[Spice-commits] Changes to 'refs/tags/vdesktop'

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at kemper.freedesktop.org
Wed May 19 03:00:14 PDT 2010

Tag 'vdesktop' created by Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel at redhat.com> at 2010-05-19 10:58 -0700

last commit working with vdesktop repo

Changes since the dawn of time:
Alexander Larsson (118):
      Filter out XIM X events
      Depend on spice-protocol module
      Remove headers that were moved to spice-protocol
      Rename symbols that were changed in spice-protocol
      Use the new header names
      Revert automatic renames that were wrong
      Use standard int types and <spice/types.h>
      Fix delete vs delete[] mismatches
      Add emacs settings for indent according to spice styleguide
      Add pixman utilities
      Add line rasterizer
      Add pixman_image_t referencing the cairo_canvas bits
      Add optional templated base class to Cache and SharedCache
      Turn image and palette cache into c style dynamic interface
      Use pixman_image_t instead of cairo_surface_t as the generic pixman container
      Add possibility to not invert bitmask in canvas_get_mask()
      Convert cairo canvas draw_fill() to using pixman
      Convert cairo canvas draw_opaque() to using pixman
      Convert cairo canvas draw_blend() to using pixman
      Convert cairo canvas draw_copy() to using pixman
      Convert cairo canvas copy bits to pixman
      Convert cairo canvas draw_text to using pixman
      Convert cairo canvas alpha_blend to using pixman
      Convert draw_blackness/whiteness/invers to using pixman
      Convert cairo canvas draw_rop3 to using pixman
      Convert cairo canvas draw_transparent to use pixman
      Convert cairo canvas to use pixman for draw_stroke
      Remove unused cairo helper functions
      Convert cairo canvas read_bits() to pixman
      Convert cairo canvas group_start/end to pixman
      Convert cairo canvas clear() to pixman
      Replace custom region implementation with pixman_region32_t
      Covert cairo canvas put_image() to pixman
      Remove cairo_t from cairo canvas
      Remove last cairo use from canvas_base
      Remove no longer needed CAIRO_CANVAS_CACH_IS_SHARED define and code
      Remove cairo use in client
      Remove qcairo dependency, only use pixman
      Only use AI_ADDRCONF if availible
      Fix up win32 build reference to pixman_utils.cpp
      Fix colorkeying in pixman_utils.c
      Make canvas Glz decoder integration nicer
      Make glz_decoder non-optional canvas_base in canvas constructors
      Make virt mapping an interface
      Move virtualization of canvas drawing into common/canvas_base
      Move canvas_region and group_start/end to canvas_base
      Move most of the shared draw_xyz() methods from CairoCanvas to CanvasBase
      Move canvas_draw_stroke to canvas_base
      Move draw_rop3 to canvas_base
      Use macros from <spice/macros.h> rather than duplicate them
      Update gdi canvas wrt latest changes
      Revert "Fix possible quic_usr_more_lines_unstable() crash"
      Define GL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPES in CFLAGS not in random places in the source
      Define __STDC_LIMIT_MACROS for c++ code to get SIZE_MAX
      New memory allocators that exit on OOM and handle multiplication overflow
      Use the spice allocator in common/
      Use spice allocator in server/
      Fix up empty region checks in canvas operations
      Use nearest scaling for DRAW_ALPHA_BLEND since this is what win32 needs
      Default opt flags to -O2
      Fix uninitilized memory read in stroke_fill_spans()
      configure.ac: client: replace $(top_srcdir) in x11/Makefile.am (subdir config)
      rename spice.pc to spice-server.pc
      Get rid of more out-of-memory checks
      Add spice_strndup
      Rename .so spice-server.so
      Remove non-used lookup3.[ch]
      Update project file to visual studio 2008
      Use libjpeg to decode mjpegs, not ffmpeg
      Free the jpeg decoder with the stream
      Initialize _kill_mark so we don't get spurious valgrind warnings
      Remove leftover AutoVStreamInit class
      Split out the memslot stuff from red_worker.c to its own files
      Always tread depth 24 (i.e. non alpha) as depth 32 when blitting
      Use fast DCT method for better jpeg compression performance
      Fix win32 build with pixman 0.18.0
      Fixed vs2008 warning
      Use upstream name for pthreads lib and new freetype version
      Fix A1 handling in RedDrawable combine_pixels.
      Relicense everything from GPL to LGPL 2.1+
      Avoid unncessary buffer management in mjpeg decoder if possible
      Fix warnings breaking win32 build
      Detect big endian systems
      Detect XShm extension sanely
      Client: Don't die if XIM not availible
      Make client start if screen is 16bpp
      Remove unused method canvas_surf_to_invers
      Add emacs modelines to more files
      Add support for 16bit rop3
      Add pixman utilities for bitmap to pixman_image_t conversion
      common: Add lookaside storage for pixman image format
      Make client canvas and pixmaps handle more formats and simplify
      Move RedPixmap::Format to RedDrawable::Format
      Add XPlatform::get_screen_format for X11
      Add RedDrawable::Format get_format()
      Add helper to compare RedDrawable::Formats for copy compabible
      Create screen composit area in same format as window
      Add utility functions to create XShm images
      X11 client: Add helper for XImage construction
      Client: Support pixmap format conversion in copy_pixels
      Make each surface its own depth/format
      Server: Use the right image format when updating from a surface
      Localize palettes for LZ PLT format
      Support alpha surface sources and destinations
      If we have alpha in a 32bit rgb surface, ensure we send that
      Win32 canvas fixes
      Fix up win32 client with recent changes
      Remove surface format workaround now that win32 driver is fixed
      Fix line lengths and tabs
      Clear alpha in xRGB destination to avoid pixman setting it to 0xff
      win32 client: Remove unnecessary GDIImage type
      client: Support 16bpp pixmaps on win32
      client: Report window format right for win32
      Don't send alpha bytes for primary surface
      Remove all mentions of "cairo" from the code
      Make it --enable-tunnel work
      Minor whitespace cleanup

Alon Levy (1):
      spice: client: fix handling of top down images in video streams

Arnon Gilboa (9):
      spice: show splash screen on disconnect only on debug
      spice: on toggle_full_screen, generate on_key_down if shift is still pressed
      spice: add [pid:tid] to log lines
      spice: pass modifiers stroke events down the hook chain
      spice: on_activate_screen generates on_key_down for any modifier pressed
      spice: position mouse in primary monitor center after full screen toggle
      spice: PKG_CHECK_MODULES: CEGUI version
      spice: add missing break
      spice: menu additons

Dan Kenigsberg (1):
      spice server: fix typo in private key error message

Gerd Hoffmann (19):
      spice client: fix dns lookup
      spice client: add ipv6 support.
      Fix possible quic_usr_more_lines_unstable() crash
      new libspice api: alloc, initi and free spice server instances.
      new libspice api: configure port + ticket
      new libspice api: zap function pointer indirection.
      new libspice api: configure tls
      new libspice api: configure listen addr, add ipv6 suppor
      new libspice api: make image_compression_t part of the public api.
      new libspice api: add spice_server_{get, set}_image_compression()
      new libspice api: make spice_channel_name_t part of the public api.
      new libspice api: add spice_server_set_channel_security()
      new libspice api: add spice_server_set_mouse_absolute()
      new libspice api: spice_server_add_renderer()
      new libspice api: spice_server_add_get_{sock, peer}_info()
      fix two warnings
      fix worker->stop surface cleanup
      iovec: add sanity check
      Add C version of find_msb()

Izik Eidus (26):
      spice xclient: move xsync() to be at the right place.
      spice: move create and destroy of the canvas to new place
      spice server: fix gl
      client: fix colormap handling.
      spice: client: gl: fix glx support.
      spice: server: add memslots support.
      spice: client: add checks to see if it is safe to use XShem.
      spice: fix ssl compiling errors
      spice client: fix wrong gdi-canvas handling of blend_alpha
      spice: fix server crush in case connecting without qxl device
      libspice: add surface 0 support
      spice server: surface create/destroy protocol support
      libspice: add off screens support
      spice: reds: fix uninitlized pointer
      spice-server: remove glz objects related to surface when destroying a surface
      spice-server: when destroying a surface don`t send uneeded items
      spice: common: gdi_canvas fix gdi objects leak
      spice server: remove surface_id and surfaces_dest[3] from guest mem
      spice server: try to be less brutal when changing res or when flushing the tree
      spice server: fix not sent depth size for surfaces
      spice: win32 client: fix gdi locking
      take the right lock when freeing glz stuff of surfaces
      fix 16bpp support on cairo_canvas
      spice server: fix validate_chunk
      spice: server: change update_area command
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/spice/spice

Larsson at .(none) (5):
      Have only one copy of ROUND macro and cast to int explicitly
      Fix warnings from visual studio compiler
      Always include spice/types.h before pixman so standard int types exist
      Make gdi canvas build in the new pixman world
      Update visual studio project for pixman changes

Søren Sandmann Pedersen (1):
      Explicitly depend on various X libraries, and -pthread

Uri Lublin (4):
      autogen: remove copied code - srcdir and ORIGDIR (subdir config)
      autogen: add possibly missing AUTOMAKE definition (subdir config)
      autogen: exit upon errors (subdir config)
      configure.ac: define SPICE_COMMON_SRCDIR, to be used by Makefile.am (subdir config)

Yaniv Kamay (33):
      fresh start
      change development version to 0.5.0
      fix build on Debian
      fix bad initialization of XDisplay in case crt have more then one output
      fix win client copyright string
      client: change jitter buffer size to 300ms
      add missing alt_image.c to Makefile.am
      client: interactive screen layer
      client: split inputs handler
      remove unuse Application::is_cad_pressed()
      client: move scan code translation to InputsChannel
      client: KeyHandler now receive unicode char event in addition to RedKey events
      spice: sever: remove assert on nop copy bits
      spice: sever: increase client timeout
      client: new static title image
      win client: change avcodec version to 51
      use spaces instead of tabs in bitmap_to_c and icon_to_c output
      client: restore mouse capture state after screen resizing
      client: improve screen resizing
      client: wait for disconnect state in RedClient::connect()
      client: move visibility change logic from screen to app
      client: smiplify DisconnectedEvent
      client: add soft renderer and cegui
      client: add gui res files
      client: add GUI infrastructure + functional login dialog
      client: remove splash image
      client: let PreLoginDialog save and restore LoginDialog
      client: use spice icon instead-of solidice icon
      server: add new vd interface QTerm2Interface
      client: move log file to spicec appdata dir
      client: fix logger init mix-up
      client: add Platform::term_printf
      client: change rerror code to be positive

Yonit Halperin (20):
      spice client: creating a general process loop.
      spice client: Transfer all channels run loop from EventsLoop class to ProcessLoop class
      spice client: cosmetic changes
      spice client: remove timer interface from platform - use Application (via ProcessLoop interface).
      spice client: fixed missing AutoRef
      spice client: calling the timers during modal loop in Windows
      spice client: tunnel channel - checking that the configuration pipe listener was created before deleting it
      spice client: sticky Alt activation when holding an Alt key: bug #505912.
      spice server: heuristic for distinguishing between "real" videos and textual streams
      server,client: server authentication for secured channels.
      client: add command line support for ciphers, ca file, and host certificate subject
      spice: server: avoid video streaming of small images
      spice: server: Being more permissive in video identification
      client: x11: fix a crash caused by a call to a destroyed window.
      client: fix unsafe access to an event member
      server configuration: make network redirection support optional
      server: fix race condition in lz global dictionary, in its image segments list
      server: fix invalid self loop in surfaces dependencies.

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