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Wed Jul 18 07:37:41 UTC 2018

 spice-common |    2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

New commits:
commit b53b176d13f065a9a681cc0e68af0c7886deb5af
Author: Lukáš Hrázký <lhrazky at redhat.com>
Date:   Wed Jul 18 09:28:59 2018 +0200

    Update spice-common submodule
    This brings in the following changes:
    Christophe Fergeau (20):
          build: Update git.mk to latest version
          build: Remove docs/.gitignore
          build: Add __pycache__/*.pyc to DISTCLEANFILES
          log: Only install glib log handler if SPICE_DEBUG_LEVEL is set
          test-logging: Improve debug level tests
          test-region: Use GTest API
          test-region: Replace direct printf with g_debug() calls
          test-region: Don't call region_dump() by default
          test-region: Remove unneeded printf
          test-region: Replace spice_assert() with g_assert_true()
          test-region: Add g_assert() checks
          snd: Replace spice_printerr() use with g_warning
          swcanvas: Remove canvas_create()
          meson: Remove '(default: xxx)' from option description
          log: Remove SPICE_DISABLE_ABORT
          common: Remove spice_abort()
          build: Remove spice_common.h
          pixman: Use g_error() rather than g_abort()
          quic: Wrap declaration/call of quic method in macros
    Christophe de Dinechin (1):
          Add SPICE_ATTR_NORETURN on prototype of error functions
    Eduardo Lima (Etrunko) (4):
          meson: Enable '-std=c99' build flag
          meson: Cleanup optional dependency checks
          Update gitlab-ci to use meson
          test-region: Decrease loop count by a factor of 10
    Frediano Ziglio (36):
          test-quic: Allows to specify multiple images to test
          canvas_base: Rework DUMP_JPEG debugging
          test-quic: Increase test timeout using Meson
          ssl_verify: Fix build for newer LibreSSL
          Revert "ssl_verify: Fix build for newer LibreSSL"
          ssl_verify: Fix build for newer LibreSSL
          test-region: Create proper test for region from source code
          marshaller: Fix a possible leak
          canvas_base: Make sure top_down is a boolean
          marshal: Fix a bug with zero attribute
          ptypes: Improve some attribute documentation
          build: Reuse TEST_MARSHALLERS macro
          build: Reindent macros
          log: Remove spice_printerr macro
          test-marshallers: Check for "zero" attribute
          quic: Call encode from golomb_coding
          canvas_base: Fix minor indentation issues
          canvas_base: Avoid misaligned access decoding LZ4 data
          meson: Remove -std=c99
          quic: Add UPDATE_MODEL_COMP macro to iterate over channels
          quic: Rework PIXEL_A/PIXEL_B macros
          quic: Add SAME_PIXEL macro
          quic: Make {UN, }COMPRESS_xx macros closer
          quic: Add missing #undef SET_a/GET_a
          quic: Call directly encode_state_run from templates.
          quic: Add CORRELATE*/DECORRELATE* macros
          quic: Add APPLY_ALL_COMP macro to iterate over channels
          quic: Move all golomb decoding macros in a single place
          quic: Add DECLARE_*_VARIABLES macros
          quic: Introduce COPY_PIXEL macro
          quic: Reorder macro declarations
          quic: Unify rgb/non-rgb macro declarations
          quic: Remove duplicate file
          canvas_base: Check for overflows decoding LZ4
          canvas_base: Change spice_warning to g_warning
          tests: Join test-overflow and test-marshallers
    Snir Sheriber (1):
          protocol: Add support for h265 video codec
    Signed-off-by: Lukáš Hrázký <lhrazky at redhat.com>
    Acked-by: Frediano Ziglio <fziglio at redhat.com>

diff --git a/spice-common b/spice-common
index 95743f4..f4a0fec 160000
--- a/spice-common
+++ b/spice-common
@@ -1 +1 @@
-Subproject commit 95743f40a2da39e0a19859c305e69e2c99d39e42
+Subproject commit f4a0fec5e9c1d37f01386530f921026d9d3e1c1c

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