TCG
      target-ppc: fix a TCG local variable creation
      ppc: convert integer load/store to TCG
      PPC: convert SPE logical instructions to TCG
      PPC: fix dcbi instruction
      i386/SVM: return amount of ASIDs
      scsi-generic: correct error management
      target-ppc: Convert XER accesses to TCG
      TCG: add logical operations found on alpha and powerpc processors
      target-alpha: use the new TCG logical operations
      target-ppc: use the new TCG logical operations
      TCG: add tcg_const_local_tl()
      target-ppc: convert crf related instructions to TCG
      target-ppc: convert logical instructions to TCG
      target-ppc: convert branch related instructions to TCG
      hw/pc: don't register the memory hole as unassigned twice
      Add missing return statement (fixes compiler warning).
      target-ppc: convert rotation instructions to TCG
      target-ppc: indentation fixes
      target-ppc: use consistent names for variables
      qemu-char: include hw/baum.h
      Malta & OMAP: add a name to char devices
      target-cris: access to TCG variables through GET_TCGV()
      CVE-2008-4539: fix a heap overflow in Cirrus emulation
      target-ppc: fix XER accesses on 64-bit targets
      target-ppc: xer access prototypes no more used & implemented
      target-ppc: convert arithmetic functions to TCG
      target-ppc: convert 405 MAC instructions to TCG
      target-ppc: optimize popcntb
      target-ppc: fix srw on 64-bit targets
      target-ppc: be more consistent with temp variables naming
      target-ppc: simplify slw, srw, sld, srd
      tcg-ops.h: _i64 TCG immediate instructions cleanup
      tcg-ops.h: add a subfi wrapper
      target-ppc: use the new subfi wrapper
      tcg-op.h: reorder _i64 instructions common to 32- and 64-bit targets
      tcg-ops.h: add rotl/rotli and rotr/rotri TCG instructions
      target-ppc: use the new rotr/rotri instructions
      target-mips: use the new rotr/rotri instructions
      target-alpha: Fix ret instruction
      Win32: Fix warnings
      Remove unused reg_T2 definition
      User qemu profiling
      target-ppc: fix flags computation for tcg_gen_qemu_st
      target-alpha: fix locked loads/stores
      target-ppc: fix tcg fatal error on i386 host
      target-alpha: fix the return value of stl_c/stq_c
      target-ppc: indentation fixes
      target-ppc: optimize mullw and make the code more readable
      target-ppc: gen_op_arith_divw() & gen_op_arith_divd fixes
      target-ppc: fixes for gen_op_neg()
      target-ppc: Remove a few TCG temp variable leaks
      target-ppc: fix TCG argument
      target-alpha: fix cmpbge instruction
      target-ppc: convert most SPE integer instructions to TCG
      target-alpha: fix double TCG variable allocation
      target-alpha: add proper fcntl definitions
      target-mips: fix temporary variable freeing in op_ldst_##insn()
      target-mips: fix mft* helpers/call
      target-mips: optimize gen_save_pc()
      target-mips: optimize gen_op_addr_add() (1/2)
      target-mips: optimize gen_op_addr_add() (2/2)
      target-mips: convert bitfield ops to TCG
      target-mips: convert bit shuffle ops to TCG
      target-mips: optimize gen_arith()/gen_arith_imm()
      target-mips: optimize gen_muldiv()
      target-mips: optimize gen_farith()
      target-mips: optimize movc*()
      target-mips: gen_compute_branch1()
      Disable debug code for production.
      Don't stop translation for mtc0 compare
      Use HOST_CC instead of CC on TCG only targets
      qemu: generate signals on tap I/O
      target-alpha: fix syscall error check
      target-alpha: disable single stepping and TB flush by default
      Revert commits 5685 to 5688 committed by mistake
      target-alpha: fix syscall error check
      target-alpha: fix decoding of CVTST /S
      target-alpha: fix termbits and target IOC macros
      ppc-linux-user: handle EXCP_DEBUG
      target-alpha: implement getxuid and getxgid syscalls
      target-mips: avoid tcg internal error in mfc0/dmfc0
      target-i386: fix helper_pmovmskb_mmx helper
      target-ppc: fix regression introduced by commit 5729
      target-ppc: convert fp ops to TCG
      target-ppc: fix TCG type errors introduced in r5754
      target-sh4: use CPU_Float/CPU_Double instead of ugly casts
      target-sh4: map FP registers as TCG variables
      target-sh4: fix fldi0/fldi1
      SH4: Use qemu_irq in timer emulation.
      SH4: Switch serial emulation to qemu_irq
      target-sh4: fix TLB/MMU emulation
      target-alpha: use CPU_Float/CPU_Double instead of ugly casts
      target-ppc: convert exceptions generation to TCG
      target-sh4: fix 64-bit fmov to/from memory
      target-ppc: remove declaration of removed function from op_helper.h
      target-ppc: convert SPE FP ops to TCG
      target-ppc: include the instruction name in load/store handlers name
      target-ppc: fix access_type usage
      target-ppc: convert FPU load/store to TCG
      target-ppc: convert altivec load/store to TCG
      target-ppc: convert trap instructions to TCG
      target-ppc: simplify evsplati and evsplatfi
      target-ppc: convert SPE load/store to TCG
      target-ppc: convert POWER2 load/store instructions to TCG
      qemu-doc.texi: document downscript network option
      qemu-doc.texi: rewrite the documentation for the -net option
      target-ppc: convert software TLB instructions to TCG
      Common cpu_loop_exit prototype
      gdbstub: Fix access to PPC FPRs
      target-ppc: remove dead code from op.c
      target-ppc: convert mfrom instruction to TCG
      target-ppc: convert wait instruction to TCG
      target-ppc: convert load/store multiple instructions to TCG
      target-ppc: convert dcbz instruction to TCG
      target-ppc: convert icbi instruction to TCG
      target-ppc: convert load/store string instructions to TCG
      target-ppc: convert lscbx instruction to TCG
      target-ppc: convert load/store with reservation instructions to TCG
      target-ppc: convert external load/store instructions to TCG
      target-ppc: convert return from interrupt instructions to TCG
      Fix warning from sparse
      Fix warning from sparse (wrong declaration)
      Spelling and grammar fixes
      target-ppc: convert PPC 440 instructions to TCG
      target-ppc: use ldl/ldub/stl/stub for load/store in op_helper.c
      target-ppc: remove unused file op_mem_access.h
      qemu-img: open files with cache=writeback
      IBM PowerPC 4xx 32-bit PCI controller emulation
      hw/apic.c: use fls() from host-utils
      Fix RTC initial date computation
      target-ppc: add functions to load/store SPR
      target-ppc: convert POWER shift instructions to TCG
      hw/ppc4xx_pci.c: kill two warnings
      Fix PPC PREP platform, broken by commit 5849
      Revert "hw/apic.c: use fls() from host-utils"
      target-ppc: convert POWER bridge instructions to TCG
      target-ppc: convert msr load/store to TCG
      target-ppc: convert dcr load/store to TCG
      target-ppc: convert SLB/TLB instructions to TCG
      target-ppc: remove dead code
      target-ppc: remove dead code
      target-ppc: convert SPR accesses to TCG
      Remove gcc 3.4 check
      Remove a few dyngen and dyngen related code
      target-ppc: Fix use of uninitialized TCG variable in tlbiva
      Update .gitignore
      target-ppc: disable single stepping
      slirp: fix CVE 2007-5729
      target-i386: fix CVE-2007-1322
      Some cleanups after dyngen removal
      Remove FORCE_RET() and RETURN()
      Some cleanups after dyngen removal
      SH4: Implement FD bit
      SH4: kill a few warnings
      SH4: SCI improvement
      target-ppc: kill a few warnings
      Parallel port reset
      gdbstub: kill a warning
      MIPS: remove a few warnings
      target-alpha: gdb-stub support
      target-ppc: memory load/store rework
      target-ppc: enable access type in MMU
      target-ppc: cleanup op_helper.c after TCG conversion
      target-ppc: kill a warning
      configure: also close stdout when calling cc
      linux-user: Move abi_* typedefs into qemu-types.h
      linux-user: Safety belt for h2g
      linux-user: Introduce h2g_valid
      linux-user: Fix h2g usage in page_find_alloc
      linux-user: mmap: add check if requested memory area fits target address space
      linux-user: mremap(): handle MREMAP_FIXED and MREMAP_MAYMOVE correctly
      MIPS Magnum: fix memory-mapped i8042
      target-i386: Fix jmp im on x86_64 when executing 32-bit code
      target-ppc: initialize MSR appropriately in user-mode
      target-ppc: enable SPE and Altivec in user mode
      target-sh4: check FD bit for FP instructions
      target-sh4: Add SH bit handling to TLB
      IDE: Implement SEEK command
      target-ppc: remove dead code
      target-ppc: rework exception code
      target-ppc: remove unneeded include
      target-ppc: remove remaining warnings
      target-alpha: fix 2 warnings
      target-sh4: remove 2 warnings
      baum: remove 2 warnings
      PPC405EP: fix fpga write function
      Remove useless check_ops.sh
      softfloat-native: add float32_is_nan()
      target-ppc: fix compilation with CONFIG_SOFTFLOAT
      target-ppc: fix compilation with PRECISE_EMULATION
      target-ppc: use accessors to access fp_status exception_flags
      target-ppc: keep only the table version for mfrom
      target-i386: SVM: acknowledge interrupt only after it is taken
      vnc: Fix crash on 'info vnc' after 'change vnc none'
      TCG x86/x86-64: use move with zero-extend for loads/stores
      target-sh4: add SH7785 as CPU option
      target-sh4: add prefi, icbi, synco
      target-sh4: disable debug code
      target-sh4: don't disable FPU instructions in user mode
      target-sh4: make the initial value of SR easier to read
      Use float_relation_* constants
      target-ppc: fix fsel instruction
      target-ppc: fix mbar opcode
      target-ppc: use -Werror to make sure no new warning is added
      tcg: kill two warnings
      Revert "target-ppc: use -Werror to make sure no new warning is added"
      target-ppc: display FPSCR in register dump
      target-ppc: fix mtfsb0 and mtfsb1
      target-ppc: remove FPRF optimization
      target-ppc: fix fcmp{o,u} instructions
      target-ppc: fix mtfsf and mtfsfi instructions
      target-ppc: fix frsp instruction
      configure: switch to CONFIG_SOFTFLOAT for PPC
      target-ppc: add signed fields to ppc_avr_t.
      configure: also switch ppc64abi32 and ppcemb to CONFIG_SOFTFLOAT
      target-ppc: fix TCGv type in fcmpu/fcmpo
      target-ppc: update nip before calling an helper in FP instructions
      target-ppc: use a correct value to represent 1.0
      target-ppc: fix fload_invalid_op_excp()
      target-ppc: correctly propagate NaN in division
      softfloat-native: fix *nan()
      fp: add floatXX_is_infinity(), floatXX_is_neg(), floatXX_is_zero()
      target-ppc: use the new fp functions
      target-ppc: fadd/fsub: correctly propagate NaN
      target-ppc: fmadd/fmsub/fmnadd/fmnsub can generate VXIMZ or VXIZI exceptions
      target-ppc: enable PRECISE_EMULATION by default
      target-ppc: remove dead code
      target-ppc: update comment about precise emulation
      softfloat-native: improve correctness of floatXX_is_neg()
      target-ppc: move PPC4xx SDRAM controller emulation from ppc405_uc.c to ppc4xx_devs.c
      target-ppc: rename ppc405_sdram_init() to ppc4xx_sdram_init()
      target-ppc: create a helper function to allow more flexible RAM allocation for PPC 4xx
      Implement device tree support needed for Bamboo emulation
      target-ppc: Enable KVM for ppcemb.
      target-ppc: PowerPC 440EP SoC emulation
      target-ppc: IBM PowerPC 440EP Bamboo reference board emulation
      target-ppc: fix a typo introduced in revision 6058
      target-ppc: add comments about constants introduced in revision 6046
      Add bamboo.dtb compiled from bamboo.dts
      target-ppc: fix fres, fsqrte and remove useless code
      Fix warnings introduced by commit 6081
      Remove trailing spaces introduced by commit 6081
      KVM: Silence unused s warning
      target-ppc: add Altivec logical operations
      target-ppc: fix a typo
      fp: fix float32_is_infinity()
      target-ppc: fix type of spe_acc.
      PCI: Mask writes to RO bits in the status reg of PCI config space
      PCI: Mask writes to RO bits in the command reg of PCI config space
      consolidate definition for tap script and smb support
      new monitor func status
      User-mode GDB stub improvements - handle fork
      User-mode GDB stub improvements - handle signals
      target-ppc: use float_flag_divbyzero instead of checking the operands
      target-ppc: add gen_avr_ptr function.
      target-ppc: default to a G3 cpu when emulating a G3 PowerMac
      target-ppc: modify hw/ppc_oldword.c to use qemu_ram_alloc()
      softfloat-native: fix type of float_rounding_mode
      target-ppc: fix PowerMAC NVRAM emulation
      target-ppc: workaround OpenBIOS limitation
      target-ppc: fix stsw/stswi instructions
      target-ppc: improve correctness of the fsel instruction
      target-mips: DMA support for RC4030 chipset
      tcg_temp_local_new should take no parameter
      target-ppc: fix TGC type mismatch introduced by r6146
      TCG: Fix documentation of qemu_ld/st ops
      Fix and rearrange 'tarbin' Makefile rule
      tcg: remove tcg_global_reg2_new_hack()
      Fix qemu endless loop when raising a SIGSEGV/SIGBUS signal with gdbstub in user emulation
      Fix TCG error in gen_avr_ptr.
      Add helper macros for later patches.
      Add GEN_VXFORM macro for subsequent instructions.
      Add v{add,sub}u{b,h,w}m instructions.
      Add vavg{s,u}{b,h,w} instructions.
      Add v{min, max}{s, u}{b, h, w} instructions.
      Add vscr access macros.
      Update FSF address in GPL/LGPL boilerplate
      Add vmrg{l,h}{b,h,w} instructions.
      Add vmul{e,o}{s,u}{b,h} instructions.
      Add vsr{,a}{b,h,w} instructions.
      Add vsl{b,h,w} instructions.
      Add vs{l,r}o instructions.
      Add v{add,sub}cuw instructions.
      Add lvs{l,r} instructions.
      Add vrl{b,h,w} instructions.
      Add vsldoi instruction.
      Add GEN_VXFORM_SIMM macro for subsequent instructions.
      Add GEN_VXFORM_UIMM macro for subsequent instructions.
      Add vsplt{b,h,w} instructions.
      Add GEN_VXFORM_NOA macro for subsequent instructions.
      Add vupk{h,l}px instructions.
      Add vupk{h,l}s{b,h} instructions.
      Add GEN_VAFORM_PAIRED macro for subsequent instructions.
      Add vmsum{u,m}bm instructions.
      Add vsel and vperm instructions.
      Add saturating arithmetic conversion functions for subsequent instructions.
      Add vpks{h, w}{s, u}s, vpku{h, w}us, and vpku{h, w}um instructions.
      Add vpkpx instruction.
      Add vmh{,r}addshs instructions.
      Add vmsumuh{m,s} instructions.
      Add vmsumsh{m,s} instructions.
      Add vmladduhm instruction.
      Add {l,st}ve{b,h,w}x instructions.
      Add vsumsws, vsum2sws, and vsum4{sbs, shs,ubs} instructions.
      target-ppc: Add m{f,t}vscr instructions.
      target-ppc: fix compilation on BigEndian
      target-ppc: Switch ppc_oldworld.c to G3 beige
      update the documentation for the g3bw -> g3beige change
      Some more updates for the g3bw -> g3beige change
      target-ppc: move OpenBIOS machines type to ppc.h from hw/ppc_oldworld.c
      cmd646: correctly enable IDE channels
      target-mips: CP0 Random register improvements
      Add GEN_VXRFORM{,1} macros for subsequent instructions
      Add vcmpequ{b, h, w} and vcmpgt{s, u}{b, h, w} instructions
      Add vs{l,r} instructions
      Add vspltis{b,h,w} instructions
      Add v{add, sub}{s, u}{b, h, w}s instructions
      target-ppc: revert part of commit r6254 committed accidentally
      target-ppc: add an openbios-ppc image
      mips, ppc: make sure nd->model is always defined
      Mark openbios-ppc as a binary file.
      Update openbios-ppc to revision 373
      target-ppc: add altivec cache instructions
      target-mips: get rid of tests on env->user_mode_only
      target-alpha: get rid of tests on env->user_mode_only
      target-ppc: fix comment about boot device in ppc_oldworld.c
      target-ppc: define max amount of memory for G3 beige
      ESCC: swap the two CharDriverState arguments
      sun4c/sun4d: also swap the CharDriverState of escc_init()
      Update OpenBIOS PowerPC image to revision 406
      escc: allow one IRQ per serial channel
      PPC OldWorld: use a more realistic timer frequency
      Get rid of user_mode_only
      target-mips: fix indentation
      target-mips: optimize some gpr accesses
      target-ppc: fix wrteei instruction
      sh4: Add FMAC instruction support
      Fix day of week in mc146818
      LSI53C895A: Introduce CASE_GET_REG24
      cuda: improve date/time read/write
      cuda: fix indentation
      hw/omap_sx1.c: fix build
      ppc_oldworld: remove debug I/O port
      ppc_oldworld: remove i8259
      Fix vga on PPC
      Fix a warning in hw/blizzard.c
      console: remove trailing spaces
      G364 video adapter enhancement
      hpet config mask fix
      Update openbios-ppc to revision 418
      cuda: fix crash on Windows
      add an init function parameter to qemu_chr_open()
      serial: open a null device if the CharDriverState argument is null
      mips_malta: map the CBUS UART as the third serial port
      USB OHCI: add support for big endian targets
      target-ppc: change the default RAM size to 128MB like other targets
      mips: limit RAM size to 256MB on malta and qemu boards
      target-ppc: Add XML files for PowerPC registers
      target-ppc: Change core powerpc gdbstub bits to be XML-aware
      target-ppc: Include gdbstub.h
      target-ppc: Add float register read/write using XML
      target-ppc: Add Altivec register read/write using XML
      target-ppc: Add SPE register read/write using XML
      Reformat quiet build
      kvm/powerpc: extern one function for MPC85xx code use
      List virtio console device in pci-ids.txt
      Support epoch of 1980 in RTC emulation for MIPS Magnum
      Use broadcast address for slirp dhcp replies
      sh4: r2d. Endian conversion for peripheral register initialization.
      sh4: sh_pci. Register resouces both at A7 and P4.
      target-ppc: always load kernel to KERNEL_LOAD_ADDR
      linux-user: fix accept(2) with NULL peer
      linux-user: return EINVAL on incorrect sockaddr
      linux-user: don't crash with null name
      linuw-user fix: read() and acct() on NULL arguments
      target-sh4: Fix struct target_stat64 for 64-bit host
      target-ppc: Fix struct target_stat64 for 32-bit host
      linux-user: Add generic env variable handling
      linux-user: identify running binary in /proc/self/exe
      linux-user: fix signal.c warning
      pl031: remove unused variable
      PowerPC: mac-io DB-DMA support
      PowerPC: IDE DB-DMA support
      Fix compilation of PPC64 targets with DEBUG_TCGV enabled
      linux-user: Remove incorrect break;
      SH4: Fix warning when compiling sh7750_regnames.c
      Add f field to ppc_avr_t
      Rename spe_status to vec_status
      Add calls to initialize VSCR on appropriate machines
      Make mtvscr use a helper
      Add various NaN-handling macros
      Add vrfi{m,n,p,z} instructions
      Add vcf{u,s}x instructions
      softfloat: add a 1.0 constant for float32 and float64
      target-ppc: use the new float constants
      target-ppc: fix previous commit
      soft-float: add float32_log2() and float64_log2()
      target-ppc: add vrlogefp instruction
      target-ppc: change instruction name vrlogefp into vlogefp
      Revert part of 6531, fix build failure
      SH7750/51: add register BCR3, BCR4, PCR, RTCOR, RTCNT, RTCSR, SDMR2, SDMR3 and fix BCR2 support
      SH4: fix TMU init
      Fix cpu_arm_handle_mmu_fault warning
      Fix tosa_dac_recv warning
      Fix bug in omap_sx1.c introduced by r6344
      fix use of host serial port
      Additional VGA options for MIPS Malta
      Add load/save capability to rc4030 chipset
      QEMU Microsoft serial mouse emulation
      target-ppc: Add v{max,min}fp instructions
      target-ppc: Add v{add,sub}fp instructions
      target-ppc: Add vmaddfp and vnmsubfp instructions
      target-ppc: Add vcmp{eq, ge, gt, b}fp{, .} instructions
      target-ppc: Add vct{u,s}xs instructions
      target-ppc: Add vrefp instruction
      target-ppc: Add vrsqrtefp instruction
      target-ppc: Model SPE floating-point instructions more accurately
      target-ppc: Model e500v{1,2} CPUs more accurately
      Fix displaystate (r6344) regression in blizzard
      Make qemu-img argument handling POSIX compliant
      Remove unused code from dyngen-exec.h
      Fix crash caused by missing command line arguments
      ppc newworld: default to a G4 CPU
      qemu_chr_open_tcp: allow ipv4 and ipv6 options
      Fix DEBUG_TCGV compile error.
      Fix AltGr and dead keys with VNC
      Fix fr-be keymap
      Fix cpu_physical_memory_rw() for 64-bit I/O accesses
      kvm/powerpc: Enable MPIC for E500 platform.
      hw/openpic: define list in mpic_init() const
      kvm/powerpc: Add freescale pci controller's support
      kvm/powerpc: Add irq support for E500 core
      kvm/powerpc: Add MPC8544DS board support
      kvm/powerpc: flat device tree files for MPC8544DS
      Set mime-type of pc-bios/mpc8544ds.dtb to application/octet-stream
      SH: Implement MOVCO.L and MOVLI.L
      clean build: Fix remaining sh4 warnings
      target-ppc: improve mfcr/mtcrf
      SH4: Added monitoring of TLBs
      SH4: Fixed last UTLB unused
      SH4: Fixed last UTLB unused
      sh4: r2d fix no ide/net case
      fix SIGSEGV when USE_KQEMU is defined
      SH4: Fixed last UTLB unused and URB/URC management
      DB-DMA cleanup
      DB-DMA IDE asynchronous I/O
      Fix race condition on access to env->interrupt_request
      pc-bios/Makefile: add a rule to produce dtb files
      Clear CPU_INTERRUPT_EXIT on VM load
      Fix mfcr on ppc64-softmmu
      Fix texinfo syntax errors.
      Use a dedicated function to request exit from execution loop
      ppc_oldworld: swap the MACIO and CMD646 IDE controllers
      target-ppc: move the CD-ROM drive to the second IDE
      arm: Fix gic_irq_state.level bitfield type
      clean build: Fix arm build warnings
      clean build: Fix remaining m68k warnings
      Use C99 initializers for BlockDriver methods
      Fix off-by-one errors for Altivec and SPE registers
      Work around QEMU GDB stub suboptimality
      Fix correct reset value for ARM CP15 c1 auxiliary control register
      do not pretend to support low voltage operation
      target-mips: rename helpers from do_ to helper_
      target-mips: remove dead code
      qemu-img: accept sizes with decimal values
      qemu-img: fix help message
      target-ppc: add support for reading/writing spefscr
      target-ppc: free a tcg temp variable
      targe-ppc: optimize mfcr and mtcrf
      target-mips: optimize mflo and mfhi
      Implement TCG rotation ops for x86-64
      tcg: don't define TCG rotation ops if they are not supported
      Implement TCG not ops for x86-64
      tcg: optimize nor(X, Y, Y), used on PPC for not(X, Y)
      tcg: define TCGV_EQUAL_I{32,64}
      tcg: use TCGV_EQUAL_I{32,64}
      target-mips: use nor instead of or + not
      Fix tcg after commit 6800
      target-ppc: fix commit r6789
      tcg: optimize logical operations
      tcg/x86: add not/neg/extu/bswap/rot i32 ops
      tcg: update TODO
      tcg-arm: fix qemu_ld64
      Clean build: Add bt-host.h
      tcg: fix commit r6805
      tcg: move {not,neg}_i{32,64} definitions at the right place
      tcg: rename bswap_i32/i64 functions
      tcg: allow bswap16_i32 to be implemented by TCG backends
      tcg: optimize tcg_gen_bswap16_i32
      tcg: add bswap16_i64 and bswap32_i64 TCG ops
      tcg: add _tl aliases to bswap16/32/64 TCG ops
      tcg: update README wrt recent bswap changes
      target-ppc: use the new bswap* TCG ops
      target-i386: use the new bswap* TCG ops
      tcg/x86: add bswap16_i32 ops
      tcg/x86_64: add bswap16_i{32,64} and bswap32_i64 ops
      target-mips: implement FPU Flush-To-Zero mode
      target-mips: fix FPU in 64-bit mode
      target-sh4: r2d --append option support
      hw/eeprom93xx.c: substitute structure dump with discrete dump in eeprom_save/load
      hw/eeprom93xx.c: support 93xx EEPROMs with more than 255 words
      target-sh4: r2d --append option support
      tcg/README: fix description of bswap32_i32/i64
      build system: silence gdbstub-xml.c generation
      target-alpha: Fix bug: palcode is at least 6 bits.
      target-alpha: Fix bug: do not mask address LSBs for ldwu.
      target-alpha: fix bug: integer conditional branch offset is 21 bits wide.
      target-alpha: fix temp free for hw_st
      target-alpha: tb_flush helper should flush the tb (and not the tlb).
      Document which IPR are used by 21264
      target-alpha: add instruction name in comments for hw_ld opcode.
      target-alpha: remove PALCODE_ declarations (unused).
      target-alpha: bug fix: avoid nop to override next instruction
      target-ppc: avoid nop to override next instruction
      target-mips: optimize gen_cl()
      target-mips: optimize gen_mul_vr54xx()
      target-mips: gen_bshfl()
      target-mips: don't mix result and arguments in gen_op_*
      target-mips: optimize gen_compute_branch()
      target-mips: optimize gen_trap()
      target-mips: optimize gen_HILO()
      tcg: add _tl aliases for div/divu/rem/remu
      target-mips: optimize gen_muldiv()
      target-mips: optimize write to env->hflags
      target-ppc: Explain why the whole TLB is flushed on SR write
      tcg: fix _tl aliases for divu/remu
      target-mips: fix divu instruction
      target-mips: don't map FP registers as TCG global variables
      target-mips: optimize gen_compute_branch1()
      target-mips: optimize gen_movci()
      target-mips: optimize gen_movcf_*()
      tcg/x86_64: optimize register allocation order
      Add new command line option -singlestep for tcg single stepping.
      tcg: improve comment about pure functions
      tcg: add a CONST flag to TCG helpers
      target-mips: use the TCG_CALL_PURE and TCG_CALL_CONST for some helpers
      vnc: Fix incorrect attempt to clear a flag
      Document some missing options in configure -h
      tcg/tcg.h: fix a few typos
      target-alpha: stop translation if too long
      Allow 5 mmu indexes.
      target-alpha: set target page size to 13 bits
      rc4030 registers improvements
      mc146818: add square wave output support
      target-alpha: document more registers used by 21264
      target-alpha: fix palcode mask for user pal calls
      target-arm: don't use T[x] in helper
      linux-user: fix problems with inotify syscalls
      factor out setting pc in gdbstub
      target-mips: optimize gen_cp0()
      target-mips: optimize gen_cp1()
      target-mips: optimize decode_opc()
      target-mips: optimize gen_arith()
      target-mips: optimize gen_flt3_ldst()
      target-mips: optimize gen_flt3_arith()
      target-mips: optimize gen_farith()
      Use stdint.h for integral data types and definitions
      apic: Fix access to non-existent APIC
      pcnet: Avoid double conversion via PHYSADDR
      linux-user: fix fstatat64()/newfstatat() syscall implementation
      Clean up rc4030 init function
      target-alpha: overflow condition for sublv and subqv
      target-alpha: remove helper_load_implver
      target-alpha: remove amask helper
      target-mips: optimize a few tcg_temp_free()
      target-mips: optimize gen_movcf_d()
      target-mips: fix commit r7076
      mips malta: fix commit 7064
      target-mips: optimize gen_arith_imm()
      target-mips: optimize gen_ldst()
      target-mips: don't map zero register as a TCG global
      target-mips: fix commit 7046
      target-mips: fix commits 7040 and 7042
      Add a --enable-debug-tcg option to configure
      target-mips: variable names consistency
      target-mips: mark zero register as unused.
      target-alpha: lower parent irq when irq is lowered.
      block-vpc: Don't silently create smaller image than requested
      Call configure automatically when needed
      target-alpha: fix emulation of ecb
      Implement sonic netcard (MIPS Jazz)
      linux-user: Added posix message queue syscalls except mq_notify
      linux-user: add support for passing contents of argv0
      linux-user: unix sockets - fix running dbus
      linux-user: removed unnecessary MAX_SOCK_ADDR checks for socket syscalls
      linux-user: prefer glibc over direct syscalls
      linux-user: proper exit code for uncaught signals
      linux-user: fix warnings introduced by r7118
      fix a typo introduced in r7118
      tcg: make sure NDEBUG is defined before including <assert.h>
      configure: display debug tcg status in summary
      target-mips: optimize gen_flt_ldst()
      target-mips: optimize gen_flt3_ldst()
      target-mips: fix call to check_*() functions
      target-mips: fix revision r7126
      target-ppc: mark a few helpers TCG_CALL_CONST and/or TCG_CALL_PURE
      linux-user: fix getcwd syscall
      target-mips: simplify exception generation
      Revert "target-mips: fix call to check_*() functions"
      linux-user: fix inotify syscalls
      linux-user: fix IPCOP_sem* and implement sem*
      linux-user: Linux kernel's fchmodat and faccessat have three args (no 4th arg)
      Adds SM501 usb host emulation feature.

balrog (455):
      PCMCIA bus support. Parts of CF-ATA command set. Hitachi DSCM microdrive emulation.
      Core features of ARM XScale processors. Main PXA270 and PXA255 peripherals.
      Remove repeated code and enable encrypted SD cards and USB sticks images.
      Add remaining PXA2xx on-chip peripherals except I2C master.
      Implement iwMMXt instruction set for the PXA270 cpu.
      NAND Flash memory emulation and ECC calculation helpers for use by NAND controllers.
      Texas Instruments ADS7846 ADC chip.
      Maxim MAX1110/1111 ADC chip.
      Spitz PDA, example PXA270 machine (four similar models).
      Account for machine with RAM which is not mapped at 0x0 in arm_boot.c.
      Add missing gpio_handler_t definition.
      Remove the use of Linux / BSD specific asprintf call.
      Honour limited subset of --cpu values instead of ignoring.
      Implement power state changes (IDLE and SLEEP) for PXA.
      -show-cursor switch to inhibit SDL hiding cursor.
      Correct a docs typo and list of available NIC names (by Stefan Weil).
      Don't define HIGH_LATENCY for ARM, this was a workaround for an ALSA problem.
      Change the PCI IO region start to that hardcoded in VBE bios (reported by Jeremy Katz)
      Remove obsolete variables that came with VMware svga by mistake.
      Switch to qemu_ram_alloc() for memory allocation in PXA255/270.
      Set OOK when OON is set in OSCC register (thanks to BobOfDoom).  Correct a fatal typo in timer code.
      Correct the number of PXA255 GPIO lines.  Reuse the PXA timers struct for PXA27x additional timers.
      PCMCIA addresses are 26-bit, widen the address type from 16 to 32 bits.
      Correct NAND erase block size.  Misc fixes in Spitz code.
      Allow VMware-SVGA operation enable before command FIFO is configured.  Implement "screendump" for 32 bit colour depth.
      Fix sysrq support from the monitor mux (originally by Jason Wessel).
      Don't touch carry flag in ASR <reg> with zero <reg>, submitted by Aurelien Jarno.
      Implement the PXA2xx I2C master controller.
      Add WM8750 and MAX7310 chips (I2C slaves).
      Use i2c_slave_init() to allocate the PXA (dummy) I2C slave.
      Savevm/loadvm bits for ARM core, the PXA2xx peripherals and Spitz hardware.
      Commit NAND image changes on "commit all" or "commit mtd".
      Remove a local subpage IO hack, now that general subpage IO works.
      Use the same offset for all STR and STM instructions that store r15, as specified in ARM ARM (patch from Chris McNett).
      Flush the debug log when qemu Aborts (patch by Herve Poussineau)
      Wacom PenPartner tablet (virtual USB device).
      Use pixel_ops.h in PXA LCD screen drawing.
      Unpause the emulation after shutdown request on SDL close, so that it can take effect.
      Add USB HID keyboard.
      Use HAS_ARG instead of numeric value (patch by Balazs Attila-Mihaly).
      Reset ARM cp15.c1_sys to default values.  Fix XScale cp15 accesses.
      Make touchscreen calibration values better match the HW.  Invert WM8750 GPIO.
      Fix writes to pages containing watchpoints for the RAM not at 0x0 cases.
      gdb stub support and loadvm should work together, patch by Jason Wessel
      Fix qemu_can_send_packet(), makes DHCP with multiple nics work - patch by Jason Wessel.
      E100 savevm/loadvm support, patch by Jason Wessel.
      Remove unaligned accesses in ia64_apply_fixes().
      Retry interrupted open() calls (proposed by Yigael Felishman).
      Various reg offset shift typos.
      gcc32 may well be a 4.x version for a 32bit target, so add an additional check, hopefully not too strict.
      Update TNF bit in I2C status register, original patch by Juergen Lock.
      Optionally setup old style linux bootparams for -kernel, by Juergen Lock.
      Word-reads from spitz NAND controller, patch by Juergen Lock.
      Basic OMAP310 support.  Basic Palm Tungsten|E machine emulation.
      Fix XScale MMU's extended small pages.
      Re-add clearing of the APP_CMD flag that somehow got lost.
      Fix OMAP pic handling of simultaneous interrupts.
      OMAP DMA input signals must be level-triggered.
      Add OMAP MMC/SD host controller.
      Special-case iWMMXt register transfer insns, which are in ARM LDC2/STC2 class.
      Move Spitz microdrive from first to second PCMCIA slot where it belongs.
      Pass correct pointer to HID keyboard event handler, fixes regression from IDLE mode introduction.
      Prevent segfaulting when -clock is specified multiple times.
      Use logfile only when loglevel is set (http://bugzilla.openmoko.org/cgi-bin/bugz
      Make likely/unlikely accessible also in hw/.
      Move ECC calculation to a more appropriate place.
      Several corrections in the spitzkbd keymap (patch by Juergen Lock).
      (int64_t)UINT64_MAX is -1 and should not be assigned to nearest_delta_us, patch by Dan Kenigsberg.
      Remove redundant qemu_rearm_alarm_timer() in qemu_del_timer, patch by Dan Kenigsberg.
      sh775x interrupt controller by Magnus Damm.
      USB iso transfers support for the linux redirector and for UHCI, by Arnon Gilboa.
      Quiet warnings introduced with the USB iso support.
      Implement PL110 byte order config bit (original patch by Richard Purdie).
      Implement OMAP1 MPU I/O module.
      Add PalmT|E matrix keypad connected to OMAP GPIOs.
      Handle MMC card insertion/removal/readonly signals.
      Add OMAP Shared GPIO module.
      Implement OMAP MicroWire controller.
      Add a TI TSC2102 chip (touchscreen/ADC/audio-CODEC controller).
      Add a qemu_irq_invert() shortcut for inverting a signal.
      Do not make NETLINK socket connections possible (Alexander Graf).
      Miscellaneous VNC related fixes from Xen forwarded by Matthew Kent.
      x86_64 support in cpu_gdb_read_registers(), by Goran Weinholt.
      Use a O_NONBLOCK pipe for iso completion signals for thread-safety, by Arnon Gilboa.
      OHCI USB isochronous transfers support (Arnon Gilboa).
      Invalidate TLBs when domains are changed (Matthew Warton).
      Add gcc-3.4.6 to the list of gcc3 versions (Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belon).
      Support multipart images as input to qemu-img (Salvador Fandino).
      Set boot sequence from command line (Dan Kenigsberg).
      Handle 3.7 VNC clients authentication correctly (Dan Kenigsberg).
      Correct the WBINVD intercept in SVM (Alexander Graf).
      The PINT/DAV pin is active low in the chip spec, not inverted on the board.
      Implement OMAP PWL (backlight) module.
      Add OMAP Pulse-width Tone module.
      Initial OMAP I^2C controller implementation (communication not tested).
      Implement OMAP on-chip RTC (Linux guest date/time now matches with host).
      Split I^2C controller out of hw/omap.c.
      Make accesses with wrong width also work as apparently real hardware allows them when the fault is disabled.
      Add register mappings in DSP space (must be accessible for MPU too).
      Zeroing ITR shouldn't ack irq zero.
      Prevent cpsr_write/_read be put out of line in op.o (fixes a segfault on some platforms).
      Revert an accidental change in previous commit.
      Fix signed/unsigned comparisons in OHCI host.
      Check permissions for the last byte first in unaligned slow_st accesses (patch from TeLeMan).
      Show usage and abort if an unknown option is passed to configure (Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belon).
      Gumstix 'connex' board support by Thorsten Zitterell.
      Don't compare '\0' against pointers.
      Convert PXA2xx GPIOs and SCOOP GPIOs to a qemu_irq based api (similar to omap, max7310 and s3c gpios).
      Convert SD cards code to use qemu_irq too.
      Better STOPINTR bit semantics in the PXA2xx DMA.
      Fix a && -> & typo.
      Clean-up/rewrite audio over I^2S support.
      OMAP LPGs (LED pulse generators).
      Drop an unused variable (Samuel Thibault).
      Gumstix Verdex (ARM) board support by Thorsten Zitterell.
      Fix board init arg list (spotted by pbrook),
      Add input buffer to mux chr (patch by Tristan Gingold).
      Intel Mainstone II (ARM) machine by Armin Kuster.
      Scale TSC2102 touchscreen pressure value more realistically (still could be better).
      Ensure a SIGALRM results in a break out from the cpu loop.
      Always create an SD bdrv, so that PXA and OMAP boards can boot with
      Don't claim SD card supports voltages linux claims are below defined voltage range.
      Rework OMAP1 interrupt handling to allow multiple interrupt banks, by Lauro Ramos Venancio.
      Correct my 'thinko' in OMAP interrupt handler commit, fix by Lauro Ramos Venancio.
      Give emulated drives more monitor-friendly name strings.
      OMAP DMA 3.2 support by Lauro Ramos Venancio.
      Use pointers to channels rather than channel numbers in the DMA.
      No write-protect detect diode on Mainstone II.
      Add rdpmc SVM intercept, by Bernhard Kauer.
      Make SVM IOIO intercept check all needed bits, by Bernhard Kauer.
      Save/load PCI-device, PCI-bus and PIIX3 irq-related state (patches by Uri Lublin.
      Desambiguate pflash_register().
      Fix incompatible declaration in previous commit.
      Fix OMAP1 MPUI/O keyboard interrupt masking.
      Update documention with '-drive' usage (Laurent Vivier).
      IDE should send irq after WIN_DIAGNOSE (Tristan Gingold).
      Fix fragments due to incomplete dirty tracking in CGA mode (Anthony Liguori).
      Add missing break just before execve, by Takashi Yoshii.
      sh_serial: enable tx after reset (Magnus Damm).
      Adds interrupt support to the sh specific timer code (Magnus Damm).
      Mark host pages as reserved (Magnus Damm).
      Support alternative formats for MAC addresses, by Balazs Attila-Mihaly.
      Initial PXA27x keypad support, by Armin Kuster.
      Mainstone keypad support, by Armin Kuster.
      Work around a crash when timer signal occurs before main loop, original patch by 武田 俊也.
      Add missing ffs() declaration for Win32 hosts, by Stefan Weil.
      QEMU_STRACE documentation bit by Thayne Harbaugh.
      Redundant timer rearm optimisation by Anders Melchiorsen.
      Fix number_of_entries for filename of length [13] (Tristan Gingold).
      Fix cmpxchg8b translation (Bernhard Kauer).
      SVM enabled processor should provide cpuid Fn8000_000A (Bernhard Kauer).
      Fix a compiler error with DEBUG_REMAP enabled (Thayne Harbaugh).
      Avoid the use of $ in format strings because it's system-specific - fixes drive names under Win32 (Eduardo Felipe).
      Correct the max cpuid level for each x86 cpu model (Dan Kenigsberg).
      Add "cache" parameter to "-drive" (Laurent Vivier).
      Implement SD CMD8 and R7 from the newer SD Physical Spec Version 2.00.
      Update Changelog with new Xscale platforms and vmsvga.
      Fix memory allocation on mainstone2 and convert to qemu_ram_alloc.
      Rearm timers in qemu_mod_timer when needed (Anders Melchiorsen).
      Reduce redundant timer ticks in VNC, by Anders Melchiorsen.
      Register io ports as selected by PCI config in VMware SVGA.
      Add mouse wheel in the usb-mouse HID Report (by Daniel Godás).
      Fully clean up on Mac OS X Leopard (Andreas Färber).
      Revert accidentally added second NIC in Gumstix-connect - this should probably be a separate board.
      Change -drive parsing so that paths don't have to be double-escaped (Laurent Vivier, Johannes Schindelin)
      Multi-profile DVD-ROM support (Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belon).
      Clean-up /tmp directory after -smb use (Mark Jonckheere).
      Set READY_STAT after a WIN_DIAGNOSE per ATA-3 (Till Straumann).
      Optimize clear insns by treating support reg P0 specially and
      USB-to-serial device (Samuel Thibault).
      Bump ACPI/SMBus PIIX4 controller revision to 3 (Marcelo Tosatti).
      Add a path length check to prevent heap overflow (Eric Milliken).
      pthreads-based audio and miscellaneous audio clean-up (malc).
      PCI AC97 emulation by malc.
      Add a missing vga_hw_update() when accepting a connection (Anders Melchiorsen).
      Make dsound compile again (patch by malc, spotted by C.W. Betts).
      Gravis Ultrasound GF1 sound card emulation (malc).
      Miscellaneous fixes after recent audio additions (malc).
      Documentation piece explaining "usb_add serial" by Samuel Thibault.
      Change the usb-serial product ID to a more widely recognised value (Samuel Thibault).
      E1000 NIC emulation (Nir Peleg, patch from Dor Laor).
      Make SVM env->cr[8] a valid register (patch from TeLeMan).
      Add VNC reverse connections, by Eddie Kohler.
      NMI and INTR events injection should not be handled as software interrupts (Bernhard Kauer).
      Simplify guess_disk_lchs - should fix Windows stack corruption spotted by TeLeMan (patch by Tristan Gingold).
      Do not set RTC frequency if already set (Aurelien Jarno).
      Implement more INQUIRY command replies for scsi disk (Igor Kovalenko).
      Fix building under paths with symlinks (patch from Richard Purdie).
      Fix VMware VGA init call (Anthony Liguori).
      Remove unused boolean_t, should fix building for Solaris.
      Don't error out on zero-length chunks in writev, as to mimic Linux (Kirill A. Shutemov).
      Fix parallel port software emulation (Hervé Poussineau).
      Enhance PC kbd debugging (patch from Hervé Poussineau)
      Add serial loopback mode (patch from Hervé Poussineau).
      Correct qemu-img usage hint (Andreas Färber).
      Add an ncurses UI.
      Make omap I2C controller work (previously untested).  Implement post-OMAP1 changes.  Introduce omap L4 abstraction.
      Force a resize after leaving graphical mode in curses (spotted by Samuel Thibault).
      Unify RTCs that use host time, fix M48t59 alarm.
      The non-ncurses curses doesn't have resize_term, so make resizing conditional.
      Really stop the transfer when the DMA channel is being disabled.
      Register VMware SVGA's memory io region with PCI framework.
      Check for out of range update regions (original patch from Anthony Liguori).
      Split OMAP DMA out to a file apart.
      Allocate the -vmwarevga framebuffer in the right place in RAM.
      Store the right TCG temp (typo).
      Fix ARM and Thumb ldlex/stlex.
      Set an unset label in ARM strex.
      Fix the offset in Thumb bl instruction.
      Fix ARM VFP related segfaults.
      Correctly restore pc after an exception occured in Thumb mode.
      Move the excess of arm_load_kernel() parameters into a struct.
      Add basic OMAP2 chip support.
      Add TSC2301 touchscreen & keypad controller.
      Nokia N800 machine support (ARM).
      Use qemu time/date functions for the Menelaus RTC.
      Save the exact SWI return address in Thumb mode.
      Allow a custom unlock address in CFI02 flash (Jan Kiszka).
      Emulate address wrap in CFI02 chips mapping (Jan Kiszka).
      Optimize consecutive CFI02 writes by remapping memory lazily (Jan Kiszka).
      Correct more ARM VFP 32/64 and signed/unsigned typos.
      Remove an unused field and fix some non-code typos.
      Prevent use of an uninitialised value in WM8750 and move buffer flush
      Fix update region size in EPSON blizzard.
      Hush pointer target signedness warnings from gcc 4.
      Inventra MUSB-HDRC host-mode USB.
      RAM usage information in machine definition.
      ARM: Marvell 88w8618 / MusicPal emulation (Jan Kiszka).
      Improve audio api use in WM8750.
      Cope with arch-specific page protection flags in mmap (Richard Purdie).
      Fix spurious VNC disconnects on Win32 (Hervé Poussineau).
      Fix MusicPal LCD on non-32 bpp displays or with -nographic.
      Fix USB and HID report descriptors for mouse and tablet.
      Let WM8750 users write to audio buffer directly.
      Teach mmap to not overwrite reserved pages and fix brk return value (Richard Purdie).
      Fill in touchscreen calibration values from a Palm T|E.
      Add loop device ioctls (Gary Thomas).
      Fix sci irq set when acpi timer about to wrap (Dor Laor, Yaniv Kamay).
      Fix slirp udp source address contamination (Jason Wessel)
      Fix scsi-disk sense-key/status confusion (Marcelo Tosatti).
      Errors while registering ioports are not fatal (Glauber Costa).
      IO ports registration errors are fatal errors.
      Treat DNS a special case among special addresses in slirp (Jason Wessel).
      Ignore the wrapping of acpi timer counter again.
      musicpal: Fix output level of 8-bit samples (Jan Kiszka).
      Musicpal: convert to ram_addr_t
      Audio endianness and mutex usage fixes (malc.git).
      First cut at WM8750 volume control (Jan Kiszka).
      Update volume for WM8750 input voices.
      Use external clock in wm8750 slave mode.
      Remove debug sample rate slowdown.
      OMAP STI/XTI console.
      MusicPal mono playback support.
      Fix i64 remainder calculation copy-paste error.
      Force correct evaluation order in a a == b != c condition.
      Fix signal handler compilation on __arm__.
      Fix OMAP1 MPU-timer rate on 32-bit hosts.
      MusicPal: fix gcc4 build (Jan Kiszka).
      MusicPal docs snippet (Jan Kiszka) and reshuffle ChangeLog.
      Avoid arithmetics on void * in MusicPal audio code (Jan Kiszka).
      Nokia N810 basic system emulation.
      Add a file missing from the previous commit.
      Add the LM8323-based keyboard of N810.
      Improve tsc2005 touchscreen usability.
      Special-case CTL_ALIAS instead of CTL_DNS in udp loopback test.
      Missing include for Slirp on win32 (Eduardo Felipe).
      Remove arm's local not_i32 tcg op now that there's one in tcg.
      musicpal: Improve button handling (Jan Kiszka).
      Try to fix USB HID and make the HID reports readable.
      Collapse omap peripherals on L4 bus into one io entry (temporarily).
      Add N810 to allowed -M values, add documentation part for N8x0.
      N810 keyboard slide open by default, add more comments.
      Boot tags setup needed by N800 proprietary bootloader.
      ARM host support for TCG targets.
      Remove dyngen ARM code, which did't build.
      Prevent SEGV in VNC server for old clients (Anthony Liguori).
      Implement neg_i32, clean-up.
      Fix 8-bit signed load/store and a typo.
      Fix qemu_ld/st for mem_index > 0 on arm host.
      A branch insn must not overwrite the branch target before relocation.
      Comment non-obvious calculation.  Don't clobber r3 in qemu_st64.
      Fix a deadly typo, correct comments.
      Relax a constraint for qemu_ld64 on ARM host.
      Tab-complete arguments for "logfile" in the monitor.
      Invalidate VNC framebuffer on every resize.
      Fix VNC update regoin height.
      Make -mtdblock optional again.
      Enable SD card on creation.
      Restore ARM signal handler compilation on glibc < 2.5 (Blue Swirl).
      Factor out common SharpSL PDA code (Dmitry Baryshkov).
      Provide basic emulation for Sharp SL-6000 PDA (Tosa), Dmitry Baryshkov.
      Don't forget to save VNC FB dimensions after resize (Brad Campbell).
      Fix smbus_eeprom.c compile with DEBUG (spotted by Duilio Protti).
      MusicPal: Restore display size after invalidation (Jan Kiszka).
      Improve dependencies generation (malc).
      Mark a dead_tmp as such in ARM msr.
      Fix ATAPI GET_CONFIGURATION function (Alexander Graf, Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belon).
      Refactor and fix do_sendkey (Jan Kiszka).
      Add sysrq to key names known by "sendkey".
      Enhance sendkey with key hold time (Jan Kiszka).
      TC6393XB system features (Dmitry Baryshkov).
      Fix the sendkey hold time calculation (Jan Kiszka).
      Initialize the VMware VGA console after vga_init (Alexander Graf).
      Don't overwrite VMwareSVGA's memory region start addresses (malc).
      Make Bochs VBE work with VMWare SVGA (malc).
      Properly byte-swap values in VMware SVGA (malc).
      Remove unintended dereference, kills a warning (Jan Kiszka).
      Fix a bunch of type mismatch-related warnings (Jan Kiszka).
      e1000: only use TSE if enabled for current packet (Anthony Xu).
      Disable OMAP2 combined-io-entries hack now that more regions are allowed.
      Add CDC-Ethernet usb NIC (original patch from Thomas Sailer).
      Remove the NIC from vlan on usb destroy.
      OMAP2 EAC module.
      Special Mask Mode for i8259 PIC (Sebastian Reichelt).
      linux-user: Fix target_statfs[64] on 64-bit hosts
      Fix smlald, smlsld, pkhtp, pkhbt, ssat, usat, umul, smul... (Laurent Desnogues).
      ARM: fix CPS masks (Vincent Palatin).
      ARMv6: fix SIMD add/sub carry flags (Vincent Palatin).
      Pretend to be the active console while a screendump takes place (Avi Kivity).
      Force screen resize if no buffer set (Avi Kivity).
      Revert "fix power management timer overflow handling" (Avi Kivity).
      Revert "QEMU keyboard issue with Gujin-2.2" (Avi Kivity).
      Omap DPLL & APLL locking logic.
      Handle on-chip DMA controllers in one place, convert OMAP DMA to use it.
      Fix a bad comparison, spotted by Paul Brook.
      Add OneNAND Unlock All command (Kyungmin Park).
      Fix OMAP GPMC register offsets and SYSCTL 8bit io (Kyungmin Park).
      Simplify -usbdevice net: syntax, allow VLANs with no NICs.
      Fix load width for slave address in i2c_bus_load (Chris Lalancette).
      Unswap qemu-arm data and prefetch abort addresses (Laurent Desnogues).
      Fill in WLAN and BT platform data in CAL area as expected by Maemo.
      Correct audio api usage in OMAP EAC (spotted by malc).
      Fix range in the hid report descriptor for USB tablet.
      Move offsetof to osdep.h, remove local defintions.
      16550A UART: RHR irq enable bit also masks the Rx timeout irq.
      Allow attaching devices to OMAP UARTs.
      Add a comment about masking of CTI interrupt in 16550A UART.
      Use a QEMUBH when an OMAP timer must expire immediately.
      Fix getgroups() with zero size parameter (Kirill Shutemov).
      Swap only altered elements of the grouplist in getgroups() (Kirill Shutemov).
      Implement fstatat64() syscall (by Kirill Shutemov).
      Implement the futimesat() syscall (by Kirill Shutemov).
      Fix building with 2.6.27 kernel headers (Kirill Shutemov).
      Add MTIOCTOP, MTIOCGET and MTIOCPOS ioctls (Kirill Shutemov).
      Fix pread() and pwrite() syscall on ARM EABI (Kirill Shutemov).
      Fix QADD / QSUB decoding on ARM (Torbjörn Andersson).
      Enable same-arch consistency check on x86-64, print syscall name on error.
      Fix TEST_BSX operands in test-i386.c (Zeev Tarantov).
      Band-aid vfork() emulation (Kirill Shutemov).
      Don't use ds->dpy_copy directly from hw/ (Jan Niehusmann).
      Reintroduce TEXT_CONSOLE_FIXED_SIZE and TEXT_CONSOLE for resizable vc's.
      Use qemu_free() on env instead of free.
      Implement x86 SSSE3 instructions.
      Clean up vendor identification (Alexander Graf).
      Core 2 Duo specification (Alexander Graf).
      SYSENTER/SYSEXIT IA-32e implementation (Alexander Graf).
      Add Atom (x86) cpu identification.
      Add a simple SSSE3 test.
      Fix definition of EMX bit in cpuid (Jens Axboe).
      Rename -cpu atom to -cpu n270.
      Add a "null" bluetooth HCI and a header file for bluetooth.
      Emulate a serial bluetooth HCI with H4+ extensions and attach to n8x0's UART.
      Implement a HCI passthrough to host.
      Add a virtual HCI.
      Add L2CAP logic and a virtual SDP server for use in emulated devices.
      Bluetooth HIDP emulation on top of usb-hid.c and L2CAP and SDP.
      Use VHCI to allow the host os to participate in a qemu bluetooth "vlan".
      Emulate a USB bluetooth dongle (or HCI Transport layer).
      Make sure bluez programs (cross-)compile, add missing statics.
      Disable bluetooth proxy compilation on win32.
      Handle MSR_IA32_PERF_STATUS in rdmsr (Alexander Graf).
      x86 pextrw destination operand can be r64.
      Actually check read/write errors in IDE (Ian Jackson).
      Check that asynchronous (DMA) submission succeeds (Ian Jackson).
      Reset CFI01 flash wcycle after erase confirm (Thomas Petazzoni).
      Improve pflash cfi01 debug messages (Thomas Petazzoni).
      Implement SSE4.1, SSE4.2 (x86).
      x86 "popcnt" affects flags.
      Fix crc32w decoding, fix a constant width in blendvpd.
      Increase write buffer size in pflash emulation (Thomas Petazzoni).
      Add a configure check for zlib (Ryota OZAKI).
      Use the adequate CFLAGS for confiugure tests.
      Fix a bad memcpy length (Bruce Rogers).
      Fix cpuid ext_features value for Atom N270 (Blue Swirl).
      Control + i and [tab] share keycode in curses, simulate [tab].
      Use the host exit syscall for exiting (Lauro Ramos Venancio).
      Fix iovec for the case with invalid elements (Lauro Ramos Venancio).
      page_check_range: fix wrap around test (Lauro Ramos Venancio).
      Recvmsg must return the number of bytes received (Lauro Ramos Venancio).
      Fix return value printing for shmat (Lauro Ramos Venancio).
      Set default max_cpus to one.
      Fix RGBT 5:5:5 drawing on pxa2xx lcd (Lars Munch)
      tc6393xb: initial support for nand control (Dmitry Baryshkov).
      Tosa: emulate LEDs (Dmitry Baryshkov).
      Tosa: provide correct IRQ to tc6393xb init (Dmitry Baryshkov).
      Tosa: disable pxafb as it's not used on tosa (Dmitry Baryshkov).
      scoop: GPRR reports the state of GPIO lines (Dmitry Baryshkov).
      Tosa: dummy lcd support (Dmitry Baryshkov).
      tc6393xb: non-accelerated FB support (Dmitry Baryshkov).
      Use the right format string to printf sector num with DEBUG_IDE.
      Revert r5532, r5536 and a piece of r5531.
      Add the -bt switch for setting up bluetooth stuff.
      Add qemu_strndup: qemu_strdup with length limit.
      Document bluetooth support in qemu-doc.
      x86 CPUID extended family/model (Andre Przywara).
      Currently trying to turn an oversized directory into a VVFAT image will
      use target_mmap() to allocate idt, gdt and ldt (Kirill A. Shutemov).
      Implement LSI53C895A quirks exposed by OpenServer (Justin Chevrier).
      r5531 made x509 certs not loadable (original patch from Henrik Holst).
      Include <strings.h> for ffs().
      Don't use "hz" in identifiers to make AIX happy.
      Don't try to select on an invalid VNC socket when init fails.
      Fix pmovsx* / pmovzx* SSE instructions (original fix by Frank Mehnert).
      Fix a typo preventing GNUC builtins usage.
      Use libgcc __clear_cache to clean icache, when available.
      arm: Reserve code buffer in memory range reachable for pc-relative branch.
      Don't rely on ARM tcg_out_goto() generating just a single insn.
      Fix the comment added in r5844.
      arm: Don't potentially overwrite input registers in add2, sub2.
      Don't wrap I2C registers addresses on PXA270.
      Remove a duplicate omap_l4_attach(), add one missing elsewhere.
      LSI53C895A: Remove current_dma_len hack
      LSI53C895A: Handle empty SCRIPTS opcode (Justin Chevrier)
      SCSI: Handle inquiry commands of varying length (Justin Chevrier).
      pflash_cfi01: add Single Byte Program (Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD).
      omap1: add OSC_12M_SEL UART register support (original patch from Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD)
      omap1: fix uart3 init (Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD).
      ARM: cosmetics (Laurent Desnogues).
      Patch holes in ARM translation (Laurent Desnogues).
      ARM: fix usad8 and usada8 usage of registers (Mans Rullgard).
      ARM: fix smmul and smmla/smmls usage of registers (Mans Rullgard).
      PXA: Account for offset from page start in a subpage mapping.
      sh4: mmio based CF support on r2d board (Takashi YOSHII).
      sh4: Add IRL (4-bit encoded interrupt input) support (Takashi YOSHII).
      sh4: Add r2d onboard FPGA IRQ controller (Takashi YOSHII).
      SH: On-chip PCI controller support (Takashi YOSHII).
      SH: Don't subtract bases from access addresses in PCIC.
      SH: r2d pci support (Takashi YOSHII).
      SH: improve the way sh7750 registers io memory (Takashi YOSHII).
      SH4: Eliminate P4 to A7 mangling (Takashi YOSHII).
      Move spitz microdrive to PCMCIA socket 0.
      Fix 64-bit targets compilation on ARM host.
      Make memory load functions (ldxx_y(ptr)) take a const pointer.
      Fix PXA2xx framebuffer dirty checking.
      Fix the PXA2xx LCD dirty page detection a little more.
      ARM: basic SX1-cellphone sysemu support (Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD).
      Add ARM board names still missing from qemu-doc.
      configure: close stdout for the remaining calls to cc.
      Fix absolute mode mice.
      Allow usb tablet to be used with vmware-vga hwcursor.
      Fix "info registers" under kvm.
      Fix absolute mouse events generated by SDL frontend.
      Recognise evdev(xx)_aliases(yy) and xfree86(xx)_aliases(yy) as keymap names.
      Fix indices in Menelaus save/load.

bellard (2290):
      This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r2,
      avoid pt_regs clash
      fixed endianness
      endianness fixes
      suppressed clashes
      ppc build
      added NO_TRACE_MSGS ifdef
      i386 emulator test
      added shift tests
      new i386 emulator core
      new x86 CPU core
      added float support
      test infrastructure
      prints hello world
      better debug support
      many fixes
      added shiftd support - improved auto test
      bsx/float tests
      added bcd tests
      float fixes - added bsr/bsf support
      convert several x86 instructions at the same time
      added translation cache
      added bcd test
      added pusha/popa/rdtsc/bcd ops
      added minimal segment support
      added loop/xadd/cmpxchg support
      cmpxchg test
      added stat64
      added cmov instruction
      gcc 3.x fixes
      added flags computation optimization
      added file
      ppc port
      added code16 tests
      better 16 bit code support
      added libgemu.a build
      basic clone() support
      basic signal handling
      better signal/exception support
      more syscalls
      distribution patches
      glibc2.2 fixes - more command line options - misc doc fixes
      ld.so load fix
      dirent fixes
      xchg lock, xlat instr
      added runcom
      more tests
      added number of arguments
      added cmpxchg8b, cpuid, bound, eflags support, vm86 mode
      16bit/override support in string operations
      added cmpxchg8b, cpuid, bound, eflags support, vm86 mode, 16bit/override string ops
      eflags update
      primitive vm86 support
      changed flag names
      more syscalls
      first vm86 support
      wine help
      endian fixes by Ulrich weigand
      s390 support
      fixed execve bug
      better vm86 support - added iret - fixed push/pop fs/gs
      better vm86 support
      added SIOCATMARK and times() syscall
      added runcom test
      -statis for test-i386
      personality fix - i386 interpreter fix
      alpha addition
      bfd.h dependancy removed
      64 bit support
      more cpu support
      moved i386 specific stuff outside elf.h
      alpha fix - powerpc fix
      powerpc fix
      powerpc div and rint fixes
      clock_t fixes
      endian fix
      64 bit fix
      ISO C fixes
      warning fix
      first self virtualizable version
      TIOCGPTN and TIOCSPTLCK ioctls
      suppressed undefined shldw shrdw
      RH9 fix - path patch
      added prefix
      stat patches - path patches - added exit_group() syscall
      path patch
      flock support
      loglevel export
      symbol fix
      log fix
      PowerPC disas code
      fstat64 fix
      ia64 support
      alpha support
      alpha support
      ia64 support - fcntl uses TARGET_ constants
      fix _start routine name
      fcntl constants
      ia64 support
      ia64 support - alpha support
      alpha support - ia64 support
      target cpu definition
      sparc support
      update (test)
      systematic exception test
      more accurate signal handling
      added trapno and error_code report in ucontext
      added CPL and IOPL as translation time constants - changed I/O function prototype to include emulator state - added error_code and cr2 support
      added raise_exception_err() - added cr2 update
      added raise_exception_err()
      more accurate GPF generation
      added op_gpf
      more siginfo constants
      added setgroups and getgroups syscalls
      added KDGKBTYPE
      changed I/O function prototype to include emulator state
      added CPL/IOPL support - fixed subtle inc/dec flag optimisation bug - added HLT instruction
      moved vm86 stuff to vm86.c
      vm86 emulation closer to Linux kernel code - added correct IRQ emulation for dosemu
      added vm86.c
      added dump function
      more console ioctls
      removed unnecessary VME support - fixed selector GPF exception
      fixed GPF generation - fixed 'lret im' instruction (main fix for dosemu) - fixed HLT instruction
      fixed invalid CPL logic in vm86 mode - use generic CPU dump state function
      added vm86.c
      TF flag support
      TF flag support - fixed eflags computation before exception
      simplified exception support
      sigtrap support
      added EIP return to INTO - fixed SHL C flag computation - added LAR/LSL
      added LAR/LSL - fixed INT3 and INTO EIP computation
      added LAR/LSL
      fixed SHL C flag computation
      added LAR/LSL tests
      eflags fix
      fixed from 2.4.20 kernel
      alpha disas (Falk Hueffner)
      warning fix
      Alpha fixes (Falk Hueffner)
      mmap emulation
      more exception tests
      fixed small page handling
      Sparc update (David S. Miller)
      return code size
      self-modifying code support
      pread/pwrite syscalls - use page_unprotect_range() in vital cases to avoid problems if the kernel writes data in protected page (needed for self-modifying code support)
      file list update
      removed trace - merged 2.4.20 vm86 patches
      better locking - added PowerPC signal handler (add it for the other archs too because it needed for full exception support)
      better locks
      fixed invalid signal masking
      added do_fcntl()
      removed invalid eip update
      added vm86, exceptions and self modifying regression tests
      fixed popf TF flag bug (should never hapen in user code except in test-i386!)
      test-i386 update
      fixed 32 bit popf/iret emulation in vm86 mode
      added getrusage
      fixed page_unprotect() if host_page_size > TARGET_PAGE_SIZE
      added exec.h
      fixed cast
      direct chaining for PowerPC and i386
      self modifying code also tests translation block chaining invalidation
      direct chaining for PowerPC and i386
      more efficient locking
      fwait fix (aka DOS Navigator fix)
      more exception tests - support for precise exceptions
      precise exception support
      mmap2 fix
      cr2 update (dosemu VGA support fix)
      currently generated
      precise exceptions - more accurate interrupt semantics
      precise exceptions
      segment defines
      autogen opc-i386.h
      added fsave/frstor/fstenv/fldenv/fcomi - fixed cpuid - make lret/iret restartable
      search data in both .data and .sdata
      misplaced #endif
      save FPU state in signal handler
      more FPU tests
      Alpha update (Falk Hueffner)
      separated helpers from micro operations
      use 32 bit pointer for tb_next even on 64 bit archs
      fixed __op_label handling if RELA relocations are used
      alpha fix
      convert mmap flags (alpha fix)
      added helper-i386.c - alpha fixes
      tested tools
      64 bit fix
      getdents for 64 bit cpus
      big endian/unaligned fix
      added ARM and Sparc disassemblers
      avoid unaligned file offset in anonymous mapping
      more code moved to helpers
      more code moved to helpers - sipmplified x86 float constants definitions
      arm support - modified sparc to work with direct chaining
      weird arm double format support
      removed unused code
      arm support
      removed unused dependancy if non x86
      moved to disas.c
      use -mflat for helper-i386.c on sparc - use custom ld script on sparc to free zero memory addresses for vm86 emulation - arm support
      arm support - suppressed possibly unsafe sparc nop deletion
      disas endian fix
      alpha fix
      added static build option
      more precise float rounding tests
      added hello world for ARM
      ARM emulation support
      changed disas() prototype for multi target support
      output gen_op_xxx() in a separate file
      moved cache flush to dyngen header
      moved dyngen generic code to dyngen-exec.h
      fixed float to int overflow bug - added ARM host correct roundings for float rounding
      main cpu loop is target independent
      fixed serious ioctl parameter conversion issue - exported type size and align functions
      automatic ioctl number conversion - minimum ARM fork() support
      factorized more definitions - suppressed broken sound ioctls
      extracted generic code
      factorized cpu defines
      ARM emulation support
      added missing link scripts
      arm emulation support
      consistent hello naming
      fixed op_label computation on ppc
      fixed include macro pb
      added cpu_abort()
      ring 0 data structures
      ring 0 ops
      new segment access
      fixed case where SS != USER_DS (fixes dosemu DPMI emulation)
      force IOPL=3
      more ring 0 instructions - full x86 MMU emulation based on mmap() syscall - fixed popl (%esp)
      correct restoring of CC_OP in case of exception
      hardware interrupt support - support forfull ring 0 exception simulation
      more ring 0 operations
      MMU support
      use inline function
      iret and popl (%esp) tests
      declare user mode only simulation for QEMU
      for hard core developpers only: a new user mode linux project :-)
      added link script for vl
      added NE2000 emulation
      faster task switch
      fixed compilation for gcc 2.96
      fixed compilation for gcc 2.96 - added QEMU system emulator
      more compiler tests
      arm fixes
      suppressed ring 0 hacks
      more precise cpu_interrupt()
      fixed VM86 support in Virtual Linux - fixed compilation issues with gcc 2.96 - cpuid returns now pentium pro in order to avoid F00F bug workaround in Linux kernel
      untested RH9 fixes
      compile fixes
      added invlpg emulation
      VL license of the day is MIT/BSD
      gcc3 compile fixes
      fixed inline pb
      fixed endianness (Jocelyn Mayer)
      more precise timer emulation - fixed NE2000 probe problems - added VLTMPDIR support
      added gdb support to vl
      gdb usage information
      gdb stub defines
      IDE emulation
      added nop operations
      first step to fix precise eflags update in case of exception
      added block.c
      added IDE mult support - reduced irq latency (IDE should have good performances now)
      reduced irq latency
      removed unused assignment
      allow read only images
      fixed invalid irq jump chaining
      dummy label to avoid gcc optimisations
      added PIC debug
      correct eflags evaluation order for all operations - fixed important CPU state restoring bug in some exception cases - disabled unsafe inc flags optimisation
      more accurate bcd convert - fixed FPU exceptions
      make FPU load exception safe
      fixed date storage in CMOS
      allow up to 256 MB of ram
      added IDE WIN_READ_NATIVE_MAX command (2.5.xx fix) - added support for proper system shutdown
      added user mode Linux Copy On Write disk image support - added -snapshot support (initial patch by Rusty Russell)
      added disk image help
      dummy rdmsr and wrmsr support - xor reg, reg optimization
      old select support
      ARM fixes
      ARM fix: mmap
      ARM init fix
      ARM fixes
      ARM signal support
      added return for ARM case (may be incorrect - need checking)
      fixed EIP exception bug in case of nop operations (kernel 2.5.74 copy_from_user() bug)
      added nop test for exception
      changed basic block exit generation
      RedHat 9 fix
      address printing fix
      sparc fix
      gcc 3.2.2 bug workaround (RedHat 9 fix)
      times() fix
      convert signal numbers
      debug print
      gdb stub breakpoints support
      real mode support (now boots from BOCHS BIOS and LGPL'ed VGA BIOS)
      popw (%esp) test)
      real mode support
      removed debug
      set to protected mode
      keyboard emulation - accepts to boot with Bochs BIOS and LGPL'ed VGA BIOS
      fixed ss segment load - added ICEBP instruction
      more generic ljmp and lcall - fixed REPNZ usage for non compare string ops (FreeDos boot loader fix)
      refresh clock dummy emulation (netbsd boot fix)
      first part of single stepping support
      correct CPL support (should fix flat real mode support)
      Hardware level VGA emulation (only text mode is tested)
      fixed graphical VGA 16 color mode - fixed 9 pixel wide text mode
      Full VGA support, including old CGA modes, VGA planar and mode X
      Software MMU support (used for memory mapped devices such as VGA)
      SDL support for VGA, keyboard and mouse
      soft mmu support
      build all targets at the same time - SDL probe support
      use bswap.h
      build all targets at the same time
      soft mmu support - moved unrelated code to help2-i386.c - synthetize string instructions
      soft mmu support - Memory I/O API - synthetize string instructions
      soft mmu support
      added VGA emulation - added PS/2 mouse and keyboard emulation - use SDL for VGA display
      m68k host port (Richard Zidlicky)
      PowerPC fix (Jon Nall)
      removed warnings
      fixed invalid code gen
      fixed invalid ESP usage (Jon Nall)
      mode X double scan fix (malc)
      64 bit fixes (Falk Hueffner)
      pass function name to JMUP_TB()
      fixed invalid Linux asm/unistd.h header for PowerPC and gcc 3.3
      workaround for gcc 3.3 bug or overoptimisation if a label is not used
      gcc 3.x is mandatory now on PowerPC
      avoid problems if make clean was not made before updating
      no error code if hardware interrupt
      pop ss, mov ss, x and sti disable irqs for the next instruction - began dispatch optimization by adding new x86 cpu 'hidden' flags
      faster and more accurate segment handling
      glibc 2.3.x fix
      depth 32 fix
      added linux < 2.4.21 vm86 bug workaround - added extensive TF flag test
      removed x86 hacks
      added two more jump points
      finished simplifying string operations
      added JUMP_TB2 for a third basic block exit jump point
      finished simplifying string operations - correct TF flag handling for string operations and ss loading - simplified basic block exit code generation
      Redhat 9 fixes
      portable Linux test
      new directory structure
      sparc emulation target (thanx to Thomas M. Ogrisegg)
      new directory structure - changed naming of qemu and vl
      sparc emulation target (thanx to Thomas M. Ogrisegg)
      sparc support - hack to fix case where real_host_page_size < TARGET_PAGE_SIZE (typically sparc target case)
      new directory structure
      new directory structure
      simplified invocation - added automatic IDE disk geometry guessing to reuse old disk images directly
      added utime syscall - fixed nanosleep exact behaviour
      allow Ctrl-C to be pressed when using gdb stub and SDL
      removed SIGIOT
      multiscan/doublescan fix (malc)
      buffer overflow fix - handle case where stdin is closed (Rusty Russell)
      tun-fd option support for external tundev config (Rusty Russell)
      automatic man page generation - BIOS installation
      bios binary images
      log activation from gdb - gdb single step support for x86 - stop timer when cpu is being debugged
      filename fixes
      added i386 user only target
      fixed mmu fault priviledge logic
      added correct memory access code for system emulation
      factorized debug code
      disabled signal hacks for softmmu version (qemu should be much more portable now...)
      full softmmu support
      full soft mmu support
      qemu with softmmu is now the default executable
      fixed idt/gdt relocation bug - added support for Redhat kernels
      make cpu test static
      fixed virtual memory access
      fixed big endian ops
      fixed distclean target
      redhat 9 fix
      added binary archive
      static link
      CONFIG_STATIC patch
      fixed ldq() macros
      fixed long double accesses when using soft MMU
      soft MMU performance fix (oops)
      cmov fix (bug on PowerPC)
      cannot simply write segment registers in system mode
      unused functions in system mode
      no need for locks in system mode
      endianness and portability fixes
      enabled system emulator build on PowerPC - increased portability of soft mmu code
      temporary hack for PowerPC system emulation
      big endian fixes
      ARM half word load/store fix (Ulrich Hecht)
      a20 support
      a20 support - keyboard led fix
      ppc fix
      soft mmu fix (aka debian random seg fault fix)
      hardware level IDE CD-ROM emulation - added second IDE interface for up to 4 IDE disks emulation - added -boot command to enable CD boot
      moved IDE driver to ide.c
      64-bit multiplication fix (Ulrich Hecht)
      new VGA bios
      make Knoppix CD-ROM probe happy
      added comments and TSS bit
      full TSS support - IO map check support - conforming segment check fixes - iret in vm86 mode fix
      dump more registers
      io map checks
      added verr, verw, arpl - more precise segment rights checks
      iret and int fix for vm86 - added undefined instructions for real and vm86 modes - added verr, verrw, arpl - added port io map
      Soundblaster 16 support (malc)
      fixed lmsw instruction
      fixed pop %sp bug
      call gate fix - verr and verw fix
      make windows happier
      quick and dirty CMOS irq emulation (windows install uses it) - emm386 keyboard fix (need a better way...) - better serial emulation (windows install uses it) - LDT and TR caches init fix
      more precise stack operations in call/int gates (16 bit wrapping is handled in all cases) - makes all call/int gates operations restartable in case of exception
      more hack for CMOS interruption (enable linux /dev/rtc not to hang) - auto boot on cdrom if only device present
      fcmovx support
      static config for SDL
      always completely redefine the TLB in case of MMU fault
      added fcmovxx support (fixes segfaults in some recent linux tools) - fixed irq inhibit logic : the irqs are inhibited only for one instruction after, even if the next one also inhibit irqs - stop translation after irq inhibition stops to give a chance to irqs (fixes install NT kernel startup)
      added fcmovxx support
      fixed TB linking in case of code invalidation (fixes random segfaults)
      more fcmovxx tests
      FTST instruction fix
      PowerPC support (Jocelyn Mayer)
      suppressed use of gen_multi - use intermediate FT0 register for floats - use T0 temporary for fpscr update - use PARAM1 for spr access - added untested single load/store support
      PowerPC target support (Jocelyn Mayer) - added better support for uid16
      fixed PPC state reloading
      fixed eflags IF/IOPL update
      a20 fix
      imull fix (suggested by Robert J. Harley)
      more complete eflags testing for multiplication (P4 case only)
      dump irq inhibit flag as it is a part of the cpu state
      P4 style multiplication eflags
      disable keyboard interrupts if keyboard clock disabled (may not be fully correct) - added keyboard ID for extended keyboard
      PowerPC fixes (Jocelyn Mayer)
      SPARC fixes: corrected PC/NPC logic (now slower but can be optimized a lot) - fixed flags computations - added register window exceptions support - fixed mul and div - added mulscc - fixed immediate field decoding
      correct zero segment values when coming from VM86 mode - cache infos in CPUID - simpler exception handling in load_seg() - validate segments after lret/iret
      debug fixes - use more generic TLB mappings
      invd and wbinvd support - fixed code gen logic for invlpg - simpler exception handling in load_seg()
      float access fixes
      sparc fixes
      aligned stack on 16 byte boundary - PPC target fixes - SPARC target fixes
      more generic TLB support - began to fix unlikely interrupt issues
      added CPU callbacks
      SPARC fixes : syscall fixes - added user register window exception support
      stat64 fix - added getpagesize()
      termios support for SPARC and PPC
      explicited S3 specific code - added more debug code
      removed test code
      more precise PIT gate emulation
      first multi target test (lauches 'ls')
      signal fix: update the host signal 'signal ignored' state to avoid unexpected -EINTR values (ash fix)
      added PE to static CPU state (avoids flushing translated code when swiching between protected and real mode) - moved memory defs to cpu-all.h
      debug updates - page_unprotect() is no longer needed in softmmu case
      correct value for ADDSEG is real mode (fixes GRUB boot) - update static protected mode state - use generic tlb_set_page()
      fixed word bit operations with memory offset - suppressed push/pop micro operations
      added stx_T1_A0 micro ops
      fixed dx based protected in/outs (win98 install) - changed JUMP_TB2 branch number arg
      added raw/user/kernel memory accesses (faster emulation)
      added raw/user/kernel memory accesses for shifts/adc/sbb/cmpxchg/push/pop (faster emulation) - make 'call Ev' exception safe - in/out dx fix - PE flag is static
      waiting for TARGET_HAS_SMC patch
      support for new TLB handling
      export more memory defines
      include stddef.h for size_t definition
      added support for direct patching on i386 host (faster emulation)
      added support for direct patching on i386 host (faster emulation) - increased translation buffer size - added new TLB support
      new generic TLB support - faster self modifying code support - added ROM memory support
      (temporary) only physical dump is possible in gdb
      CD-ROM detection fix
      correct cpu state
      updated so that PPC/ARM/SPARC executables are automatically launched when invoked
      WHEEL defines may not be available in SDL
      assembly soft MMU defines on i386
      hack for target_ulong define
      make the bios be a ROM memory - glibc hacks for setvbuf and signals - correct century storage in CMOS emulation
      PowerPC system emulation (Jocelyn Mayer) - modified patch to use new TLB api
      suppressed explicit access type and use the exception routine to infer it from the micro operation
      infer access type
      aalib support with SDL
      changed cpu_x86_in/out to cpu_in/out
      ppc fix
      PowerPC System emulation (Jocelyn Mayer)
      factorized GenOpFunc
      PowerPC update (Jocelyn Mayer)
      PowerPC support - float macros
      fcntl flags convertion (Jocelyn Mayer)
      PowerPC system emulation (Jocelyn Mayer) - PIC poll mode (Jocelyn Mayer) - use CPUState - Floppy support (Jocelyn Mayer) - command line debug (Jocelyn Mayer)
      use CPUState
      changed cpu_x86_in/out to cpu_in/out
      debug fixes
      use generic GenOpFunc
      Floppy disk emulation (Jocelyn Mayer)
      ppc support (Jocelyn Mayer)
      fixed subtle bug: in some cases PG_DIRTY was not set correctly
      generate read error if no image (win XP install boot)
      fixed dirty bit support for 4M pages (L4 Pistachio fix)
      xadd fix
      comments fix
      fixed potential exception pb on cmpxchg
      simpler second page physical address test
      ppc code gen size fix
      fixed tlb invalidation
      cast to return type
      cmos return current date - current irq priority in PIC (L4 Pistachio support) - help fixes
      more xadd tests - cmpxchg8b test
      suppressed cast to lvalue
      alpha fix (Falk Hueffner)
      sb16 patch (malc)
      temporary gcc 3.3 fix
      automatic floppy boot
      ARM fcntl flag fixes (Lennert Buytenhek)
      PowerPC merge (Jocelyn Mayer)
      PowerPC merge (Jocelyn Mayer)
      avoid exiting directly if file not found
      PowerPC merge (Jocelyn Mayer)
      test at least one invalid lock op code
      L4 fix for rep nop (should handle all cases)
      16 bit DMA fix (malc)
      interrupt to conforming segment fix (QNX boot fix)
      ATAPI transfer size fix (NetBSD CDROM access fix) - added WIN_CHECKPOWERMODE1 - set error to zero in some cases
      increased physical RAM limit to 2047 MB in soft MMU mode
      removed warnings
      added cpu_get_phys_page_debug()
      added cpu_get_phys_page_debug()
      added TARGET_LONG_BITS
      virtual memory access for gdbstub
      correct target_ulong definition
      correct NT flag behavior
      combine PDE and PTE protections as in intel specs - added cpu_get_phys_page_debug()
      fixed eflags optimisations with string operation (aka linux 2.6.2rc1 fix) - removed warnings
      correct NT flag behavior - zero ldt task switch bug fix - task switch thru call insn bug fix
      clean tests dir
      vga memory address fix
      SEEK_STAT bit ata reset fix (Jens Axboe)
      fixed atapi error codes (initial patch by Jens Axboe)
      ide identify fix (initial patch by Jens Axboe)
      more precise TLB invalidation - init cleanup
      temporary interrupt locking fix (need rework)
      added tlb_flush() flags
      added generic physical memory dirty bit support
      added bochs VBE support
      sdl_cleanup fix (Martin Garton)
      bochs vbe: virtual screen support and bank switch (untested)
      fixed WP semantics
      direct chaining support for SPARC
      arm nwfpe support
      added arm nwfpe support (initial patch by Ulrich Hecht)
      suppressed dummy FPU ops
      arm nwfpe support
      arm nwfpe support - added code no-code-copy option - __preinit_array_start bug fix (untested)
      suppressed unused variables
      fast Linux boot support
      added osdep.o and nwfpe
      force boot sector feature
      added CPU_INTERRUPT_EXITTB and code_copy_enabled
      experimental code copy support - CPU_INTERRUPT_EXITTB support
      use qemu memory allocation - added dirty bit support when using host MMU
      experimental code copy support - added new Linux kernel loader
      experimental code copy support - fixed A20 emulation
      fixed lea exception
      experimental code copy support
      added OS dependent functions (temporary as most functions are generic in fact)
      use osdep.h
      update nip when processing exceptions (Jocelyn Mayer)
      Fix check for lswi (Jocelyn Mayer)
      lwarx fix (Jocelyn Mayer)
      adding direct block chaining support - simplified branch code gen
      fixed blr/bctr cases
      faster big endian accesses on i386 - big endian ldsw_raw fix
      O_DIRECT compile fix
      use kernel like macros for user access (will be useful someday to have a better error checking
      zero offset optimisation
      small test optimisations
      shm tests - disabled clone test
      shm support, more setsockopt and getsockopt calls, fds fix (initial patch by Paul McKerras)
      fpu fix
      CR0.MP/EM/TS support - native fpu support in code copy mode
      native FPU support (disabled)
      CR0.MP/EM/TS support
      native FPU support in code copy mode
      new physical memory access API (used by DMA accesses) - code copy FP fixes
      new physical memory access API (used by DMA accesses)
      DMA API change
      native FPU support in code copy mode
      moved DMA and SB16 outside timer (may break SB16)
      use physical memory access functions for DMA
      native FPU support in code copy mode
      more FPU context save tests
      added precompiled linux boot sector
      added cow.h
      2.6 kernel compile fix
      m68k compile fix
      separated more devices from emulator
      added a command line monitor
      remoable device support
      removable device support - io port API change
      added qemu_mallocz()
      io port API change
      io port API change - removed dumb console redraw (not useful)
      added I/O API - io port API change - added multiple network interface support - redirect serial port to a pseudo terminal if using graphical mode
      io port API change
      added qemu_mallocz()
      tun-fd option fix
      device independent VGA screen dump
      initial x86-64 host support (Gwenole Beauchesne)
      updated floppy driver: formatting code, disk geometry auto detect (Jocelyn Mayer)
      write to both IDE drives - return 0 for not present drives
      fixed protected lret imm insn (one more OS/2 fix)
      use new directory layout
      do not depend on thunk.h - more log items
      more log items
      protected lret x86 'bug' emulation
      removed most of global context uses - removed unneeded abort() which cause problems during win95 hardware scan
      fixed IDE probe
      task switch fixes
      fixed ljmp and iret to TSS
      gcc 2.95.4 compile fix (Petter Reinholdtsen)
      added qemu-mkcow man page
      install fix (Rusty Russel)
      moved gdbstub to qemu - new asynchronous gdbstub
      added cpu_get_fp80() and cpu_set_fp80()
      more precise RTC emulation (periodic timers + time updates)
      use new timer API
      new timer API - new API to save/restore the virtual machine state
      win32 port (initial patch by kazu)
      win32 port (initial patch by kazu)
      win32 cross compile fix
      rdtsc fix
      avoid rounding problems
      added -macaddr option
      fixed SDL probing for cross compilation
      UIP update fix
      tun-fd fix
      win32 port (Kazu)
      improved monitor: type check, expression evaluator, memory dump, disassembly
      history support (Jocelyn Mayer)
      doc update
      qemu fast fix
      fixing free
      port 92 access
      win32: do not use all cpu time
      win32: correct keycode remapping
      dma clean up - added missing read accesses
      refuse write accesses in BIOS area (aka EMM386.EXE fix) (Mike Nordell)
      vga 9 pixel wide text char fix
      base memory size in cmos
      fix the no device case
      preserve partition table when using -linux option
      ide select logic fix
      fixed keyboard random bug (Mike Nordell)
      VM86 EIP masking fix (aka NT5 install fix) (Mike Nordell)
      fixed invalid command test
      PowerPC system emulation fixes (Jocelyn Mayer)
      ppc: suppressed unneeded globals and headers - added explicit type for ppc nvram
      suppressed no longer needed vm86 segment hack (Mike Nordell)
      blanking support
      avoid segfault if transient invalid text resolution
      safer sb16 code
      NT mouse fix (Mark Jonckheere)
      initial user mode network support
      NE2000 fixes for windows (Renzo Davoli)
      probe static SDL link
      initial user mode network support
      fixed options definition
      imul imm8 fix - 0x82 opcode support (Hidemi KAWAI)
      more imul tests
      create slirp directory
      added user mode libqemu usage example
      64 bit seek for win32 (Mike Nordell)
      precise self modifying code test
      flush insn support
      dump A20 state
      precise self modifying code support
      avoid error if too many sectors in non LBA mode
      disabled S3 VGA
      ARM cache flush support (untested) - '-d' option fix
      fixed very unlikely irq bug
      added 'info pic' - added 16/32 bit x86 instruction dump
      more register values in monitor
      x86-64 port (Jocelyn Mayer)
      x86-64 port (Jocelyn Mayer)
      avoid unneeded casts
      added cpu_resume_from_signal() - irq fix
      added target_phys_addr_t
      consistent use of target_ulong and target_phys_addr_t
      more endianness macros
      ide endianness fixes
      isa bridge endianness fixes
      amd64 port (Jocelyn Mayer)
      init dummy net if tun/tap network error
      amd64 port
      ppc fixes (Jocelyn Mayer)
      avoid errno variable name
      added temporary option -enable-audio
      copyright update
      full screen support (initial patch by malc)
      isa memory remapping support (aka PPC PREP VGA support)
      Bochs VBE emulation fix
      Bochs VBE emulation fix
      SDL static config fix (Roman Zippel)
      disable grab if the window no longer has the focus (Windows case) (Mike Nordell)
      keyboard irq generation fix
      utime fix
      pit fixes
      ide slave fixes (aka Win98 CD-ROM detection fix)
      fixed floppy reset (aka win98 floppy probe fix)
      fixed dhcp for windows client
      arm load/store half word fix (Ulrich Hecht)
      timer for READ_ID (win98 floppy fix) - simpler irq handling
      better install
      64 bit fix
      SPECIFY command fix (Jocelyn Mayer)
      MSDOS compatibility mode FPU exception support
      cr0.ET fix (Win95 boot fix)
      division by zero FPU exception support
      better packaging support
      primitive ioport debug - /dev/rtc fast timer support (needed for better simulation accuracy with Linux 2.4)
      bsd port (Markus Niemisto)
      faster I/Os - default 16 bit I/O fix
      allow '-nics 0'
      -tun-fd option fix (Renzo Davoli)
      floppy fix
      custom option parsing to have same behavior on all OSes
      int13 CDROM BIOS fix (aka Solaris x86 install CD fix)
      int15, ah=86 BIOS fix (aka Solaris x86 hardware probe hang up fix)
      BSR/BSF undefined behaviour fix
      BSR/BSF 'undefined behaviour' test
      different serial number for each drive (initial patch by Mike Nordell)
      vmdk2raw: convert VMware disk images to raw images
      NVRAM fixes (Jocelyn Mayer)
      ppc fix (Jocelyn Mayer)
      -user-net is optional - EAGAIN fix
      PCI support
      suppressed pci2isa.c
      PIIX ELCR register support
      PCI irq support
      PCI interrupt support - PCI BIOS interrupt remapping - more accurate memory mapping - 'info pci' monitor command
      dummy VGA PCI support - VGA font selection fix (Daniel Serpell)
      PCI interrupt support
      VGA PCI support
      info pci command
      64 bit support
      win32 patch (kazu)
      fixed invalid includes
      BSD fix
      suppressed unneeded header
      win32 fix
      BSD fix + ppc-softmmu support for win32
      PIC reset fix (initial patch by Hidemi KAWAI)
      added cpu_get_tsc()
      PIC spurious irq support (aka Solaris install bug)
      64 bit fix (Jocelyn Mayer)
      irq statistics code (initial patch by Jocelyn Mayer)
      PowerPC merge: real time TB and decrementer - faster and simpler exception handling (Jocelyn Mayer)
      support for non continuous RAM or ROM
      PCI BIOS fixes
      pci memory mapping fix
      receive status register support (aka GRUB netboot fix)
      added missing copyright file
      default ram size define (Pavel Janik)
      typos (Pavel Janik)
      fixed 2.88 MB boot (aka FreeBSD 5.2.1 boot fix)
      int13 cdrom 32 bit register update fix (aka FreeBSD CDROM boot)
      pixx3 ide controller
      added PIIX3 like IDE controller - PCI irq generation - SETFEATURES IDE command support
      use PIIX3 like IDE controller
      pci empty device read fix - piix3 ide init
      PowerPC merge
      PowerPC merge
      PowerPC merge
      PowerPC merge
      PowerPC merge
      PowerPC merge
      PowerPC prep/chrp/pmac support
      trace fixes
      PowerPC prep/chrp/pmac support
      partial big endian fixes - change VESA VBE ports for non i386 targets to avoid unaligned accesses
      compile fix
      put ready it after write command (aka FreeBSD HD access fix) - access 16 mult sector count
      fnop FPU exception support (aka FreeBSD FPU probe) - sysenter/sysexit support (untested, not enabled in cpuid)
      -localtime option
      more accurate emulation (do not depend on localtime() or gmtime()
      header fix
      support for opaque data on memory I/Os
      -localtime option
      support for opaque data on memory I/Os - PCI ROM memory support
      support for opaque data on memory I/Os
      fixed PCI config default write permissions
      CUDA + ADB support
      hid event handling
      CUDA + ADB support
      added -fno-strict-aliasing
      sendkey command
      slirp is enabled by default
      lmsw fix (aka dos4gw bug)
      fixed window switch - fixed caps lock and num lock - simplified keycodes (initial idea by Mark Jonckheere)
      added some keys
      dhcp packet size fix (aka pump fix)
      sdl keyboard fix
      generic VGA API layer
      Cirrus VGA emulation (initial patch by Suzu - heavily modified for easier merge)
      Cirrus VGA emulation
      Cirrus VGA display fix
      mmio support for vga registers - line offset fix - (aka XFree86 4.3.0 fixes)
      host bridge config fix
      avoid using anonymous struct extension (not supported by all gcc 3.x)
      -cirrusvga option
      Cirrus fixes
      change ID to CLGD5446 - added solidfill support - fixed hidden dac access
      init VGA with default config
      better to use different ID for ISA and PCI
      hardware cursor support - fill with rop support - color expand and color expand with transparent support - various optimisations
      generic hardware cursor support
      specific VGA BIOS for Cirrus VGA Card
      hardware cursor depth = 15 fix
      cirrus blitter fixes
      endianness functions for unaligned memory accesses
      allow 32 but unaligned access (aka Win PCI network bug - initial patch by Renzo Davoli)
      audip fixes (malc)
      ioport read command
      fixed full screen refresh
      set memory size to 4MB for 5446 - fixed memory size probe (aka Win2000 bug) - fixed interlace support
      interlace support
      IDE1 init fix
      pattern fill fixes and optimization
      added ffree
      added ffree - added cpu log option
      ffree test
      IDE ATA identify fix (aka FreeBSD 4.10 fix)
      fixed 16 bit segment optimisations
      jump to gate fix (aka OS/2 Warp install bug)
      fixed self modifying code in case of asynchronous interrupt
      compile fix
      OpenPIC support (Jocelyn Mayer)
      VMware 4 disk images support
      const fix
      sigset_t endianness fix in signal context
      sysinfo syscall (Francois Guimond)
      buffer overflow fix - printf format fix
      buffer overflow fix
      print error messages if boot error
      added cpu_reset()
      added system_reset command
      new reset API
      reset and shutdown support - PCI is now the default
      new reset API
      new reset API - shutdown support
      added cpu_reset()
      added APM support
      boot to top of 4GB space
      accept bigger PC BIOSes
      added open pic for PPC
      added -g option for OF initial resolution
      ppc update
      cuda fixes
      high page register support for PPC PREP
      pmac macio based ide support
      memory mapped NVRAM (Jocelyn Mayer)
      openpic fixes
      UniNorth PCI bridge support
      cmdline init fix
      ppc init fixes
      endianness fixes
      removed traces
      dma init fix
      added PCI bus
      added PCI bus - added IRQ support for PowerPC bridges - suppressed PREP PCI bios init
      ppc bios
      ADB fixes
      disable PCI device for PMAC
      cpu_single_env init
      disable buggy tb_invalidate_page_range()
      consider that all archs have SMC (workaround)
      use RT signal for /dev/rtc - restore stdin flags (Bob Barry) - cpu save fix (Johannes Schindelin)
      BMDMA support - CDROM fixes
      configure BMDMA
      hlt instruction fix
      new Cirrus VGA BIOS from the LGPL'ed VGA BIOS project including VESA support
      RT signal may not be a good idea
      fixed case where ram < 16 MB
      dac write index register is r/w (Volker Ruppert)
      dac write index register is r/w - CR1D access fix (Volker Ruppert)
      forgot fclose()
      Darwin patch (initial patch by Pierre d'Herbemont)
      Darwin patch (initial patch by Pierre d'Herbemont)
      Darwin patch
      24 bpp mode fixes
      24 bpp fixes
      removed unused code
      suppressed unused function
      fixed b[l] decoding
      Cirrus VGA is the default - 128 MB default memory - 800x600 default PPC resolution
      doc update
      kbd save/restore
      load/save state support
      odd memory access fix
      Mac OS X port (Pierre d'Herbemont)
      removed unused definitions
      removed stdout reference (not portable)
      Mac OS X port
      Mac OS X port (Pierre d'Herbemont)
      Mac OS X port
      added .cvsignore
      ppc bios version 0.3
      static build fix
      OS X port
      Mac OS X port (Pierre d'Herbemont)
      fixed register 0 usage - fixed mouse buttons
      fixed ADB error reporting
      adb fix
      avoid warning
      removed unused includes - BSD port
      win32 compile
      win32 compile
      virtual console support - slirp for win32 support
      slirp for win32 support
      compile fix
      completion support
      added qemu_strdup()
      virtual console support
      char device support
      virtual console
      virtual console
      new disk image layer
      byte swap functions
      console focus support
      output disassembled code to monitor console
      separated readline from monitor code - added password input support - added output buffer
      password input support
      AES crypto support
      new disk image layer
      removed unneeded tools
      64 bit file I/O by default
      win32 port
      enabled asm memory helpers
      -fno-gcse option for opcodes to use asm macros with gcc >= 3.3 on i386 (Piotr Krysik)
      use the kernel sigaction syscall to avoid relying on glibc one
      fixed bound memory reference
      bound instruction fix
      multiple serial port support - terminal init fix
      serial interrupt fix (Hampa Hug)
      TFTP support (Magnus Damm)
      MULSCC fix (Blue Swirl)
      vmdk 3 fixes
      removed gettimeofday usage
      port redirection support
      endianness fix
      fixed image creation with base filename
      removed duplicated option
      smb support
      allow inetd like program exec
      smb config fix for NT
      monitor fix (Derek Fawcus)
      win32 + Mac OS X compile
      zero file case (Paul Brook)
      uname + sysctl fix (Paul Brook)
      uname fix
      memory leak fix (Juergen Keil)
      fixed block close() method prototype
      adde TLB dump
      prototype fixed
      removed warning
      fixed stdio write
      removed unused prototype
      no data exec support
      win32 load_kernel() fix
      cloop driver (Johannes Schindelin)
      zlib.h is an external header
      level triggered IRQ fix (Steve Wormley)
      give a new address at DHCPREQUEST too (useful if the OS remembers its IP address
      full system SPARC emulation (Blue Swirl)
      SPARC fixes (Blue Swirl)
      full system SPARC emulation (Blue Swirl)
      pointer arith fix
      full system SPARC emulation (Blue Swirl)
      hack for bootp support
      -loadvm and -full-screen options
      use memset() (Daniel Egger)
      ne2000 savevm support (Johannes Schindelin)
      ctrl-alt is the default grab key - reset modifiers when toggling grab state
      removed access_type hack
      BIOS floppy fix for NT4 (Mike Nordell, Derek Fawcus)
      sparc merge (Blue Swirl)
      sparc merge (Blue Swirl)
      floppy fix from Volker Ruppert
      floppy fixes (initial patch by Mike Nordell)
      windows fixes (Gregory Alexander)
      BSD getopt fix
      spelling fixes
      cmos init for IDE (Ben Pfaf)
      IDE fix for NT4 (Ben Pfaf)
      SDL Audio support and SB16 fixes (malc)
      monitor fixes (Johannes Schindelin)
      monitor fixes
      IDE standby fix for Linux 2.6 guest - segfault fix
      help fix
      win32 fix
      faster Cirrus VGA VRAM access
      info version command
      limited 8 bit support - removed unaligned memory accesses in VGA (initial patch by Johannes Schindelin)
      sparc fixes
      fdc fix (Mike Nordell)
      openpty fix
      no need to use LARGE translation
      do not assume signed char
      correct handling of saved host registers
      SDL config fix
      audio merge (malc)
      CRTC register write protection fix
      CRTC register write protection fix - line_compare, multi_scan and double_scan fixes
      enabled DMA
      bit mask conversion fix (Harald Welte
      disabled again register usage for ppc because my previous patch seems still buggy
      audio clean up (initial patch by malc)
      audio clean up (initial patch by malc)
      audio fixes (malc)
      'info mem' monitor command fix
      enter insn fix
      boot device 'b' is not supported
      audio fix (malc)
      mmap audio fix (malc)
      Mac OS compile fix
      indent fixes
      vga font change detection
      removed warning
      win32/SDL build fixes
      better ctrl-alt handling, at least for SDL/X11
      FMOD configure options (malc)
      do not remove docs
      bitblt fix (aka Solaris display fix)
      doc update - added qemu-img manual page
      windows install fix
      better BIOS ATA translation support
      disable automatic BIOS translation if the logical disk geometry implies it
      fixed invalid received length
      added undocumented FPU ops support
      socket send fix
      update to current vga bios version - Cirrus VGA: support for 1280x1024x[8,15,16] modes
      added WIN_IDLEIMMEDIATE and WIN_DIAGNOSE commands
      FRSP fix (Jocelyn Mayer)
      uname() fix (James Pellow)
      utimes() support
      audio fixes (malc)
      -pidfile option
      ARM shift fix (Paul Brook)
      more complete ARM shift fix
      updated guest kernel patch for qemu-fast (Martin Koniczek)
      .dmg disk image format support (Johannes Schindelin)
      slirp fix for -smb command (Initial patch by Juergen Keil)
      keymaps support (initial patch by Johannes Schindelin)
      keymap install fix
      no need to use -k for Windows
      win32 qcow fix
      fixed ins in case of page fault
      SPARC merge
      big endian ARM support (Lennert Buytenhek)
      'syscall' syscall
      fixed imul im test - added TEST_VM86 define for x86_64 tests
      initial APIC support
      suppressed warnings in 64 bit case
      initial APIC support (only for x86_64 target now)
      APIC support
      64 bit target fixes - removed warnings
      removed warning
      64 bit target support
      initial x86_64 support
      x86_64 target support
      gcc 2.x fix
      removed warnings
      removed warning
      64 bit target support
      labels support in dyngen
      x86_64 target support
      syscall insn fix
      x86_64 save/restore
      big endian SSE fix
      div64 fix - raise_interrupt() fix - SSE fix
      MMX/SSE test
      MMX/SSE support
      compilation fix
      generalized use of GOTO_TB() macro
      win32 fix
      removed trace
      better target_list logic
      windows header fix
      DATA_MASK fix
      removed debug code
      moved ASM_NAME
      fxsr test
      sse fix
      fixed performance regression
      fxsr fixes
      enable MMX for x86_64 too
      PC parallel port support (Mark Jonckheere)
      -nographic fix
      sse fix
      fix shufps/shufpd tests - added maskmov tests
      x86_64 fixes
      gdb M packet parsing fix (Thomas Petazzoni)
      enabled wheel mouse support
      enabled wheel mouse support (initial patch by Volker Ruppert)
      more consistent type for size (still a bug in wrapping)
      support for dyngen labels on more hosts
      removed warnings
      more fpu functions
      more fpu functions - x86_64 fixes
      CR8 support - FORCE_RET() fixes
      FORCE_RET() fixes - fpu fixes
      CR8 support
      removed warning
      avoid empty op
      Support resolving addresses in PAE mode in cpu_get_phys_page_debug
      mode 4 and 5 write fix (Magnus Damn)
      Mac OS X fix
      i386 linux 2.6 timer fix
      JIT statistics
      mouse reset fix
      ram dirty flag update fix
      ram dirty flag handling fixes
      flush TLBs at cpu reset
      physical memory access functions
      endianness fixes
      initial sparc64 support - sparc fixes (Blue Swirl)
      64 bit fix
      removed debug code
      sparc64 support (Blue Swirl)
      fixed sparc cpu load/save
      initial sparc64 support
      armv5te support (Paul Brook)
      x86_64 call Ev fix
      64 bit disas fix
      pusha, popa and enter fix
      sparc fix (Blue Swirl)
      ARM SMC workaround
      SBCS fix (Paul Brook)
      ARM FPU endianness fix
      ARM FPA get_user/put_user fix
      CF generator for constant operands
      endianness fixes
      test and set fixes
      initial user mmu support
      clean up - comments
      SIGSEGV signals for ARM and SPARC
      ppc fixes - gcc 3.4 compile fix (initial patch by Jocelyn Mayer)
      spelling fix
      power down support + date fix (Thayne Harbaugh)
      kqemu support
      kqemu support
      shared pages memory allocation
      -no-kqemu option
      dirty flag changes
      64 bit support
      kqemu support
      enabled MMX, PAE and SEP
      kqemu is an external project
      disable USE_KQEMU if no source
      fixed kqemu config
      sparc fix
      sparc fixes
      fixed jmpl, rett and call
      sparc sigsegv support
      sparc fix
      ADB reset support (Joceylin Mayer)
      ppc fixes (Jocelyn Mayer)
      ppc fixes (Jocelyn Mayer)
      suppressed sparc64 targets as they are far from being usable
      fixed handling of sparc register window exceptions
      sparc Linux works better with NWINDOWS = 8
      removed all references to KQEMU to comply with the Savannah rules
      Mac OS X fix (Jonas Maebe)
      win32 + Mac OS X compile fix
      loop insn fix for non x86 hosts
      initrd support (Blue Swirl)
      PSR.PS fix (Blue Swirl)
      MMU fixes
      ARM VFP support (Paul Brook)
      more explicit message
      Samba 3 support
      initial Cocoa support (Pierre d'Herbemont)
      escape support
      Windows keys support with keymaps
      -append support (Blue Swirl)
      disabled obsolete static SDL warning
      SUSE fix
      x86_64 support
      x86_64 test program
      cocoa tiny fixes
      cmov fix
      x86_64 fixes
      sparc update
      sparc fixes (Blue Swirl)
      ARM host configure tweaks (Paul Brook)
      add missing FORCE_RET (Paul Brook)
      fpu init fix (Jocelyn Mayer)
      avoid redefinition problems
      soft float support
      use the generic soft float code
      fpu init fix
      fpu fixes (Jocelyn Mayer) - soft float support
      soft float support
      soft float support
      added abs, chs and compare functions
      more native FPU comparison functions - native FPU remainder
      removed extern inline (Paul Brook)
      NaN support in FPU comparisons
      NaN tests
      sparc exception fix (we go up to the shell prompt)
      SCSI support (Blue Swirl)
      use standard TCX display size for sparc
      keyboard support (Blue Swirl)
      swap serial ports (Blue Swirl)
      defaut case (Blue Swirl)
      update (Blue Swirl)
      sparc update (Blue Swirl)
      PCI irq in sync with new Bochs BIOS
      new bochs BIOS - 16 bit APM support (initial patch by Struan Bartlett)
      IDE irq fix (Jocelyn Mayer)
      Open Hack'Ware version 0.4.1
      VFP register ordering (Paul Brook)
      ARM double ordering fix (Paul Brook)
      helper_lret_protected fix for kqemu (Paul Brook)
      open the dialog box if an image was not selected from command-line (Pierre d'Herbemont)
      accept more disk image extensions (David Still)
      ia64 host support (David Mosberger)
      renamed set_bit to cow_set_bit (Paul Brook)
      fixed MMU bug on code page boundary
      packet fix for for netware 3.11 (initial patch by Mark Jonckheere) - security bug fix
      destination write mask support, fixed banked memory access, read-only access for bus type in SR 0x17 (Volker Ruppert)
      removed unused stuff
      windows support for kqemu (Filip Navara)
      gdb support for user mode (Paul Brook)
      verr and verw eflags opt fix
      make lsl, lar verr and verw exception safe
      kqemu build fix
      x86_64 support
      enable EFER usage in i386 emulation - more cpuid bits
      sysret fix - better cpuid support - lcall support for x86_64 - efer access in i386 emulation
      return model id in cpuid for x86_64
      lcall and ljmp fixes in 64 bit mode - sysret fix
      lretq, lcall and ljmp tests in 64 bit mode
      ARM syscall fix (Paul Brook)
      - remove the ugly "stop" pseudo-opcode.
      This patch adds little-endian mode support to PPC emulation.
      This patch fixes two bugs in cuda emulation:
      PREP machines have two IO mappings.
      arm vfp fcmp and fcmpe instructions fix (Paul Brook)
      ARM "Angel" semihosting syscalls (Paul Brook)
      ARM singlestep support (Paul Brook)
      cygwin host support (Paul Brook)
      removed obsolete S3 VGA code
      Fix dumping of arm registers (Paul Brook)
      informative message about low memory on /dev/shm
      removed RS_CONTINUE 'state'
      MMU fix (Blue Swirl)
      qemu code is not ready to handle these registers
      compatibility fix with kqemu-x86_64
      efer is present even in legacy mode
      fixed zero ss selector case in x86_64 emulation
      i386-user compile fix (Paul Brook)
      fixed clean target
      win32 conf fix
      debug fix
      better arm conditionnal execution implementation (Paul Brook)
      removed switches in op.c (Paul Brook)
      report user mode gdb exit codes (Paul Brook)
      SYS_SEEK fix (Paul Brook)
      depth=24 write mask fix (Volker Ruppert)
      proll update: IDE HDD/CD support (Blue Swirl)
      VMDK4 write support - fixed packing of VMDK4Header (Filip Navara)
      fixed gdb error reporting (Paul Brook)
      Bochs disk image support (Alex Beregszaszi)
      clean target update
      raw CDROM access for windows (Filip Navara)
      BSD cdrom device access fix
      BSD fix
      win32 fix (Filip Navara)
      ARM Thumb syscalls (Paul Brook)
      ARM thumb disassembly (Paul Brook)
      Virtual PC read-only disk image support (Alex Beregszaszi)
      ARM thumb fixes
      tarbin fix
      BMDMA interrupt fix (aka Solaris x86 IDE bug fix)
      ne2000 reset fix - start/stop registers read access (aka OS/2 Warp V4 fix) (lukewarm)
      added --enable-adlib in help
      raw dmg support
      probing fixes
      Virtual VFAT support (Johannes Schindelin)
      Windows 2000 install disk full hack (original idea from Vladimir N. Oleynik)
      dcbz fix (Jocelyn Mayer)
      open fix (Paul Brook)
      ARM saturating arithmetic fixes (Paul Brook)
      ARM VFP dump fix (Paul Brook)
      handle the case where several PCI irqs share the same PIC irq
      added sum command
      use fprintf_func callback to print code
      added temporary osi_call callback
      MMU fix - temporary osi_call support - xec_bc mask fix
      bctr and blr must ignore the two lsb
      xec_bc mask fix
      removed dynamic test of traces
      fixed lsw[ix] / stsw[ix] potential exception bug - mtcrf workaround for Mac OS X 10.4 - use direct jump at page boundary
      added back loglevel test
      simplified end of page handling
      added -M machine option - permit to put CDROM on hdb on PPC to handle the case where a single IDE controller is present
      more generic IRQ support
      PC machine support
      use new machine API
      added Heathrow PowerMAC machine - added UniN memory fake controller for Mac99 - added temporary frame buffer OSI calls to keep Mac OS X happy
      added CMD646 PCI IDE controller support - better IRQ handling - added IDE flush cache command - added work around for Darwin/PPC to select IDE drive
      correct PCI ID for PREP PCI host bridge - added Grackle PCI host bridge
      use new machine API
      added Heathrow PIC
      IER behavior change - better IRQ handling
      comma separated list of targets in --target-list (Paul Brook)
      add missing definitions in the ppc linker script (Paul Brook)
      added help on -nics
      added HOST_LONG_BITS in configure
      64 bit fixes (initial patch by Gwenole Beauchesne)
      correct __builtin_expect definition - increased code gen buffer size for x86
      Configure check for graphical output (Paul Brook)
      VMDK disk image creation (Filip Navara)
      sparc64 marge (Blue Swirl)
      MIPS disas support
      MIPS target (Jocelyn Mayer)
      MIPS_USES_R4K_TLB typo
      fixed jump mask (Ralf Baechle)
      kernel load fix (Ralf Baechle)
      remove nonsense exception code (Ralf Baechle)
      fixed random register (Ralf Baechle)
      soft irq are just irqs (Ralf Baechle)
      unaligned load fix (Ralf Baechle)
      init cleanup (Ralf Baechle)
      fixed C0 status codes (Ralf Baechle)
      fixed eret insn (Ralf Baechle)
      added NE2000 (Ralf Baechle)
      fixed priviledgees for CP0 use (Ralf Baechle)
      report C0 status correctly (Ralf Baechle)
      use mask in C0_status (Ralf Baechle)
      use MIPS_TLB_NB constant (Ralf Baechle)
      fixed c0_context in tlb exception (Ralf Baechle)
      TLB reload exception vector (Ralf Baechle)
      MIPS support
      moved CALL_FROM_TBx definitions
      i8259 PIC support
      more generic i8259 support
      Cirrus fix (Magnus Damm)
      preliminary patch to support more PowerPC CPUs (Jocelyn Mayer)
      PIC fix - changed back TB frequency to 100 MHz
      simplified PowerPC exception handling (Jocelyn Mayer)
      endian register support
      VGA bios support for PowerPC
      changed machine names
      allow variable bios size
      temporary version with better Darwin/Mac OS X support
      removed bogus include
      win32 compile fix
      no need to dump CCOP
      better fpu state dump
      correct split between helper.c and op_helper.c - moved some uops to op_helper.c (Jocelyn Mayer)
      correct split between helper.c and op_helper.c - cosmetics
      correct split between helper.c and op_helper.c
      compilation fix
      more precise cuda timers
      suppressed ppc ide hack - fixed read toc for Darwin/PPC
      negative decr fix
      heathrow nvram support - use different device ids for different macios
      specific mac-io PCI device_id for paddington/heathrow - fixed atapi requests - reset IDE drives in quiesce - added heathrow nvram OF description
      fixed VIA irq register access
      sparc64 fixes (Blue Swirl)
      [f]truncate64 support
      more set/getsockopt values
      x86_64 fixes (initial patch by Filip Navara)
      prevent window resizing
      IOAPIC support (initial patch by Filip Navara)
      added overflow exceptions in divisions
      EXTINT delivery mode support for I/O APIC (Filip Navara)
      ppc64 target
      open OSS audio device as write only (malc)
      64 bit virtual addressing fix
      allow more than 32 bit of physical memory
      temporary work around for 16 bit code in kqemu
      fscale fix (bug noticed by Kuwanger, fix by malc)
      do not export fls_bit
      s390 bits
      kqemu info
      update tarbin target
      FreeBSD fix
      ide PCI ident fix, aka FreeBSD/amd64 bug fix (Jung-uk Kim)
      CLFLUSH cpuid fix (aka Linux 2.6 hang on x86_64)
      16/32 stack operations fix on x86_64 (aka win2000 startup bug)
      cscope rule
      ram_addr_t type for ram offsets
      use ram_addr_t
      merge self modifying code handling in dirty ram page mecanism
      kqemu fixes - new API support
      kqemu profiling
      RSP update fix for x86_64 in iret
      added kqemu_set_notdirty()
      Fix MIPS counter / compare interrupt (Ralf Baechle
      Add i8259 PIT to MIPS (Ralf Baechle
      Fix interrupt masking (Ralf Baechle
      Byte swapping bug in arm semihosting (Paul Brook)
      fix AUX vector entries (Paul Brook)
      Show thumb state in cpu dump (Paul Brook)
      CR4.TSD flag support (Matt Schulkind)
      compilation fix for gcc3.4 on win32 (Paul Brook)
      TSS error code push fix (malc)
      dirty ram page handling fixes
      kqemu_set_notdirty() opt
      improved user net performances
      avoid losing chars in serial console
      SYSENTER fix for x86_64 CPUs
      kqemu_cpu_interrupt support for win32 (Filip Navara)
      kqemu_enabled test
      disabled LDT test (kqemu 0.7.2 no longer needs it)
      div64 fix (aka ssh bug)
      ASI printing (Blue Swirl)
      sparc fix (Blue Swirl)
      suppressed m48t08 RTC - simplified m48t59 RTC api
      sparc64 fixes (Blue Swirl)
      slavio_serial fixes (Blue Swirl)
      restore regwptr (Blue Swirl)
      ESP PIO mode, 2k CDROM sector size (Blue Swirl)
      sparc merge (Blue Swirl)
      Sparc64 add/sub flag bugs fixed (Blue Swirl)
      moved common softmmu code to common header (Paul Brook)
      Thumb symbol lookup (Paul Brook)
      fixed/full keyboard input - full mouse support - support for qemu console (Mike Kronenberg)
      OS X: support for the built in CD-ROM drive (Mike Kronenberg)
      merged 15a_aqemu.patch audio patch (malc)
      endianness fix
      more physical memory access functions
      endianness fix
      vmdk endianness fix (Benoit Poulot-Cazajous)
      Arm AT_HWCAP AUXV entry (Paul Brook)
      User-mode gdbserver port number (Paul Brook)
      avoid using physical accesses in user emulation
      suppressed JUMP_TB (Paul Brook)
      SDL full screen patch for Windows (malc)
      gcc4 warning (Paul Brook)
      initial USB support
      added virtual USB mouse support
      same PCI parameters as PIIX3
      audio merge (malc)
      serial load/save VM support (Vincent Pelletier)
      USB user interface
      USB help
      m68k disassembler (Paul Brook)
      suppressed unneeded options - added isapc machine
      thumb BLX insn fix (Paul Brook)
      use softfloat types in softmmu_header.h (Paul Brook)
      use host serial port
      char dev ioctls
      low level host parallel port access
      spelling fix (malc)
      ES1370 word sized read fix (aka Win9x bug)  (malc)
      API for changes in VM state (malc)
      debug msg (malc)
      compile fix (malc)
      size_t fix (malc)
      VM state change support (malc)
      debug fix (malc)
      sparc merge (Blue Swirl)
      correct use of USBDEVFS_DISCONNECT
      new network emulation
      USB reset typo (Lonnie Mendez)
      target independent memory access functions
      DOS 6.22 fix (Johannes Schindelin)
      use direct jump only for jumps in the same page - stop translation after mtsr[in]
      use direct jump only for jumps in the same page
      added CPU_COMMON and CPUState.tb_jmp_cache[]
      removed unneeded code
      make the TB cache independent of MMU mappings (faster MMU context switches and needed for SMP support)
      pcm endianness is now explicit (malc)
      wav finalization fix (malc)
      workaround for atexit - buffer size API change
      audio merge (malc)
      added LF missing in logs (malc)
      make the number of buffers settable (malc)
      fixed big endian host support
      SMP support
      APIC fixes - SIPI support
      target_disas() little endian change
      cpu_exec_init() change
      cpu_single_env usage fix
      SMP support - cpu_single_env usage fix - a20 helpers - dynamic Multi Processor BIOS table generation
      monitor_disas() prototype change
      RTL8029 IDs support (Warner Losh)
      fummy DM_LOWPRI handling
      better SMP scheduling
      use HF_HALTED bit
      added HF_HALTED bit
      better halted state support
      more generic serial port (initial patch by Jocelyn Mayer)
      openpic SMP support (Jocelyn Mayer)
      avoid generating useless exceptions (Jocelyn Mayer)
      halt state support for ppc
      PS2 mouse and keyboard separation (Paul Brook)
      use TARGET_PAGE_SIZE (Paul Brook)
      PS2 mouse and keyboard separation (Paul Brook)
      ARM system emulation (Paul Brook)
      ARM CPU suspend/halt (Paul Brook)
      update boot sector when using -kernel (Magnus Damm)
      added AT_PLATFORM and AT_HWCAP for x86 (initial patch by Gwenole Beauchesne)
      fixed warning
      fixed BLTZAL and BLTZALL insns - fixed regressions from jmp opts
      mips user emulation
      using _exit in fork() (Kamo Hiroyasu)
      fixed async signal support for tb_phys_invalidate()
      specialize the power save code for 7x0 CPUs
      win32 compile fix
      x86_64 lcall fix
      x86_64 ldl fix
      nx defines
      PAGE_EXEC support in TLBs
      NX support
      uid32 syscalls
      correct ioctls
      statfs fix
      generate GPF if non canonical addresses
      NIC emulation for qemu arm-softmmu (Paul Brook)
      Arm mulxy insn fix (Paul Brook)
      segment validation fix in lret/iret
      MIPS support and memory access error reporting (Daniel Jacobowitz)
      correct MIPS state restoring (Daniel Jacobowitz)
      kernel command line support (Daniel Jacobowitz)
      MIPS unaligned accesses exceptions (Daniel Jacobowitz)
      MIPS halt support - MIPS static state fix (Daniel Jacobowitz)
      MIPS fixes (Daniel Jacobowitz)
      PAGE_EXEC support (Blue Swirl)
      cdrom_read_toc support (Blue Swirl)
      Initial SPARC SMP support (Blue Swirl)
      handle coprocessor exceptions
      added MIPS user in automatic tests
      mipsel target
      mipsel-user target
      mips and mipsel support - fixed e_type mask
      fix for mipsel (will need change for softmmu case)
      more targets
      switch_tss fix (aka spoon OS bug)
      mipsel disas fix
      disable debug mode
      initial support for up to 255 CPUs
      fixed null segment validation (aka x86_64 regression bug)
      moved mp config table to a safer place
      '-net socket,mcast=' option support (initial patch by Juan Jose Ciarlante)
      switching to Arm mode in do_interrupt() (Paul Brook)
      cpu_reset() fix (Paul Brook)
      smc91c111 fixes (Paul Brook)
      do not init ne2000 if no network enabled
      use IPPROTO_IP instead of SOL_IP
      qcow_make_empty() support (Johannes Schindelin)
      Major overhaul of the virtual FAT driver for read/write support (Johannes Schindelin)
      avoid echo on pty devices (David Decotigny) - fixes in the command line help
      better help option support (Bernhard Fischer)
      (Joachim Henke)
      qruncom compile fixes (initial patch by Even Rouault)
      log typos
      MIPS, ARM and SMP updates
      suppressed -enable-audio and simplified -soundhw option handling (malc)
      workaround for gcc bug on PowerPC
      win32 compile fix
      vvfat note
      kqemu and SMP are currently not compatible
      win32 socket support
      clearer -net doc (Paul Brook)
      rxcr save/restore (initial patch by Jürgen Pfennig
      use uint8_t instead of char
      added --enable-cocoa in help (Pavel Janík)
      correct DMA and transfer mode reporting (Jens Axboe)
      tap win32 support
      fxsave/fxrstor fix
      kqemu/qvm86 must now be compiled outside QEMU
      support for builtin profiler
      added last_io_time field
      optional support for kernel code virtualization
      added last_io_time field - '-kernel-kqemu' experimental option
      kqemu.h include path fix
      BIOS workarounds for kqemu
      always compile 'int' traces
      suppressed invalid test
      x86_64 stack alignment fixes - x86_64 32 bit syscall fix
      upgrade to latest vgabios version - added Video Parameter Table support - added 1600x1200x8 Cirrus mode
      update links
      update to latest Bochs bios - added PCI BIOS real mode 'get irq routing options' function
      CDROM detection fix
      do not test reserved config bits
      btx decode fix on x86_64
      win32 serial port support (initial patch by kazu
      simulate a null modem cable
      64 bit disassembly
      USB tablet support (Brad Campbell, Anthony Liguori)
      mouse API change
      check if specified compiler exists
      moved misplaced declaration
      Fix overflow conditions for MIPS add / subtract (Stefan Weil)
      MIPS CP0 not usable in kernel mode (Stefan Weil)
      MIPS single stepping fix (Dirk Behme)
      generic ELF loader
      use generic ELF loader
      added cpu_physical_memory_write_rom()
      removed unnecessary header
      SIGINT generation (Jason Wessel)
      sparc condition code computation fix (Even Rouault)
      SSE3 support (Joachim Henke)
      warning fix
      -win2k-hack performance+DMA support (Leonardo E. Reiter)
      64 bit fix
      movddup fix
      better shift tests
      rol/ror cc fix
      ia64 fixes
      usb setup state machine fix when driver reads or writes too many bytes
      separate file for usb hub device
      do not set PORT_STAT_C_ENABLE when doing port reset (Lonnie Mendez)
      HCHALTED status bit handling (Lonnie Mendez)
      PC speaker emulation (Joachim Henke)
      fix for HCHALTED status bit
      LBA48 support (Jens Axboe)
      enable APIC by default
      Solaris port (Ben Taylor)
      added entry parameter to ELF loader
      ELF loader (Thiemo Seufer)
      sh4 target (Samuel Tardieu)
      SHIX board emulation (Samuel Tardieu)
      APM CPU idle fix
      ELCR is not reset by PIC reset (bug report by malc)
      VNC server (Anthony Liguori)
      removed warnings
      fixes for more than 8 ports - return NAK if no change - FreeBSD workaround (Lonnie Mendez)
      Enhanced Documentation (Stefan Weil)
      info and dvi doc targets
      win32 socket fixes
      fixed realloc logic (Ed Swierk)
      fixed IP packet rassembly logic (Ed Swierk)
      set TCP_MSS to 1460 (Ed Swierk)
      do not delay TCP acks (Ed Swierk)
      increase max kernel size with initrd
      fix for hosts resuming from software suspend (initial patch by John Coiner)
      better win32 timers - use win32 event to wake up cpu in idle mode (kazu)
      workaround: force /dev/rtc usage on Linux
      use a single select for slirp and qemu sockets
      Solaris port (Ben Taylor)
      uppercase fix (Anthony Liguori)
      fixed memory leak
      > 32 KB packet handling (Ed Swierk)
      performance boost (on P4 hosts at least, rdtsc is a _very_ bad random generator)
      correct qemu-system-mipsel naming
      bswapq fix
      separate alias_addr ( from our_addr (Ed Swierk)
      removed sh4 user build (not usable yet)
      UDP broadcast translation error (Mark Jonckheere)
      removed ssize_t for win32 compatibility
      more correct e820 ranges for ACPI compatibility
      ACPI support
      PCI irq mapping fix
      patch in bLength for hub descriptor (Lonnie Mendez)
      more keycodes - hexa keycodes - keycode completion
      win32 fix
      alignment fix
      suppressed unaligned accesses
      bgr32 pixel format support
      mips bios loading fix
      BGR_FORMAT fix
      support for all VNC pixel formats
      ne2000 buffer fulness fix (Han Zhu)
      clear screen when changing graphic mode in Cirrus VGA BIOS (aka win2k mode change bug)
      fix missing type declarations (Joachim Henke)
      PPC Breakpoints for gdb-stub (Jason Wessel)
      mips cleanup (Thiemo Seufer)
      dump all mips insn (Thiemo Seufer)
      cosmetics (Thiemo Seufer)
      fix wrong bitmasks for CP0_Context and CP0_EntryHi (Thiemo Seufer)
      ARM undefined instruction execution (Jason Wessel)
      'invisible wall' patch (Anthony Liguori)
      avoid stopping QEMU when switching desktops with Ctrl-Alt-x
      increase video memory to 8MB
      support for higher resolutions
      support for Bochs VBE GETCAPS call so that -std-vga works again with new VGA BIOSes - added support for modes up to 1600x1200x32 in -std-vga case
      more high resolution VESA modes in -std-vga case - changed video memory size to 8 MB
      fixed VBE protected mode calls - added VGA and VBE save restore support (not fully tested) - automatic generation of VBE mode table
      use OpenBIOS instead of Proll on sparc (Blue Swirl)
      MMU no fault fix
      FPU fix (Joerg Platte)
      clock year fix for sparc (Blue Swirl)
      MIPS FPU support (Marius Goeger)
      remove proll
      use glibc syscall (David Woodhouse)
      MIPS FPU support in linux user emulation
      typo in get_reloc_expr()
      x86_64 mmx/sse fix
      sh4 fmov et al instructions (amatus)
      gdb stub for win32
      show real allocated disk image size on Windows (Frediano Ziglio)
      use C99 64 bit printf format to ease win32 porting
      cocoa monitor fix regarding the handling of dead keys (Joachim Henke)
      -no-fd-bootchk option (Lonnie Mendez)
      mips config fixes (initial patch by Stefan Weil)
      use constants for TLB handling (Thiemo Seufer)
      Solaris/SPARC host port (Ben Taylor)
      more ACPI definition to keep Solaris Happy (Juergen Kiel)
      allow ACPI table build
      switch_tss eflags restore fix (malc)
      fxam test
      fxam fix (Julian Seward)
      sparc user fixes (Blue Swirl)
      sparc branch fix (Blue Swirl)
      soft floats for SPARC (Blue Swirl)
      fixed sparc64 cpu fp save/restore
      more info about -std-vga
      Sparc64 BPr branch target fix (Blue Swirl)
      added movdq2q and movq2dq
      fix for movq2dq, movdq2q and cvttps2dq (thanx to Julian Seward and malc)
      mips socket calls (initial patch by Raphael Rigo)
      UDP char device (initial patch by Jason Wessel) - TCP char device
      sparc fpu fix - allow 64 bit addresses (Blue Swirl)
      cpu_get_phys_page_debug fix (Blue Swirl)
      removed unused code - init timers earlier
      send correctly long key sequences on slow terminals - fixes backspace handling
      multiple wait object support for win32 (kazu)
      disable user targets by default for cross compile with mingw32
      avoid name conflicts
      removed warning
      sse2 comment
      C99 64 bit printf
      64 bit support
      low level support for memory mapped flash devices (initial patch by Jocelyn Mayer)
      support for dynamic address space changes
      AMD NOR flash device support (initial patch by Jocelyn Mayer)
      SPARC FPU optimization (Blue Swirl)
      qsub fix (Wolfgang Schildbach)
      lwu support - generate exception if unaligned pc (Marius Groeger)
      fix crash when closing windows (Frediano Ziglio)
      Windows sparse file support (Frediano Ziglio)
      consistent update of ERL and EXL
      display device identifier string for user with info usb (Lonnie Mendez)
      telnet protocol and more consistent syntax (Jason Wessel)
      initial MIPS signal handling (initial patch by Raphael Rigo)
      disable unimplemented C+ mode (aka windows xp 64 fix)
      flash device fix
      fix for IO_MEM_ROMD support
      rtl8139 fixes (Igor Kovalenko)
      pcnet nic support (Antony T Curtis)
      rate converter fix (malc)
      sb16 fixes (WfW 3 appears to work with shipped drivers) (malc)
      audio fixes + initial audio capture support (malc)
      avoid unneeded dependencies
      audio endianness API changes (malc)
      monitor/mwait support
      monitor/mwait workaround
      fixed for TCP segmentation offloading - removed dependency on slirp.h (Igor Kovalenko)
      use posix timers
      export cpu_get_real_ticks()
      new clock logic: cpu ticks and virtual clocks are no longer proportional - added timestamps on the stdio console
      avoid recursive tx
      win32 compilation - force process affinity on win32 as a workaround for SMP issues
      win32 compilation fixes
      fixed LF interpretation
      generate CRLF instead of LF
      added mouse event generation
      audio capture to wab files (malc)
      audio capture fixes (malc)
      sparc64 fixes (Blue Swirl)
      Sparc64 user emulator fixes (Blue Swirl)
      Sparc64 host support (Blue Swirl)
      Linux compilation fix
      usb destroy API change (Lonnie Mendez)
      error display fix (malc)
      removed unused code
      show backing file name
      commit to specific devices
      async file I/O API
      some compilation fixes
      fixed refresh logic (initial patch by Igor Kovalenko)
      win32 fixes (initial patch by kazu)
      added missing returns
      removed unused code
      swapped memset args (Charles Coffing)
      sparc64.ld file (Blue Swirl)
      new qcow2 disk image format
      O_LARGEFILE is not needed
      enable qcow2
      multiple snapshot support
      use QEMUFile API
      block API change
      fixed disk image creation
      fixed blocking io emulation
      handle read outside the backing file
      qcow2 is now used for '-snapshot' - keep BlockDriverState.total_sectors
      use zlib to compress ram snapshots - correctly save qemu clock
      info about VM snapshots
      removed duplicated line
      fixed aio emulation
      copyright update
      mem leak fixes
      use AIO for DMA transfers - enabled DMA for CDROMs
      removed tabs
      win32 compilation fix
      reset key modifiers when switching console (aka savevm keyboard bug)
      save VGA PCI state
      vga init changes
      PCI save/restore changes
      save apic timer
      minimal PCI IDE save/restore
      fd leak fix (Igor Kovalenko)
      -L help
      disable -fomit-frame-pointer
      fixed VGA resolutions with height > 1024
      use bdrv_media_changed()
      better support of removable media
      better support of host drives
      no need for bdrv_close()
      delete block device
      win32 tap poll suppression (kazu)
      Japanese keyboard fixes (kazu)
      removed outdated info
      spelling fixes (Stefan Weil)
      fixed error handling
      win32 compilation fixes
      win32 aio emulation fix
      fixed handling of relative filenames with -snapshot
      signed fixes - VNC console switch (initial patch by Andrzej Zaborowski)
      16 bit divider
      allow disabling of serial or parallel devices (Stefan Weil)
      initial sparc32 lance and pcnet merge
      Separate the DMA controllers - Convert ESP to new DMA methods (Blue Swirl)
      endianness fixes
      multi byte nop support
      better PCNET endianness support
      two stop bits support
      more correct display functions
      added mouse protocol (Igor Kovalenko)
      fix serial irq logic (Blue Swirl)
      vvfat fixes (Roger Lathrop)
      allow host serial port usage (Blue Swirl)
      dummy cs4231 audio driver for sun4m (Blue Swirl)
      sun4m halt support (Blue Swirl)
      VBE: 8 bit DACs + support for VBE BIOS IDs (Volker Ruppert)
      moved PCI, MP and ACPI init to bios
      added cpu_get_physical_page_desc()
      added SMM support
      moved ACPI table init to BIOS - preliminary SMM support
      moved ACPI table init to BIOS
      moved MP table init to BIOS
      added cpu_smm_update()
      moved PCI init to BIOS - added ISA memory mapping registers and SMM support
      moved PCI init to BIOS
      implement i440 instead of i450 ISA memory mappings to be compatible with Bochs
      fixed help info strings
      removed unused code
      VBE 4 bit bank selection fix (Volker Rupper)
      enabled PSE36 for x86_64 (fix for OpenSolaris as guest)
      SMM fix for x86_64
      fixed user mode emulation
      32 bit RSP update fix (aka Open Solaris x86_64 bug)
      synced to Bochs BIOS - use 32 bit pushf/popf in 32 bit PCI bios - moved some useful defines in rombios.h
      32 bit syscall fix (Juergen Keil)
      SMI enable bit support
      do not generate MP table if one CPU (no APIC in QEMU in this case) - added wbinvd (ignored in QEMU but useful on real hardware)
      no-reboot option
      APIC init fix + APIC get_irq fix (Juergen Keil)
      add support for cvt.s.d and cvt.d.s (Aurelien Jarno)
      sparc64 syscall fix (Blue Swirl)
      wrwim insn fix (Paul Robinson)
      removed invalid code
      avoid regression on sparc-user and ppc-user
      avoid using char when it is not necessary
      compilation fix
      update from latest Bochs BIOS
      moved invalidate_tlb() to helper.c as a work around for gcc 3.2.2 bug - suppressed invalid tb_invalidate_page_range() calls
      memsave monitor command
      Japanese keyboard patch (kazu)
      win32 block device fixes (initial patch by kazu)
      removed redundant qemu_aio_flush()
      path_is_absolute() fix for win32
      added cutils.c
      win32: physical drive support (initial patch by kazu)
      ifname arg fix
      fixed movd mmx/sse insn
      cwde and cdq fix in 64 bit mode
      64 bit syscall fixes - more logical mwait/monitor ECX test
      64 bit syscall fix
      gcc version
      Darwin user help (Pierre d'Herbemont)
      Darwin cleanup usage (Pierre d'Herbemont)
      This patch cleans up target_mach_msg_trap(), removes unuseful  do_pread, begins sysctl implementation and implements fcntl (Pierre d'Herbemont).
      This patch fixes typos in the commpage definition (Pierre d'Herbemont).
      Mouse relative offset VNC extension (Anthony Liguori)
      info vnc command (Anthony Liguori)
      copyright update
      gdbserver fix
      update path
      int conversion test
      Make cpu_signal_handler work on Mac OS X/Darwin x86
      darwin fix
      reset rombios32 area
      ram allocation functions
      use ram allocation functions
      increase USB table poll interval
      update author
      fixed cross win32 build
      moved declarations
      added -startdate option
      removed traces
      compile common code once
      SDL and COCA are no longer target dependent - support for common code compilation
      fixed QEMU_TOOL tests
      use config-host.h instead of config.h
      added -cpu option for x86 (initial patch by Dan Kenigsberg)
      added -cpu option for x86 - fixed glibc hack in case the global variables are moved
      removed unused code
      removed obsolete x86 code copy support
      added cpu_model parameter to cpu_init()
      exported display init functions to common code
      always use mktimegm
      fixed invalid type
      Linux user memory access API change (initial patch by Thayne Harbaugh)
      compilation fixes
      -strace option
      fixed error codes
      no longer use get_errno for do_modify_ldt()
      move get_errno() inside do_fcntl()
      removed warning
      removed warnings - fixed arm stack copy bug
      printf format fixes
      use correct types
      fixed invalid cast
      use -fno-strict-aliasing
      removed warning
      improved cmsg handling - improved shm memory code
      suppressed invalid TARGET_CMSG_FIRSTHDR macro
      removed invalid use of _INTC_ARRAY
      hex numbers must have a leading 0x
      better than nothing 64 bit support - added sign extension for TYPE_LONG
      sparc64_[get|set]_context are not meaningful in abi32 mode
      removed warning
      removed warnings - improved sparc32/64 signal frame setup - disabled x86 frame setup for x86_64
      removed unused code
      fixed invalid constant
      use correct printf format
      removed unused variables
      fixed cast
      removed unused variable
      fixed FPU rounding init
      removed warning
      removed warning
      options to enable or disable -Werror. Enable -Werror for builds from CVS by default
      better to disable -Werror by default as 64 bit hosts still have warnings
      consistent types for cpu_x86_fsave and cpu_x86_frstor
      64 bit compilation fixes
      user access fixes
      fixed more invalid pointer usage
      64 bit cast for dirent64
      reduce verbosity
      added missing return
      added lock_user() in target_strlen()
      removed obsolete test2 target
      suppressed page_unprotect_range() - fixed access_ok()
      fixed target_mmap() if host page size < TARGET_PAGE_SIZE
      always define TARGET_ABI32 if 32 bit user
      i386 TLS support
      printf format fix
      x86_64 linux user emulation
      x86_64 fixes
      force correct ppc64 cpu
      suppressed tgetx and tputx (initial patch by Thayne Harbaugh)
      typo fix
      version change
      copyright update
      update binary distribution
      fixed ppc64abi32 executable name
      restore original values for ai.aio_threads and ai.aio_num
      fixed register constraint
      use simpler REGPARM convention - make CPUTLBEntry size a power of two
      removed unused file
      Makefile cleanup - more generic support of 32 bit compilation on x86_64
      compilation fixes - added bswap - comments
      compilation fix
      suppressed warnings
      TCG code generator
      use the TCG code generator
      reverted -translation option support
      compare fix
      fixed sign extensions - added explicit side effect op flag - added discard instruction
      win32 fix
      win32: suppress alloca() warning
      lock_iovec() fix
      list of maintainers
      x86_64 and better i386 support
      fixed global variable handling with qemu load/stores - initial global prologue/epilogue implementation
      initial global prologue/epilogue implementation
      suppressed fixed registers
      no need to define global registers in cpu-exec.c
      fixed do_restore_state()
      fixed qemu_st8 insn - prologue saved too many registers
      added missing return (Mike Frysinger)
      REXB optimization cannot be done at this level
      removed unused code
      the double/triple fault handling was not tested in user mode.
      char is only for strings
      2.6 kernels make int 5 a trap gate
      temporary hack to handle register shortage with dyngen for qemu_st64()
      use TCG for MMX/SSE memory accesses
      converted SSE/MMX ops to TCG
      converted x87 FPU ops to TCG
      FPU fixes
      removed unused code
      converted more helpers to TCG
      use new helper name
      compilation fix
      i386 specific TODO
      cpu_abort() is really an abort
      converted more helpers to TCG - fixed some SVM issues
      added not pseudo op - more _tl macros
      added 'pure' function attribute - fixed indirect function calls
      converted condition code supprot to TCG - converted shift ops to TCG
      converted adc, sbb, cmpxchg to TCG
      moved eflags computation outside op.c
      converted bit test operations to TCG
      BSR/BSF TCG conversion
      MONITOR insn address generation fix - converted XLAT to TCG
      converted sign extension ops to TCG
      fixed INC/DEC condition codes
      converted string OPs and LOOP insns to TCG
      converted MUL/IMUL to TCG
      converted BCD ops to TCG
      converted INTO/CMPXCHG8B to TCG
      suppressed no longer used ops
      fixed dead global variable update
      converted LSL/LAR/VERW/VERR to TCG - force 16 bit memory access for LSL/LAR
      convert remaining segment handling to TCG
      convert eflags manipulation insns to TCG
      converted env access to TCG
      removed unused defines
      converted conditional jumps, SET and CMOVx to TCG
      disabled dyngen for x86 target
      fxsave/fxrstor 64 bit fix
      cmpxchg 64 bit fix
      cmpxchg8b fix - added cmpxchg16b
      lahf/sahf cpuid test
      optimization of shifts by a constant
      small shift opts
      fixed zero shifts (64 bit case)
      more generic call codegen
      debug output: write helper names
      proper helper definition registering (all targets must do that)
      added debug_insn_start debug instruction
      use debug_insn_start to have nicer debug traces
      profiler clean up
      TCG profiler clean up
      removed warning
      compilation fix
      added tcg_temp_free() and improved the handling of constants
      added local temporaries
      transformed TN into temporaries - add local temporaries usage when needed - optimized fcmovX
      remove absolete function
      remove absolete function
      suppressed unused macro handling
      jump optimizations
      jump simplification
      ppc TCG target (malc)
      ppc dyngen fix (malc)
      fixed x86_64 regression
      Fix signed/unsigned issues of immediate version of brcond (malc)
      qemu-nbd tool (Anthony Liguori)
      removed unused code
      Align file accesses with cache=off (O_DIRECT) (Kevin Wolf, Laurent Vivier)
      variable dynamic translation buffer size
      more tests
      consistent naming for i386 TCG helper file
      SVM rework
      force bit 1 in eflags load
      moved halted field to CPU_COMMON
      keep static code gen buffer for user mode - mark user mode reserved pages after all big allocations
      Push common interrupt variables to cpu-defs.h (Glauber Costa)
      kqemu API change - allow use of kqemu with 32 bit QEMU on a 64 bit host
      support of long calls for PPC (malc)
      EFER loading fixes, including SVME bit
      32 bit SVM fixes - INVLPG and INVLPGA updates
      reworked SVM interrupt handling logic - fixed vmrun EIP saved value - reworked cr8 handling - added CPUState.hflags2
      GIF flag handling fix (Alexander Graf)
      fixed exceptions for cpuid and invlpg
      SVM: added tsc_offset
      save more CPU state
      Fix i386 segment descriptor types on reset (Avi Kivity)
      undocumented 0x82 opcode is invalid in 64 bit code
      SVM: Fix segment attribute clobbering (Alexander Graf)
      using strncpy is *always* a bad idea
      HLT, MWAIT and MONITOR insn fixes (initial patch by Alexander Graf)
      cmpxchg fixes
      added model_id and vendor cpu model options (initial patch by Dan Kenigsberg) - various cleanup
      64 bit signed comparison fix (Juergen Lock)
      fix cvtsq2s[sd] (Juergen Lock)
      allow SLIRP to make an ARP request to get the client MAC address. It is useful if an inbound connection is done to a VM which did not send outbound IP packets
      added explicit license

blueswir1 (833):
      Fix Sparc branches, original patch by Aurelien Jarno
      Sparc tagged operations (Aurelien Jarno)
      Upgrade Sparc FPU version (based on patch by Aurelien Jarno)
      Sparc32/64 CPU selection
      Fix Sparc ASR handling (Aurelien Jarno)
      Fix Sparc co-processor ops (Aurelien Jarno)
      Fix Sparc lda/ldda/sta/stda asi handling, fault on misaligned register ldd/std and illegal cwp on wrpsr (Aurelien Jarno)
      Fix Sparc shift ops (Aurelien Jarno)
      Reorganise Sun4m to allow other machine types
      Add SparcStation-10 machine
      Change Sparc uses of pic_set_irq to pic_set_irq_new
      Fix off-by-one error
      Fill in real SparcStation 10 values
      Fix co-processor branch and store ops (Aurelien Jarno)
      Fix stdfq op (Aurelien Jarno)
      Documentation update
      Enforce even float register pair for double register ops (Aurelien Jarno)
      Full implementation of IEEE exceptions (Aurelien Jarno)
      Fix TCX base on SS10
      Sparc32/64 CPU selection for user emulator
      Fix generated code disasm output on Sparc64 host
      Fix monitor disasm output for Sparc64 target
      Alignment check mechanism (not fully enabled yet) (Aurelien Jarno)
      Fix Sparc64 wrfprs, move VIS ops where they belong, more VIS ops
      Fix Sparc32 device save methods
      Add device save and reset methods to FDC and M48T59
      Fix Sparc64 double float gdb protocol (initial version by Paul Brook)
      Update OpenBIOS for Sparc32 and add a Sparc64 image
      Update OpenBIOS Sparc images to SVN 125
      Sparc host update (Ben Taylor, Martin Bochnig)
      TCX palette bug fix
      Fix keyboard detection bugs
      Fix keyboard serial and mouse bugs
      TCX 24 bit model support
      Sparc64 update: more VIS ops
      Update Sparc32 rom to support *BSD boot and 24 bit TCX
      Fix Sparc32 ldscript
      Fix CPU type zapped by system_reset
      More Sparc32 CPUs
      Set OpenBIOS variables in NVRAM
      Handle division by zero case in Sparc64 udivx and sdivx ops
      Fix slavio_misc base
      Add dummy THC and TEC registers to TCX
      Report unassigned memory access to CPU (not enabled yet)
      Fix pc/npc for unaligned load/stores, maybe other exceptions
      Update OpenBIOS/Sparc32 to SVN 144. Changes:
      Enable unaligned access faults
      Force the primary CPU to run and other CPUs to halt, recalculate timers
      Set limits for memory size to avoid overlap with devices
      Enable faults for unassigned memory accesses and unimplemented ASIs
      Fix Qemu division by zero triggered by NetBSD
      Make TCX registers match what NetBSD expects
      Use full 36-bit physical address space on SS10
      Update Sparc32 OpenBIOS image to SVN revision 149. Changes:
      Fix interrupt controller address masking
      Change ptimer API to use 64-bit values, add save and load methods
      Implement Sparc64 CPU timers using ptimers
      Implement generic sub-page I/O based on earlier work by J. Mayer.
      Split DMA controller in two
      Use qemu_irqs between dma controllers and esp, lance
      Use qemu_irq between interrupt controller and timers
      Use qemu_irqs between CPUs and interrupt controller
      Separate fault for code access to unassigned memory
      Improved sanity checking to -net options
      Handle unconnected vlan case in lance
      Spelling fix (Mark Glines)
      New option -net nic,model=? (Mark Glines)
      Interrupt debugging DPRINTFs
      Fix the bug introduced by subpage code preventing PC boot
      Replace target_ulong with target_phys_addr_t
      Update Sparc dependencies
      Sparc64 linux-user build fix
      Enable 36-bit physical address space also on 32-bit hosts
      Force display update on palette change or loadvm
      Forgot to update vl.h during latest Sparc64 target_ulong fix
      Fix incorrect target_ulong use in hw devices
      Merge TCX and VGA pixel operations
      Attempt to fix incorrect colours on some BGR displays
      Add hw/pixel_ops.h
      Fix patch splitting lossage in vga.c
      Fix Sparc64 prefetcha op
      Drop unused parameters
      Rename variables and rearrange code to please gcc -Wshadow checks
      Update Sparc32 and Sparc64 OpenBIOS image to SVN revision 157. Changes:
      Fix Lance on 32-bit hosts
      Fix loadvm
      Fix Sparc64 movr
      Fix 64 bit ELF file symbol lookup
      Fix Sparc64 page size
      Page align brk result like real Linux
      Deliver page faults to program
      Fix wrong number of clean/saveable windows, match Linux startup register values
      Use unsigned 32-bit load for ld/lduw
      Report normalised CWP values to userland and GDB, not internal representation
      Fix Sparc64 stat system call
      Save state in Sparc64 return op
      Fix retry and done ops, trap handling
      More alignment checks
      Sparc64 update
      Fix Sparc32 interrupt handling
      Use UTC/localtime flag in M48Txx
      Fix Slavio interrupt controller debugging output
      Improve iommu debugging, use register names
      Log invalid accesses (no faults generated yet)
      Generate interrupts and update state even if output is disabled (OpenBSD)
      Enable Selection command (NetBSD)
      r158: Fix wrong number of clean/saveable windows
      Use qemu_irq for a reset signal between DMA and ESP/Lance
      Remove old leftovers
      Fix tadd op generation with GCC 4.x
      Change ldl_phys to cpu_physical_memory_read, fix pte address
      Improve keyboard handling
      Rework ASI instructions (Aurelien Jarno)
      Fix breakage on big endian hosts (Aurelien Jarno)
      Add missing break statements
      Fix Caps lock and Num lock handling
      Fix >4G physical memory dump for Sparc32
      Fix loading above 4G
      CPU boot mode
      Fix monitor expressions
      Remove the target dependency introduced by previous patch
      Fix Sparc64 wrasr instructions
      Fix Sparc64 ldfa, lddfa, stfa, and stdfa instructions
      Fix block load ASIs
      Fix kernel loading
      Fix Sparc64 ldfa/stfa and float ops with fpr >= 32
      Implement sparc64_[gs]et_context
      Support for loading a real BIOS image (Robert Reif)
      Implement user mode for timers
      More detabification
      More user timer fixes (Robert Reif)
      Support for executing 32 bit SPARC32PLUS files for Sparc64 user emulator
      Fix taddcctv and tsubcctv (David Matthews)
      Support for 32 bit ABI on 64 bit targets (only enabled Sparc64)
      SuperSparc MXCC support (Robert Reif)
      Sparc64 hypervisor mode
      Fix bug in Sparc32 sta op (Robert Reif)
      Update Sparc32 OpenBIOS image to SVN revision 171. Changes:
      Enable all alignment checks
      Use ldq and stq for 8 byte accesses (original patch by Robert Reif)
      Really update the image
      Fix compiling Sparc64 on PPC host
      Avoid gcc warnings
      Update Sparc parts in documentation
      Make Slirp statistics gathering and output conditional to LOG_ENABLED
      Use const and static as needed, disable unused code
      Add const etc. to places forgotten from the previous commit
      Use shared ctpop64 helper
      Fix slirp compilation failure when using a newer gcc
      Fix debug statements
      Remove target dependent code
      Fix Solaris breakage
      Change sysctrl register to 32 bits (original patch by Robert Reif)
      CPU specific boot mode (Robert Reif)
      More CPU definitions
      More Sparc64 CPU definitions
      Fix Sun4u compile
      Add SPARCserver 600MP emulation (original patch by Robert Reif)
      Update OHW interface to version 3.
      Update OpenBIOS image to SVN revision 176. Changes:
      Add MXCC module reset register (Robert Reif)
      Fix MXCC error register (Robert Reif)
      Remove unnecessary register masking (Robert Reif)
      Machine specific IOMMU version (Robert Reif)
      Name the magic constants, fix a hex number without 0x
      Remove unused parameters from QEMUMachineInitFunc (Laurent Vivier)
      Fix MXCC register 64 bit read word order (Robert Reif)
      Fix more typos in softloat code (Eduardo Felipe)
      Fix buffer mux handling for unconnected serial ports
      More MMU registers (Robert Reif)
      Set initial value of AFSR register properly (Robert Reif)
      128-bit float support for user mode
      Fix floating point register decoding
      Document -M SS-600MP
      Fix compilation and warnings on PPC host
      Use slavio base as boot prom address, rearrange sun4m init code
      Increase prom size for boot mode
      Fix a crash with monitor input arriving before readline_start has been called
      Fix Sparc host compile problem reported by Shaddy Baddah
      Name the magic constants, wrap long lines
      Prevent overwriting fixed bits in AFSR
      Allow IOMMU tables above 2G
      Name the magic constants, use correct value for AUX2_PWRFAIL
      Improve power management device addressing
      Fix SS-600MP led device typos
      Name the magic constants, wrap long lines
      No keyboard mode (Robert Reif)
      Add support for eccmemctl (Robert Reif)
      Add ASIs (Robert Reif)
      Add SPARCstation 20 machine type (Robert Reif)
      Name the magic constants, wrap long lines
      Update OpenBIOS images to SVN revision 181. Changes:
      Fix code generation buffer overflow reported by TeLeMan
      Partial fix to Sparc32 Linux host global register mangling problem
      Only create as many per CPU timers as there are CPUs. (Robert Reif)
      Fix setting counter limit to 0 (Robert Reif)
      Fix count calculation when counter limit set to 0 (Robert Reif)
      All registers are set to 0 on reset (Robert Reif)
      Enforce context table alignment
      Remove unused timers
      Reset status contains all sent flag
      Add ID register
      Fix system read address mask (Robert Reif)
      Fix master interrupt register masking
      Improved ASI debugging (Robert Reif)
      Initial support for Sun4d machines (SS-1000, SS-2000)
      Initial support for SS-2 (Sun4c)
      Make debug printing consistent (Robert Reif)
      M48T02 support (Robert Reif)
      Set SS-5 IOMMU version to Turbosparc to match default CPU (Robert Reif)
      Fix SS-2 boot mode
      Update Sparc32 OpenBIOS image to SVN revision 183. Changes:
      Fix CPU timer interrupts
      Nicer debug output for exceptions
      Support for registering address space only for some access widths
      DVMA translation errors raise a module error irq (NMI)
      Register only valid register access widths
      More ASIs
      Fix Debian serial console boot problem reported by Aurelien Jarno
      Fix dynamically changed memory callbacks and passed opaque parameter
      Make error messages consistent (Robert Reif)
      Give ECC controller an IRQ (Robert Reif)
      Shuffle code to avoid NetBSD gcc 3.4.6 inlining bug (Rumko)
      User timer limit fixes (Robert Reif)
      Add TurboSPARC mask ID register (Robert Reif)
      Fix user timer mode change (Robert Reif)
      Rearrange slavio_misc code to prepare for different addresses
      Move AUX1 and AUX2 to correct locations
      Sparc32 MMU register fixes (Robert Reif)
      Fix SS-20 auxio addresses
      Fix remote debugger memory access problems reported by Matthias Stein
      Fix typo
      Fix andi, optimize addi and subi zero cases
      More helper types, rearrange generic definitions
      Modify Sparc32/64 to use TCG
      Fix mixed defines
      Temporary fix for i386 host
      Preliminary Sparc TCG target
      Give names to magic numbers (Herv�oussineau)
      Fix sun4m machine if MAX_FD != 2 (Herv�oussineau)
      Fix register references (Igor Kovalenko)
      Fix compiler warning
      Let ESP SCSI adapter to be usable outside sun4m (Herv�oussineau)
      Add brcond_tl
      Convert addx, subx, next_insn and mov_pc_npc to TCG
      Convert movr and (partially) movcc to TCG
      Convert tick operations to TCG
      Convert fmovr to TCG
      Convert float helpers to TCG, fix fabsq in the process
      Remove unneeded qemu_irq_lower (Robert Reif)
      Show IRQ set or reset (Robert Reif)
      Convert Sparc64 trap state ops to TCG
      Properly bomb out on errors in Makefile shell fragments (Ian Jackson)
      Add more machine definitions
      Fix microSPARC II SFSR mask (Robert Reif)
      Convert exception ops to TCG
      Update based on Stuart Brady's comments
      Add function prologue, fix pointer load on Sparc64 host
      Convert branches and conditional moves to TCG
      Fix some functions declared () rather than (void) (Ian Jackson)
      Convert andn, orn and xnor to TCG
      Use a TCG global for regwptr
      Remove blank elements in tcg_target_reg_alloc_order[] (Stuart Brady)
      Fix i32 memory backed variables on 64-bit host
      Convert condition code changing versions of add, sub, logic, and div to TCG
      Add tcg_const_tl
      Use tcg_const_tl for zero constant
      Use memory globals for G registers
      Allow op_opt for all targets
      Convert udivx and sdivx to TCG
      Eliminate some uses of T2
      Convert ldfsr and stfsr to TCG
      Use a TCG global for fsr
      Add discard_ptr and discard_tl
      Discard unused data, use less temps
      Increase max temps limit
      Convert mulscc to TCG, add cc_src2
      Use a TCG global for pc and npc
      Convert umul and smul to TCG
      Convert array8/16/32 and alignaddr to TCG
      Convert CCR and CWP ops to TCG
      Use ext_i32_i64 instead of ext32s_i64
      Convert udiv and sdiv ops to TCG
      Convert float move ops to TCG
      Convert other float and VIS ops to TCG
      Convert save, restore, saved, restored, and flushw to TCG
      Make TCG br op available
      Convert jumps to labels to TCG
      Prepare for op.c removal and zero legacy ops
      Wire up TC signal from Aux1 to FDC
      Convert align checks to TCG
      Remove leftover definitions
      Add TL variants of trunc and ext/extu
      Fix i32/i64/TL mismatches
      Convert ldf/ldfsr and stf/stfsr to TCG
      Fix mulscc
      Fix a sign extension problem
      Remove some legacy definitions
      Split icc and xcc flag calculations
      Concentrate cpu_T[012] use to one function
      Accidentally dropped one change from previous commit
      Avoid writes to T1 except for loads/stores, convert some T0 uses to cpu_tmp0
      Rename T[012] according to their roles
      Move CPU stuff unrelated to translation to helper.c
      Change handling of source register 1
      Change handling of source 2
      Remove unwanted executable properties
      Simplify FDC code (Hervé Poussineau)
      Use a common constant for temp_buf size
      ESP: Add it_shift parameter (Hervé Poussineau)
      Read time constant fix (Robert Reif)
      PCnet: Allow more then two TMDs (Jan Kiszka)
      Remove duplicate definitions
      Move 128-bit float emulation under linux-user
      Move 128-bit float emulation under linux-user including the forgotten file
      Revert the previous patch
      Document the shift values
      Copy Sparc64 firmware when installing (Hervé Poussineau)
      Fix irq handling (Hervé Poussineau)
      Fix broken TCX vram, restore Sun4u PROM_SIZE_MAX
      Revert wrong changes
      Revert v4260, breaks Sparc32
      FDC fix 1/12 (Hervé Poussineau):
      FDC fix 2/10 (Hervé Poussineau):
      FDC fix 3/10 (Hervé Poussineau):
      FDC fix 4/10 (Hervé Poussineau):
      FDC fix 5/10 (Hervé Poussineau):
      FDC fix 6/10 (Hervé Poussineau):
      FDC fix 7/10 (Hervé Poussineau):
      FDC fix 8/10 (Hervé Poussineau):
      FDC fix 9/10 (Hervé Poussineau):
      FDC fix 10/10 (Hervé Poussineau):
      Improved large memory support
      FDC: Fix buffer overflow (Hervé Poussineau)
      FDC: Fix data transfer len (Hervé Poussineau)
      Do not attempt to set page flags for pages outside target address space
      Use memory based registers in functions containing brconds
      Skip register moves when the target and the source are the same
      Fix crash due to invalid env->current_tb (Adam Lackorzynski, Paul Brook, me)
      Avoid some brconds
      Complete the TCG conversion
      Complete the TCG conversion (and delete some files, too)
      Fix Sparc64 serial device breakage
      ECC updated based on information released recently by Sun (Robert Reif)
      Align file accesses with cache=off (Kevin Wolf, Laurent Vivier)
      Revert 4367
      Fix potential condition code problems
      Simplify some constant loads
      Move #include to speed up compilation
      CPU feature selection support
      Fix compiler warnings
      Fix compiler warnings in common files
      Add a TODO file
      Remove duplicated field
      Rename CONFIG_NO_DYNGEN_OP to CONFIG_DYNGEN_OP to avoid double negatives
      Fix ppcemb-softmmu (Stuart Brady)
      Remove someexplicit alignment checks (initial patch by Fabrice Bellard)
      Wrap long lines
      Remove most uses of phys_ram_base (initial patch by Ian Jackson)
      Move prototype back to avoid a compiler warning
      Fix loading of binary ROMs
      Remove some uses of phys_ram_base (initial patch by Ian Jackson)
      Fix compilation on Sparc host, implement ld and st
      Fix bit fitting checks
      Implement brcond, ldst with large offset; fix direct jump, prologue
      Implement qemu_ld/st, fix brcond, handle more corner cases
      Update TODO
      Improved workaround for the annoying glibc global register mangling bug
      Fix qemu_ld/st branches, constification, use orcc for tst synthetic op
      Generate better code for Sparc32 shifts
      Fix Sparc64 host signal handling
      Fix TCG alignment problems on Sparc64 host
      Fix constant checks on Sparc64 host
      Better solution for the alignment problem
      Fix Sparc32 compilation broken by r4484
      Remove currently unnecessary alignment masking
      Register op helpers
      Define stack offsets
      Fix stack offsets and alignment
      Use sethi and arith functions, fix comment
      Implement 64-bit constant loads
      Nicer debug output
      Implement byte swapping accesses
      Fix cas on i386
      More TCG type fixes
      Move non-op functions from op_helper.c to helper.c and vice versa.
      Free temps
      Remove unused (for now) reg_REGWPTR (original patch by Glauber Costa)
      MicroSparc I didn't have fsmuld op
      Add more SuperSparcs
      Fix compilation warning
      Fix Sparc32plus GDBstub support
      Allow NWINDOWS selection (CPU feature with model specific defaults)
      Fix Sparc32plus & Sparc64 debug output
      Avoid temporary variable use across basic blocks for udivx
      Fix crash when returning from monitor or serial console to normal TCX view
      Also fix 24 bit depth
      Fix buffer overruns (reported by Julian Seward)
      Fix boot problem on i386 host introduced in r4690
      Add an opaque parameter to boot_set API, move function to monitor.c
      Add support for boot_set command
      Update TODO
      Avoid brcond problems, use temps for cpu_src1 & cpu_src2
      Convert some cpu_dst uses (with loads/stores) to cpu_tmp0
      Add missing keys, sendkey support for all keys
      Eliminate cpu_T[1]
      Eliminate cpu_T[0]
      Fix compiler warning (Jan Kiszka)
      Fix some compiler signed/unsigned char warnings
      Fix Sparc mmu bug seen with NetBSD, based on patch by Cliff Wright
      Reset correct channel aka NetBSD boot fix
      Suppress OpenBSD warning messages for leftover fifo bytes
      Fix bogus format, reading uninitialised memory (original patch by Julian Seward)
      Fix DMA length bug seen with NetBSD (Cliff Wright)
      Add rigid and flexible disk geometry page support
      Fix NetBSD keyboard problem
      Fix 64 bit constant generation
      Implement some Ultrasparc cache ASIs used by SILO
      Fix r4641 (invalid token "=<" in a preprocessor expression)
      Link ARM prologue closer to code segment to avoid a build failure
      Really fix cas
      Add idprom
      Flushw can generate exceptions, so save PC & NPC
      Fix MMU miss traps
      Fix MMU registers, add more E-cache ASIs
      Support for address masking
      Fix saving and loading of trap state
      wrhpr hstick_cmpr is a store, not a load
      Update TLB miss addresses
      Implement nucleus quad ldda
      Remove unused variable
      Fix wrong function names in debug messages (Stefan Weil)
      Fix debug message address formats
      Make UA200x features selectable, add MMU types
      Print default and available CPU features separately
      Fix reset vector
      Use MMU globals for some MMU traps
      Add T1 and T2 CPUs, add a Sun4v machine
      Fix detection of 15 bit display depth
      Fix 24 bit mode
      Sparc32: save/load all MMU registers, Sparc64: add CPU save/load
      Make MAXTL dynamic, bounds check tl when indexing
      Map code buffers below 2G on Sparc64
      Try to avoid glibc global register mangling, again
      Fix cmp/subcc/addcc op bugs reported by Vince Weaver
      Handle wrapped registers correctly when saving
      Update OpenBIOS images to SVN revision 218. Changes:
      Fix offset handling for ASI loads and stores (Vince Weaver)
      Fix Sparc64 shifts
      Fix I/D MMU tag reads
      Fix faligndata (Vince Weaver)
      Use C99 initializers
      Allow boot without a drive on Sparc machines (partly extracted from Xen)
      Sparc code generator update
      Use AIO only if host supports it (based on OpenBSD patches by Todd T. Fries)
      Preliminary OpenBSD host support (based on OpenBSD patches by Todd T. Fries)
      Sparc code generator update (fix qemu_ld & qemu_st)
      Correct 32bit carry flag for add instruction (Igor Kovalenko)
      Restore AREG0 after calls
      Fix 32 bit address overflow
      Fix 64 bit constant generation
      Fix warnings that would be generated by gcc -Wstrict-prototypes
      Fix some warnings that would be generated by gcc -Wmissing-prototypes
      Use initial CPU definition structure for some CPU fields instead of copying
      Fix wrwim masking (Luis Pureza)
      Fix OpenBSD linker warnings
      Fix OSS on OpenBSD
      Fix math warnings on OpenBSD -current
      Fix OpenBSD linker warnings in qemu-img
      Enable pty/tty functions for BSDs too (initial patch from Xen)
      To make syscall.c for 64 bit truly warning-free, we need some more #ifs.
      Add missing FreeBSD #include (Juergen Lock)
      Fix udiv and sdiv on Sparc64 (Vince Weaver)
      Fix error introduced by r5044
      Fix more bugs in r5044
      Revert broken part of r5044 (thanks to Igor Kovalenko for spotting)
      Revert a part of r5087 that didn't need fixing (thanks to malc for spotting)
      Fix Sparc64 window handling problems detected by Vince Weaver
      Fix Sparc64 boot on i386 host:
      Fix FCC handling for Sparc64 target, initial patch by Vince Weaver
      Add correct stack bias if a 64 bit stack is used
      Remove memcpy32() prototype leftover from r5109
      Fix some warnings that would be generated by gcc -Wredundant-decls
      Fix y register loads and stores
      Fix sign extension problems with smul and umul (Vince Weaver)
      Implement no-fault loads
      Fix most warnings that would be caused by gcc flag -Wundef
      Enable gcc flag -Wundef
      Silence gcc warning about constant overflow
      Convert most env fields to TCG registers
      Fix a typo in fpsub32
      Add missing "static"
      Implement ldxfsr/stxfsr, fix ld(x)fsr masks, convert to TCG
      Convert basic float32 ops to TCG
      Convert basic 32 bit VIS ops to TCG
      Convert basic 64 bit VIS ops to TCG
      Partially convert float128 conversion ops to TCG
      Convert rest of ops using float32 to TCG, remove FT0 and FT1
      Write zeros to high bits of y, based on patch by Vince Weaver
      Enable gcc flag -Wendif-labels
      Fix mulscc with high bits set in either src1 or src2
      Fix stack alignment on Sparc32 host
      Use 64 bit loads for tlb addend only if addend size is 64 bits
      Fix warnings that would be caused by gcc flag -Wwrite-strings
      Enable gcc flag -Wwrite-strings
      Display TCGCond name in tcg dumper (original patch by Tristan Gingold)
      Revert incorrect part of r4574 to avoid unaligned traps with i386 target
      qemu_next_deadline_dyntick is only used on Linux and Windows
      Fix array subscript above array bounds error
      Define a few structures instead of including a file, add "static"
      Fix warnings that would be caused by ld flag --warn-common
      Enable ld flag --warn-common
      Key/value based qemu<->guest firmware communication mechanism (Gleb Natapov)
      Add -uuid command line option (Gleb Natapov)
      Add "info uuid" command to monitor (Gleb Natapov)
      Add UUID to firmware configuration info (Gleb Natapov)
      Add common keys to firmware configuration
      Add Sparc32 display depth to firmware configuration
      Update OpenBIOS images to SVN r237.
      Add signed versions of save/load functions
      Suppress gcc 4.x -Wpointer-sign (included in -Wall) warnings
      Move signal handler prototype back to cpu.h
      Use the new concat_i32_i64 op for std and stda
      Add concat32_i64 and concat_tl_i64 ops
      Use the new concat_tl_i64 op for std and stda
      Remove unnecessary call to qemu_aio_init (called from bdrv_init)
      Fix arguments used in cas/casx, thanks to Igor Kovalenko for spotting
      Add software and timer interrupt support
      Revert r5274 which breaks savevm/loadvm
      Move also DEBUG_PCALL (see r5085)
      Implement UA2005 hypervisor traps
      Implement some UA2007 block ASIs
      Add a generic Niagara machine
      Add mmu tlb demap support (Igor Kovalenko)
      Add to machine structure a flag to use SCSI drives instead of IDE: fixes SS-20
      Fix warning, based on patches by Zeev Tarantov and Jindrich Makovicka
      Fix SS-2 crash
      Few compile time warnings removed (Stefano Stabellini)
      Silence some warnings about uninitialized variables
      Add some missing static qualifiers
      Remove unused variable
      Remove unused functions
      Fix warning about incompatible types
      Remove unused variables
      Change some qualifiers to static
      Make some variables static
      Make some variables static
      Fix warning about variables used uninitialized
      Fix MXCC printf warning (based on patch by Robert Reif)
      Sun ss20 OBP does 32bit register access to esp (Robert Reif)
      Make some tables const
      Make keysym tables const
      Make CPULogItem tables const
      Make some i386 disassembler tables const
      Make monitor command tables const
      Make PCI class description tables const
      Resurrect the safe part of r5274
      Include qemu-common.h in order to get prototypes for qemu_malloc etc.
      Fix warning about missing return value
      Fix warning about unused function
      Fix missing prototype warnings by moving declarations
      Rearrange tick functions
      Use qemu-log.h
      Move nographic export to sysemu.h
      Add some missing static qualifiers
      Make network packet debug functions more accessible
      Update Sparc docs, add -cpu flag
      Variable autostart is not used outside main()
      Variable logfilename is not used outside exec.c
      Add some missing static and const qualifiers, reg_names only used if NDEBUG set
      Make audio_pcm_opsstatic const
      Move wav_start_capture prototype to avoid a warning with -Wmissing-prototypes
      Make struct_termios_def const
      Make bitmask tables static const
      Make ioctl table static
      Export x86_stack_size in qemu.h
      Make target_sigaltstack_used static
      Make various generated structures static
      Silence some warnings about no value returned from non-void function
      Prepare for changing audio_pcm_ops dynamically (partially revert r5422)
      Show size for unassigned accesses (Robert Reif)
      Fix error in fexpand (spotted by sparse)
      Add static (spotted by sparse)
      Update (thanks to Edgar, Thiemo, malc, Paul, Laurent and Andrzej)
      Correct SCSI error reporting (Laurent Vivier)
      Use snprintf to please OpenBSD linker
      Fix undefined pthread_sigmask warning on OpenBSD
      Replace uses of strncpy (a GNU extension) with Qemu pstrcpy
      Replace uses of strndup (a GNU extension) with Qemu pstrdup
      Fix GCC 4 signedness warning
      Suppress a GCC warning about unused function
      Silence warnings about unused variables
      Change freeing method because the allocation function was changed in r5532
      Fix undefined pthread_sigmask warning on FreeBSD (Juergen Lock)
      Fix incorrect use of pstrcpy (malc)
      Fix undeclared symbol warnings from sparse
      Fix inline use warnings from sparse
      Add "const"
      Document the binutils source files used in constructing sparc-dis.c
      Update from binutils 2.17
      Preliminary BSD user emulator support
      Move sun4c to its own hwdef (Robert Reif)
      Ansify to please sparse
      Sun4c cleanups (Robert Reif)
      Fix TCGv size mismatches
      Avoid ld flag --warn-common on Solaris
      Halt the CPU using a qemu_irq
      Fix loading of unstripped ELF PROM image
      More realistic max_cpus
      Use qemu_ram_alloc
      SM501 emulation for R2D-SH4
      Fix some build issues for BSD.
      Sparc32 BSD user support
      Use andc, orc, nor and nand
      Use TCG not op
      Fix no_frame unused warning when SDL is disabled
      Fix warnings caused by timer_t, it is 32 bits on Sparc64
      Use correct trap for syscalls on Sparc32
      Attached patch fixes a series of this warning
      Use qemu_isfoobar and qemu_towombat versions, based on patch by Christoph Egger
      Add native softfloat fpu functions (Christoph Egger)
      Fix some compile and linking issues on NetBSD.
      Fix BSD user compilation on other than OpenBSD
      Use MAP_ANON also for FreeBSD (Juergen Lock)
      Native FreeBSD parallel port (Juergen Lock)
      Native BSD host USB support (Juergen Lock, Lonnie Mendez)
      Fix typo reported by Thiemo Seufer
      Fix usb-stub compilation
      Prepare for handling different BSD mmap() flags
      Don't rely on the fact that MAX_FD is 2 (Herve Poussineau)
      Misc fixes (Herve Poussineau)
      Fix configuration 2 register (esp_2_cfg2.diff):
      Fix command len detection (esp_3_cmdlen.diff)
      Fix 'enable selection' command (esp_4_ensel.diff)
      Fix ICCS command (Herve Poussineau)
      Remove address masking
      Remove address masking after some rearranging
      More consistent PAGE_xxx defines, avoid conflicting with system PAGE_xxx
      sys-queue.h defines _SYS_QUEUE_H_ which is also defined by
      Attached patch makes NetBSD use the native bswap functions
      Attached patch make cpu-exec.c compile on NetBSD.
      Attached patch contains warning fixes.
      The configure test for struct iovec #includes <sys/uio.h> but qemu-common.h did not.
      Some fixes for TCG debugging
      Enable gcc flag -Wmissing-prototypes
      Enable gcc flag -Wstrict-prototypes
      Enable gcc flag -Wredundant-decls
      Fix some new warnings introduced after r5022
      Add missing "static"
      Allow to register a callback with fw_cfg_add_callback()
      Fix compiling without MREMAP_FIXED
      Rename fls to qemu_fls
      Remove redundant #ifdef _BSD
      Fix TARGET_LONG_BITS warning in TCG
      Remove unnecessary trailing newlines
      Fix warning about unused shm_regions
      x86 cleanup
      Add missing newline at the end of file
      Remove CRs
      SVN property and .gitignore fixes (Stuart Brady)
      Use a hex value instead of possibly ambiguous 8 bit character
      Ignore .pc and patches used by quilt
      Fix mremap, based on patch by Kirill A. Shutemov
      Revert part of r5853
      add Arbiter Enable Register support to sparc iommu (Robert Reif)
      hw/slavio_misc.c remove address from debug trace (Robert Reif)
      Implement tick interrupt disable bits
      Better SuperSPARC emulation (Robert Reif)
      Implement hw/eccmemctl.c version differences (Robert Reif)
      Add SuperSPARC MMU breakpoint registers (Robert Reif)
      Improve PPC device debugging
      Sun4m use 0 for nonexistent devices (Robert Reif)
      Use OpenBIOS for g3bw machine
      Add support for -prom-env command line options
      Use the firmware configuration device
      Fix kernel loading
      Fix -Werror=format-security warning (Frederik Himpe/Lennert Buytenhek)
      Suppress a -Werror=format-security warning
      Register reset handlers
      Fix warning introduced by r6136
      VM load/save support for PPC devices
      VM load/save support for PPC CPU
      Add Sparc define checks
      Fix VGA screen dump
      Add cirrus reset handler
      Fix more FSF addresses
      Improve PCI debug support
      Fix IDE debug
      Fix APB
      Add EBUS bridge
      Fix segfault
      Fix typo
      Rename slavio_serial to escc
      Rename slavio_serial functions to escc, add clock rate and it_shift parameters
      Use ESCC for PowerMac serial
      Fix some SLIRP warnings
      Update Sparc32 and Sparc64 images
      Fix TLB access (Jakub Jermar)
      Fix gdbserver number of registers (Tristan Gingold)
      Fix 64 bit issue in slirp
      Fix iovec probe on OpenBSD
      Fix _P use on OpenBSD
      Make OpenBSD sparc-softmmu compile warning free
      Fix some more warnings
      Add noreturn function attribute
      Suppress i386 warnings
      Fix bsd-user build
      Fix false positive for AIO on OpenBSD
      Fix warnings
      Use kill instead of sigqueue: re-enables AIO on OpenBSD
      Switch to CMD646 IDE
      Remove unused info_str parameter to pcnet_common_init()
      Fix user emulator breakage, based on patch by Riku Voipio
      Fix nographic mode and VNC
      Rename sigev_signo to avoid FreeBSD problems (Juergen Lock)
      Fix kernel_size and initrd_size sign (Francois Revol)
      Floppy: Properly handle Sense Interrupt Status after FDC Reset
      Synch code, help and docs
      Fix bsd-user compile like r6412
      Add Simba device ID
      Update #defines for PCI vendor and device IDs from OpenBIOS and Linux
      Add and use #defines for PCI device classes
      Use qemu_ram_alloc
      Add debug, savevm and reset support for UniNorth
      Add savevm and reset support for OpenPic
      Fix SIGSEGV crash in slirp networking code
      Fix VGA RAM offsets
      Add it_shift
      Rename ppc_chrp.c to ppc_newworld.c
      Load 32 bit ELF BIOS images also on PPC64
      Use CMD646 IDE for now
      Switch Mac99 to OpenBIOS
      Use Mac NVRAM
      Fix UniNorth
      Update Sparc images
      Remove GenOpFunc typedefs
      Update ppc-dis.c from binutils 2.17
      Update ppc-dis.c from binutils from 4th July, 2007, just before GPLv3 switch
      Add "static"
      Use qemu_ram_alloc
      TCG: remove obsolete old_op_count profiler field
      Fix Sparc64 VGA memory size bug exposed by r6604
      Allow disassembling last addresses of the address space
      Fix branch debugging
      Reload ptimers on reset
      Turn MMUs and caches off on reset
      Turn MMU off on reset
      Fix typo in gen_qemu_ld32s
      Implement HIOR
      Flush stdout after printing usage()
      Update to OpenBIOS 1.0
      Fix slavio_intctl.c compile errors (Robert Reif)
      Fix sparc64-softmmu breakage from r6711
      Fix BSD user
      Sparse fixes: NULL use, header order, ANSI prototypes, static
      Sparse fixes: truncation by cast
      Sparse fixes: move ACPI table definitions to pc.h
      Sparse fixes: remove duplicate entry
      Sparse fixes: add extern to ELF opcode tables to avoid warnings
      Sparse fixes: dubious mixing of bitwise and logical operations
      Fix BSD breakage from r6736
      Update i386-dis.c from binutils 2.17
      Update i386-dis.c from commits before GPLv3 switch
      Fix BSD user: there is no NPTL
      Support for DragonFly BSD (Hasso Tepper)
      Implement slbmte
      Implement large pages
      Implment tlbiel
      Activate uninorth AGP bridge
      Nop some SPRs on 970fx
      Enable 64bit mode on interrupts
      Implement mtfsf.L encoding
      Fix RFI(d)
      Fix NX bit
      Keep SLB in-CPU
      Disable BAT for 970
      Rename _BSD to HOST_BSD so that it's more obvious that it's defined by configure
      Add new entries to firmware configuration device
      Use firmware configuration instead of NVRAM (initial patch by Aurelien Jarno)
      Prune unused AREGs
      Prune unused TCG_AREGs
      Rename one more _BSD to HOST_BSD (spotted by Hasso Tepper)
      Multi-key completion for sendkey
      Call Perl directly instead of relying on shebang
      configure sensitive to user locale
      fread_targphys(): Do not cut off the tail.
      Make the ELF loader aware of backwards compatibility
      Delete some unused macros detected with -Wp,-Wunused-macros use
      Syncing documentation vs. -help vs. qemu_options table
      Fix compile problems with r6884
      Fix out of tree compilation
      Fix warning in vl.c
      FreeBSD host physical cdrom fixes
      Document sun ID PROM contents
      Fix hxtool eating backslash sequences
      Fix hxtool eating backslash sequences for sh != bash
      misc scsi disk/cdrom fixes/improvements 1/4
      misc scsi disk/cdrom fixes/improvements 2/4
      misc scsi disk/cdrom fixes/improvements 3/4
      Misc scsi disk/cdrom fixes/improvements 4/4
      Fix wrong return value
      Update OpenBIOS images to r482
      Remove unused variable
      Make i386-softmmu boot on Sparc host
      Compile all files with -ffixed-g5 etc. to avoid env (%g5) corruption
      Allocate space for static call args, increase stack frame size on Sparc64
      Fix branches and TLB matches for 64 bit targets
      Fix some win32 compile warnings
      Fix a few Sparse warnings
      Don't try to return result from a void function (spotted by Sparse)
      BSD user: add support for OpenBSD/i386 host
      BSD user: add support for OpenBSD/amd64 host
      Compile target independent files only once
      BSD user: initial support for i386 and x86_64 targets
      Fix ppc-softmmu warnings on OpenBSD host
      Probe for OpenSolaris curses missing resize_term
      Skip KVM probe for OpenSolaris
      Fix OpenSolaris softfloat warnings
      Fix OpenSolaris gcc4 warnings: iovec type mismatches, missing 'static'
      Probe via #define check for OpenBSD and *Solaris
      Make the sed script also work with OpenBSD and OpenSolaris seds
      Move bootp_filename to avoid a sparse warning
      Add 'static' to avoid a sparse warning
      Use ANSI prototypes to please sparse
      kqemu: only compile kqemu.o if actually needed
      kqemu: merge CONFIG_KQEMU and USE_KQEMU
      Build system: Fix dependency of qemu.1
      Use a more natural order
      Fix typo, thanks to Andreas Faerber for spotting

edgar_igl (162):
      Silently ignore CRIS cache flushes, instead of aborting due to unknown insn.
      Add testcase for CRIS ftag/fidx cache flushing insns.
      Initialize disasinfo->private_data, binutils does it and some disassemblers depend on it.
      More consistent naming for CRIS register-number macros.
      Cut the translation block after translating a break insn. This avoids an issue where QEMU finds an illegal CRIS insn while the guest is returning through a signal return trampoline.
      Add small testcase for ordinary signals.
      First try at supporting ordinary signals for CRIS linux-user guests.
      * target-cris/op.c: Make sure the bit-test insn only updates the XNZ flags.
      Add test-case for btst CCS flags updates.
      Add a tests for user-mode mmap
      CRIS signals:
      * Add a model of the ETRAX interrupt controller.
      Model more parts of the ETRAX mmu (still alot missing).
      A first small step to convert the CRIS translator to TCG.
      Made the etrax timers and serial-ports base address relocatable. Use target_phys_addr_t instead of target_ulong.
      Improve readability by moving the continue operation into aseparate function.
      Use TARGET_FMT_lx.
      Simplified some dead extended arith code after search and replace.
      More TCG conversions for CRIS.
      Remove unused members.
      More TCG conversions for CRIS.
      CRIS: Correct typo in test for moverm.
      CRIS: Make CCS related tests pass in system simulation by masking off flags not related to the tests.
      CRIS updates:
      ETRAX serial port:
      ETRAX timers: Improve the support for timer1 and let the board-setup choose irq nr.
      ETRAX-FS board: Add more flash and internal memory. Select interrupt nr for the
      Avoid a build warning.
      CRIS: Do post-increment without going via T0.
      CRIS: Reduce the number of tb dependent flags.
      CRIS: Eliminate a few unneeded moves to/from T0/T1.
      Correct broken test for fixed file mmaps.
      CRIS: Convert lz (leading zeros) to TCG.
      CRIS: Convert divide step to TCG.
      CRIS MMU Updates
      More TCG updates for CRIS
      Make the paged properties of the tb-jmp-cache hash function work for TARGET_PAGE_BITS != 12.
      Make sure we flush cached blocks from the tb-jmp-cache when we replace valid tlb entries.
      Teach the CRIS disassembler to stay within the provided buffer.
      Disable the temporary timer slowdown for etrax.
      CRIS: More TCG conversion.
      CRIS: Remove X flag from tb flags.
      CRIS: Disable softfloat and dyngen ops.
      CFI-0002 linux MTD compatibility.
      Make a safer guess for max generated ops per guest insn (spotted by Jan Kiszka).
      CRIS: Concistent use of btarget and make it possible to single-step over delayslots.
      Add x86_64 gdb stub for qemu (Jason Wessel).
      Debugger single step without interrupts (Jason Wessel).
      Remove x86-64 specific reg fillers.
      CRIS: helper_dummy no longer needed as barrier for qemu_ld/st.
      Correct a formatting issue (Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belon).
      CRIS: Add support for the pseudo randomized set that the mmu provides with TLB refill faults. This makes linux guests use the four way TLB set associativty.
      Correct interrupt masking for etrax timers.
      Add support for parts of the etraxfs dma controller.
      Add limited support for the etrax ethernet controller.
      Update the etrax machine.
      Debugger single step without interrupts (Jason Wessel).
      CRIS: Remove some old dyngen T0/T1 fiddle. More usage of the results from the x flag liveness analysis.
      CRIS: Improve TLB management and handle delayslots at page boundaries.
      ETRAX: Add some kind of support for simulating 802.3 auto-negotiation.
      Always process real timers regardless of singlestep mode (Jason Wessel).
      Add support for the 'k' (kill) and 'D' (detach) packets (Jason Wessel).
      Use tcg_gen_not.
      Support signal reception in user-mode. Handle when the peer terminates or aborts the connection.
      ETRAX: Add support for the ethernet receivers dest addr filters.
      ETRAX: Connect both ethernet controllers.
      Dont try to keep the tlb and the jmp cache synchronized.
      ETRAX: Correct check for second nic.
      ETRAX: Allow boot from flash. Support the watchdog timer and resets through it.
      ETRAX: Avoid compiler warning.
      CRIS: Restructure the translator to allow for better code generation.
      CRIS: Use $eda to instead of debug1 (removed) for fault addr.
      CRIS: Re-add the X flag to the tb flags, it allows for better code generation and is practially always cleared.
      Compile with debug.
      ETRAX machine updates.
      Avoid warnings.
      Increase the odds for the movei test to pass in system simulation.
      Add a testcase for broken x arithmetic sequences.
      Make the tests run when built with experimental gcc-cris 4.4. Prettify the logs.
      Correct P flag assertion in rfe.
      CRIS translator updates
      CRIS: Add the P flag to the tb dependent flags.
      CRIS: Translator updates.
      CRIS: Support RFN insn.
      CRIS: Emulate NMIs.
      ETRAX: Add NMI support to the watchdog and the interrupt controller.
      CRIS: Add (untested) cpu-state save/load.
      ETRAX: More DMA context level related fixes.
      Avoid CRIS related warnings by Jan Kiszka.
      Avoid refering to CRIS specific cpu-state to be able to use these blocks with other cores.
      CRIS: Correct writes to TLB hi.
      CRIS: Correct condition for when to apply fast move flags evaluation. Correct single-stepping over branches.
      Remove dyngen leftovers.
      CRIS: Remove redundant code.
      CRIS: Avoid a few unecessary steps in the mmu.
      ETRAX-FS: Add support for DMA channel resets, needed for recent linux kernels.
      CRIS: Mask off the cache selection bit after MMU translations.
      ETRAX-FS: Correct ethernet PHY diagnostics register reads.
      CRIS: Improve ASID related TLB flushes.
      CRIS: Fix brk 8 and add S-flag emulation.
      CRIS: Make local objects static.
      CRIS: Correct typos.
      CRIS: Partial EXS reg support and fixes for SPC.
      CRIS: linux-user ERP compensation not needed anymore.
      CRIS: linux-user signals dont need ERP compensation after break anymore.
      CRIS: Handle GDB writes to pregs.
      CRIS: Initialize the arch version preg to v32.
      ETRAX-FS: Correct booting of elf linux images from ram.
      ETRAX-FS: Add support for passing kernel command lines
      ETRAX-FS: Drop DMA polling for ethernet.
      CRIS: Correct tcg globals allocation for 64bit hosts.
      CRIS: Add branch-free versions of abs, lsl, lsr and asr.
      CRIS: Avoid using cpu_T[0] for testing condition codes.
      CRIS: Avoid cpu_T[1] for move_r.
      CRIS: Avoid more cpu_T usage.
      CRIS: Remove cpu_T.
      ETRAX-FS: Process outgoing DMA channels until EOL.
      CRIS: Plug a few temp leaks.
      CRIS: Plug more temp leaks.
      ETRAX-FS: Fix DMA warnings.
      ETRAX-FS: Make etraxfs_dmac_run local.
      ETRAX-FS: Fix a segfault if pflash drive not found.
      ETRAX-FS: Don't schedule DMA processing without active channels.
      CRIS: remove unused op_template.h.
      ETRAX-FS: No need to decode the address anymore.
      ETRAX-FS: Simplify the DMA blocks address registration and decoding.
      ETRAX: Correct the frequency of the free-running counter.
      CRIS: Remove CRIS specific do_unassigned_access.
      CRIS: Remove unused pfn member from mmu translation results.
      CRIS: Dont flush kernel protected pages when modifying $pid.
      gdbstub: fix gdbserver_fork
      ETRAX: No need to mask off the I flag twice at reset.
      ETRAX: Add a model for the axis devboard88 machine.
      CRIS: Slight performance improvement for flag evaluation.
      CRIS: Move operations can be optimized as arithmetic ones for cc evaluation.
      CRIS: NMI wakes up the core.
      CRIS: NMI wakes up the core.
      ETRAX: Add a dummy tempsensor and correct the NAND flash model.
      CRIS: Speedup btst by using a helper.
      CRIS: bound operates directly on regs, no need to allocate temp destination.
      CRIS: Use a helper for lz.
      ETRAX: Support timer count reads and correct frequencies.
      ETRAX: Correctly update the interrupt vector when interrupts get masked.
      ETRAX: Process out channels immediately when the channel is started.
      ETRAX: Correct size of control-register area.
      CRIS: Implement set_thread_area for CRIS.
      CRIS: Clone flags are reversed on CRIS.
      CRIS: Add a bunch of syscall numbers.
      CRIS: Enable NTPL.
      ETRAX: Always provide a valid net model.
      CRIS: Purify some of the flag evaluation helpers.
      ETRAX: Let the ethernet PHY report the current link-state.
      Make the set_link cmd handle multiple nics.
      ETRAX: Remove display-state argument from board init.
      CRIS: Init the feedback shiftreg used for randomizing TLB sets.
      Partialy fix mmap at EOF for large pagesize targets in user-mode.
      CRIS: Fix remaining build warnings.
      CRIS: Avoid endless loops for unstested CRIS cpu-state load/save.
      SH: Improve movca.l/ocbi emulation.
      SH: Add cpu_sh4_is_cached for linux-user.
      SH: Fix linux-user _is_cached typo.
      Remove potentially offensive humor.

hch at lst.de (1):
      virtio-blk: revert serial number support

j_mayer (269):
      New -cpu options: choose CPU model for emulated target.
      Great PowerPC emulation code resynchronisation and improvments:
      Make it safe to use 64 bits GPR and/or 64 bits host registers.
      Add PowerPC 64 target for tests.
      As icbi is not a priviledge instruction and is treated as a load by the MMU
      Add -cpu option for linux user emulation.
      Add missing softfloat helpers.
      PowerPC 2.03 SPE extension - first pass.
      Ooops... Typo.
      Fix compilation on 32 bits hosts (pb reported by Thiemo Seufer)
      PowerPC bugfixes:
      PowerPC improvments:
      Fix debug printf: we need different macros for target_ulong prints
      Add missing PowerPC 64 instructions
      Solaris host compilation fix by Shaddy Baddah.
      New model for PowerPC CPU hardware interrupt events:
      Fix / update PowerPC BookE definitions.
      Fix rfi instruction: do not depend on current execution mode
      Better fix for OpenPIC: should not depend on PowerPC.
      As embedded PowerPC TLB model is very different from PowerPC 6xx ones,
      Merge PowerPC 405 MMU model.
      Embedded PowerPC timers support.
      Support for PowerPC BookE exception model.
      Add missing 64 bits memory accessors.
      TARGET_FMT_ld may also be useful for debugging purposes.
      Change NIC registration to be consistent with other machines definitions.
      Infrastructure to support more than 2 MMU modes.
      Alpha architecture emulation core.
      Alpha CPU palcode emulation. Only usable in user mode for now with
      Definitions needed for Alpha linux user-mode emulation.
      Preliminary patch for Alpha Linux user mode emulation support.
      Integrate Alpha target in Qemu core.
      Temporary hack for alpha user-mode emulation.
      Rules needed to compile linux user-mode alpha target.
      Fix alpha target compilation on 32 bits hosts.
      Code provision for 64 bits linux user-mode targets support.
      Fix for PowerPC 64 rotates.
      Add alpha targets.
      Code provision for x86_64 and PowerPC 64 linux user mode support.
      cpu_get_phys_page_debug should return target_phys_addr_t
      PowerPC 64 fixes
      Implement embedded IRQ controller for PowerPC 6xx/740 & 750.
      Embedded PowerPC Device Control Registers infrastructure.
      Add PowerPC 405 input pins (IRQ, resets, ...) model.
      Add TARGET_FMT_plx to properly display target_phys_addr_t variables.
      Fix miscellaneous display warnings for PowerPC & alpha targets
      Fix incorrect pointers casts.
      Fix a lot of debug traces for PowerPC emulation: use logfile instead of stdout
      Parallel flash bugfixes:
      PowerPC emulation bugfixes:
      Add bus model (or input pins) into PowerPC CPU flags.
      PREP and heathrow machines only support PowerPC CPU with a 6xx bus.
      Add reset callbacks for PowerPC CPU.
      PowerPC 4xx software driven TLB fixes + debug traces.
      Cleanup and add more PowerPC core definitions.
      Add callbacks to allow dynamic change of PowerPC clocks (to be improved)
      Move PowerPC 405 specific definitions into a separate file
      Duplicated SPR fix for BookE PowerPC by Guglielmo Morandin
      termios structure definition fix by Stuart Anderson.
      No functional changes:
      PowerPC embedded timers fixes.
      PowerPC 405 microcontrollers fixes and improvments:
      Improve PowerPC 405 MMU model / share more code for other embedded targets
      Code provision for new PowerPC embedded target support with:
      Add -pflash option to register parallel flash bloc devices.
      New target for embedded PowerPC emulation (only system emulation, for now).
      Debug traces fixes.
      Evaluation boards for PowerPC 405EP.
      Update .cvsignore for new PowerPC embedded target.
      Update PowerPC target status.
      Coding style fixes in PowerPC related code (no functional change):
      PowerPC flags update/use fixes:
      Fix PowerPC 32 emulation on 64 bits hosts:
      Always keep the bootinfo structure in the first 16 MB,
      Fix invalid MAP_xxx flags for PowerPC targets.
      More PowerPC target cleanups:
      Code provision for PowerPC 64 MMU model support.
      Avoid Linux to stay stucked in an infinite loop when requesting a reboot.
      Improve PowerPC target implementation, using computed hflags as TB flags.
      Code provision for PowerPC BookE MMU model support.
      TARGET_FMT_lu may also be useful.
      More PowerPC registers definitions.
      Move likely and unlikely macros in a common place (Aurelien Jarno).
      Extend TB flags to 64 bits (Alexander Graf).
      Make CPU hflags be a masked version of the PowerPC MSR.
      Rework PowerPC 440 TLB management (thanks to Hollis Blanchard)
      More PowerPC definitions, from POWER 2.04 specifications and misc sources.
      Avoid compilation warnings on 64 bits hosts.
      Avoid compilation warnings on 32 bits hosts.
      Convert syscall arguments and return value from long to int or target_long.
      Great rework and cleanups to ease PowerPC implementations definitions.
      Add flags to support PowerPC 405 bootinfos variations.
      New ppc64-linux-user target.
      Fixes for PowerPC 64 rotate and mask instructions.
      memset string pages to zero to avoid putting random data on the stack
      Implement size bit in PowerPC 64 comparisons.
      Define the proper bfd_mach to be used by the disassembler for each
      host_utils.o may also be useful for user-mode emulation.
      always_inline gcc directive can be useful.
      make cpu_abort dump cpu state in logfile, which is useful for debugging.
      Rework PowerPC exceptions model to make it more versatile:
      Provision for x86_64-linux-user target: needs get_sp_from_cpustate
      Fix PowerPC target objects dependencies
      Code provision for hypervisor timers resources,
      PowerPC emulation optimization:
      Implement the PowerPC alternate time-base, following the 2.04 specification.
      XER is to be treated as a 64 bits register on 64 bits implementations,
      Improve single-precision floats load & stores:
      Implement new floating-point instructions (fre, frin, friz, frip, frim)
      Implement Process Priority Register as defined in the PowerPC 2.04 spec.
      Avoid crash on NULL timers.
      Synchronize with latest PowerPC ISA VEA:
      * Update OEA environment, following the PowerPC 2.04 specification:
      Fix compilation on Darwin platform, avoiding the use of gcc function attributes
      Fix inconsistent end conditions in ppc_find_xxx functions.
      Fix missing case in the new PowerPC exception model.
      Fix PowerPC TLB miss dump code.
      Fix (once again) PowerPC sync weight field.
      Share input pins and internal interrupt controller between all PowerPC 40x.
      Implement embedded PowerPC exceptions prefix and vectors registers.
      Share more SPR instanciations between all PowerPC 401 incarnations.
      Avoid op helpers that would just call helpers for TLB & SLB management:
      Remove definitions for deprecated SLB & TLB related op helpers.
      Compilation fix (forgotten patch).
      Optimisations: avoid generation of duplicated micro-ops.
      More comments about unimplemented SPRs.
      Handle all MMU models in switches, even if it's just to abort because of lack
      Fix missing nip updates for instructions that potentially generate
      Quickly hack PowerPC BIOS able to boot on CDROM again.
      Fix reproductible crash: call cpu_loop_exit from micro-op, not from helper.c
      Fix nasty sign-extensions when running 32 bits CPU in the 64 bits emulator
      Code provision for hypervisor mode memory accesses.
      Fix PowerPC 405 BIOS instanciation: is a 32 bits only target.
      We never have to export ppc_set_irq.
      Fix PowerPC initialisation and first reset:
      Enable PowerPC 64 MMU model and exceptions.
      HID0 is a write-clear register on 970 (DBSR).
      Make PowerPC cache line size implementation dependant.
      More cache tuning fixes:
      We must reset the PowerPC CPU _after_ registering it, as hardware reset
      New '-bios' option, used to select an alternate BIOS image from bios_dir.
      PowerPC hardware reset vector is now considered as part of the exception model.
      Rename PowerPC MMUCSR0 and MMUCFG SPRs: those are not BookE specific.
      Full implementation of PowerPC 64 MMU, just missing support for 1 TB
      Share devices that might be useful for all PowerPC 40x & 440 implementations
      Share devices that may be useful for all PowerPC 40x and 440 implementations.
      Add MSR bits signification per PowerPC implementation flags (to be continued).
      Reorganize the CPUPPCState structure to group features.
      Fix confusions between host and target long types.
      Fix host and target longs confusions (continued).
      Report missing elf_addr_t definition from Linux kernel header
      PowerPC target optimisations: make intensive use of always_inline.
      PowerPC target coding style fixes.
      Implement PowerPC Altivec load & stores, used by Apple firmware for memcpy.
      Work-around C89 and/or "old" gcc unspecified behavior (#if in macro calls).
      Add missing exception vectors for PowerPC 7x5.
      Implement exception prefix feature for PowerPC 601.
      Real-mode only PowerPC 40x do not have any TLBs.
      Remove synonymous in PowerPC MSR bits definitions.
      Update PowerPC emulation status file.
      Unify '-cpu ?' option.
      Replace is_user variable with mmu_idx in softmmu core,
      Generate micro-ops for Alpha executive and supervisor modes.
      Generate micro-ops for PowerPC hypervisor mode.
      Provision for PowerPC 64 with hypervisor mode support - not enabled for now.
      Do not allow PowerPC CPU restart after entering checkstop mode.
      Allow Alpha target to use supervisor and executive mode micro-ops.
      Fix memory corruption reported by Julian Seward
      Implement PowerPC 64 SLB invalidation helpers.
      There is no need of a specific MMU model for PowerPC 601.
      Merge PowerPC 620 input bus definitions with standard PowerPC 6xx.
      Implement time-base start/stop helpers.
      Properly implement non-execute bit on PowerPC segments and PTEs.
      Use the new TARGET_ABI32 feature to implement a ppc64abi32-linux-user target
      Use TARGET_ABI_DIR feature to unify PowerPC and PowerPC 64 definitions.
      Avoid PreP target kernel freeze waiting for IRQs.
      New status file for Alpha emulation target.
      Allow use of PCI NICs on PowerPC PreP platform.
      Bugfix: now PCI NICs really work on PowerPC PreP platform.
      Gprof prooved the PowerPC emulation spent too much time in MSR load and store
      Allow selection of all defined PowerPC 74xx (aka G4) CPUs.
      Update PowerPC emulation status file.
      Implement power-management for all defined PowerPC CPUs.
      Add PowerPC power-management state check callback.
      Use host-utils for PowerPC 64 64x64 bits multiplications.
      Use host-utils for Alpha 64x64 bits multiplications.
      Fix PowerPC 64x64 bits multiplication overflow check.
      Bugfix: PowerPC 64 slbia never invalidates the first segment entry.
      Make PowerPC hypervisor resources able to compile, even if not enabled for now.
      Pretty dump for specific PowerPC instructions names.
      Bugfix in PowerPC dcbi instruction:
      For consistency, align the address to the cache line before using it,
      Fix endianness bug for PowerPC stfiwx instruction.
      PowerPC user-mode fix: MSR is now entirelly set-up in the cpu_reset routine.
      Fix PowerPC FPSCR update and floating-point exception generation
      PowerPC float bugfix: 64 bits float mantissa is 52 bits long.
      PowerPC floating-point helper typo.
      PowerPC coding style and inlining fixes.
      Alpha coding style and inlining fixes.
      Add shared ctz32, cto32, ctz64, cto64,
      Make Alpha and PowerPC targets use shared helpers
      Use cpp to generate correct build dependencies for target objects
      Give an opaque to the m48t59 direct access routines to make it easier
      * sort the PowerPC target object files
      PowerPC 601 / 620 / 970 need a 1MB firmware.
      Implement PreP reset port.
      Temporary hack to avoid Qemu crash at PowerPC reset time.
      Fix PreP PCI IRQ mapping.
      Fix two PowerPC FPU emulation bugs (thanks to Aurelien Jarno)
      Fix CR ops with complement, thanks to Julian Seward for testing
      Fix PowerPC program exception that was broken by FPU exception patches
      Don't print any message when a priviledge exception occurs on mfpvr
      Fix incorrect PowerPC instruction fetch exception dump.
      PowerPC MMU and exception fixes:
      Fix PowerPC high BATs access: BAT number was incorrect.
      Fix PowerMac NVRAM device.
      Improve PowerPC CPU state dump.
      For consistency, move muls64 / mulu64 prototypes to host-utils.h
      PowerPC 601 need specific callbacks for its BATs setup.
      Fix grackle (in fact MPC106) PCI host bridge header
      Fix memory corruption: bdrv_read/write API has been changed to take
      No functional changes: remove dead code and fix indentation & wrapping lines.
      Code used by the linux-user targets should not use vl.h.
      Fix muls64 prototype to match the actual implementation.
      Allow selection of PowerPC CPU giving a PVR.
      Optimize PowerPC overflow flag computation in most useful cases.
      Fix POWER abs & abso computation.
      More generic boot devices specification, allowing more devices to be specified
      Fix PowerPC boot device selection.
      Fix usage of the -1 constant in the PowerPC target code:
      More PowerPC target -1 usage fixes (reservation address).
      Allow use of SPE extension by all PowerPC targets,
      PowerPC SPE extension fix: must always preserve GPR high bits when
      Add PVR and SPR definition for most embedded PowerPC from Freescale.
      Reorganize PowerPC instructions categories, add icbi separate case.
      Fix invalid PowerPC 64 rldimi optimized case.
      Fix PowerPC targets compilation on 32 bits hosts:
      Always make PowerPC hypervisor mode memory accesses and instructions
      Always make all PowerPC exception definitions visible.
      Resynchronize darwin-user target with linux-user:
      Remove ppc64h CPUs definitions from the configure script.
      Add missing definition for number of input pins for the PowerPC 970 bus.
      Make the PowerPC MMU model, exception model and input bus model
      Fix collision in PowerPC instructions definitions.
      PowerPC hypervisor mode is not fundamentally available only for PowerPC 64.
      A little more granularity in PowerPC instructions definition is needed
      Define Freescale cores specific MMU model, exceptions and input bus.
      Add definitions for Freescale PowerPC implementations,
      Improve PowerPC instructions set dump.
      Fix for ISO C compliance:
      Avoid duplicated definitions: move common definitions from exec-all.h
      Mark hex_dump as unused to avoid compilation warnings.
      Fix attempt to inline recursive functions.
      New PowerPC CPU flag to define the decrementer and time-base source clock.
      Fix another collision in PowerPC instructions definitions.
      PowerPC instruction fixes:
      PowerPC 620 MMU do not have the same exact behavior as standard
      Remove shared macro used to define PowerPC implementations instructions sets:
      Fix PowerPC 64 stat and statfs structures definitions.
      Fix PowerPC 7xx definitions.
      Add new sane low-level memory accessors for PowerPC that do proper
      Revert foolish patch.
      Fix incorrect debug prints (reported by Paul Brook).
      More PowerPC debug print fixes - hardware emulation pass.
      Fix PowerPC 74xx definitions.
      Cleanup: remove useless TARGET_GPR_BITS definition.
      Various linux-user structures and definitions fixes for PowerPC targets.
      Update maintainers list.

john cooper (2):
      Add serial number support for virtio_blk
      Add cpu model configuration support..

lirans at il.ibm.com (3):
      Expose a mechanism to trace block writes
      Block live migration
      Enable migration without shared storage from the monitor

malc (282):
      PPC TCG Fixes
      Do not scare users with ominous error messages from AUD_open*
      Fix some signedness issues caught by gcc 4.3
      Fix error reporting under Win32 (CreateFile does not set errno)
      Check the returned audio_buf_info fields
      Fix div[u]2.
      R_PPC_REL24 safety net
      Add -mlongcall for PPC host (needed for MIPS for instance)
      Fix test for signed div fast path
      Emit trampolines manually in prologue
      Use rem/div[u]_i32 drop div[u]2_i32
      Remove stray variable
      Reimplement brcond2 and refactor brcond
      ISA version of CS4231A
      Fix vm state save/load
      Save LR into proper place on callers stack frame
      Add calls to pci_device_save/load
      Add VM save/load support
      Rework period/buffer size setting
      Disable xLaw debugging
      Do not save dynamic field
      Emit warning message if user supplied buffer/period size/time was rejected
      Add missing [SU]32
      Shuffle contents of tcg_target_reg_alloc_order
      According to gcc-4.3.0/gcc/config/rs6000/crtsavres.asm R13 is volatile
      Make mixer emulation a configure option (Jan Kiszka)
      Change the way audio is configured
      Document usage of new options remove stray variables, check for ALSA/FMOD/ESD
      Add NULL argument to SNDCTL_DSP_NONBLOCK ioctl call
      Fix test arguments (Jeremy C. Reed)
      Pulseaudio driver
      Add -MT
      Remove stray local "speedup" hack
      Fix typo
      Mask LL portion of B to 24 bits in tcg_out_b (Thanks to Thiemo Seufer)
      Fuse EQ and NE handling in tcg_out_brcond2
      Add missing return
      Avoid signedness warnings
      Remove >= asserts on unsigned inputs
      Remove static
      Fix typo
      Call proper function when trying to set period size
      Warn about rejected buffer/period size/time when it was specified by the user
      Restore old value of buffer_size
      Reject invalid audio drivers
      Improve the audio driver check
      Preliminary PPC64/Linux host support
      Remove stray "i" from mul_i64
      Provide extNs_M instructions
      Remove neg_i32 debugging leftover
      Emit and use adhoc function descriptor for code_gen_prologue on PPC64
      Do exit if test for hostlongbits on ppc64 fails
      Use proper value for TCG_TARGET_CALL_STACK_OFFSET
      Fix EXTSW arguments
      Fix and improve 64 bit immediate loading
      Reduce amount of space reserved for tb jump
      Use proper offset for LR save slot
      Fix qemu_ld64 constraint list
      Relax memory operations constraints
      Fix the opcode value of LWA
      Special-case some paths inside tcg_out_tlb_read
      Remove leftover from previous way to load 64 bit constants
      Fix preprocessor guard condition
      Set the L field of CMP[L][I] when dealing with 64 bit quantities
      Do not try handle "special" arguments of and/or/xor/shl/shr, upper level does it
      Immediate versions of some operations
      For consistncy with --target-list accept coma separated items in --audio-card/drv-list
      On ppc32 make tb_set_jmp_target1 behave like it does on a ppc64
      Preliminary MacOS X on PPC32 support
      Account for MacOS X ABI reserved space in linkage area (Andreas Faerber)
      Handle remaining driver names when traversing audio_drv_list (Initial patch by BlueSwirl)
      Move tcg_out_tlb_read into #ifdef CONFIG_SOFTMMU block to avoid compiler warning
      Clear the upper 32 bits of addr_reg in TARGET_LONG_BITS == 32 case
      Avoid clobbering input/aliased registers in !SOFTMMU+64bit+bswap case
      Relax qemu_ld/st constraints for !SOFTMMU case
      Correct version of Heikki Lindholms ppc64.ld script
      Fix tswap size
      Kludge to support linux-user on a PPC64
      Relax qemu_ld/st constraints for !SOFTMMU case
      Avoid clobbering input register in qemu_ld64+bswap+useronly case
      Support out-of-the-tree building of tests
      Change the way video graphics adapter is selected
      Optional "precise" VGA retrace support
      Fix more r5087 breakage
      Fix dots per clock value, cleanup and "optimize"
      Avoid (some) ppc cross-compilation problems
      Do not use load_seg_vm to load CS in real mode iret handling
      Optimize 64 bit bswap
      Fix some debugging mistakes/leftovers
      Add safety net against potential infinite loop
      Set default audio timer period to a sane value (otherwise qemu becomes unusable if -icount N is specified)
      Fix interrupt exclusion via SSTEP_NOIRQ
      Fix alignment problem with some 64bit load/store instructions
      Avoid compiler warning
      Rename misnamed BACK_CHAIN_OFFSET to LR_OFFSET
      Rename hz to hertz to keep AIX happy
      Use qemu_memalign instead of memalign in qemu_vmalloc
      AIX's assembler does not support local labels, use relative addressing instead
      Preliminary AIX support
      Fix alignment of 64bit args
      Use trap shell builtin to remove temporary files
      Handle SDL log just like other temporary files
      Add basic audio functionality to vnc.c
      Reset the key modifiers upon client connect
      Make audio violate POSIX less
      Silence warnings generated due to `#if BUILD_Y8950'
      Clarify -soundhw documentation as to avoid hda confusion
      Quote configure's arguments and location while storing them in config_host.mak
      Introduce and use cache-utils.[ch]
      adlib.c includes fmopl.h and so needs -DBUILD_Y8950=0 too
      Add missing static qualifier
      Fix warnings introduced in r5948
      Don't require linux/auxvec.h, which isn't always installed with libc.
      Add lost semicolons
      Fix smsw for x86_64 guest and bigendian host case
      Do not rely on BSD style echo (which accepts -n option)
      Use the ARRAY_SIZE() macro where appropriate.
      Add missing space
      More flexible audio card selection
      Update to reflect the fact that AC97 will be built by default
      Do not rely on __powerpc__ being defined as a feature test macro
      Fix building on PPC64
      Remove all traces of __powerpc__
      Migrate to check_define
      Avoid calling qemu_mallocz with zero size
      Remove real_screen->pixels checks
      Fix NAME2/FIELD2 warnings
      fix endianness problem sharing the videoram buffer
      Fix format warnings
      Massage PPC version of cpu_get_real_ticks a little
      Add static qualifier to local functions
      R13 is reserved for small data area pointer by SVR4 PPC ABI
      Fix qemu_malloc.
      Replace noreturn with QEMU_NORETURN
      Properly initialize len argument of sysctl and include stdio.h (perror)
      Add missing r24..r26 to calle save registers
      Add missing r24..r26 to callee save registers
      Unbreak SDL on Mac OS X
      Avoid running audio ctl's when vm is not running
      Error checking
      Avoid infinite loop around timed condition variable
      Avoid thundering herd problem
      Properly handle pthread_cond_timedwait timing out
      Darwin: Check for x86_64 only on i386
      Fix mtcrf/mfcr
      musicpal: Reorganize IO memory handling (Jan Kiszka)
      Fix VGA issue introduced by r6349
      Remove dead code
      Temporary workaround for ppc on ppc
      Immediate versions of ro[lr]
      Remove reserved registers from tcg_target_reg_alloc_order
      Whack [LS]MW
      Remove reserved registers from tcg_target_reg_alloc_order
      Simplify reconfiguration
      Safety net for the cases where disassembler/translator disagree over instruction decoding
      Fix typo that leads to out of bounds array access on big endian systems
      Remove any pretense that there can be more than one AudioState
      Only shutdown video subsytem in sdl_cleanup
      Unbreak out-of-tree builds
      Abort on attempts to allocate zero bytes
      Format per CODING_STYLE
      Remove dead code
      Cast pointer arguments of get/setsockopt, send to void * to keep GCC
      Do not attempt to allocate sn_tab when there are no snapshots
      Restore consistent formatting of audio devices
      Apply TCGV_UNUSED on variables that GCC mistakenly thinks can be used
      Fix typo
      Respect the standard
      Add out of memory and zero size argument checks to be consistent with
      Remove SDL/ prefix
      Avoid SIGSEGV when dumping cpu state without enabled logging
      Ignore -Waddress for alsaaudio.c
      Fix LHZX opcode value
      PPC 32/64 GUEST_BASE support
      Avoid name clashes with symbols that leak from system headers
      Use correct byteswap routine for elf_note
      Fix rbase initialization
      Fix period initialization
      Do not try to invoke shebang scripts directly (NFS issues)
      Do not use $SHELL to invoke our scripts
      Fix typo
      Third attempt to invoke create_config properly
      Restore consistent formatting
      Remove a hack introduced by d19076faca944c31bb051b95d285e75ec67902f7
      Fix formatting
      Fix sb16 breakage due to unassigned s->irq
      Checks in select_soundhw were never intended to accept abbreviations
      When targeting PPU use rlwinm instead of andi. if possible
      Allow to unscale the output window with a Ctrl-Alt-u hotkey
      Fix formatting and and description field
      Fix formatting, get rid of conf and fix description
      Fix formatting
      Add information w.r.t default GUS IRQ assigment
      F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC is not universally available
      Remove bit-rotten threshold handling
      X86_64: Use proper jumps/calls when displacement exceeds +-2G
      oss: Unbreak mmaping the ability to mmap oss fd on Linux
      gus: Do not manually free the state, qdev does it for us
      audio: poll mode infrastructure
      oss: poll mode handling
      alsa: poll mode handling
      audio: remove lsbindex/popcount in favour of host-utils's ctz32
      Use proper format conversion specifier when printing size_t value
      oss: OSS v4 support
      oss: Simplify mmap code
      alsa/oss: Remove fd transfer handlers before closing oss/alsa fd/handle
      alsa: Use proper value when testing returned events in alsa_poll_handler
      ne2000-isa: Do not free memory owned by qdev
      coreaudio: fix sloppy "posixification" by 1ea879e5580f63414693655fcf0328559cdce138
      audio: use muldiv64 where it makes sense
      audio: introduce audio_pcm_hw_clip_out helper function
      alsa: use audio_pcm_hw_clip_out
      oss: use audio_pcm_hw_clip_out
      sdlaudio: use correct function names in sdl_XXX calls
      audio: internal API change
      audio: use correct email address
      posix-aio-compat: avoid signal race when spawning a thread
      vl: Do not use perror after failed Win32 API calls
      vl: Add failure check for SetEvent
      tcg/ppc: always use tcg_out_call
      sdlaudio: make it suck less
      Get rid of _t suffix
      oss/alsa: Do not invoke UB described in
      alsa: Change default buffer/period size
      oss/alsa: Do not invoke UB described in (this time for ADC)
      Windows Waveform Audio driver (no ADC support yet)
      winwave: poll mode
      Fix Windows host breakage by 45a50b1668822c23afc2a89f724654e176518bc4 (TeLeMan)
      winwave: remove wait object when finalizing DAC voice
      winwave: close event handle and delete wait object after closing HWAVEOUT
      winwave: pause/restore playing upon seeing VOICE_DISABLE/ENABLE
      configure: clean up temporary dependency files
      Move dependency generation falgs out of configure
      configure: clean temporary executable files even on Windows
      winwave: follow the rules when closing the output device
      winwave: make error logging more consistent
      audio: remove last remnants of _t
      winwave: ADC support
      vga: Respect Line Compare Register in text modes
      vga: fix line comparison
      Do not execute shell scripts directly
      audio: Remove conditional around sw which can not be NULL
      sb16: remove highspeed reset code
      tcg/ppc64: Fix loading of 32bit constants
      sdl: print the reason why SDL thinks SDL_Init failed before exiting
      oss: workaround for cases when OSS_GETVERSION is not defined
      oss: refactor code around policy setting
      oss: issue OSS_GETVERSION ioctl only when needed
      oss: fix fragment setting
      dma/sb16: make clang analyzer not complain
      Revert "sdlaudio: make it suck less"
      audio: include more information into audio_bug's output
      Do not use dprintf
      On some systems printf is a macro
      tcg/ppc32: implement setcond[2]
      tcg/ppc32: proper setcond implementation
      tcg/ppc64: implement setcond
      Revert "On some systems printf is a macro"
      block/curl: %Z is not a valid conversion specifier
      tcg/ppc: Consistently use calling convention selection macros
      tcg/ppc: Implement some of the optional ops
      tcg/ppc64: Use C90 style comments
      tcg/ppc: Fix typo
      tcg/ppc: Fix right rotation
      audio/alsa: Handle SND_PCM_STATE_SETUP in alsa_poll_handler
      target-i386: Fix long jumps/calls in long mode with REX.W set
      audio: fix comment
      tcg/ppc[64]: Only define addend load helpers in softmmu case
      tcg/ppc: Fix not_i32
      tcg/ppc: Implement eqv, nand and nor
      tcg/ppc: Implment bswap16/32
      tcg/ppc: Fix typo
      tcg/ppc64: Fix typo
      tcg/ppc: Fix signed versions of brcond2
      tcg: Add missing static qualifier
      tcg/ppc: Remove redundant comparison from brcond2
      audio/alsa: Avoid snd_pcm_format_t vs audfmt_e mixup

pbrook (481):
      Correctly initialize Arm CPU for Thumb entry points.
      Implement Arm BKPT instruction.
      Make target_mmap always return -1 on failure.
      64-bit host/cross fixes.
      Fix Arm interrupted ldm bug.
      Avoid buffer overflow when sending slirp packets.
      Allow selection of emulated network card.
      Arm display emulation.
      Fix -nographic on Arm.
      Fix Thumb variable shift condition code bug.
      Add support for raw AT keyboard scancodes.
      Arm Linux EABI syscall support.
      Record configure commandline.
      Avoid crash if -redir or -smb used without -net user.
      Fix Arm msr spsr bug.
      Fix Arm big-endian host bug.
      PL110 byteswapping fix.
      WIn32 compile fix.
      Add Arm926 core support.
      Update Arm docs.
      Add missing return statement.
      Add missing FORCE_RET()
      mipsel configure support (Thiemo Seufer).
      Add missing function prototype.
      Improved terminal emulation (Piotr Esden-Tempski).
      e bitfields in mips TLB structures (Thiemo Seufer).
      Rename MIPS_HFLAG(S)_TMASK (Thiemo Seufer).
      Sparcf ESP dma fixes (Blue Swirl).
      Clear MIPS_HFLAG_BMASK for ErrorEPC (Thiemo Seufer).
      Avoid flushing of global TLB entries for differing ASIDs (Thiemo Seufer).
      Tweak UHCI device settings.  Ignore host root hubs.
      Make sure gui_key_modifier_pressed is cleared correctly.
      Fix off by one length calciulation.
      Fix typo in ppc icache flush.
      Set SO_REUSEADDR before calling bind().
      Fix FPA condition codes (Ulrich Hecht).
      Add missing break statement.
      Fix FIQ bank switching.
      Configure options to enable/disable all softmmu/user targets.
      Rename --*able-softmmu --*able-system.
      Avoid accessing guest memory directly in usermode emulation.
      Use 3-argument open call when creating file.
      Keyboard savevm fix (malc).
      Move configure --help output before gcc checks.
      Fix breakpoint TLB invalidation.
      Fix typo in previous patch.
      Initialize physical memory space to IO_MEM_UNASSIGNED.
      Fix incorrect return type.
      Allow multiple graphics devices.
      ARM Versatile Platform Baseboard emulation.
      Thumb prefetch abort fix.
      DESTDIR makefile support.
      Set slirp client hostname.
      Fix out of tree builds.
      Downgrade DNS failure to a warning.
      Remove non-portable code from configure.
      Remove stray "}".
      Add quotes missing from previous patch.
      Implement acct and pretend to implement madvise.
      Fix DEBUG_TB_CHECK build failure (balrog).
      Typo in error message.
      Fix typo.
      Allow user to specify "install" utility.
      Initialize PCI BAR config data.
      Fix display resize bug.
      Autodetect tools neccessary for building documentation.
      Fix slirp redirection on systems without a useful host IP address.
      Remove missing include.
      Solaris configure hacks.
      Fix build failure.
      Add nominal ARM Versatil/AB board emulation.
      Fix typo in BSD FP rounding mode names.
      Fix non-portable use of expr.
      Add install-doc rule.  Use it when building docs.
      Test if compiler works instead of checking if binary exists.
      Allow parallel make.
      Rearrange PCI host emulation code.
      Add dependency on config.h and config-host.h.
      Move all: target first.
      Update ARM board documentation.
      Teach usermode emulation how to lie about uname -r.
      Add doc, html, dvi and .PHONY Makefile targets.
      Avoid compiler warning.
      ESP DMA fix.
      Use lookup table for PCI class descriptions.
      OHCI USB host emulation.
      Don't clear DMA status register when loading address.
      Only use /dev/shm hack when kqemu is enabled.
      Fix USB root hub hotplugging.
      OHCI large packet fix.
      Rearrange SCSI disk emulation code.
      Update USB documentation.
      Fix scsi sector size confusion (Blue Swirl).
      Fix partial transfer bug.
      Small read fix.
      SCSI lun probing fix.
      PCI SCSI HBA emulation.
      SATN fixes (Blue Swirl).
      More SCSI commands (Blue Swirl).
      Disk cache flush support.
      Win32 build fix.
      bFLT loader (for uClinux binaries).
      Document new arm-user features.
      ARM postincrememnt addressing fix.
      Arm h/w doc updates.
      Respond to qOffsets gdb packet (for debugging bFLT binaries).
      SH4 rts fix.
      SH usermode fault handling.
      Enable SH bFLT loader.
      Remove debug output.
      SH bugfixes.
      Add big-endian SH4-user target
      Sparc64 insn fixes (Blue Swirl).
      Sun4u vga+bios tweaks (Blue Swirl).
      Don't include audio.h when building tools.
      Defer timer initialization until after commandline processing.
      Fix comment typo.
      Fix Arm cp15 c13 (Process ID) register writes.
      Arm host build fix.
      Rewrite Arm host support.
      Fix SCSI off-by-one device size.
      Add missing #define.
      Dynamically allocate AIO Completion Blocks.
      Add SCSI controller class.
      SCSI and USB async IO support.
      Remove OpenBIOS ESP patch.  Merged upstream.
      scsi empty drive fix (Blue Swirl).
      ESP DMA fix.
      SCSI TCQ support.
      Flush IO requests before savevm (original patch by Blue Swirl).
      Arm MMU fix (Justin Fletcher).
      ARM 64-bit host fix.
      Avoid (repeatedly) trying to read stdin after it has closed.
      SPARC SCSI fixes.
      Merge common ISA access routines.
      Update sparc bios image (Blue Swirl).
      Add ARM RealView Emulation Baseboard.
      PCI shared IRQ fix (original patch by andrzej zaborowski).
      Implement sun4u PCI IRQ routing.
      PCI IRC routing fix.
      ARM GIC bug.
      Fix typo in pixel conversion templates.
      bFLT 64-bit host fix.
      ColdFire target.
      Fix comment typo.
      Fix ARM VFP debugging dumps.
      Mips IDE support. (Aurelien Jarno)
      Remove FD on close.
      MIPS usermode debug exceptions (Dave Denholm).
      Speed up tlb_flush_page (Daniel Jacobowitz).
      Avoid redundant TLB flushes (Daniel Jacobowitz).
      M68k build fix.
      MIPS FPU fixes (Daniel Jacobowitz).
      ARM timer counts down, not up.
      Remove do_socketcallwrapper.
      Arm semihosted commandline support (Wolfgang Schildbach).
      Add missing ARM syscall numbers.
      Add casts for 64-bit hosts.
      Add unassigned memory debugging code.
      Look for gcc3 (Anthony Liguori).
      Sparc64 build fix (Igor Kovalenko).
      Solaris SMBD hacks (Ben Taylor).
      bFLT loader commandline fix.
      Remove duplicate TARGET_M68K case.
      Arm GIC stuck interrupt fix.
      Script to check for missing FORCE_RET.
      ARM ELF loader.
      ARM boot fix (Jason Wessel).
      Fix "make test2".
      Add ARM Angel semihosting to system emulation.
      Don't resume guest when gdb connection terminates and -S specified.
      Accept -help.
      Accept --foo as an alias for -foo.
      Rearrange char event handlers to fix CHR_EVENT_RESET.
      Add nodelay option for TCP character devices.
      Use standard character device interface for gdbstub.
      GDB hosted syscalls.
      Fix 64-bit host register corruption.
      ARM doubleword post-modify fix (Daniel Jacobowitz).
      Allow gdbstub to connect over any serial device.
      Fix "make install prefix=/somewhere".
      Honor $cross_prefix when searching for suitable gcc.
      Include LDFLAGS when linking system emulator.
      Compiler check for byteswap.h instead of hardcoded path.
      iDocument ARM RealView board (Andrzej Zaborowski).
      64bit->win32 cross build fix.
      Simple u-boot image loading support.
      Implement --cpu for ARM.
      Fix typo in help output.
      ARM reabbot support (orginal patch by Aurelien Jarno).
      SMP half-idle fix.
      Align stack when loading bFLT binaries.
      Watchpoint support (previous commit got eaten by Savannah server crash).
      Usermode recv syscall fix.
      ARM register index+writeback fix (Lauro Ramos Venancio).
      OHCI USB PXA support (Andrzej Zaborowski).
      Large kernel initrd fix (initial patch by Daniel Jacobowitz).
      SD card emulation (initial implementation by Andrzei Zaborowski).
      Use correct type for card field.
      Comment spelling fix.
      Remove dead code.
      Remove dead code.
      Unify IRQ handling.
      ARM IRQ fix.
      Fix format specified for watchpoint address.
      bFLT loader alignment fix.
      Remove unused variable.
      Fix ARM fine pagetables.
      PL050 status register fixes.
      ARM946 CPU support.
      M68k addx/subx fix.
      I2C/SMBus framework.
      Add periodic timer implementation.
      Add ptimer.c function declarations and makefile rule.
      m68k/ColdFire system emulation.
      Document ColdFire system emulation.
      Speed up m68k by 20%.
      M68k system mode semihosting.
      Suppress pointer from integer of different size warning.
      Reject invalid targets.
      Add missing file.
      Rework m68k cpu feature flags.
      Update Changelog.
      Ignore m68k-softmmu.
      M68k extended addressing modes.
      Generate m68k address faults.
      Fix typo in m68k outer displacement addressing (Andreas Schwab).
      Add diagnostic for bad opcode masks.
      Implement ColdFire ff1.
      Fix tap device counting.
      ColdFire EMAC support.
      Clear SR_M on a hardware interrupt.
      Leave running timer alone if not reloading.
      MCF5208 emulation.
      Improve ColdFire CPU selection.
      MCF5208 timer fix.
      Fix off-by-one memory region sizes.
      ColdFire Ethernet support.
      Add documentation for new ColdFire board.
      Windows build fixes.
      Fix return type.
      ARM PL181 MMCI fixes.
      ARM GDB semihosting fixes
      M68K status register fixes.
      Workaround dyngen problems with m68k conditional branch ops.
      M68K watchpoint hacks.
      Fix "blx lr" (Lauro Venancio).
      Allow changing log filename.
      PL110 versatile register hack fix (Adam Lackorzynski).
      ARM PL031 RTC emulation.
      Fix bogus fopen mode.
      Thumb shifter carry flag fixes.
      Ensure string is properly terminated.
      Suppress int<->pointer compiler warnings.
      Implement HID idle mode (avoids flooding guest with useless updates).
      Only build qemu-img with softmmu targets.
      Fix 64-bit host printf format mismatches.
      Update ARM disassembler.
      Fix m68k FP register debug dumps.
      Add dummy m68k board.
      Fix build failure.
      Fix Makefile dependencies.
      ARMv7 support.
      Remove duplicate i2c.o.
      Split block API from vl.h.
      Cleanup qemu-img.c.
      block-raw/kqemu fix.
      mips_r4k warning fixes.
      Fix msr_mask.
      Fix format mismatch.
      Init dumb display if no others available.
      Fix int/float inconsistencies.
      sd.c build fix.
      Break up vl.h.
      Remove stray uses of vl.h.
      Add statics and missing #includes for prototypes.
      Add strict checking mode for softfp code.
      Luminary board input support.
      Fix connex board init routine.
      Fix out of tree builds.
      SSD0323 vertical incrememnt mode.
      Fix typo in error message.
      Fix typo in softfloat code.
      Fix TB chaining for exceptions.
      Fix va_list reuse in cpu_abort.
      Fix ppc32 register dumps on 64-bit hosts.
      ARMv7-M SysTick fix.
      Stellaris ethernet support.
      Thumb semihosting fixes.
      Partial SD card SPI mode support.
      Fix SD init arguments.
      Add missing dependencies on generated files (for parallel build).
      Use ARCH_CFLAGS in configure tests.
      Fix opparam_buf size estimate.
      Robustify source directory check.
      Add TCG variable opaque type.
      Fix TCG relocation bug (exposed by fault after brcond op).  Add FIXME for
      Simplify TCG relocation bugfix.
      32-bit host sign extension fix (Juergen Lock).
      Fix Thumb signal handlers.
      Fix and document curses configury bits.
      Put tap fd into nonblocking mode.
      m68k mmap2 fixes.
      m68k compare fix.
      Remove fixed length commandline buffers.
      Revert accidental commit.
      Implement AT_CLKTCK.
      Remove incorrect discards and old unused defines (blueswir1).
      ARM TCG conversion 1/16.
      ARM TCG conversion 2/16.
      ARM TCG conversion 3/16.
      ARM TCG conversion 4/16.
      ARM TCG conversion 5/16.
      ARM TCG conversion 6/16.
      ARM TCG conversion 7/16.
      ARM TCG conversion 8/16.
      ARM TCG conversion 9/16.
      ARM TCG conversion 10/16.
      ARM TCG conversion 11/16.
      ARM TCG conversion 12/16.
      ARM TCG conversion 13/16.
      ARM TCG conversion 14/16.
      ARM TCG conversion 15/16.
      ARM TCG conversion 16/16.
      TCG op size estimation fix.
      Remove stray BASE_CFLAGS.
      ARM N=Z=1 flag fix.
      Stellaris boards really aren't that big!
      Fix incorrect argument types.
      Update ARM rt_frame layout.
      Update ARM non-rt sigframe layout.
      Fix DEBUG_TCGV.
      Add zero extension (pseudo-)ops.
      Add TCG native negation op.
      Fix build failure with old kernel headers (loop.h is incompatible with
      Fix bogus test syntax.
      Fix helper operand type mismatch.
      Fix ARM conditional branch bug.
      More TCGv type fixes.
      Dynamically allocate tbs.  Avoids branch range problems on RISC hosts.
      Fix A20 debug dumps.
      Fix ARM host TLB.
      Convert m68k target to TCG.
      Fix off-by-one unwinding error.
      Remove bogus DisplayState member.
      Ignore duplicate timer run requests.
      Don't link usermode emulation against libqemu_common.a
      svn:ignore qemu-nbd and qemu-nbd.8
      Implement ARM magic kernel page and TLS register.
      Implement clock_nanosleep.
      Strace fallback for unknown syscalls.
      Fix rounding error.
      NPTL host detection and futex syscall passthrough.
      Move clone() register setup to target specific code.  Handle fork-like clone.
      Fix typo.
      Perform target->host signal mapping for *kill syscalls.
      Implement waitid syscall.
      Handle NULL argp/envp in execve syscall.
      Fix structure type in sigtimedwait syscall.
      Translate whole of target_sigset.  Use host sigset accessors.
      Copy siginfo.si_code.
      Fix usermode build.
      Make signal queues per thread.
      Add TLS sections.
      Mark host brk() area as reserved.
      Fix location of futex.h.
      Multithreaded locking for mmap().
      Multithreaded locking fixes.
      Implement thread creation.
      Remove dead and bitrotten "qemu-fast" code.
      Clean up MMIO TLB handling.
      Despite what the documentation says/implies, PTHREAD_STACK_MIN is often not
      Prevent guest reusing host memory allocations.
      Use qemu_mallocz.
      Use qemu_mallocz to allocate new thread state.  Remove redundant memset.
      Add proper file header.
      Fix shell quoting.
      Add instruction counter.
      Add missing file. Fix spelling errors.
      Add missing static qualifiers.
      Suppress bogus compiler warnings.
      Move CPU save/load registration to common code.
      Fix rdtsc instruction counting.
      Implement resolution switching in common console code.
      Move interrupt_request and user_mode_only to common cpu state.
      Remove duplicate device index calculations.
      Fix typo.
      Fix i2c save/restore.
      ARMv7-M interrupt stack alignment fix.
      Save/restore for stellaris boards.
      Re-add static qualifier.  Fix annother occurance of "const static".
      Eliminate spurous screen updates.
      Avoid decremented overflow.
      Fix coprocessor register types.
      Terminate TB immediately after v7-M exception return.
      Fix swapped mvz/mvs instructions.
      Fix libvdeplug link test.
      Implement TCG sign extension ops for x86-64.
      TCG: Use x86-64 zero extension instructions.
      Add concat_i32_i64 op.
      Fix neon encoding comment.
      Fix ARM NEON vdup and vtbl bugs.
      Add comment to windows SCSI hack.
      Fix tcg_gen_concat32_i64 on 64-bit hosts.
      My core2duo patch introduced a vague statement of "missing features" in
      Add GDB XML register description support.
      Add feature_to_c.sh.
      * Use function pointers for symbol lookup (currently for elf32 and elf64,
      Update old fashioned function prototypes.
      Optimize redundant cp15 coprocessor access control register writes.
      Use load address when loading ELF images.
      Fix ARMv6 translation table base address calculation.
      Fix ARMv6t2 strex instructions.
      Additional exclusive load/store instruction are v6K, not v6T2.
      Fix typos in PPC TCG conversion.
      Use locally defined structure.
      Use qemu_gettimeofday.
      64-bit target subfi fix.
      Fix rotri_i64 typo.
      VFP fnmsc negative zero fix.
      Fix ARM default NaN.
      Mention output overlaps.
      TCG variable type checking.
      Only force inlining when optimizing.
      Fix comment typo.
      Allocate cleared memory for cpu state.
      Change MMIO callbacks to use offsets, not absolute addresses.
      Cosmetic cleanups to previous patch.
      Mark bamboo.dtb as a binary file.
      Implement ARMv7 MMU access permissions.
      When -icount is used and a TB is recompiled due to an IO access
      Correctly normalize values and handle zero inputs to scalbn functions.
      Fix VFP fixed point conversion routines.
      Implement (very) basic Thumb2-EE support.  This doesn't actually implement
      Implement ARMv7 cp15 cache ID registers.
      Implement default-NaN mode.
      Implement flush-to-zero mode (denormal results are replaced with zero).
      Fix NAND flash save/restore.
      Fix SDL slowness.
      Coalesce virtual console screen updates.
      Fix unassigned region offsets.
      Fix ColdFire fdmoved address decoding.
      Really fix ColdFire fdmoved address decoding.
      Fix ColdFire fmovem.  Free the temporary we just allocated rather than some
      The different VFP variants will never occur at the same time, and giving them
      The _exit syscall is used for both thread termination in NPTL applications,
      Fix ARM quadword VDUP (core register).
      Avoid rounding problems in ptimer_get_count
      Use pixel_ops.h
      Implement and use shared memory framebuffer device rendering reoutine.
      Implement --version.
      Add --with-pkgversion.
      Enable generic accepts-anything cpu by default for usermode emulation.
      Use qemu_ram_alloc.
      Use guest memory access functions when setting up arm boorloader.
      Use load_image_targphys.
      More phys_ram_base removal.
      Use load_image_targphys and avoid phys_ram_base.
      Register a single area for vga bios and option roms
      Use cpu_physical_memory_write_rom instead of memcpy.
      Cleanup SPARC/TCX framebuffer allocation.
      More phys_ram_base removal.
      Musicpal ram access cleanup.
      Fix RTC breakage from r7031.
      Clean up VGA ram allocation.
      More phys_ram_base elimination.
      Yet more phys_ram_base elimination.
      Wean device tree code off phys_ram_base.
      Remove code phys_ram_base uses.
      Allocate enough vram for 24-bit planes.
      Fix/remove bogus ram size checks.
      Implement dynamic guest ram allocation.
      Remove more redundant ram size checks.
      Remove redundant ram_require machine properly.
      Add named initializers.
      Stop translation after a syscall instruciton.
      Translate signal values in exit status.
      Enable access to SYNCI_Step register in usermode emulation.
      Fix target_siginfo ordering for MIPS.
      MIPS: Raise SIGSEGV, not SIGILL when an access faults.
      MIPS signal handling fixes.

takasi-y at ops.dti.ne.jp (5):
      target-sh4: Fix gdb read/write register
      linux-user: Fix syscall pipe2() retval on sh4
      linux-user: Save/restore fpu registers to signal context on sh4
      linux-user: do_shmdt(): Fix page_set_flags's 2nd arg.
      linux-user: rlimit conversion between host and target.

ths (933):
      sparc-softmmu build fix
      MIPS TLB performance improvements, by Daniel Jacobowitz.
      Halt/reboot support for Linux, by Daniel Jacobowitz. This is a band-aid
      Dynamically translate MIPS mfc0 instructions.
      Dynamically translate MIPS mtc0 instructions.
      Add MIPS32R2 instructions, and generally straighten out the instruction
      Move the MIPS CPU timer in a seperate file, by Alec Voropay.
      Update copyright notice.
      Simplify mask construction.
      Fix reset handling, CP0 isn't enabled by default (a fact which doesn't
      Move date/time init to the RTC implementation.
      .cvsignore m68k-user.
      MIPS RTC emulation.
      Spelling fixes, thanks to Stefan Weil.
      Fix build of MIPS target without FPU support.
      Fix fstat for MIPS userland emulation, and add support for a cacheflush
      Handle invalid accesses as SIGILL for mips/mipsel userland emulation.
      Build fix for newer kernel headers, thanks Jason Wessel.
      Fix sector size overflow, by Herbert Xu.
      Fix PCI config space overflow, by Herbert Xu.
      Implement -no-quit option, by Xavier Gnata.
      Spelling fixes, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Fix addrlen size, by David Woodhouse.
      MIPS FPU support for the gdb stub, by Daniel Jacobowitz.
      MIPS has also a fixed MMAP_SHIFT of 12.
      Fix userland ELF loader for zero sized BSS.
      Reduce VNC resize traffic, thanks Eduardo Felipe.
      Simple test for mips/mipsel, based on a test by Alexander Voropay.
      Fix erraneous fallthrough in MIPS trap implementation, thanks Atsushi Nemoto.
      Preliminiary MIPS64 support, disabled by default due to performance impact.
      Scrap SIGN_EXTEND32.
      Fix compiler warnings, add signed versions of some swab functions.
      Silence a spurious gcc warning.
      Remove unused variable.
      Avoid "unused variable" compiler warning.
      Don't cast lvalues, fixes compiler warning.
      Enable TCP_NODELAY, by Daniel Jacobowitz.
      Fix "inaccessible boot device" on FreeBSD, by Juergen Lock.
      Run monitor over unix domain sockets, by Anthony Liguori.
      Unix domain socket support for VNC, by Anthony Liguori.
      Daemonize option, by Anthony Liguori.
      Fix CDROM change, by Anthony Liguori.
      Escape filname printout properly, by Anthony Liguori and Julian Seward.
      Build fix for AIO (-dummy) on Windows, by Stefan Weil.
      SCSI emulation improvements, by Chuck Brazie.
      Fix -cdrom breakage.
      Support for unidirectional pipes, by Ed Swierk.
      Windows build fix, namespace cleanup, fix error message, by Stefan Weil.
      Fix build warning on Windows.
      More serial ports for the mips machine.
      Fix spelling.
      Use memory barriers in FORCE_RET / RETURN.
      Check ELF binaries for machine type and endianness.
      Simplify error handling again.
      Null character instead of numeric null.
      Fix SCSI cdrom boot, thanks Blue Swirl.
      Fix initrd load address.
      Simplify code and fix formatting.
      Fix lwl/lwr for 64bit emulation, also debug output spec for 64bit emulation.
      Fix bad data type.
      Fix Makefile weirdness.
      Untangle the various CFLAGS/LDFLAGS flavours. Allow overriding the
      Dynamic handling of guest mice, by Lonnie Mendez.
      PPC32 Trace Exception and Trap instruction, by Jason Wessel.
      Add -option-rom option to allow loading of PCI option ROMs, by Anthony Liguori.
      Add -boot n option for x86 using PXE, by Anthony Liguori.
      patch for block-raw.c for Solaris, by Ben Taylor.
      Fix comment, by Volker Ruppert.
      Support for Bochs "growing" images, by Volker Ruppert.
      Fix for hard disk translation hints, by Volker Ruppert.
      Support fcntl F_GETLK64, F_SETLK64, F_SETLKW64, by Kirill A. Shutemov.
      Configure check for alsa, by Bernhard Fischer.
      Reinitialize monitor upon reconnect, by Anthony Liguori.
      Add new Etherboot ROMs for PXE boot.
      Different MIPS BIOS binary names per endianness, and more relaxed size
      Unbreak the last patch.
      Revert -disk patch, as requested by Fabrice. The general idea of this
      Restore SCSI disk attaching, by Igor Kovalenko.
      Devfn number for network PCI cards, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Devfn number for the PIIX3 southbridge, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Increase MIPS BIOS from 128kB to 4MB, by Aurelien Jarno.
      PIIX4 support, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Gallileo GT64xxx support, by Aurelien Jarno.
      MIPS Malta system and devices support, by Aurelien Jarno and Stefan Weil.
      Improved console handling, thanks Stefan Weil.
      Disable Malta floppy controller for now, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Keep track of mips related issues.
      Note newsworthy changes.
      Slirp UDP fix, by Jason Wessel.
      Fix USB buffer size, by Herbert Xu.
      Kqemu support for Solaris, by Ben Taylor.
      Big endian support for Gallileo, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Fix CDROM permission check, by Kazu <kazoo at r3.dion.ne.jp>.
      Darwin userspace emulation, by Pierre d'Herbemont.
      Add Darwin userspace emulation to Changelog.
      Darwin build fix, by Pierre d'Herbemont.
      Note more issues.
      Change display colors, the LED bar is green and the text display is red.
      Fix typo.
      Add more ATAPI CDROM DMA support, by Juergen Keil.
      Bring TLB / PageSize handling in line with real hardware behaviour.
      TLB address wraparound hopefully fixed now.
      Add dependency for fop_template.c.
      Fix PageMask handling, second part.
      Update TODO.
      Update .cvsignore.
      Implementing dmfc/dmtc.
      Fix DMA timeouts on FreeBSD, by Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belon.
      Reworking MIPS interrupt handling, by Aurelien Jarno.
      EBase is limited to KSEG0/KSEG1 even on 64bit CPUs.
      New multiple snapshot support for VMDK, by Igor Lvovsky.
      Add support for 82371FB (Step A1) and Improved support for 82371SB
      Split out SDL X keymap, by Bernhard Fischer.
      Fix malta emulation for 64bit qemu.
      Make the tarball's VERSION part overridable from make invocation.
      Define ENOMEDIUM to match ENODEV if it isn't available.
      ENODEV works also for __sun__, the magic number 4097 stemmed from the
      Fix 64bit-induced MIPS Malta breakage, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Fix GT64120 mapping with REDBOOT, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Fix set_error return value, by Pierre d'Herbemont.
      Use Cocoa and CoreAudio backend by default on Darwin systems, by Pierre
      siginfo fix for Darwin/Mac OS X, by Pierre d'Herbemont.
      Upgrade the apic version_id, by Don Laor.
      Save some vm space for the regular program loading zone, by
      Remove redundant ENOMEDIUM define.
      script=no for the TUN/TAP net option, by Jean-Christian de Rivaz
      Sparc arm/mips/sparc register patch, by Martin Bochnig.
      Update MIPS TODO.
      PIIX4 SMBus host, EEPROM device emulation, by Ed Swierk.
      Mingw build fix, by Johannes Schindelin.
      Use target_ulong type for emulator registers.
      sem* and msg* for qemu, part1, by Kirill Shutemov.
      sem* and msg* for qemu, part2, by Kirill Shutemov.
      Fix for solaris register allocation issue on amd64, by Martin Bochnig.
      Support for more SPARC relocations, by Martin Bochnig.
      Fix typo, by Ed Swierk.
      Clean up serial code for Win 32, by Kazu.
      Build fix for mingw/Cygwin, by Kazu. It also looks like it does the
      Use the actual executable names in documentation, based on a patch by
      Serial console improvements, by Stefan Weil.
      Fix floating point to integer conversion, by Aurelien Jarno.
      qemu-img: fix incorrect error message, by Stuart Brady.
      Fix linking for qemu-img on Solaris, by Ben Taylor.
      Improve configure for Solaris, by Ben Taylor.
      Fix syntax error.
      Fix typo, and some reformatting.
      Use PATH_MAX for name lengths, by Sergey Vlasov.
      Linux userland emulation of syslog, from Debian patchset.
      Linux userland emulation of prctl, from Debian patchset.
      Fix previous Linux userland emulation breakage.
      Qemu support for S32 and U32 alsa output, by Vassili Karpov.
      Userland mount syscall emulation, by Kirill A. Shutemov.
      Solaris tap device, by Sittichai Palingsong.
      Parport EPP support for Linux, by Marko Kohtala.
      PS/2 interface - Allow custom IO ports + IRQ, by Herve Poussineau.
      Add PS/2 keyboard to MIPS R4K, by Herve Poussineau.
      Fix sign-extension of VPN field in TLB, by Herve Poussineau.
      Monitor multiplexing, by Jason Wessel.
      -no-frame option for sdl, by Christian Laursen.
      Ignore special flags in nsector variable.
      Don't require a disk image for network boot, by Ferenc Wagner.
      Document -no-frame option.
      Add -bootp option for slirp, by Anthony Liguori.
      Add OACK support to slirp TFTP server, by Anthony Liguori.
      Change -tftp option to take a root directory, by Anthony Liguori.
      Record important changes.
      2nd serial port for Malta, by Jason Wessel.
      Replace TLSZ with TARGET_FMT_lx.
      Increase the number of multiplexed monitor devices.
      Allow arbitrary MIPS BIOS sizes between 0 and 4 MB, by Stefan Weil.
      Fix initialisation of serial/parallel ports, spotted by Stefan Weil.
      Basic USB device resume (root hub only), by Lonnie Mendez.
      Revert host_info changes, and don't fail if sysctl is unknown when we
      Add Erwan Velu as contributor for the tftp boot patches.
      Fix mips FPU emulation, 32 bit data types are allowed to use odd registers.
      24C01 / 24C02 EEPROM emulation for Malta, by Stefan Weil.
      Fix CPU chaining in linux-user emulation, by Gwenole Beauchesne.
      DS1225Y nvram device, by Herve Poussineau.
      Make removing IOHandlers safe from within an IOHandler, by Anthony Liguori.
      Mention ds1225y support.
      MIPS FPU dynamic activation, part 1, by Herve Poussineau.
      Fix wrong interrupt number for the second serial interface.
      MIPS Userland TLS register emulation, by Daniel Jacobowitz.
      Fix configure typo, by Juergen Lock.
      Fix unportable bitfields use which broke pcnet for big endian hosts.
      Fix typo in PCI bridge code.
      Fix GT-64xxx PCI mapping, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Allow disabling IDE block mode, by Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belon.
      Don't fail for "revert to poweron defaults" IDE command, by Carlo
      Better way to select -lrt, by Andrzei Zaborowski.
      Better ioport debugging output.
      Remove useless static specifier.
      Note FPU enable/disable issue.
      MIPS -cpu selection support, by Herve Poussineau.
      Fix BD flag handling, cause register contents, implement some more bits
      A VGA card for the Malta board.
      Disable compiler options dangerous for op compilation.
      Support -cpu selection for mips usermode emulation. Fix segfault when
      Solaris needs -lrt, spotted by Ben Taylor.
      Fix allocation sizes in getpeername/getsockname, spotted by Kirill A. Shutemov.
      Add missing header includes.
      Linux usermode clock_gettime/clock_getres emulation, by Kirill A. Shutemov.
      Handling more darwin-user syscalls, by Ilya Shar.
      SPARC host fixes, by Ben Taylor.
      SCSI fixes, by Wang Cheng Yeh.
      Add -name option, by Anthony Liguori.
      Improve -pidfile option, by Anthony Liguori.
      Close file descriptors when execing network tap setup script, by
      trunc() for Solaris 9 / SPARC, by Juergen Keil.
      Fix big endian host operation, by Ben Taylor and Igor Kovalenko.
      Fix qemu crash due to sparc division-by-zero, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Fix call to generated code on SPARC, by Juergen Keil.
      Define gen_intermediate_code_internal as "static inline".
      Barf on branches/jumps in branch delay slots. Spotted by Stefan Weil.
      VMMouse Emulation, by Anthony Liguori.
      SlavIO interrupt controller fix, by Aurelien Jarno.
      SlavIO Counter-Timers fix, by Aurelien Jarno.
      fcntl64 fix, by Kirill A. Shutemov.
      Move mips CPU specific initialization to translate_init.c.
      Win32 build fix. FIXME: This disables locking of the pidfile, a
      Fix fcntl64 logic bug, by Kirill A. Shutemov.
      Fix enough FPU/R2 support to get 24Kf going.
      One more bit of mips CPU configuration, and support for early 4KEc
      Windows sockets like to be different. Inspired by a patch from Alex Consul.
      Improved kqemu error message, by Robert Millan.
      Typo in configure, by Nicholas Sauzede.
      Fix segfault with -nographic, by Enache Adrian.
      Move determination of AIOLIBS until after all configure options have been
      qemu_create_pidfile implementation for Win32, based on a patch by
      Fix build failure.
      Sanitize mips exception handling.
      Squash logic bugs while they are fresh...
      Fix typo, suggested by Ben Taylor.
      Update mips TODO.
      Spelling fixes, by Stefan Weil.
      Switch include for Solaris to avoid namespace issues. By Juergen Keil.
      Malta CBUS UART support.
      Fix usb hid and mass-storage protocol revision, by Juergen Keil.
      fcntl() remaining fix, by Stuart Anderson.
      Update for binfmt_misc handler, by Stefan Weil.
      Don't let sigaction handle SIGKILL/SIGSTOP, by Stuart Anderson.
      Generate double and triple faults, by Bernhard Kauer.
      MIPS64 configurations.
      Actually enable 64bit configuration.
      Improved initrd support for mips.
      Single mode for PIC i8259, by Bernhard Kauer.
      Conditionalize more syscall implementations, by Mike Frysinger.
      Solaris 9/x86 support, by Ben Taylor.
      Qcow2 corruption fix, by Juergen Keil.
      VMware SVGA II emulation, by Andrzej Zaborowski.
      Random bug fixes from code inspection, by Wang Cheng Yeh.
      ne2k buffer full bug fix, by Marcel Block.
      ltr for x86_64 should check the upper descriptor type, by Bernhard Kauer.
      audio/ossaudio.c for OpenBSD, by Todd T. Fries.
      Eepro100 emulation, by Stefan Weil.
      Use __sFILE to typedef for _BSD.
      Qcow2: Release refcount table clusters after growing the refcount table,
      Build fix for 64bit machines. (This is still not correct mul/div handling.)
      Fix guest x86/amd64 helper_fprem/helper_fprem1, by Julian Seward.
      MIPS32R2 needs RDPGPR/WRPGPR instructions even when no shadow registers
      Fix Malta tty2 UART registers.
      i386 return APIC ID with cpuid, by Bernhard Kauer.
      Fix code formatting.
      Clear BEV and ERL for the fake bootloader.
      64bit MIPS FPUs have 32 registers.
      Fix RDHWR handling. Code formatting. Don't use *_direct versions to raise
      Fix disabling of the Cause register for R2.
      Handle EBase properly.
      Fix rotr immediate ops, mask shift/rotate arguments to their allowed
      fix branch delay slot cornercases.
      Save state for all CP0 instructions, they may throw a CPU exception.
      Fix handling of ADES exceptions.
      Fix ins/ext cornercase.
      Actually skip over delay slot for a non-taken branch likely.
      Set proper BadVAddress value for unaligned instruction fetch.
      Implement prefx.
      Remove bogus mtc0 handling.
      Fix exception handling cornercase for rdhwr.
      Catch unaligned sc/scd.
      Mark watchpoint features as unimplemented.
      Proper handling of reserved bits in the context register.
      Fix CP0_IntCtl handling.
      More Context/Xcontext fixes. Ifdef some 64bit-only ops, they may
      Code formatting fix.
      Throw RI for invalid MFMC0-class instructions. Introduce optional
      Make SYNCI_Step and CCRes CPU-specific.
      Fix bad variable name.
      Another fix for CP0 Cause register handling.
      Nicer Log formatting.
      Know about more PCI device classes.
      Restart interrupts after an exception.
      Gallileo fixes, by Stefan Weil.
      Delete unused define.
      Small code generation optimization.
      Fix qemu SIGFPE caused by division-by-zero due to underflow.
      Don't use T2 for INS, it conflicts with branch delay slot handling.
      Simplify branch likely handling.
      Memory-mapped interface for PS/2 controller, by Herve Poussineau.
      Memory-mapped interface for RTC, by Herve Poussineau.
      Acer Pica 61 machine, by Herve Poussineau.
      Support it_shift for mmapped pckbd.
      Choose number of TLBs at runtime, by Herve Poussineau.
      Fix mmapped register alignment and endianness handling.
      Updated Solaris isinf  support, by Juergen Keil and Ben Taylor.
      Ptable calculation broken for 32bit code under x86_64, by Bernhard Kauer.
      Fix helper.c with isinf on Solaris 9/Sparc, by Ben Taylor.
      Another lsi53c895a patch, by Wang Cheng Yeh.
      Revert, this is already fixed in a better way.
      Win32 Tap inferface PPC Guest issue, by Ely Soto.
      Fix compiler warning.
      More Gallileo register initialization, by Aurelien Jarno and Stefan Weil.
      Update comment. We can't easily adhere to the architecture spec because
      Check that HOST_SOLARIS is defined before relying on its value.
      Typo fix, by Wang Cheng Yeh.
      Improved mini-bootloader, based on a patch by Alec Voropay.
      Fix lui sign extension.
      Next attempt to get the lui sign extension right.
      Fix opcode for sts.l fpul/cpscr, by Magnus Damm.
      Use 16-bit uid wrappers, by Magnus Damm.
      Fix inc8 and dec8 operations, by Magnus Damm.
      Workaround qemu guest SIGSEGVs with cmpxchg8b insn, by Juergen Keil.
      Update ppc.ld to work with newer binutils.
      Fix length mismatch condition, by Wang Cheng Yeh.
      Buffer length fixes, by Wang Cheng Yeh.
      Fix typo, by Linus Nordberg.
      Switch default CPU to 24Kf for now, as the Linux FPU emulation in
      Update TODO.
      Memory-mapped interface for VGA, by Herve Poussineau.
      Crop VNC update requests to avoid segfaults, by Thomas Tuttle.
      Hopefully the final fix for LUI sign extensions.
      Revert last checkin.
      Kill broken host register definitions, thanks to Paul Brook and Herve
      Support for simple YAMON output, by Alec Voropay.
      Some bits of Linux/MIPS host support, still segfaulty.
      Linker scripts for MIPS hosts.
      Fix a really stupid bug in the [ls]d[lr] emulation, by Herve Poussineau.
      Clear BD slot on next exception if appropriate.
      Update TODO.
      MIPS 64-bit FPU support, plus some collateral bugfixes in the
      Work around gcc's mips define, spotted by Stefan Weil.
      Silence sdl-config stderr output, by Jeff Chua.
      Another bunch of mips host support.
      Spelling fixes, by Stefan Weil.
      Make detection of unsupported hosts easier, inspired by a patch from
      Another #elif'ication.
      Fix MIPS64 address computation specialcase, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Preliminary MIPS 64-bit MMU implementation, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Suppress warning messages from "which".
      Avoid use of which to detect gcc, as it is broken on darwin. Patch by
      Fix wrong branch condition in MIPS testandset.
      Fix for the scd instruction, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Fix missing status ro mask initialization, thanks Stefan Weil.
      Improved debug output for the MIPS opcode decoder.
      Implement FP madd/msub, wire up bc1any[24][ft].
      Another bit of nicer debug output.
      Implemented cabs FP instructions, and improve exception handling for
      Fix softfloat NaN handling.
      Update debug output.
      MIPS TLB style selection at runtime, by Herve Poussineau.
      MIPS linux-user update.
      MMU code improvements, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Don't decode CP0 XContext on 32bit MIPS.
      Windows: redirect serial port to console, by Herve Poussineau.
      Delete misleading comment.
      Fix XHACK() macro and use FREG if possible, by Magnus Damm.
      Remove unnecessary pointer magic in shift operations, by Magnus Damm.
      Add fpu register support to the gdb code, by Magnus Damm.
      Support OSS on solaris, by Ben Taylor.
      Fix mfc0 and dmtc0 instructions on MIPS64, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Full MIPS64 MMU implementation, by Aurelien Jarno.
      More generic 64 bit multiplication support, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Work around the lack of proper handling for self-modifying code.
      - Move FPU exception handling into helper functions, since they are big.
      Fix ldl/ldr implementation, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Fix slti/sltiu for MIPS64, by Aurelien Jarno.
      More MIPS 64-bit FPU support.
      Linux loader rewrite, by H. Peter Anvin.
      Remove leftover file, should have happened in the Linux loader rewrite commit.
      Fix indexed FP load/store instructions.
      Delete one more leftover file.
      Delete linux_boot.bin from the install target.
      Delete now unused define.
      Catch more MIPS FPU cornercases, fix addr.ps and mulr.ps instructions.
      The previous patch to make breakpoints work was a performance
      The 24k wants more watch and srsmap registers.
      Add more cpu.h dependencies.
      MIPS disassembler update.
      Fix do_socketcall argument, by Daniel Jacobowitz.
      MIPS64 addressing fixes, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Do not sign extend lwu, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Fix ddivu for 32bit hosts, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Revert last change, this workaround is long obsolete.
      Handle PX/UX status flags correctly, by Aurelien Jarno.
      SMBus support for MIPS Malta.
      Sync __target_cmsg_nxthdr implementation with kernel header.
      Don't check the FPU state for each FPU instruction, use hflags to
      Fix usermode check, thanks Aurelien Jarno.
      Fix CPU (re-)selection on reset.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Add proper float*_is_nan prototypes.
      Don't kill the registered irqs on reset.
      Simplify code.
      Allow again FPU for usermode emulation.
      Fix struct stat mapping for MIPS, by Stuart Anderson.
      Patch for pipe() result handling, by Stuart Anderson.
      linux-user errno mapping, by Stuart Anderson.
      GDB stub for MIPS64, by Jason Wessel.
      Add support for 5Kc/5Kf/20Kc, based on a patch by Aurelien Jarno.
      Update TODO.
      Make sure hflags are updated for CP0_Status changes.
      Update some comments, 64bit FPU support is functional regardless of
      Delete leftover Status FPU flag check.
      Check for R2 instructions, and throw RI if we don't emulate R2.
      Spelling fixes, by Stefan Weil.
      Documentation spelling fixes, by Mark Glines.
      Semaphore structure mapping, by Stuart Anderson.
      IPC message translation.
      Add __mips__to mmap specialcase.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Proper target format for qOffsets.
      Avoid compiler warning.
      Clean up of some target specifics in exec.c/cpu-exec.c.
      Some more regs_to_env/envs_to_regs cleanup.
      Add comment.
      One day we might support MIPS16...
      Move target-specific defines to the target directories.
      Fix typo.
      Take advantage of subpage support.
      Use the correct PCI IDs for Malta.
      Big endian byte swap for serial mmapped interface.
      Malta has no ISA bus.
      Fix formatting.
      Make the Malta bootloader handling a bit more transparent.
      Fix firmware word endianness for Malta.
      Fix PCI irq mapping on Malta.
      Fix comment.
      Implement some more Gallileo registers.
      PCI device saving for GT64xxx.
      Fix some Malta PCI config bits.
      Initialize more GT64xxx registers on reset.
      Unbreak PCI config register, noticed by Stefan Weil.
      Fix code formatting, by Herve Poussineau.
      Don't refresh a graphical screen when it isn't displayed, by Herve Poussineau.
      R5k has PX implemented.
      Don't try to use "vt" output in nographic mode.
      More PCI mapping/remapping for Gallileo.
      Change 20Kc PRID to a later version.
      Revert the Gallileo PCI mapping patch, it conflicts with the supposedly
      Fix alpha user build failure.
      Allow relative paths for the interpreter prefix in linux-user emulation.
      Option to drop LD_PRELOAD from emulated environment, by Lauri Leukkunen.
      Remove cscope.* files on 'make clean', by George G. Davis.
      Fix a race condition and non-leaf imagesgrowing in VMDK chains, by Igor
      Add parallel memory mapped interface, by Herve Poussineau.
      Add alternate grab key, by Michael Mohr.
      Implement tgkill, by Alexander Graf.
      Implement set_robust_list, by Alexander Graf.
      Hack to keep wine happy, by Alexander Graf.
      Fix segfault in -nographic mode, by Stefen Weil.
      Revert workaround for -nographic segfault.
      Add missing cpu_halted function, by Magnus Damm.
      Set FD bit in SR to emulate kernel behaviour, by Magnus Damm.
      Setup stack properly, fixes wrong argc value problem, by Magnus Damm.
      Use correct data structures for stat syscalls, by Magnus Damm.
      Emulate more fpu opcodes, by Magnus Damm.
      Use DREG() instead of XREG() wherever possible, by Magnus Damm.
      Document FPSCR usage, by Magnus Damm.
      Ignore PR flag in FPSCR when performing fmov, by Magnus Damm.
      Fix write to K0 bits in Config0, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Allow emulation of 32bit targets in the MIPS64 capable qemu version.
      Return success for -M '?' query option.
      Spelling fixes, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Kfreebsd config, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Handle MIPS64 SEGBITS value correctly.
      Fix division by zero handling, by Joris van Rantwijk.
      Add a 7 segments + led display, by Herve Poussineau.
      Implement ^W in readline.c, by Michal Hanselmann.
      Update Changelog.
      Enable serial (tty) support on Solaris host, by Marion Hakanson.
      Insufficient input validation in NE2000 card, written by Tavis Ormandy,
      Handle endianness of double floats, by Magnus Damm.
      MIPS64 improvements, based on a patch by Aurelien Jarno.
      DR6 single step exception status bit, by Juergen Keil.
      Implement recip1/recip2/rsqrt1/rsqrt2.
      Fix environ termination, by Andreas Schwab.
      Fix computation for ceil, floor and round instructions.
      Fix segfault when printing the help text, spotted by Stefan Weil.
      Simplify round/ceil/floor implementation, spotted by Fabrice Bellard.
      Limit the use of qemu_chr_open_tty to __linux__ and __sun__, by Andreas
      Sanitize exit codes of help queries, this time for real.
      Documentation update for MIPS.
      Update TODO list.
      Silence compiler warnings.
      Fix PPCEMB for 32bit hosts.
      Impement Galilleo ISD register.
      Spelling fix, spotted by Stefan Weil.
      Remove superfluous gt64xxx_pci_mapping calls.
      Reduce variable shadowing, by Stefan Weil.
      Spelling fixes, by Stefan Weil.
      Spelling fix, by Stefan Weil.
      New features for QEMU text console, by Stefan Weil.
      Ensure signals are properly masked for new SDL Audio threads, by Andrzej
      Display SDL configuration error, idea by Ben Taylor.
      Disable dead code.
      Nicer script formatting, by Ben Taylor.
      More documentation bits, from Stefan Weil.
      Fix configure for cygwin, by Tristan Gingold.
      Improve handling of gdb's single-step / continue arguments.
      Spelling fix, by Stuart Brady.
      Sigio fd passing, by Alexander Graf.
      Tkill support, by Stuart Anderson.
      Fix crash in set registers in PPC gdb-stub, by Jason Wessel.
      Delete mention of /dev/hda as an alias t o \\PysicalDrive0. Currently
      Restore OS X build (plus code reformatting).
      Fix statfs(64) syscall wrapper, by Andreas Schwab.
      Restore build on older Linux hosts.
      Fix memory corruption after OHCI reset, by Ed Swierk.
      Fix MIPS cache configuration, by Aurelien Jarno.
      A variant of move-if-change, by Stefan Weil.
      Initialize old_exception, by Bernhard Kauer.
      Fix i8259 initialization, by Bernhard Kauer.
      Cirrus transparent BITBLT (w/o color expand), by Hitoshi Osada.
      Parallels disk image support, by Alex Beregszaszi.
      Implement ACPI specs 3.0,, by Michael Hanselmann.
      s390 disassembler support, by Ulrich Hecht.
      Fiddly dyngen bits for s390 host support, by Ulrich Hecht.
      Also match s390x.
      Fix rtl8139 checksum calculation, by Tim Deegan.
      MIPS disassembler update.
      Remove obsolete comment.
      Darwin-user: Compile fix for ppc targets, by Pierre d'Herbemont.
      Fix bugs in the ATAPI cdrom driver, by Brandon Philips.
      Rework alarm timer infrastrucure, by Luca Tettamanti.
      Add -clock option, by Luca Tettamanti.
      Windows build fix, spotted by Herve Poussineau.
      Implement -clock selection, by Luca Tettamanti.
      Add support for dynamic ticks, by Luca Tettamanti and Dan Kenigsberg.
      De-noise startup.
      Avoid SEGV in IOHandler dispatch, by Daniel P. Berrange.
      Refactor VNC server setup API, by Daniel P. Berrange.
      Extend monitor 'change' command for VNC, by Daniel P. Berrange.
      VNC password authentication, by Daniel P. Berrange.
      VeNCrypt basic TLS support, by Daniel P. Berrange.
      x509 certificate for server, by Daniel P. Berrange.
      x509 client certificate verification, by Daniel P. Berrange.
      Custom location for x509 cert paths, by Daniel P. Berrange.
      Document all VNC authentication options, by Daniel P. Berrange.
      Actually add d3des implementation files.
      Make dynticks conditional on __linux__. Spotted by Andreas Faerber.
      Fix typo in comment, by Andreas Faerber.
      Set apic instance number for savevm, by Ari Kivity.
      Reset buffer pointers after CR/LF, by Jim Paris.
      Disable 64-bit instructions on 32-bit CPU, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Last AIO patch, by Vladimir N. Oleynik.
      Replace tabs by 8 spaces. No code change, by Herve Poussineau.
      Add a generic framework for VMware communication port, by Herve Poussineau.
      Use the framework for the VMware mouse emulation, by Herve Poussineau.
      Add file missed in last commit.
      SH4 mov.b fix, by Vince Weaver.
      arm_gic.c error message fix, by Adam Lackorzynski.
      Let qemu work with latest bochsbios, by Bernhard Kauer.
      Build fix for older GCCs.
      Partial support for 34K multithreading, not functional yet.
      Fix VMDK 2GB bug, by Filip Navara.
      Fix the reported xlevel for Intel CPU, by Filip Navara.
      Fix tb->size mishandling, by Daniel Jacobowitz.
      Partial IDE DVD emulation, by Filip Navara.
      Intel cache info, by Filip Navara.
      Improved EEPRO 100 emulation, by Filip Navara.
      Stop the compiler from using section anchors.
      Allow more IDE power management, by Ben Guthro.
      Enhance raw io reliability, by Ben Guthro.
      Move network related includes to vl.c to help SLIRP-less builds.
      Emulate spinning floppy disk, by Jan Jezabek.
      Fix infinite loop in VNC support, by Marc Bevand.
      Less magic constants, by Filip Navara.
      Use UINT64_MAX instead of ULONG_LONG_MAX, suggested by Andreas Schwab.
      Add a local copy of hpet.h.
      find -type f | xargs sed -i 's/[\t ]$//g' # on most files
      Add some missing checks for host syscalls.
      vmdk compatibility level 6 images, by Soren Hansen.
      Solaris x86_64 configure patch, by Ben Taylor.
      find -type f | xargs sed -i 's/[\t ]*$//g' # Yes, again. Note the star in the regex.
      SVM Support, by Alexander Graf.
      Add missing svm.h header, and add a Changelog entry.
      Fix mips usermode emulation.
      Correct and update mips termbits.h.
      Add new MIPS/Linux syscalls.
      Sync termbits.h with current Linux kernel.
      Update Linux kernel syscall list.
      linux-user openat() syscall, by Thayne Harbaugh.
      linux-user mkdirat() syscall, by Thayne Harbaugh.
      linux-user mknodat() syscall, by Thayne Harbaugh.
      linux-user fchownat() syscall, by Thayne Harbaugh.
      linux-user unlinkat() syscall, by Thayne Harbaugh.
      linux-user renameat() syscall, by Thayne Harbaugh.
      linux-user linkat() syscall, by Thayne Harbaugh.
      linux-user symlinkat() syscall, by Thayne Harbaugh.
      linux-user readlinkat() syscall, by Thayne Harbaugh.
      linux-user fchmodat() syscall, by Thayne Harbaugh.
      linux-user faccessat() syscall, by Thayne Harbaugh.
      Per-CPU instruction decoding implementation, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Improve completion in monitor, by Pascal Terjan.
      vvfat mbr fixes, by Ivan Kalvachev.
      Optimise instructions accessing CP0, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Check if the hosts defines a symlinkat syscall.
      Timer start/stop implementation, by Aurelien Jarno.
      linux-user utimensat() syscall, by Thayne Harbaugh.
      Wrap a few often used tests with unlikely(), by Aurelien Jarno.
      hflags computation cleanup, by Aurelien Jarno.
      SVM VINTR fix, by Alexander Graf.
      Build fix for PowerPC hosts, where "PPC" is a predefined macro name.
      linux-user sigaltstack() syscall, by Thayne Harbaugh.
      Move get_sp_from_cpustate from cpu.h to target_signal.h.
      Build fix, ppc64 needs also a get_sp_from_cpustate function now.
      Fix MIPS FP underflow handling, spotted by Daniel Jacobowitz.
      Less magic constants.
      Supervisor mode implementation, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Add R2D-PLUS support, by Magnus Damm.
      Stand-alone TMU emulation code, by Magnus Damm.
      Stand-alone SCI/SCIF emulation code, by Magnus Damm.
      Add INTC controller prototype, by Magnus Damm.
      Add FRQCR read support, by Magnus Damm.
      Fix rte opcode, by Magnus Damm.
      Enable sh4-softmmu and sh4-linux-user builds by default, by Magnus Damm.
      Update tarbin rule.
      Don't hardcode the host architecture name.
      Update TODO.
      Code provision for n32/n64 mips userland emulation. Not functional yet.
      Remove unused variable.
      Add mipsn32{,el}-linux-user.
      Support UltraVNC clients, by Eduardo Felipe.
      Add get_sp_from_cpustate implementation.
      Fix mmap to handle differing host/target page sizes, by Edgar E. Iglesias.
      CRIS disassembler, originally from binutils, by Edgar E. Iglesias.
      Wire up CRIS disassembler, by Edgar E. Iglesias.
      CRIS instruction translation, by Edgar E. Iglesias.
      CRIS insn decoding macros, by Edgar E. Iglesias.
      CRIS micro-ops, by Edgar E. Iglesias.
      The remainder of CRIS CPU emulation files, by Edgar E. Iglesias.
      CRIS MMU emulation, by Edgar E. Iglesias.
      CRIS support in toplevel, by Edgar E. Iglesias.
      EtraxFS board support, by Edgar E. Iglesias.
      CRIS testsuite, based on the SIM testsuite, by Edgar E. Iglesias.
      CRIS Linux usermode emulation, part 1. By Edgar E. Iglesias.
      CRIS Linux userland emulation, part 2. By Edgar E. Iglesias.
      Add CRIS configuration bits, by Edgar E. Iglesias.
      Mentione CRIS in Changelog.
      Update .cvsignore.
      Don't route PIC interrupts through the local APIC if the local APIC
      Fix [ls][wd][lr] instructions, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Delete file which should have been removed in the lst commit.
      Fix vmmouse for 64bit guest, by Dan Kenigsberg.
      Use always_inline in the MIPS support where applicable.
      getpriority() shouldn't use libc wrapper, by Thayne Harbaugh.
      Match values with the ones documented in the PIIX4 datasheet.
      Static-ify function.
      Fix off-by-one in address check.
      Update TODO.
      MIPSsim pseudo machine emulation.
      Second half of mipssim support, plus documentation improvements.
      Update TODO.
      Cast ELF datatypes properly to host 64bit types.
      Only map BIOS space when it was actually loaded.
      Don't install tools if $(TOOLS) is empty, by Thayne Harbaugh.
      Handle IBE on MIPS properly.
      Check the Galilleo config register instead of hardcoding the endianness.
      Syscall target errno fixes, by Thayne Harbaugh.
      Enable ACPI interrupts, by Igor Lvovsky.
      Physical hard disk drive for win32, by Stefan Weil.
      "QEMU keyboard issue with Gujin-2.2", by Etienne Lorrain.
      Support tap down script, by Wolfram Gloger.
      Switch bc1any* instructions off if no MIPS-3D is implemented.
      Use the standard ASE check for MIPS-3D and MT.
      Fix CLO calculation for MIPS64. And a small code cleanup.
      Fix overflow when multiplying two large positive numbers.
      Enforce proper sign extension for lwl/lwr on MIPS64.
      Fix writable length of the index register.
      Force proper sign extension for mfc0/mfhc0 on MIPS64.
      Remove bogus instruction decode.
      Fix typo, spotted by Edivaldo de Araujo Pereira.
      Fix gdb stub for MIPS64.
      Restore a more maintainable version of the 64bit multiply code.
      Fix Windows build failure, by Stefan Weil.
      The other half of the mul64 rework. Sorry for the breakage, I committed
      Add sharable clz/clo inline functions and use them for the mips target.
      Less debug noise from the mipsnet driver.
      Use the shiny new clz helpers.
      Implement missing MIPS supervisor mode bits.
      Restrict CP0_PerfCnt to legal values.
      Fix logic bug which broke TLBL/TLBS handling somewhat.
      Preliminary MIPS64R2 mode.
      Adjust s390 addresses (the MSB is defined as "to be ignored").
      Declare function before use, reduces compiler warning noise.
      Add copyright and license header.
      Strace for userland emulation, by Stuart Anderson and Thayne Harbaugh.
      Mention userland strace support, and mipssim machine emulation.
      Add new files fir strace support, missed in earlier commit.
      EFAULT - verify pages are in cache and are read/write, by Thayne Harbaugh.
      Fix compiler warnings, by Stefan Weil.
      EFAULT - update __get_user() __put_user(), by Thayne Harbaugh.
      Fix some compiler warnings.
      Add -lpthread flag.
      Revert "Last AIO Patch" as requested by Fabrice, it is incomplete and
      .cvsignore dependency files.
      Formatting fix.
      More .cvsignore.
      Clean out the N32 macros from target-mips, and introduce MIPS ABI specific
      Move kernel loader parameters from the cpu state to being board specific.
      Fix typo, spotted by Samuel Thibault.
      Use FORCE_RET, scrap RETURN which was implemented in target-specific code.
      Fix typo.
      Introduce 4KEm configuration with fixed MMU mapping. Delete bogus INSN_DSP
      Fix NaN handling for MIPS and HPPA.
      Use a valid PRid.
      Fix MIPS64 R2 instructions.
      Fixes for s/390 host support, by Bastian Blank.
      Use CONFIG_VNC_TLS_CFLAGS for building vnc.o.
      Add -m64 to OS_LDFLAGS for Solaris/x86_64. Use OS_CFLAGS when looking for
      Solaris build fixes, based on a patch by Ben Taylor.
      Add older 4Km variants.
      SH4 Fix missing 6th arg of syscall, by "takasi-y".
      Documentation formatting improvements, by Stefan Weil.
      Fix off-by-one address checks in MIPS64 MMU, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Optimize the conventional move operation.
      Micro-optimize back-to-back store-load sequences.
      Add floppy support, tested to work with www.linux-mips.org GIT head.
      Mainstone re-org, by Armin Kuster.
      Add -drive parameter, by Laurent Vivier.
      Collecting block device statistics, by Richard W.M. Jones.
      SH4 delay slot code update, by Magnus Damm.
      SH4: system emulator interrupt update, by Magnus Damm.
      Fix for execve syscall, by Kirill A. Shutemov.
      SH4: Signal handling for the user space emulator, by Magnus Damm.
      Larger physical address space for 32-bit MIPS.
      Add missing include, by Sylvain Petreolle.
      Include qemu-timer.h iff DEBUG is defined.
      Fix floppy initialization, by Laurent Vivier.
      The profiler need qemu-timer.h
      Remove broken ds1225y init, it is useless on this machine anyway.
      Handle cpu_model in copy_cpu(), by Kirill A. Shutemov.
      copy_from_user_fdset() update, by Thayne Harbaugh.
      copy_{to,from}_user_timeval() update, by Thayne Harbaugh.
      Mainstone mmc support, by Armin Kuster.
      Fix spelling typo, by Dan Kenigsberg.
      Fix Win98SE MyComputer regression, by Ben Taylor.
      SH4 big endian configuration, by Tomoyoshi Asano.
      Remove leftover support for 82371FB (Step A1), by Carlo Marcelo Arenas
      Fix execve argc/envc counting, by Takashi Yoshii.
      SCSI cleanup, by Laurent Vivier.
      Split block-raw.c into block-raw-posix.c and block-raw-win32.c, by
      Fix wrong signedness, by Andre Przywara.
      Fix char* signedness, by Andre Przywara.
      qemu_put signedness fixes, by Andre Przywara.
      Fix bdrv_get_geometry to return uint64_t, by Andre Przywara.
      Fix miscellaneous minor things, by Andre Przywara.
      Add closing table tag.
      Update MIPS specific documentation.
      Update MIPS TODO. The mipsnet failure is caused by a kernel bug.
      MIPS TODO: mention unimplemented system controllers.
      Fix compilation with Cygwin, by Herve Poussineau.
      Use WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN, by Stefan Weil.
      Handle history additions properly, by Andreas Schwab.
      m68k missing get_sp_from_cpustate(), by Thayne Harbaugh.
      Code formatting.
      Correct errno return for getsockopt(), by Thayne Harbaugh.
      Correct errno return for setsockopt(), by Thayne Harbaugh.
      Fix CCRes value for 20Kc.
      Real SCSI device passthrough (v4), by Laurent Vivier.
      scsi-generic implemnentation, missing in last commit.
      Update debug code to match new accumulator register layout.
      One more bit of alpha support.
      Improved PABITS handling, and config register fixes.
      Avoid host FPE for overflowing division on MIPS, by Richard Sandiford.
      5K and 20K are Release 1 CPUs.
      Support for VR5432, and some of its special instructions. Original patch
      Assortment of soft-float fixes, by Aurelien Jarno.
      De-cruft exception definitions, and implement nicer debug output.
      Set FCR0.F64 for MIPS64R2-generic, by Richard Sandiford.
      MIPS COP1X (and related) instructions, by Richard Sandiford.
      Fix exception debug output.
      Handle some more exception types.
      Malta flash support.
      Mac OS X build fix, by Andreas Faerber.
      Fix section switching buglet, by Edgar E. Iglesias.
      Fix broken absoluteness check for cabs.d.*.
      Fix segfault caused by fall through, by Juergen Lock.
      Fix typo which broke MIPS32R2 64-bit FPU support.
      qemu manpage: describe arguments of usbdevice option, by Aurelien Jarno.
      Revert licensing to "GPLv2 or later", by Ulrich Hecht.
      Core Graphics support (cocoa.m rewrite), by Mike Kronenberg.
      Add option to disable TB cache, by Herve Poussineau.
      Update texi2pod.pl.
      Make MIPS MT implementation more cache friendly.
      Fix infinite loop when invalidating TLB, by Herve Poussineau.
      Flash support for mips r4k pseudo-machine, by
      Fix MIPS MT GPR accesses, thanks Stefan Weil.
      Add helpers and shorthands for mul and muli operations.
      Simplify mips branch handling. Retire T2 from use. Use TCG for branches.
      Fix MIPS64 branches. Funny how this survived testing.
      Use TCG for MIPS GPR moves.
      Enable 64-bit FPU only for NewABI. Spotted by Vince Weaver.
      Convert some MIPS load/store instructions to TCG.
      Delete obsolete MIPS dyngen ops.
      Delete more obsolete dyngen ops.
      Delete redundant prototype.
      Mention missing CPU save/restore.
      Be more economical with local temporaries.
      Fix compiler warning.
      Fix local register cache handling.
      Switch most MIPS logical and arithmetic instructions to TCG.
      Add file left out from previous commit.
      Switch MIPS movn/movz to TCG.
      Switch MIPS clo/clz and the condition tests to TCG.
      Fix block-vmdk.c:vmdk_close() use-after-free, by Ed Maste.
      Switch MIPS branch handling to TCG, and clean out pointless wrapper
      Delete dead code.
      Fix build failure for MIPS64 targets on 64-bit hosts.
      Switch MIPS movf/movt to TCG.
      Swithc some MIPS CP0 accesses to TCG.
      Fix parallel builds for dyngen, by Jason Wessel.
      Un-break MIPS conditional moves, by Richard Sandiford.
      Fix mov[tf].ps handling for MIPS, by Richard Sandiford.
      Honour current_tc for MIPS M{T,F}{HI,LO}, by Richard Sandiford.
      Fix modulus result from MIPS DDIV & avoid overflowing division,
      Fix truncate/extend reversal in MIPS DIV{, U} handling, by Richard Sandiford.
      Avoid qemu SIGFPE for MIPS DIV, by Richard Sandiford.
      Fix for 32-bit MIPS.
      Proper sign extensions for 32-bit divisions, spotted by Richard Sandiford.
      Fix argument order.
      Fix type mismatch.
      Spelling fixes, by Stefan Weil.
      Delete duplicate code.
      Fix pointer calculation for MIPS64 targets.
      Remove the temporaries cache of the MIPS target.
      Explicitly free temporaries.
      Free constant temporaries.
      Update documentation for qemu-img convert options, by Marc Bevand.
      New qemu-img convert -B option, by Marc Bevand.
      Remove dead-code (else-block) from block-qcow.c, by Marc Bevand.
      Fix always_inline definition for Darwin, by Andreas Faerber.
      Compile fix for Apple, by C.W. Betts.
      Fix compiler warning.
      Allocate a register pair instead of a single register.
      Register helper functions.
      Switch remaining CP0 instructions to TCG or helper functions.
      Fix data type mixup, spotted by malc.
      Fix typo, by Laurent Desnogues.
      Move FP TNs to cpu env.
      Free some more temporaries.
      Allocate register pair for 64-bit registers on 32-bit host.
      Avoid gen_opc_buf overflow.
      Switch most MIPS FP load/stores to TCG.
      Delete obsolete file.
      Call most FP helpers without deroute through op.c
      Update TODO list.
      TCGify a few more instructions.
      TCGify the simplest FP instructions.
      Switch bitfield instructions and assorted special ops to TCG.
      Switch the standard multiplication instructions to TCG.
      Convert remaining MIPS FP instructions to TCG.
      Remove now-dead code.
      Convert vr54xx multiply instructions to TCG.
      Convert unaligned load/store to TCG.
      Delete obsolete prototypes.
      Delete obsolete file.
      Delete obsolete file.
      Pass T0/T1 explicitly to helper functions, and clean up a few dyngen
      Use temporaries instead of fixed registers for some instructions.
      Reduce use of fixed registers a bit more.
      T1 is now dead.
      Remove remaining uses of T0 in the MIPS target.
      Clarify some TODO items.
      More efficient target register / TC accesses.
      Avoid unused input arguments which triggered tcg errors. Spotted by
      Remove unnecessary helper arguments, and fix some typos.
      Make bcond and btarget TCG registers.
      Spelling fixes, spotted by Stuart Brady.
      Delete duplicate code.
      Static'ify some functions, and use standard inline in translate.c.
      Add missing return in arm-semi, by Laurent Desnogues.
      block-vvfat.c - fix is_free predicate, by Tristan Gingold.
      Cleanup qemu-nbd related code, by Laurent Vivier.
      Fix ATAPI read drive structure command, by Alex Williamson.
      Fix constant truncation, spotted by Jindrich Makovicka.
      Bail out if -append or -initrd is specified without -kernel, by
      Merge NBD client/server, by Laurent Vivier.
      Add a parameter to disable host cache, by Laurent Vivier.
      Allow to share a disk image via nbd, by Laurent Vivier.
      Allow QEMU to connect directly to an NBD server, by Laurent Vivier.
      Silence compiler warning.
      Convert remaining __builtin_expect to likely/unlikely, by Jan Kiszka.
      Clarified filename handling, by Johannes Schindelin.
      Fix parse_long_name, by Tristan Gingold.
      Avoid compiler warning.
      Change MIPS machine default to Malta.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Improve jp106 keyboard support, by Akio Takebe.
      Use temporary registers for the MIPS FPU emulation.
      Do not disturb old fd flags (eg O_APPEND) when setting nonblock, by
      Do not call fcntl(, O_NONBLOCK) pointlessly, by Ian Jackson.
      ide: enable single word DMA, by Stefano Stabellini.
      Small cleanup of gen_intermediate_code(_internal), by Laurent Desnogues.
      Various NICs: Fix suspend/resume of multiple instances, by Jan Kiszka.
      Allow qemu-nbd --version to show the application name dynamically, by
      Add Virtual Distributed Ethernet native support, by Luca Bigliardi.
      Simplify conditional FP moves.
      Add missing const, by Stefan Weil.
      Fix compiler warning, by Stefan Weil.
      Fix logging output for MIPS HI, LO registers, by Stefan Weil.
      A bunch of minor code improvements in the MIPS target.
      Less hardcoding of TARGET_USER_ONLY.
      Use plain standard inline.
      Delete unused variable.
      Add qemu_realloc(), by Gerd Hoffmann.
      Fix encoding of efsctsiz (powerpc spe), by Tristan Gingold.
      Add the altgr key name to the monitor, by Samuel Thibault.
      Allow diskless operation for all mips platforms.
      Fix a nit in exec.c, by Tristan Gingold.
      Build fix for gcc-3.3.
      Delete unused variable.
      Move the active FPU registers into env again, and use more TCG registers
      Use TCG registers for most CPU register accesses.
      Fix Xcontext fill, by Here Poussineau.
      Use concet TCG instructions in the MIPS target.
      pflash: Add missing parenthesis in error message.
      Fix compiler warning when _VNC_DEBUG isn't defined.
      Add missing parenthesis in qemu_ram_alloc()
      Make installing bios files optional.
      linux-user: sig is target signal.
      linux-user: Add support for STOP/CONT signals.
      Fix remaining compiler warnings for mips targets.
      A first attempt on supporting snapshots for the MIPS target.

vibi (1):
      Fix in file qemu-sockets.c

vibi sreenivasan (1):
      linux-user/syscall.c: remove warning: ‘array’ may be used uninitialized in this function

vibisreenivasan (1):
      linux-user: add tee, splice and vmsplice

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