[Spice-devel] [PATCH 28/35] vdi port: redesign.

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at redhat.com
Tue May 18 02:33:56 PDT 2010

>> Yes, you need an additional interface for throttle/unthrottle then.
>> Works too.  I don't mind much which way we pick.
> Two notes:
>   * I need to check with virtio-serial, but it seems to me that when we
> throttle we should be able to access the pointer provided by havedata.

I don't think virtio-serial guarantees that, even if it happens to work 
with the current implementation.

>   * Throttling is two way I think - so we can't continue sending while
> throttling incoming data (need to check this too).

If this is the case it would be a bug IMHO.  Throttling must be 
independent for the two directions.

> If this is the case,
> we may need an extra device for clipboard after all.

Sharing the implementation with vnc might be another good reason for a 
separate clipboard channel.

Also (at least with X11) I'd expect the mouse/display channel being 
handled by the X server's qxl driver, whereas clipboard can easily be 
handled by some X11 utility.  Two separate devices make this alot easier 

Wanna pave the way for this?  Then we'll need some way to identify the 
channel devices, i.e. add a name or id ...


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