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Richard Mann iramstead.inc at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 08:01:39 PST 2011

Just joined.  Not sure where to ask this question.  It relates to security
and opening ports on a firewall through which the Spice clients and server
would communicate.  I would like to know how many ports will need to be
opened on a firewall to support the 6 communications channels between the
Spice clients and server.

Excerpt from Spice for Newbies PDF.
-------------------------------------------------------- Channels
The client and server communicate via channels. Each channel type is
dedicated to a specific type
of data. Each channel uses a dedicated TCP socket......

The available channels are:
o Main - implemented by RedClient (see above).
o DisplayChannel - handles graphic commands, images and video streams.
o InputsChannel - keyboard and mouse inputs.
o CursorChannel - pointer device position, visibility and cursor shape.
o PlaybackChannel - audio received from the server to be played by the
client .
o RecordChannel - audio captured on the client side.


After looking at the Spice PDFs it appears to me that 6 ports would need to
be opened although the default Spice server port appears to be 5930 (just
one port and not six).

I would like to know how many ports are required (listening) on the Spice
server to handle all 6 channels (TCP sockets)?  I am assuming each channel
(TCP socket) requires its own port on the Spice server.

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