[Spice-devel] spice-gtk mouse notes

Hans de Goede hdegoede at redhat.com
Thu Dec 8 07:48:54 PST 2011


I've been playing around a bit with spice-gtk and the server mode mouse. First of
all let me say: Marc-André, good job it works quite well now!

With that said, a few more remarks (on top the ones from the reviews):

* When switching from client to server mode (do killall spice-vdagent in a
   linux guest), 2 things stand out:
   1) The guest mouse cursor does not drawn until a mouse event happens, so the
      usual showing of 2 mouse cursors when the mouse is not grabbed does not
      happen, which is confusing (the showing of 2 mouse cursors helps to explain
      that the guest cursor is frozen until a mouse grab happens)
   2) The mouse does not get grabbed immediately even though
      "grab mouse in server mode" is enabled. After a click the mouse does get
      grabbed (but the guest cursor still does not get drawn until a mouse event
      which actually gets send to the guest is generated).

* When pressing SHIFT+F12 to ungrab both the SHIFT and the F12 key events also
   get send to the guest (the SHIFT one is unavoidable, but IMHO we should not send
   the F12 events), this happens both with and without having keyboard grabbing



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