[Spice-commits] 2 commits - configure.ac server/tests

Hans de Goede jwrdegoede at kemper.freedesktop.org
Mon Apr 4 02:56:31 PDT 2011

 configure.ac             |   14 --------------
 server/tests/test_util.h |    2 --
 2 files changed, 16 deletions(-)

New commits:
commit d3463ae9af161fe70fefa043bb59b61b331715a9
Author: Christophe Fergeau <cfergeau at gmail.com>
Date:   Fri Apr 1 18:19:12 2011 +0200

    configure.ac: remove detection of WARN_UNUSED_RESULT
    spice configure.ac has some code to detect if the compiler has
    a special attribute to tag some functions so that they generate a
    warning when their return value isn't checked. However, this test
    is broken (the gcc attribute name is "warn_unused_result", not
    "__warn_unused_result__" and WARN_UNUSED_RESULT is unused anyway
    since spice-protocol provides SPICE_GNUC_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT. Thus
    we can just drop that block of code from configure.ac

diff --git a/configure.ac b/configure.ac
index 5580a5d..0a4e734 100644
--- a/configure.ac
+++ b/configure.ac
@@ -459,20 +459,6 @@ if test $os_win32 == "yes" ; then
-# We only wish to enable attribute(warn_unused_result) if we can prevent
-# gcc from generating thousands of warnings about the misapplication of the
-# attribute to void functions and variables.
-AC_MSG_CHECKING([how to enable unused result warnings])
-if echo $WARN_CFLAGS | grep -e '-Wno-attributes' >/dev/null; then
-    AC_TRY_COMPILE([__attribute__((__warn_unused_result__))
-	int f (int i) { return i; }], [],
-	[warn_unused_result="__attribute__((__warn_unused_result__))"])
-AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED([WARN_UNUSED_RESULT], [$warn_unused_result],
-	  [Define to the value your compiler uses to support the warn-unused-result attribute])
commit 5dd6932bf78080764a1b31bd1e72de5917eb4053
Author: Christophe Fergeau <cfergeau at redhat.com>
Date:   Fri Apr 1 16:47:12 2011 +0200

    remove duplicated macro
    MIN() is already defined in spice-protocol/spice/macros.h

diff --git a/server/tests/test_util.h b/server/tests/test_util.h
index 5344a4f..ac1442d 100644
--- a/server/tests/test_util.h
+++ b/server/tests/test_util.h
@@ -9,6 +9,4 @@
     abort();                                                \
-#define MIN(a,b) ((a) > (b) ? (b) : (a))
 #endif // __TEST_UTIL_H__

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