[Spice-devel] spice-gtk: How to deal with an agent which is not clipboard capable?

Hans de Goede hdegoede at redhat.com
Thu Dec 1 07:55:56 PST 2011


Currently if there is an agent inside a vm, but it is an old,
non copy paste capable versino, every time you select something
inside your client X session, spice-gtk prints the following:

(spicy:31971): GSpice-CRITICAL **: agent_clipboard_release: assertion `VD_AGENT_HAS_CAPABILITY(c->agent_caps, sizeof(c->agent_caps), VD_AGENT_CAP_CLIPBOARD_BY_DEMAND)' failed

(spicy:31971): GSpice-CRITICAL **: agent_clipboard_grab: assertion `VD_AGENT_HAS_CAPABILITY(c->agent_caps, sizeof(c->agent_caps), VD_AGENT_CAP_CLIPBOARD_BY_DEMAND)' failed

So this has made me think about this, one could argue that the warn_if_fail,
should be turned into a simple test and return. But that is just a quick
fix, ideally spicy (and other users of spice-gtk) would show the
auto-clipboard and copy from / to guest clipboard entries grayed out.

This would require adding a property to the main channel to find
out of it is copy paste capable, and proxying that property
in spice-session. Then spicy could watch (select notification)
that property, and if it changes disable (grey out) / enable
the relevant UI bits. Does this sound like a good plan, or
do you believe that it is too much code for a little polish?



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