[Spice-commits] Changes to 'refs/tags/before-split2'

Marc-André Lureau elmarco at kemper.freedesktop.org
Wed Mar 21 06:56:26 PDT 2012

Tag 'before-split2' created by Marc-André Lureau <marcandre.lureau at gmail.com> at 2012-03-21 14:55 -0700

Before split from spice.git

Import history until 914e50814f151a9a5680018e2f264fd900885af9 of:

common, python_modules, spice_codegen.py, spice1.proto, spice.proto

Changes since the dawn of time:
Alexander Larsson (161):
      Remove headers that were moved to spice-protocol
      Rename symbols that were changed in spice-protocol
      Use the new header names
      Use standard int types and <spice/types.h>
      Add emacs settings for indent according to spice styleguide
      Add pixman utilities
      Add line rasterizer
      Add pixman_image_t referencing the cairo_canvas bits
      Turn image and palette cache into c style dynamic interface
      Use pixman_image_t instead of cairo_surface_t as the generic pixman container
      Add possibility to not invert bitmask in canvas_get_mask()
      Convert cairo canvas draw_fill() to using pixman
      Convert cairo canvas draw_opaque() to using pixman
      Convert cairo canvas draw_blend() to using pixman
      Convert cairo canvas draw_copy() to using pixman
      Convert cairo canvas copy bits to pixman
      Convert cairo canvas draw_text to using pixman
      Convert cairo canvas alpha_blend to using pixman
      Convert draw_blackness/whiteness/invers to using pixman
      Convert cairo canvas draw_rop3 to using pixman
      Convert cairo canvas draw_transparent to use pixman
      Convert cairo canvas to use pixman for draw_stroke
      Remove unused cairo helper functions
      Convert cairo canvas read_bits() to pixman
      Convert cairo canvas group_start/end to pixman
      Convert cairo canvas clear() to pixman
      Replace custom region implementation with pixman_region32_t
      Covert cairo canvas put_image() to pixman
      Remove cairo_t from cairo canvas
      Remove last cairo use from canvas_base
      Fix colorkeying in pixman_utils.c
      Make canvas Glz decoder integration nicer
      Make glz_decoder non-optional canvas_base in canvas constructors
      Make virt mapping an interface
      Move virtualization of canvas drawing into common/canvas_base
      Move canvas_region and group_start/end to canvas_base
      Move most of the shared draw_xyz() methods from CairoCanvas to CanvasBase
      Move canvas_draw_stroke to canvas_base
      Move draw_rop3 to canvas_base
      Use macros from <spice/macros.h> rather than duplicate them
      Update gdi canvas wrt latest changes
      Define GL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPES in CFLAGS not in random places in the source
      New memory allocators that exit on OOM and handle multiplication overflow
      Use the spice allocator in common/
      Fix up empty region checks in canvas operations
      Use nearest scaling for DRAW_ALPHA_BLEND since this is what win32 needs
      Fix uninitilized memory read in stroke_fill_spans()
      Add spice_strndup
      Remove non-used lookup3.[ch]
      Initialize _kill_mark so we don't get spurious valgrind warnings
      Always tread depth 24 (i.e. non alpha) as depth 32 when blitting
      Fix win32 build with pixman 0.18.0
      Relicense everything from GPL to LGPL 2.1+
      Fix warnings breaking win32 build
      Remove unused method canvas_surf_to_invers
      Add support for 16bit rop3
      Add pixman utilities for bitmap to pixman_image_t conversion
      common: Add lookaside storage for pixman image format
      Make client canvas and pixmaps handle more formats and simplify
      Make each surface its own depth/format
      Localize palettes for LZ PLT format
      Support alpha surface sources and destinations
      Win32 canvas fixes
      Remove surface format workaround now that win32 driver is fixed
      Fix line lengths and tabs
      Clear alpha in xRGB destination to avoid pixman setting it to 0xff
      win32 client: Remove unnecessary GDIImage type
      Remove all mentions of "cairo" from the code
      Use the new byteswap macros from spice-protocol
      Fix spelling errors in comments and strings
      Add spice_strnlen
      There are multiple line attribute flags enums, use only one
      Initial import of spice protocol description and demarshall generator
      Add python code to automake system
      Client: Use the autogenerated demarshallers
      Add SpiceMarshaller for easy marshalling
      Add support for generating message and structure marshallers
      spice.proto: add @outvar markup
      Add @nomarshal in a few places where we're marshalling manually
      Use @ptr32 for 32bit offsets in spice.proto
      Make tunnel_service_add members be of cstring array size
      Allow multiple --include args
      Make all message structs internal to spice
      Don't pack the message structures
      Make pointer types in messages be 64bit in memory
      Support @as_ptr in demarshaller to avoid copying data unnecessary
      Make cursor data @as_ptr to avoid copying data
      Make ping data @as_ptr to avoid copying data
      Make sound data @as_ptr to avoid copying data
      Make generated marshallers build on win32
      Add destructor for demarshalled messages
      Support creating marshallers that are called indirectly
      Support extra prefix in code generators
      Make internal generated marshaller functions static
      Add support for @virtual markup in spice protocol
      Add spice1.proto describing the 0.4 version of the network protocolx
      Remove minor markup in unstable protocol as we're resetting minor to 0
      Fix handling of @ptr32 network size
      marshaller: Correctly determine if switches are fixed size
      Make pointers 32bit in new protocol format
      Don't send zero data item for clips with no data
      spice.proto: Don't use @fixedsize for Brush
      spice.proto: No need for @ptr32 as that is now the default
      Remove support for clip by path
      Use smaller size for enums and flags on the network
      spice.proto: surface_create.format is of type surface_fmt
      Fix build error due to member "SpiceMsgEmpty" same name as type
      demarshaller: Don't parse @zero members
      demarshaller: Support @c_ptr attributes for pointers
      Update client and protocol to support the new SpiceClipRects
      Add spice_marshaller_set_uint32
      Store SpicePath segment count rather than size
      Support @marshall to automatically marshall pointers
      Automatically marshall SpicePath
      Automatically marshall SpiceClipRects
      Simplify SpiceLineAttr by removing unsed stuff
      Update for the SpicePath.segments type change
      Fix 32bit failure in demarshaller
      Fix build on win32
      marshaller: Add generic way to handle propagating attributes
      marshaller: Make @c_ptr a propagated attribute
      marshaller: Make @nonnull a propagated attribute
      marshaller: Add some docs describing the types of sizes
      Handle extra size for switch and array the right way
      Convert SpicePath.segments to a pointer array
      Add spice_chunks_* helpers
      Add spice_marshaller_add_ref_chunks
      marshaller: Make get_nw_offset() handle deep member references
      Add support for @chunk
      codegen: support @chunk on non-pointer arrays
      Properly parse QXLLineAttrs.style
      codegen: No SPICE_ADDRESS types left, drop @c_ptr
      Move in spice/draw.h from spice-protocol to common/
      Move SpiceChunks to mem.h
      Make all internal structures not be packed
      Simplify spice_pixman_region32_init_rects with new types
      Fix inclusion of common files, no need for common/ part
      Fix sign warnings from win32 compiler
      Fix various misspellings
      Make distcheck work
      Add files i forgot to commit
      Don't marshall bitmap data as pointer, instead send inline
      codegen: Remove unused methos has_pointer()
      codegen: Pass member to SubMarshallingSource rather than name
      codegen: Various cleanups
      codegen: Allow @to_ptr to make inline structs demarshal as pointers
      Send Clip.rects inline rather than using a pointer
      Don't send CursorHeader if cursor_flags is NONE
      Fix uninitialized variable warnings
      Don't send padding over the network with video data
      demarshaller: Fix palette marshalling
      Stride can be negative, so don't use size_t for it
      server: Fix alloc_lz_image_surface stride allocations
      canvas: Better coordinate rounding in scaling
      Fix scaling with large magnification
      Revert "Fix scaling with large magnification"
      Fix scaling with large magnification
      Fix crash when resetting pixman image transform
      Handle surface images in DrawOpaque
      Initialize variable to avoid compiler warning

Alon Levy (28):
      support python 2.5.4+ for marshaller/demarshallers
      spice codegen: fix copy-o, no such variable value
      smartcard: add to spice.proto
      mingw32 build: fix signed/unsigned warnings as errors
      mingw32 build: fix two functions
      mingw32 build: various fixes
      mingw32 build: python_modules/marshal: use unsigned for for_loop index variable
      common, canvas_get_jpeg_alpha: let top_down be any value
      common/canvas_base.c: remove unused variables
      common/sw_canvas: remove unused error val
      codegen: avoid creating out if not used (fix gcc 4.6.0 warning)
      demarshaller/marshaller fix gcc 4.6.0
      server/common: introduce common/spice_common.h
      ring: add RING_FOREACH{,_SAFE,_REVERSED}
      python_modules/codegen.py: fix indent error in an unused function
      spice.proto: Fill.rop_descriptor type s/uint16/ropd (10x atiti)
      common: add backtrace via gstack or glibc backtrace
      common/backtrace.h: disable for WIN32
      common/ring: RING_FOREACH_SAFE: use shorter version from qemu
      common: introduce red_printf_debug
      spice.proto: add comment for origin of STYLED and START_WITH_GAP
      common/spice_common.h: red_printf_debug: fix wrong sign
      server: add prefix argument to red_printf_debug
      client/common: mingw32: workaround HAVE_STDLIB_H redefined in jconfig.h
      client/windows: fix several assigned but not used errors
      common/backtrace: for mingw32 no pipe/wait_pid, just disable
      common/bitops: mingw32: reorder so __GNUC__ define is checked first
      common/ssl_verify: special case to WIN32 that isn't MINGW32

Arnon Gilboa (3):
      common: fix ssl_verify windows build errors
      common: use INLINE instead of inline
      common: add WIN64 ifdef for spice_bit_find_msb (fix broken windows x64 build)

Christophe Fergeau (30):
      common/gl: remove unused variable
      common/pixman: remove dead assignments
      draw: remove SPICE_ADDRESS
      common: add extern "C" guards to headers
      common: add missing header guards to gl_canvas.h
      use foo(void) instead of foo() in prototypes
      common: don't try to redefine PANIC if it already exists
      autotools: refactor the whole build machinery
      autotools: correctly build canvas-related code
      add #include <config.h> to all source files
      add config.h to autogenerated files too
      add comment to beginning of autogenerated files
      add missing static
      common: don't duplicate find_msb implementation
      common,server: use ASSERT from spice_common.h
      common: use PANIC from spice_common.h
      move WARN and WARN_ONCE to spice_common.h
      use standard do { } while (0) for spice_common.h macros
      move get_time_stamp to main_channel.c
      add check for pyparsing
      don't #include config.h in generated header files
      fix make distcheck
      fix typo in big endian code path
      fix integer marshalling helpers on big endian
      fix memory leak in error path
      add C++ guards to backtrace.h
      server: fix function prototypes
      mingw: use uintptr_t when converting a pointer to an int
      mingw: don't try to redefine alloca
      mingw: workaround weird openssl build failure

Dan McGee (3):
      Update .gitignore with a few more generated files
      Add casts for compatibility purposes
      Remove extra '\n' from red_printf() calls

Daniel P. Berrange (8):
      Death to all TABs
      Remove useless if() before free()
      Remove casts from void * with xrealloc() calls
      Fix up copyright decl to always use 'Copyright (C) Red Hat, Inc.'
      Remove trailing blank lines
      Remove unused backup file
      Add missing includes of config.h
      Remove trailing whitespace from end of lines

Gerd Hoffmann (10):
      fix two warnings
      Add C version of find_msb()
      fix use-after-free in spice_marshaller_reset
      qxl abi: parse QXLFill.
      qxl abi: parse QXLOpaque.
      qxl abi: parse QXLCopy + QXLBlend.
      qxl-abi: handle clip rect and path references.
      Properly parse and marshall SpiceString
      Properly parse QXLImage to the new-world SpiceImage
      mingw32 build: fix build errors

Hans de Goede (2):
      server: Add a usbredir channel
      codegen: Fix enums.h generation

Izik Eidus (8):
      spice: server: add memslots support.
      spice client: fix wrong gdi-canvas handling of blend_alpha
      libspice: add surface 0 support
      libspice: add off screens support
      spice: common: gdi_canvas fix gdi objects leak
      spice: win32 client: fix gdi locking
      fix 16bpp support on cairo_canvas
      spice: server: change update_area command

Larsson at .(none) (4):
      Have only one copy of ROUND macro and cast to int explicitly
      Fix warnings from visual studio compiler
      Always include spice/types.h before pixman so standard int types exist
      Make gdi canvas build in the new pixman world

Marc-André Lureau (11):
      common: add SpiceBuffer - based on qemu-vnc Buffer
      common: add windows.h where required, make gdi_handlers static
      common: spice_memdup could accept NULL
      common: mem.h add alloca definition
      common: add ring_get_length() for debugging purposes
      common: add ssl_verify.c common code
      codegen: typedef the protocol enums
      python: remove c-ism trailing ;
      sndworker: add AudioVolume/AudioMute messages
      demarshal: fixed-size array are missing __nelements
      Send name & uuid to capable clients

Uri Lublin (1):
      spice-client migration: fix minor for old migration support.

Yaniv Kamay (4):
      fresh start
      fix build on Debian
      client: add Platform::term_printf
      client: change rerror code to be positive

Yonit Halperin (10):
      server,client: server authentication for secured channels.
      JPEG support: introducing jpeg encoding for spice bitmaps
      support for lossy images in the pixmap cache and fill bits
      applying zlib compression over glz on WAN connection
      Lossy compression of RGBA images (on WAN connection)
      canvas_base jpeg_alpha: supply the correct size to jpeg_decoder
      server,proto: tell the clients to connect to the migration target before migraton starts
      spice.proto: add SPICE_MSG_LIST to base channel

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