[Spice-commits] server/red_dispatcher.c

Christophe Fergau teuf at kemper.freedesktop.org
Thu Sep 24 02:10:11 PDT 2015

 server/red_dispatcher.c |    1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

New commits:
commit 1aa5185de2f5e45946f635a214aa6da9d804986f
Author: Christophe Fergeau <cfergeau at redhat.com>
Date:   Tue Sep 15 18:03:03 2015 +0200

    display: Advertise preferred compression cap
    The patches adding a way for the client to set its preferred compression
    method added a new capability so that the server can indicate support
    for this feature. However, spice-server was not setting this capability
    on its display channel, which means clients are not going to try to send
    'preferred-compression' messages even though the user request it.

diff --git a/server/red_dispatcher.c b/server/red_dispatcher.c
index 6d7756c..b11cd42 100644
--- a/server/red_dispatcher.c
+++ b/server/red_dispatcher.c
@@ -1153,6 +1153,7 @@ void red_dispatcher_init(QXLInstance *qxl)
         red_channel_register_client_cbs(display_channel, &client_cbs);
         red_channel_set_data(display_channel, red_dispatcher);
         red_channel_set_cap(display_channel, SPICE_DISPLAY_CAP_MONITORS_CONFIG);
+        red_channel_set_cap(display_channel, SPICE_DISPLAY_CAP_PREF_COMPRESSION);
         red_channel_set_cap(display_channel, SPICE_DISPLAY_CAP_STREAM_REPORT);

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