[Spice-commits] vdservice/vdservice.cpp

Frediano Ziglio fziglio at kemper.freedesktop.org
Wed Jul 26 07:54:25 UTC 2017

 vdservice/vdservice.cpp |    3 ++-
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

New commits:
commit f00fe84cc34efe6d4e4f522ddcbdfbd538df6991
Author: Frediano Ziglio <fziglio at redhat.com>
Date:   Wed Jul 26 08:20:07 2017 +0100

    Prevent possible future buffer overflow
    event_type should come only with specific values but
    this in theory can change in the future.
    To prevent overflows (just for logging) check value size
    against lookup array.
    Signed-off-by: Frediano Ziglio <fziglio at redhat.com>
    Acked-by: Christophe de Dinechin <cdupontd at redhat.com>

diff --git a/vdservice/vdservice.cpp b/vdservice/vdservice.cpp
index 329f9c2..ec6243e 100644
--- a/vdservice/vdservice.cpp
+++ b/vdservice/vdservice.cpp
@@ -284,7 +284,8 @@ DWORD WINAPI VDService::control_handler(DWORD control, DWORD event_type, LPVOID
         DWORD session_id = ((WTSSESSION_NOTIFICATION*)event_data)->dwSessionId;
-        vd_printf("Session %lu %s", session_id, session_events[event_type]);
+        vd_printf("Session %lu %s", session_id,
+                  event_type < ARRAYSIZE(session_events) ? session_events[event_type]: "unknown");
         SetServiceStatus(s->_status_handle, &s->_status);
         if (event_type == WTS_CONSOLE_CONNECT) {
             s->_session_id = session_id;

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